Speculation Begins That Cardinals Will Reach Out To DE Brett Keisel

The Arizona Cardinals lost defensive tackle Darnell Dockett to a season-ending knee injury Monday and already there’s speculation that former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel could be headed out west.

Keisel, who will turn 36 in September, has received little, if any, interest from teams during the offseason. Mike Jurecki of Fox Sports 910 in Arizona posted on Twitter Monday evening that Keisel seems like a natural fit for the Cardinals due to his relationship with head coach Bruce Arians and defensive line coach Brentson Buckner.

Several other members of the media have joined in with Jurecki’s speculation as Cardinals beat writer Kent Somers also sees Keisel as a natural fit in Arizona.

With two preseason games already in books for the Steelers, it appears as though they are comfortable with their depth on their defensive line. Rookie second-round draft pick Stephon Tuitt has progressed nicely during the offseason and newcomer Cam Thomas appears set to open the season as the starter opposite Cameron Heyward. Rookie undrafted free agent Josh Mauro has also turned heads during the preseason and thus has a chance of making the final 53 man roster.

Keisel, who was drafted by the Steelers in the seventh-round of the 2002 NFL Draft out of Brigham Young, spent 12 seasons in Pittsburgh and was part of two Super Bowl winning teams. His last contract expired at the end of the 2013 season after he started 12 games for the Steelers and recorded 29 total tackles and four sacks in 575 snaps played.

During the offseason, Keisel’s agent Eric Metz reportedly said that his client would rather retire than play for the minimum in 2014. The Cardinals reportedly have a lot of salary cap space to work with, so it will be interesting to see if they do indeed reach out to him.

Should Keisel wind up signing with Pittsburgh West, he will recognize several of his new teammates as linebacker Larry Foote, nose tackle Alameda Ta’amu, tackle Max Starks and running back Jonathan Dwyer are all former Steelers players that are currently under contract with the Cardinals.

  • 20Stoney

    That sounds about right.

  • DoctorNoah

    Considering how any teams seem built from our castoffs and also-rans, I can’t imagine why we don’t win the Super Bowl every year.

  • CodeNameJerk

    No! Not like this, not like this!

  • Jim McCarley

    Keisel might well be a Steeler now if he had signed early for the minimum. Instead, he sat back and hoped the team would get in a bind and need him back. Sorry Brett, your plan didn’t work……barring some major injuries, your time is done with the Steelers, simply because you were greedy. Once you get to a certain point in your career, you should accept your role and the league minimum. That is if you truly do want to be loyal to the team that drafted you 12 years ago…

  • Jason

    You mean the team that drafted him 12 years ago and then deemed him expendable because of age. Loyalty goes both ways and this league is a business whether we like it or not.

  • But if this happens, how will Dave mention him in every podcast?

    Haha, I kid, I kid.


  • joed32

    He will get more than minimum from them if they sign him, I would call that a good move.

  • superfan

    Well, there’s a good chance that a team like the Cardinals will need D-line help and offer him more than the veteran minimum.

  • steeltown

    Love The Beard. That said, I almost hope he gets signed by ARI so we can stop all of the speculation about his return to Pittsburgh

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Arizona has a great D and if they can get a little on O they coils find themselves in the playoffs with a chance. I love the way their D plays. Kiesel has a better chance of winning the Super Bowl with them than with the Steelers. If I were him and the Cards came calling, I would definitely go west.

  • 2443scott

    i dont see the beard playing any where but in steelerland …only way he go to ariz would be if they pay him twice the min then he would think about it …..hes hoping the steelers need him

  • AndyR34

    And who says that the Steelers even offered him anything? Or that he had some big plan? You are making ridiculous and idle speculation! Of course his agent said that…he gets a cut! Does trying to tear down the reputation of Kiesel somehow make you feel more important?

  • keth naab

    love the Beard. Great dude. Great Steelers player. I hope he goes to AZ and does well for himself, because that means he won’t be here. Time for Tuitt and Cam Heyward to shine.

  • keth naab

    he gave a dozen seasons. After a dozen seasons, maybe his body felt too beat up to play for vet minimum? I’ll say this, I love Beard and wish him well, and I’m very happy that the Steelers have a pair of up-and-coming studs on the DL in Tuitt and Ironhead JR. I don’t get the “loyalty” thing though, nor the greed thing. The league is a business. Are you going to stay with a company if you feel you deserve a higher paycheck? Or if you feel you NEED a higher paycheck to compensate you for the work?

  • awlcohen

    Quick Tomlin, race to sign him to a 2 year $5 million contract.

  • 2443scott

    i was thinking maybe the steelers should reach out to tebow and sent jones to ariz…since they are the steelers back up team players…..

  • Lil Smitty

    I know of several individuals from western PA who retired in Arizona.(not including Mendenhall) if he goes there I wish him well.

  • Weiss Chad

    Do they advertise retiring in Arizonia in the locker room or something my gosh I saw this coming

  • IckyD

    IDK if he’s hoping the Steelers need him; i think he’s more likely happy to retire but would play for Coach LeBeau and the Steelers *if* they ended up really needing him.

    Keisel is more likely to coach in ARZ than play imho.

  • Ike Evans

    of course they will

  • Jim McCarley

    As you age, you go down in value…..as an athlete, your value goes down and you have to accept that and take what YOUR team can afford to pay you or leave….if you want to remain and want the team to improve and be able to sign other players, then you must show your loyalty to the team and accept your role as a backup and take less money. If Keisel was worth more , the team would have paid him more and kept him. He now has signed and I’m not sure why they did so…Will he make an impact? I have no idea. but what i do know is that some day Troy Polamalu will be forced to leave the game and like most of my favorites I will be sad, but hey, it’s what happens in sports. If we kept our favorites, then Mean Joe and Lambert would still be playing…lol.