Steelers To Retire Joe Greene’s No. 75 This Season

During a Wednesday afternoon press conference, Pittsburgh Steelers team president Art Rooney II announced that the team will retire the No. 75 jersey this year to honor Hall of Fame defensive lineman Joe Greene.

Green’s number will be just the second one retired by the Steelers in the history of the franchise. Ernie Stautner, who also played on the defensive line for the Steelers from 1950–1963, had his No. 70 retired by the franchise in October of 1964.

Greene was drafted by the Steelers in the first round of the 1969 NFL Draft out of North Texas and was named the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year at the conclusion of the season. He also received the first of his 10 Pro Bowl invitations that same year. During his career, Greene was named All-NFL five times, and earned all-conference recognition 11 straight years from 1969 to 1979. In both 1972 and 1974, Greene was also selected as the NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

The 2014 season is the 40th anniversary of the Steelers first Super Bowl Championship and Greene’s number will be retired during the Steelers Week 9 game against the Baltimore Ravens at Heinz Field.

  • steeltown


    I’ve always thought they should retire Mike Webster’s number, officially

  • Burgh Ball

    Well deserved.. I’m not big on the #’s and retiring them – Just the names on the jersey’s..but this one is point on. Joe Greene was the single draft pick (for me anyway) that defines the 4 SB’s from the 1970’s. That one pick started it all. Congrats to Joe!

  • Gautama Om

    I’ve said this all along but many fans like to point to other great players that was the foundation. And I’m glad to be proven right, at least as far as the Owners are concerned. For a team to retire a player’s number is HUGE, period.

  • Aric Brown

    “Mean Joe Greene was the baddest man that you’d ever seen, he’d kick your #%@ , twice as fast, onthe streets of New Orleans, and when he passes on his song will linger on, the legend of Mean Joe Greene”

  • NW86

    Honestly I’m surprised at this news. Not that Greene wasn’t great, he was. But why now, 40 years later, did they suddenly make this decision?
    I kind of liked the fact that the Steelers hadn’t retired any numbers since ’64. This may not be a popular opinion on here, but to me it becomes a slippery slope. The Steelers have had a lot of great players over the years. If you are retiring ANY jerseys, then why not Lambert? Bradshaw? Blount? Webster? Dawson? Lloyd? Woodson? Ward?…etc…etc…and if you do that, you’ll quickly start running out of available numbers.

  • whisn

    i think this is great news personally. I don’t feel there will be a rush on others, Mean Joe has been a truly great servant to the team, playing, representing, a great guy and an even better player. The cornerstone of our 70s Steelers!

    Congratulations Mean Joe, scarily I just slipped on my UNT t-shirt ten minutes before I just heard this news!!!

  • blackandgoldBullion

    And Jack Lambert. Let’s give them some time.

  • Burgh Ball

    Well to me – it makes it even more special.. Some teams (not to be named) like to retire #’s if a player blows his nose… I’m not sure why they singled out out Joe – but – He was THE draft pick that started the franchise to winning and the first 4 SB’s.. Yeah -he was that important. my opinion. Me – I think its dumb to retire Numbers.. It’s the Name on the Jersey that counts.. Joe Greene,..etc…

  • Jonas

    Noll set a standard, Mean Joe lived it!

    That’s were all began..

  • Steve

    Long time overdue. Congratulations Joe – much deserved.

  • pittsburghjoe

    Makes me wanna grab a coke. He was arguably the face of the greatest team of all time. I think retiring his number commemorates the teams of the 70’s. You can’t retire them all, or even most. What better way to enshrine the team of the decade than with 75.

  • Bill

    I don’t subscribe to the greatest player of all time ratings; None exist. There were other tackles as good as Green but they weren’t lucky enough to play on a team so loaded with talent. And a lot of them didn’t seem to need to use some of the unsportsmanlike tactics the Mean Joe employed. Today Green would be suspended regularly. All that being said, he was without a doubt a monumentally great player on a great team. He is credited with giving the Steelers their nasty attitude and overwhelming desire to win and I think he did that. However the Steelers were noted for being mean and nasty before Green. If you don’t believe it check out a fellow named Ernie Stautner. I believe the only Super Bowl the Steelers would have won without the ’74 draft is their first one and that says a lot to me. Again, I see no player who is the greatest player on a team or the greatest player of all time.

  • Lewis

    Dang, now I really wish I had hung onto that jersey he gave me after I shared my coke with him.

  • pittsburghjoe

    And Franco Harris, and Rocky, and LC, and Shell, and Webster, and Bradshaw, and Swan, and Stallworth, and Ham, and…. Ok..where does this end? Retire every number?

  • That will be one heck of a game to be at. The burg will be electric that weekend with all the stars returning home. On top of the fierce rivalry, it will be something special to be there to witness it in person.

  • They might not be officially retired yet but some numbers aren’t reissued like 12, 58, 86, 36, etc. If they we to retire every great players number there wouldn’t be any numbers left for current players to wear.

  • Jacob Dixon

    Did you hear his reason