Steelers S Troy Polamalu Takes To Twitter For Some World Cup Trolling

Germany denied Brazil a chance to win a record sixth World Cup title on Tuesday as they blew them out by the score of 7-1. During the second half of the match, Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu could resist the opportunity to do a little trolling on Twitter.

“Looks like we’ll still be the only ones with 6 World Fútbol Championships,” tweeted Polamalu.

Polamalu is of course pointing to that fact that the Steelers have already won six championships. Polamalu’s not one to tweet something like that, but it sure is funny nonetheless.

Polamalu and the rest of his Steelers teammates will begin working on bringing a seventh championship to the city of Pittsburgh in less than three weeks as training camp will be getting underway in Latrobe at the end of this month.

  • Aric Brown

    Very un-Polamalu like… but i approve

  • Madi

    I don’t know much about trolling, but that doesn’t seem like trolling to me. It’s a harmless joke. Is anyone getting on his case about the fact that the Steelers aren’t REALLY a soccer team?

  • Matt Manzo

    Could you imagine Troy playing soccer?!!! I would love to see that! But I’m glad he chose real football!

  • CrazyTerry

    I cringe whenever an NFL player says ” We are world champs” . Why not just say “superbowl champs”. But this tweet was in good light hearted humor.

  • Madi

    I always wonder why they don’t say, “universe champs.” They might as well.

  • Lisa Ryan

    Troy is fabulous and can say whatever he wants.

  • Rubem Dornas

    I am Brazilian and this match was in the city I was born and that is still my hometown.

    Thank God I root for the Steelers!

  • steeltown

    This is unexpected. Harmless, but Football fans are diehard, even more so than American Football fans, he probably ticked a lot of people off with this one.

  • Steel PAul

    It’s all good… Interesting how we decide the winner of the Super Bowl, with teams only from one country, are WORLD champs.

  • Steel PAul

    Soccer was called football long before American football was invented.

  • joed32

    Never heard that term used in connection with the NFL. Baseball on the other hand does call it the “World Series” and there are several countries that have baseball as their #1 sport.

  • Madi

    Everybody knows that. I’m not sure I see the connection between my post and yours.

  • Steel PAul

    This: Is anyone getting on his case about the fact that the Steelers aren’t REALLY a soccer team?

  • Steel PAul


    Super Bowl winners are the world champions
    NBA also world champions
    Baseball too.

    But those teams don’t play any other countries, except baseball having Canadian teams. Anyway, just an observation.

  • I agree he did probably make a lot of people mad with that statement. Definitely not something you’d expect from Troy. I think that’s why I can’t stop smiling right now. So competitive

  • Krankor

    Yes, Super Bowl winners are indeed referred to as the world champions. I believe this dates to the pre-’70 days, when the Super Bowl was between the NFL and AFL champions. So what did it mean to win *that* game? It didn’t make you the champion of any particular league, because it was already between the NFL and AFL champions. So, people called the winners the “world champions”.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Trolling used to be a subtle long con, now it’s just used to describe pretty much anything that might get a negative reaction.

  • Madi

    Thanks. That’s a shame. Especially since everything gets a negative reaction from someone.

  • Madi

    Alright, I’m quitting before this becomes an Abbott and Costello.