Instant Analysis Of The Steelers Saturday Roster Cuts

The Pittsburgh Steelers trimmed their 2014 roster down to 53 players Saturday afternoon and here is some instant analysis of the 22 players that were let go.

Former Draft Picks:

Chris Carter – The light never fully came on for the Steelers former fifth-round draft pick and his special teams play was not enough to save him.

Nick Williams – The Steelers seventh-round draft pick from 2013 ran with the third-team defense all offseason. He might have an outside chance at sticking on the practice squad if the team keeps two defensive ends. His knee injury last year during training camp really hurt him.

David Paulson – The end has finally arrived for the former seventh-round draft pick. Paulson’s inability to block has finally gotten the best of him.

2014 Draft Picks:

Shaquille Richardson  – Richardson did not play much during the preseason due to a knee injury and now the hope is that he will be signed to the practice squad.

Rob Blanchflower – Seventh round draft pick that got a lot of burn late in the preseason once his ankle injury was fully healed. Showed signs that he can be a good blocker and will likely be headed for the practice squad.

2014 Priority Undrafted Free Agents:

Josh Mauro – While Mauro did turn heads early during training camp and the preseason, his fate was pretty much sealed when Brett Keisel was brought back. He should be a perfect candidate for the practice squad.

Howard Jones – Jones might have a future but has a lot of developing left to do as he continues to convert to outside linebacker after being a college pass rushing defensive end.


Guy Whimper – The Steelers chose Mike Adams over Whimper to be their swing tackle. Guard Chris Hubbard also may have stole Whimper’s roster spot.


Derek Moye – Moye never really had a chance after making the final 53 last year as he ran behind Justin Brown all offseason. He still has practice squad eligibility, but with the Steelers keeping six wide receivers on their 53, they might not need an extra body.

Ross Ventrone – Ventrone is a high-effort player, but with five safeties being kept, there was no room for him.

Dan Molls – Molls is a tackling machine that might make the practice squad now that Jordan Zumwalt has been placed on injured reserve.

Isaiah Green – Green never stood a chance and will be lucky to end up back on the practice squad once again.

Josh Harris – Harris might have a shot at the practice squad after being signed just after training camp got underway.

Stephen Houston – Houston was signed very late in training camp and will be another candidate for the practice squad as an extra running back.

Ethan Hemer – Hemer received substantial playing time during the preseason, so he has an outside shot at making the practice squad if two defensive ends are kept.

Bryce Davis – Once Greg Warren was deemed healthy, Davis was as good as gone. He should pride himself that he lasted as long as he did.

Dayonne Nunley – Nunley was signed very, very late and never stood a chance.

Brendon Kay – The fourth quarterback thatonly saw action in the final preseason game. He will be the answer to a future trivia question.

Roy Philon – An undersized defensive tackle that surprising held on all preseason.

Lanear Sampson – Sampson was allowed to return a few kickoffs during the preseason but that was about it for him.

Will Simmons – A guard who gave up two sacks in the preseason finale.

Graham Pocic – Another player signed very late in the preseason. He only played one series during the preseason and looked overwhelmed while being penalized twice.

  • steeltown

    Never thought I’d see the day.. Carter and Paulson and Whimper all gone. Kudos to the staff for not entering the season with these guys, 8-8 is 8-8 and you don’t improve with subpar depth players

    Let’s hope guys like Blanchflower, Mauro, HoJo and Richardson clear waivers and are signed to the practice squad.

    Harrison anyone?

  • Jason White

    I wouldn’t mind them taking a look at Dontay Moch.

  • Superdriller316

    Retired today.

  • steeltown


  • AzheDraven

    Lets get him to pull a Favre

  • Melly

    Buffalo signed that punter, Colton Schmidt.

  • Isaias Reyes

    Practice squad is like a guy waiting for a reprieve from the Governor, Not dead yet but, almost.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Rams cut Michael Sam. Get ready for the national sports media ::cuts eyes at ESPN:: to go ballistic…

  • WilliamSekinger

    Analysis of the players cut is great. But can someone explain to me why Will Allen is still on this roster? Without mentioning the obvious point that Tomlin has a man crush on him.

  • Matthew Marczi

    LeBeau has a man crush on him?

  • WilliamSekinger


  • SteelLife

    Heard that Connor Shaw got cut… maybe cut Landry and pick him up?

  • 2443scott

    just means now they can bash the rams about cutting a gay player ….and spent more time on that no name qb in ohio you know the one they proclaimed the hall of famer

  • 2443scott

    so when does the practice squad draft start …do the fans get a vote

  • dgh57

    YES!!! to the cutting Whimper, Carter, Paulson, and earlier in the off season they cut Curtis Brown! Not a perfect day for me though with Landry Jones still around.

