Cardinals To Release T Max Starks, Lions Waive P Drew Butler

It’s not a good day for former Pittsburgh Steelers players as several are showing up on the early lists of cut-downs throughout the league.

The Arizona Cardinals will reportedly release tackle Max Starks Monday just three weeks after signing him. Starks played a total of 86 snaps with the Cardinals over the course of three preseason games with most of his snaps coming at right tackle.

In addition to Starks, the Detroit Lions have reportedly waived former Steelers punter Drew Butler, who they signed at the end of July.

Butler punted six times for the Lions during the preseason for a 48.2 yard average and a 34.0 net average.

Earlier in the day it was announced that the Buffalo Bills had parted ways with former Steelers backup quarterback Dennis Dixon.

Teams must trim their rosters down to 75 players by Tuesday afternoon. The Steelers are expected to announce their cuts sometime on Monday.

  • steeltown

    Hang em up Max

  • treeher

    Let’s go get Butler, gotta be better than Landry … wait, wrong position.

  • Is Max Starks better or worse at this point of his career than, oh, say, Mike Adams?

  • mem359

    A question about Butler.

    Was there a reason why the Steelers dropped him in order to sign an ex-Patriots punter on the decline? I know that the team likes reliable veterans, but that was a poor decision. (I thought Butler was decent, but maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention.)

  • steeltown

    I think LB Adrian Robinson and OG Ryan Lee were both released from their respective Teams as well

  • Caesar

    Seems to me Tomlin has a strong preference in most things for consistency, even if the consistent level is somewhat poor compared to a case of really good mixed with some bad. I think, as I remember anyway, Butler was pretty inconsistent, kinda like Wing. With Mesko they probably thought they were at least getting consistency. Didn’t work out obviously.

  • joed32

    Max can’t play, not at all. He was cut by the Chargers in the preseason last year, the Rams picked him up and after 2 games benched him and cut him. He’s completely done, Arien’s probably signed him so he could get a few paychecks, just taking care of an old friend. Everybody liked him, he was a good guy.

  • srdan

    I was encouraged my mike adams’ performance at LT on Thursday. If the kid can play like that, he will be a solid …. dare I say …. starter.

    Of course it was only one game and vs 2nd and thrid stringers. But encouraging nonetheless. The biggest positive I saw was that he was mean, finishing blocks.

  • sweetleb

    I think tomlin was going for that zoltan, majic.

  • I was just being facetious, while also acknowledging that our depth along the line is pretty weak, especially at tackle.

    I actually do hold out some hope that Adams may be able to put it together and become a reliable backup and spot starter, and, yes, he’s been okay during the pre-season.

  • cencalsteeler

    Don’t one of you posters even think about it!!

  • 2443scott

    is a reason they are exs there careers are coming to the end but they feel they got some left ….it will be interesting to see who around league gets released ….and who if any the steelers pick up like a k/p or a qb maybe even a outside lber

  • AndyR34

    Might still be better!

  • Dale

    Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention either, but I thought that Butler was easily better than anyone whom we’ve had since.