Lack Of Progress By Steelers QB Landry Jones Is Concerning

Pittsburgh Steelers third-string quarterback Landry Jones was given a golden opportunity Saturday night to show how much he’s developed since his rookie season, but the Oklahoma product fumbled away the chance in the second preseason game of 2014 against the Buffalo Bills.

Jones, who was drafted by the Steelers in the fourth-round of the 2013 NFL Draft, followed starter Ben Roethlisberger into the game with 5:34 left in the first half and promptly threw an interception on his first pass attempt. On the play, Jones, who was playing behind the Steelers starting offensive line, forced pass intended for Lance Moore into double coverage and it was easily picked off by Bills cornerback Nickell Robey.

Two possessions later, Jones fumbled while being sacked on a first down from the Bills 19-yard-line and that was it for him for the night. He finished the game with just two completions on five attempts and was sacked twice to go along with his two turnovers.

In the five preseason games that he has played in so far during his short career, Jones is 43-of-92 passing with two touchdowns and four interceptions. He’s been sacked five times and fumbled three times, losing one of them.

Being as Jones has zero chance at being the backup to Roethlisberger in 2014, you have to wonder at this point just how safe his roster spot is this year. The Steelers might need an extra roster spot if long snapper Greg Warren isn’t healthy for the season opener and the way Jones has played so far, it’s hard to imagine another team wanting to claim him off waivers in a few more weeks.

Bad play and all, Jones does have history on his side, however, as the Steelers have made a habit over the years out of carrying three quarterbacks on their 53 man roster. In addition, they also have a fourth-round draft pick invested in Jones.

The selection of Jones last year was highly criticized by a good portion of the fan base and with two preseason games left on the 2014 schedule and we’re done seeing the young quarterback play again for quite a while, that criticism continues to rightly grow. Jones is sure to get more playing time in the preseason finale against the Carolina Panthers and he might very well be playing for his right to stick on the roster in that game.

  • Michel Smiffi


  • pittsburghjoe

    Does he have practice squad eligibility? He does not seem to have much value on the active roster. The only hope is that the light comes on in another year. The only reason you try to stash him is due to the investment.

  • Lil Smitty

    I just can’t see him sticking on the 53. His problems seem to be between the ears, but he doesn’t possess enough physical ability to warrant developing.

  • sweetleb

    Maybe, look for your 3rd string qb on the last cut waiver wire. The nfl game is way to fast for jones and the throwing windows are way to small for his talent level.

  • DefSoulMode

    It’s not concerning you just cut him and move on. Always wondering why they drafted him in the 4th round. Way too much talent on the board to take Jones who they have had to know was a project at best. Cut him and move on.

  • Weiss Chad

    I remember hearing a scout say jones at senior bowl just looked undraftable.That always stuck in my head and that was before they drafted him.I was hoping he’d prove everyone wrong but no that ain’t happening .Personally I don’t feel comfortable w either back up.

  • steeltown

    Yea he does

  • Nolrog

    What a waste of a pick. I hated it from day 1. They could have saved a 3rd round pick, had they used that one and a later one in that draft to move up 4 spots and pick Shemarko.

  • steeltown

    At the same time, Polian thought he was one of the best QBs coming out of that draft… hindsight

  • steeltown

    Yea im pretty much done defending this kid, practice squad or cut, maybe they can find a decent looking young project after the waiver wire.

  • Paddy

    Steelers need to develop another QB in case Ben gets hurt badly. Unfortunately Landry Jones was a poor choice. He has no game. Gradkowski really isn’t much better. Why not get rid of both?

  • Weiss Chad

    Polian also said Keenan Allen was by far best wr in draft last year.I like Polian a lot .I think after so many good qbs went in rds three and four the year before,steelers were hoping they could get a quality guy like the nick foles,Russell Wilson’s ,the kid in Washington etc

  • steeltown

    Yea I thought we were drafting Kirk Cousins back in ’12, it might have happened had WASH not grabbed him early 4th

  • 2443scott

    hate to say it but something would happen to ben they wont win a game with these 2 backups ….batch showed up to play way better then these 2 guys even at his age ….there is no spot on the roster for jones even practice squad…they need a 3rd string qb bad so nows the time to look ….and grad what happened to him hes like ok i got a backup job so i will just coast they wont cut me mind set …just terrible back up qbs on this team …..there has to be a vet out there that could win a game if steelers needed 1.

  • steeltown

    I hope they let Gradkowski play the entire 2nd half next week after Ben exits, he’s clearly the backup this season and he needs the reps.