  • Caesar

    Steelers CB draft picks in recent years:
    ’14 Shaq Richardson
    ’13 Terry Hawthorne
    ’12 Terrence Frederick
    ’11 Curtis Brown, Cortez Allen
    ’10 Crezdon Butler
    ’09 Keenan Lewis, Joe Burnett

    That is downright awful. Need to make some changes in the scouting department or otherwise figure out how the hell to start drafting this position.

  • Caesar

    To dream…

  • 6 ring circus

    Champ Bailey anyone?!

  • joed32

    Sunday at noon.

  • Tammie Sherrell Hill

    Can anyone explain what does clearing the waiver wire mean

  • Jason White

    Heck no!

  • Jason White

    They messed up with Keenan. I really thought he showed enough in his second to the last year in Pittsburgh to warrant an extension and they didn’t bother. He went and played his butt off then decided he wanted to go home.

  • Jason White

    Ah yes the very same QB in Ohio that Skip Bayless wants to join in holy matrimony with. I always love when these media nutbags think so highly of someone who hasn’t proven anything. It makes it so much more enjoyable for me when they crash and burn.

  • Jason White

    When I player is waived a period of 24 hours has to pass. Every team will have a chance to claim that player and the team that released him has no say in it. Once no team has claimed him the team that released him can bring him back.

  • steelster

    He is on the saints

  • Nick Sabatella

    shoulda kept keenan

  • SfSteeler

    ouch, that list hurts…and Tomlin was a DB coach and LeBeau a hall of famer…

  • IckyD

    It’s terribly unpopular to mention but white guys can play defensive back too.

    Some can even actually play cornerback.

    urely at least a couple are NFL-able.

  • Jake

    But the team that claims a player has to place him on their 53-man roster, not on their own practice squad. That limits movement to an extent.

  • Delroy Ross Jr.

    According to Keenan Lewis the Steelers didn’t even offer him a contract! Which makes it even worst!!

  • Zurich1012

    I have been a Steelers fan since I was 9 years old. I am 46 now and have seen many really horrible quarterbacks. Landry Jones is the worst of them all. Why the Steelers use a 4th round draft pick on a quarterback from a college that doesn’t emphasize passing is beyond being a head scratcher! And then after 8 preseason games of seeing him give up (almost because the refs felt bad) 2 safeties? Bring back Mark Malone!! But what pisses me off is the risk we are taking by cutting Josh Mauro. Mauro is going to be a solid contributor and their are teams that need defense really bad. He is one guy I dont understand how he wasn’t drafted because he plays with passion, has a high motor with great football instincts. Will Allen is another player that makes me wonder WHY. Were coming off two 8-8 seasons and to me the Steelers should be focused on Keeping athletes with better athletic talent and players that have more upside potential rather than guys that are drawing AARP benefits. Keeping Landry Jones really has my panties tied in clove hitches and square knots because the decision to keep him is nothing more than ego and saving face!!!

  • Jason White

    Yep it does. Even if he doesn’t accept an offer you gotta try with a player like him. I really think they need to try to get a deal done with Cortez for the same reasons. Can’t just let him walk.

  • rayster

    Steelers fans gotta unlax. Tomlin, Le Beau and likely Haley will be here three years from now. The Rooney’s move glacially and they know it will take that much time to rebuild the team and assess the future needs. Plenty of time for CB picks in next few drafts.
    Unfortunately fans have to be patient and gotta fall back on pierogies, kielbasa and beer which ain’t bad if you ask me.

  • John Hinton

    Champ was released today but no thank you at this stage.

  • richard

    There is a Huge problem with waiting for the Colbert and Tomlin to fix the damage they have done to this team, and it is that time is running out for Ben. I know some Steelers fans may not be old enough to remember all the duds Pittsburgh has had at the QB position, but while they rebuild they are wasting the last years of Bens career.

  • Louis Goetz

    The league season started 3/1/13; no one could be signed before then. Keenan Lewis signed with his hometown New Orleans Saints on 3/14/13. He didn’t exactly wait long before negotiating with the Saints. On top of that, he said he wanted to go home, which no one can argue with or blame him for. The Steelers were cashed strapped at the time and knew they weren’t going to be able to keep a player of his caliber. The only thing that was shocking was the relatively low contract he signed. I don’t fault them for losing Lewis. Now, signing Richardson, Hawthorne, Frederick, Brown, Butler and Burnett are completely different stories.

  • Louis Goetz

    A) Why did it take you 9 years to become a Steelers fan? B) So long as Bubby Brister walks the face of the earth, no one else will be the worst ever.

  • joed32

    I didn’t think he showed anything until his last year.

  • joed32

    That is after the PS has been established, I think that if you claim a player on Sunday you can do anything you want to with him. If you take a player off of another team’s PS then he has to go on the 53.
    Not sure on the 1st part but it would make sense.