Addition Of CB B.W. Webb Gives Steelers A Draft Mulligan Of Sorts

When the Dallas Cowboys waived cornerback B.W. Webb on Wednesday, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin probably couldn’t wait to fill out a waiver claim for the former fourth-round draft pick, as he certainly knows quite a bit about young player.

Webb, who like Tomlin is a former William and Mary player, also who grew up in the head coach’s hometown of Newport News, Va. The 5-10 cornerback has helped Tomlin out at his annual football camp and even made a pre draft visit to Pittsburgh prior to the 2013 NFL Draft.

Interesting enough, Webb was selected by the Cowboys just one pick ahead of when the Steelers selected quarterback Landry Jones. That makes you wonder if Webb would’ve been a Steeler had the Cowboys picked any other player. In turn, the Steelers probably wouldn’t have selected Illinois cornerback Terry Hawthorne in the fifth round had they been able to draft Webb in the fourth.

Hawthorne, of course, failed to make the Steelers final 53 man roster out of training camp last year, while Jones has been a major disappointment thus far in his first two preseasons. It almost seems like the Steelers just received a draft mulligan.

The timing of Webb’s waiving from the Cowboys probably couldn’t have come at a better time for the Steelers. While Tomlin still would’ve likely put in a waiver claim on Webb, the groin injury suffered Thursday night by cornerback Brice McCain in the preseason finale against the Carolina Panthers probably made his decision even easier.

It’s still unknown just how serious the injury suffered by McCain really is and depending on that, the team might be forced to put him on either the permanent injured reserve list or the designated to return list.

Webb, like McCain, is best suited to play in the slot. In addition, Webb can play gunner on special teams, a position that McCain likely would’ve been asked to play at some point during the upcoming season.

Webb unfortunately missed the Cowboys final two preseason games with a hip flexor injury, but being as he wasn’t waived injured, it’s a good sign that he should be ready to play in the Steelers regular season opener against the Cleveland Browns a week from Sunday. In the meantime, he’ll get a crash course on special teams while attempting to digest the Steelers complicated defensive scheme.

It will be a while before know whether or not Webb will become a major contributor for the Steelers on defense moving past 2014, but nobody probably knows his upside and limitations better than Tomlin does. It’s not like the Steelers will have a lot invested in Webb from a salary standpoint, so it was a risk worth taking as they likely just landed a player that they wanted a year ago.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    If you think along those lines then if they should release Landry Jones they would in turn end up even. ✴

  • 2443scott

    so whats the low down on webb was he worth a 4th round pick at the time in 2013..and is he still worth that high of a pick…. besides where he came from and tomlin knows him dont make him a 4th rounder..i dont know the kid or any thing about him ????

  • 2443scott

    i found this little write up about webb from what mel kiper said to todd take what he says some times with a grain of salt….Mel Kiper: Todd, you know how much I like this kid. I mean he was a guy you could watch throughout
    his career. He made a big start redshirt freshman
    year. He had 8 interceptions as a redshirt freshman
    in the Colonial Athletic Association, 5 10 and a 1/4,
    185 pounds, he can flip his hips, he can turn, he can
    run with anybody.

  • dgh57

    This signing fills a need at a position that could use some more depth so hopefully something good comes out of this as we don’t know what we have with McCain and Richardson as players or the extent of their injuries.

  • steeltown

    He’s a good athlete, zone nickel CB, plays fast and has experience returning kicks. I read he’s a below average tackler, somewhat tentative, but that can be taught

  • NW86

    I think you might be on to something. We have always thought, when they traded their 2014 3rd rounder to move up in the 4th instead of trading 2013 4th round picks, that they had their eye on someone else besides Shamarko at the time. I’ll bet we now know who that was, and it almost worked. We will never know if they had picked Webb at Shamarko’s slot, if Shamarko would been picked up or if they could have landed them both.

  • Stevie Janowskie

    Hey all you steelers fans let me just sum up who Webb is. He was picked on every time he was on the field , he’s so stupid he needed a individual coach daily in practice the entire season and he still blowed. This year he got beat out by a undrafted cb and a 7th round pick, that says it all.

  • Stevie Janowskie

    Every huge pass play on cowboys last season was on this sorry cb.

  • dgh57

    We are just taking a look at this guy because of injuries. We have a pretty good CB Coach in Carnel Lake so we’ll see what we have soon enough.

  • He was a rook and the Allas Cowboys have no D to begin with..

  • steeltown

    Shark went ahead of Webb, they moved up with the intent to get Thomas, now whether they would’ve drafted Webb instead of Landry, who knows… but its likely

  • steeltown

    Tell you what I like, 48games started at W&M, no major injuries and 40.5 vertical jump