2014 Steelers Training Camp Daily Blog: Monday Day Twelve

The Pittsburgh Steelers are back practicing again at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe following their loss Saturday night to the New York Giants in their preseason opener. Once again our very own Alex Kozora is on hand taking in practice and we will live blog all of the reports on Twitter coming out of Monday’s practice. Make sure to refresh this page often and look for Alex’s full recap on the site later this evening.

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  • steeltown

    Time to get back to work. Let’s do this!

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/JohnnyLoose Johnny Loose

    most exciting thing to me so far is Tomlin calling Garvin “Big Safety”. Spence running with the ones! Way to keep Shazier honest! Spence definitely has a hot hand right now.

  • Matt Manzo

    What’s DHB fighting for now? I know it’s early but it seems Brown, Wheaton, Moore, and Bryant are locks? With JB pleading his case.
    Is it still a competition between DHB, JBrown and Moye? Or just Moye and DHB?

  • Kurt Williams

    BIG Dan Mac next to a normal sized human being.

  • steeltown

    It’s still early on, 3 preseason games to go, depends on whether they keep 5 or 6 WRs on roster but JB, Moye and DHB could all be battling for 2 spots or possibly just 1… DHB is behind the others at this point

  • steeltown

    Nice to hear more positives on Wheaton and Jarvis Jones… two guys that REALLY have to step up this year.

  • Matt Manzo

    I’m just surprised at his first week of TC. Alex saying he’s only practicing with the bottom of the barrel, and dropping a few too. I thought he’d easily grab a spot from JB or Moye.

  • Matt Manzo

    Depth at OL is starting to worry me. We usually have one bad a*s back up! Hopefully someone steps up. Seems like every time someone’s name is highlighted, they blow it the next day?

  • walter mason

    Yea. Maybe they should try Wallace at guard?

  • GoSteelerz

    Elkins seems to be ok, we need a capable tackle though, maybe we can get one for the RB we let go? We at least have to be looking, I would hope…

  • Aric Brown

    Im with ya on that… i definitely thought going into camp DHB was likely miles ahead of Brown and Moye

  • Terrence Phelps

    I wish Will Allen remembered you can tackle during Preseason games…

  • steeltown

    the concussion didn’t help

  • steeltown


  • Matt Manzo

    Yeah I like Wallace! I guess it’s a T/G that I was thinking of. Someone with Wallace’s attitude would be nice.

  • keth Naab

    good lord, Will Allen is like herpes, we just cannot get rid of him. Our ceiling in that secondary is limited with him on the field, and he stunts the growth of Golden and Shamarko Thomas. It’s one thing when beasts like Aaron Smith are holding off the young guys but Will Allen is mediocre at best.

  • walter mason

    Tomlin must be reading this as they are now trying Wallace at guard.

  • Matt Manzo

    Yup! You called it! Now maybe he can long snap, too?!