Former Steelers RB Chris Rainey Playing With Fire Extinguishers, Burning Bridges

Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Chris Rainey is still not happy about his recent release from the Indianapolis Colts and he’s doing his best to burn bridges with his former team on Twitter in the process.

“Yea I’m piss watching the colts game when I should be out there, too. Even tho i didn’t break no f—– team rules, not even,” Rainey tweeted Thursday night.

Rainey, who was released by the Colts in late July for reportedly violating team rules, also revealed Thursday night that him playing around with a fire extinguisher might have been what led to him getting his walking papers.

After Colts running back Daniel “Boom” Herron caught a 12-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Matt Hasselbeck in the second quarter of the preseason game against the New York Jets, Rainey let loose with another rant and called out his former teammate as being an accomplice of his.

“Nice TD Boom even tho u was in the hallway with me that nite when we was horsing around with the fire extinguisher. Man up like I did,” Rainey tweeted.

Rainey would later delete both of those tweets, but there are plenty of people who got screenshots of them before that happened.

I was surprised that the Steelers former fifth-round draft pick was even able to get the Colts to give him a shot. Now, you have to think he’s done for good in the NFL. Stranger things have happened, however, but at that rate that Rainey’s burning bridges, there’s not enough fire extinguishers in the world to put out those blazes.

  • AzheDraven


  • Dom


  • Jones

    Makes me glad Archer doesn’t like being compared to this guy. What a stupid kid…

  • 20Stoney

    This guy is either not very bright or completely lacks impulse control. Maybe both.

  • 2443scott

    guess next draft ….the steelers will have a bigger test on who they choose

  • steeltown

    good grief…. just shut up now Mr. Rainey, im sure there are some job openings at your local Walmart

  • IndianaSteelerfan

    Fire Extinguisher? I figured that Rainey got canned for wearing his “Free the Pounceys” baseball hat.

  • walter mason

    …horsing around with the fire extinguisher? Is that fun Mr. Rainey? …very childish

  • Deebosgonnaeaturkids

    Pouncey vouched for him. What a great leader

  • steeltown

    Don’t know about you, but I’ve been burned more than once vouching for a friend or allowing them to use me as a reference for a job. In the end it wasn’t my fault that things didn’t work out, just like it isn’t Pounceys

  • treeher

    Good thing he can run fast. Police won’t be able to catch him.

  • walter mason

    Hes wants Broom to go down with him.

  • Steve

    No matter what happen you don’t throw people under the bus. If Rainey is not man enough to admit guilt and accept the consequences, he’s not man enough to have a job in the NFL.

  • Steve

    Everyone makes mistakes and they also must accept the consequences.

  • Matt Manzo

    Wasted talent.

  • Steelers@2010

    Pouncey shouldn’t be vouching for no one! I’m still upset the Steelers gave him that huge contract prior to extending their QB. And for the record, I’ve always been critical of the way Big Ben sometimes play the game. But to give your Center a huge contract and make your QB wait? And guess who is in the headlines the past few weeks? Pouncey grew up with Rainey, makes you wonder one day if all of them will be sharing a cell next to Hernandez.

  • Gautama Om

    I’m a Steelers fan and I don’t like Pouncey. Besides doing the being in the wrong situations, my impression of him is a lazy player that lacks dedication to being the best. Someone who’s been living off his athleticism and draft stock. As you know many Probowls are given out based on reputation over empirical evidence and Pouncey is a primary example of it. You don’t have to believe PFF website of his low ratings. Watch NFL Rewind games yourself. It was a mistake giving him so much money

  • DoctorNoah

    Great discussion on Dave Bryan’s podcast yesterday (and similar from Ross tucker) about how one play can make or break a football career and how preseason affords few opportunities for many players to shine.

    Makes you think about a Chris Rainey where a very small number of bad decisions turn a promising football talent into a recipient of derision, embarrassingly released from two teams and likely done with professional football despite immense talent.

  • rystorm06

    wait, if he didn’t break no team rules then that means he broke team rules