  • Weiss Chad

    That’s the rumor

  • WilliamSekinger

    Giving Jones even 1 more snap actually hurts this team moving forward. They need to consider the project over and move on.

  • Jacque Strappe

    I think this is the time to carry 2 QB on the 53. Landry was a shot in the dark, and the light has yet to come on. I’d take Dennis Dixon back in a heartbeat.

  • toonasteel

    Swallow your pride Colbert/Tomlin…..get rid of your dirty Landry 🙂

  • walter mason

    OMG even Dixon looks better and I thought he stunk.

  • joed32

    I am too, if it’s any consolation about 60% of 4th round picks are busts.

  • Terrence Phelps

    I would give Jones one more final year. I would say bring in a valued competitive number 2 during the 2015 offseason via FA or Draft. If Ben goes down…we are screwed. Ben will retire a Steeler…Colbert…get it done. I am not sure if anyone else is out there for the pickings as of right now to bring competition to the 2 or 3. I think it goes without saying Gradowski and Jones have been extremely disappointing.

  • cencalsteeler

    (walks into room slowly with my tail between my legs, looking at the floor and shaking my head). Darn….that didn’t work out the way I had hoped. I’m not upset at all with the mindset of the draft pick, heck, Nassib is outplaying Manning at this point and the Giants took the exact same draft approach as the Steelers. I’m just disappointed in Jones’ development. He had a golden opportunity last night and boy did he screw that up. He’s got two more weeks to redeem himself or I’d say we chalk it up as a loss and it’s time to move on. Damn, I hate to miss out on draft picks!!

  • billrube

    Really, Our 2nd string o-line would make Tom “effin” Brady look bad.

  • Leon Mcnair

    He’s garbage

  • Leon Mcnair

    Steelers need to make a trade for Ryan mallet because gradkowski and Landry sucks

  • Matt Manzo

    Ya! It’s the fumbles that bother me most. I’m ok with him needing development, but he just looks like he doesn’t belong. I think these next two games will decide his fate. One more fumble and he’s PS bound.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    I think you are going to have to look at some of these 53 man spots in a different way this year.

    First of all, If Landry doesn’t look better I can’t imagine he would be claimed. Secondly, does anyone think it would matter?

    Hopefully he gets better but I’m not cutting a good player because I risk losing him. I don’t see any possibility he develops into a starter I would want and it isn’t worth cutting a good player to develop a long term answer at 2nd string QB.

    Spots will need to be earned this year and they will need to cut good players. I’m guessing Landry is about even with Allen and Carter in terms of the 53.

    I’m also thinking we may see some big turn over in the O line. Munch has had time to train and evaluate and I don’t think he will consider half these guys as being better than some of the available releases.

  • SWFLASteerFan

    At what point do the Steelers admit their mistake, cut their loss on this one and move on and not waste a roster spot if he’s not progressing forward ? If Ben would go down for a significant amount of time the seasons over anyway, we could use that roster space to carry depth in another area of the team.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Never like the pick and to be honest I didn’t give him a chance that he deserved. Well, I think its time to move on. Nothing left to see here folks. I personally thought they should have draft the kid from Alabama.

  • Zurich1012

    He makes Tim Tebow look like Dan Marino. We have cut second round draft picks a year after they were drafted. Why is it so hard to imagine that they won’t cut Jones? He’s not even practice squad material. If a player makes the practice squad there has to be some potential there. They need to just cut him and start looking for a backup upgrade plain and simple

  • cencalsteeler

    Sad thing Matt is that if Bryants jersey wasn’t held on that previous play, he had a TD. Unfortunately, the very next play was the fumble. From one extreme to the next real fast….

  • Brendon Glad

    I think I can speak for almost all of us when I say that until Big Ben is about 37 years old, then it is a wasted draft pick to pick any QB above round 6-7. EVEN if they can play. And since it appears that Jones can’t, and that D. Dixon couldn’t…then it is fair to ask “Just exactly WHAT does it accomplish.” This is Big Ben here. Likely a HOF’er. WIth every exec bound and determined not to “get juiced” on a “flash understudy” like Scott mitchell, Aaron Brooks, Todd Peterson, Cassell, Tommy maddox, matt Flynn. That’s not our game. GB has had great luck doing the “parlay QB” thing, but that’s a dying thing. I hope the Steelers never do it again until about 2020.

  • Brendon Glad

    When u have a great QB…u want veteran backups. NOT young whippersnappers. I don’t WANT Ben feeling responsibility to mentor a young QB, who deep down actually wants his position. He has enough to worry about. I want aging veteran QB’s on the team at BOTH the 2 and 3 who actually might have one or 2 things to TEACH Ben….just like Charlie Batch did.

