Report: Steelers Signing Pittsburgh Power WR James Shaw

Tuesday is an off day for the Pittsburgh Steelers but they reportedly did make a roster move.

According to Ian Rapoport on the NFL Network, the team is signing free agent wide receiver James Shaw, who just wrapped up his season with Pittsburgh Power of the Arena League.

Shaw entered the league in 2013 with the Carolina Panthers as an undrafted free agent out of Jacksonville State.

After failing to make the Panthers 53 man roster, Shaw was signed to their practice squad for a short period of time.

In order to make room on the 90 man roster for Shaw, the Steelers likely waived a young wide receiver. While there’s been no official word from the team, it very well could be C.J. Goodwin that’s sent packing as he’s been battling a shoulder injury for several practices.

Shaw played in 44 games at Jacksonville State. He moved to wide receiver for the final three seasons after lining up in the secondary as a freshman. Produced 69 receptions for 815 yards and eight touchdowns and gained 87 rushing yards on 23 attempts. He also averaged 22.5 yards on 37 kickoff returns and returned five punts for 40 yards.

  • Aric Brown

    Absolutely no shot of making the team, barring a historically great pre-season, but at least the kid gets to make a little extra money without having to relocate

  • Ken

    and a injury here and injury there and he could get a second chance.

  • Aric Brown

    Even if 2 receivers did go down… He’d still be battling with DHB, Moye, Kashif, and Dri Archer (archer only if the injuries were short term)… dont get me wrong.. I hope the kid comes in and outplays Antonio Brown, the more talent we have the better… but we’ve got a lot of depth at the WR position and he’s def at a disadvantage missing camp

  • Steelers12328882

    Steelers getting cheap on a replacement? There must be a few hundred guy better than him available.

  • Battlegrounds

    I see no way for Shaw to even make the PS. His best shot is to show enough that another team will stash him on their PS but I doubt it. Very average.

  • Putter

    I heard he’s the only guy that can catch an errant Landry Jones pass…….

  • WilliamSekinger

    More than likely just a camp body at the WR position. CJ can’t provide the body being injured, so they needed to sign someone.

  • Jason

    And here come 30 comments on a guy who has as much a chance of making the roster as I do. Lol

  • GoSteelerz

    Negatives, could use more separation in running routes, though it got better as the highlights went on, breakaway speed questionable. Positives, catches in traffic and can take a big hit, shifty in the open field and uses blockers well, has return capability. Let’s throw him in and see what happens, he sure has his work cut out for him though.

  • Skinny Merlino

    Ah the good old youtube highlight video Internet scout thank gay jesus for ur insight

  • mlc43

    Ah, the ever unpopular internet troll. You don’t know enough to actually comment on football so you just troll others. Thank Jesus for your mother’s basement, you’d be homeless without it.

  • Rick Eger

    He has a shot…..remember Rocky Blieir?

  • Rick Eger

    Name them!

  • Rick Eger

    So did Tommy Maddox.

  • William Weaver

    Relax.. Just needing a camp body plus letting a local team player get some reps on tape for the other nfl teams to look at. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Isaias Reyes

    Funny that just the other day someone made the comment that he didn’t like the new emphasis of teams in the NFL for the passing game, adding that in his opinion, the NFL was going to turn into the Arena Football

  • He’s listed at 5’11”, 195 lbs on the Pittsburgh Power website in case anyone was curious. Obviously a camp body. What I do like is the the front office is being resourceful and isn’t afraid to turn over any stones. Also cool they’re giving a local guy a shot at possibly making a practice squad somewhere in the NFL. Not likely, but at least he has an opportunity.

  • Steelers12328882

    I wouldn’t waste my time, but you could start with the handful of other receivers on the Pittsburgh Power.

  • Rick Eger

    lol you can’t!

  • Rick Eger

    Like I figured all mouth!

  • Steelers12328882

    lol you got me, Rick. Good one!

  • Milliken Steeler

    I would not be surprised to eventually see Kashif as a slot receiver with another team in a year or two. He gets separation and seems to be a hard worker.

  • Aric Brown

    Alex said he was impressed with him while covering camp

  • Rick Eger

    Well C’mon big shot you have all the answers!

  • Steelers12328882

    Did you eat paint chips as a kid? Go troll someone else. You asked me to list a few hundred WRs. That’s absurd. I jokingly pointed out that the other 5-6 WRs on the Pittsburgh Power are probably better than him. That should be enough.

  • Rick Eger

    At least he’s getting a tryout which is more than you’ll ever be able to say…..Did you eat too much acid in the 70’s? No you said there are 100’s! Gonna run me off the board big time…..good luck!

  • Rick Eger

    Jokingly my @ss….

  • Rick Eger

    Did you ever hear of Herb Mal-Key, Vince Papale? Talent can be found anywhere.

  • Steelers12328882

    Hahahaha! Wow! lol get a grip, buddy. Not sure what your gripe is, but maybe you should put your energy into something a bit more constructive today rather than trolling me. Listing a few hundred WRs is a joke, and there is 5-6 WRs on the Pittsburgh Power that have better numbers than Shaw. There’s probably a 1,000 WRs better than Shaw that are available, but that’s just my opinion.

  • Rick Eger

    Are you stilll trolling? Ihave an idea…..why don’t you quit hanging on these boards and get a real life?

  • Rick Eger

    1,000 huh…..NAME THEM!

  • Rick Eger

    The odds are long but he has a shot,