Forbes Values Steelers At $1.35 Billion

Forbes released their annual valuations of NFL franchises Wednesday, and they have the Pittsburgh Steelers valued at $1.35 billion, which ranks them 14th overall in the NFL.

The Dallas Cowboys lead the annual value list at $3.2 billion and the New England Patriots are second at $2.6 billion.

The Steelers valuation this year  is an increase over last year, when Forbes said they were worth $1.118 billion. They were also ranked 14th overall in the league last year as well.

The magazine estimates the Steelers 2013 revenue at $287 million, with $52 million in operating income. Last year their revenue was listed as $266 million for 2012 and their operating income was reported as being $28.3 million.

  • Tiger Jimmy

    Would the Denver Broncos’ value dropped a wee bit without Peyton Manning on the roster? I’d think so.

  • Aric Brown

    Itd take more than a billion for me to give em up

  • Brendon Glad

    I have always had a hard time understanding that mediocre valuation the Steelers always get. But they have formulas, I guess. I get it that Pittsburgh is tiny compared to other cities,…but man, I still don’t get it. It makes me chuckle. I guess it IS kind of hard to quantify when Steeler fans fill 10-25% of other teams’ stadiums when the black-and-gold comes to town. But when u share TV revenue, sell out every game, are always top-5 in merch…it does make one say “What else IS there to appraise”

  • mrwirez

    A far cry from the $2500 “The Chief” paid in 1933.

    Me: always – a day late and a $1 short…

  • Slab

    it would seem likely that the Forbes value may be significantly lower than the price that could be had on the open market- thinking specifically of the Clippers going for 2 billion

  • pittsburghjoe

    I think the value includes the stadium as well. So, in the Steelers case it added about $150,000 to the total number. You know, about the price of a median house in Latrobe. Sorry, not a real big fan of Heinz Field. I think it was done on the cheap! I think they have aluminum siding in one area. Its ironic that it sits next to one of the nicest stadiums (and cheapest owner) in all of sports (PNC). Jerry World added alot of value to that 3 billion dollar number for the Cowbows.

  • Steve

    Jerry will add more value next year with a new practice facility in Frisco Tx.

  • Steve

    Revenue for Teams are Box Lodges, number of Stadium seats cost and parking revenue.

  • Steve

    What a Team is worth vrs what they get for the team are two different things.

  • steelster

    And the value just went down because of a couple of pot heads