  • Matthew Suloman

    Yep.. What a wasted pick. Oh Bens sister went to school with him. Let’s get him!

  • Matthew Suloman

    Kay is better…

  • Matthew Suloman


  • Matthew Suloman

    Really don’t feel good about our recieving corp either.. Never was a Wheaton fan.. Obviously 84 is a stud..

  • Matthew Suloman

    His tape wasn’t good.. Strictly a gamble…

  • Matthew Suloman

    Bingo.. And also not gettin a 3rd for Sanders either. They totally have botched the drafts recently.. In fact downright horrific..

  • Matthew Suloman

    Grad is a keeper..

  • Matthew Suloman

    Zack Dysert… 7th rd.. Miami(ohio) ?????

  • Steelers@2010

    You have got 2b kidding me! Did you see how horrible this kid looked? And the bad thing about it is this, Colbert and Tomlin selected this guy, what a terrible and waisted pick. I’m just glad that the Football Analysts out there have come to the conclusion just how bad Colbert has drafted the past 5 yrs. Face it, that was a bad pick, time to move on, keep a good look out for the final cuts. I’m sure they can find someone better than Landry Jones. Because of his poor decision making, lack of pocket awareness, it nearly cost them the game last night.

  • Steelers@2010

    The kid simply doesn’t have the (IT FACTOR). A classic case of the Steelers holding onto QB far too long and waisting prescious time. They should cut their losses, move on.

  • Steelers@2010

    Yep! I recall listening to his comments as well. Just goes to show you, it’s a crap game when selecting those guys, especially QB’s. The F/O really needs to do a better job selecting QB’s / Offensive Linemen and CB’s. They have done a horrible job over the past 7yrs +, just horrible. Yes, they have won two Super Bowls since then, they could have won more though.

  • Steelers@2010

    I’m going to reserve judgement on that one for now; however, I will say this, Wheaton probably needs to block better on those WR screen plays. He did a horrible job last night. Besides Antonio Brown, I will agree and say this, they have far too many unknowns.

  • Steelers@2010

    Dixon never got the chance to be who he was. Bruce Arians tried to make him a pure pocket passer, he never was and never will be. They should have utilized his talents, adjusted the playbook to fit his skills. I would take a young Dixon over Landry Jones anyday.

  • dirtbag66

    Steelers picked Landry Jones two rounds earlier than the round Tom Brady was chosen in 2000. Of course in 2000 the Steelers took Tee Martin in Round 5.

    Unless his name is Roethlisberger or Bradshaw, it seems like the Steelers have difficulty assessing college QB talent.


    Do you think we can trade him and Chris Carter for Hoyer?

  • Weiss Chad

    Qb from Tennessee last year also

  • Weiss Chad

    I like what I’m hearing and seeing from Wheaton this year so far.Ill tell you this much I already like him better than sanders

  • Milliken Steeler

    Wait a minute now 2010. lol The last two years are a big part of why we are improving again.

    Bell, V Williams, Archer, Shamarko, Wheaton, Jones, Shazier,Tuitt and it looks like Justin Brown can be added now, look to make great contributions to this team.

    Its to early to tell with Zumwalt, McCullers(although he is holding his own) Shaq, Bryant etc so the jury is still out there. Nick Williams is coming off an injury but early reports are that they like what they see. PS Squad probably.

    Then you have Hojo, Mauro (BRILLIANT) Waters (quite the athlete)

    I would not walk away from especially the last two years of draft picks and UDFA’s

    He missed on Jeff Janis but nobody’s perfect:)

  • rcinok

    I’m from Oklahoma. I watched this guy play at OU for 4 years. One game he would look like Joe Montana, the next game he would look like Joe Blow. He was an average college QB. The only reason OU had as much success as they did with Jones, was because he had a really good offense around him, with a pretty good defense to bail him out of his screw ups. He put up some big numbers because of who was around him, not because he was anything great. The team around him made him seem like he was better than he actually was.

    Steelers fell for that perception. They thought they were getting a QB who was responsible for lots of wins and big numbers. Comes down to bad scouting and evaluation on the part of the Steelers. Simple as that.

  • Matt Manzo

    I saw that too! Bryant would’ve made a great catch!

  • Steelers@2010

    Ok, I have to agree, 2013 and 2014 does look promising. But I still think Colbert has done a poor job of drafting in the Mid to late rounds of the draft. I will give credit for finding some gems as UDFA’s as well.