Report: Former Steelers DE Brett Keisel Flying To Arizona To Take Physical

As expected, it didn’t take long for the Arizona Cardinals to reach out to former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel as the bearded one is reportedly flying out west Tuesday to take a physical, according to Kent Somers of

The Cardinals are in need of another defensive lineman after losing starter Darnell Dockett for the season Monday to a torn ACL.

Speculation that the Cardinals would reach out to the Steelers longtime defensive end started almost immediately after it was formally announced that Dockett would be out for the season.

If signed, Keisel would join the long list of former Steelers players that have gone on to play for the Cardinals. Currently, former Steelers linebacker Larry Foote, running back Jonathan Dwyer, nose tackle Alameda Ta’amu and tackle Max Starks are all under contract with the Cardinals, who are coached by former Pittsburgh offensive coordinator Bruce Arians.

  • SFIC

    Gee…is anybody really surprised?!?!?!?

  • jsmitt

    Good. I pray he signs so we can close that chapter! Tired of all the Steelers should sign Kiesel. That ship has sailed.

  • alevin16

    Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone if we just held a joint training camp/preseason with AZ and then before the season starts line everyone up and count off by 2’s?

  • Aric Brown

    Im glad for him. I think the beard still had plenty of football left in him and what better place for him to go than to our sister facility out west

  • JohnB

    Im just hoping he finds work if he still has some left in the tank. Beard is a great dude.

  • T R


  • DB84

    Good for him. Lets just hope we don’t have any injuries at DE.

  • steeltown


  • srdan

    This is like having a really good looking ex, you kinda thank her when she moves on.

  • Steelers@2010


  • blackandgoldBullion

    Good for him. Besides if he went back to Pittsburgh how was he going to top last year driving into camp in a dump truck? He will still come back for the retirement press conference

  • Paddy

    Just so Ben doesn’t go out there and take a physical any time soon

  • cencalsteeler

    I’m going to take a wild guess here and predict a fair amount of our roster cuts get a plane ticket to Arizona. Could this be considered a mini spygate?

  • Steelerbob

    Ive liked the Cardinals somewhat for several years being a big Larry Fitzgerald fan. All the former Steelers that show up there make it a fun team to watch and a team to root for in the NFC.

  • Jeff

    Glad to see Keisel get one more opportunity… I wish him the best

  • Ike Evans

    of course he is

  • Phillip Hernandez

    The only reason the Arizona Cardinals even Considered the Bearded One is Because Darnell Dockett Aka Dockzilla Just tore His Acl and is Out For The Season… Calm down yall… #BirdGangOverEverything #BirdGangOrDie

  • patrick Mayfield

    right – It’s Deebo we need to sign ;]