State Attorney’s Office Says Maurkice Pouncey Won’t Be Charged This Week

If Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey is to be charged with misdemeanor battery stemming from his supposed role in an incident that took place last month in a Miami nightclub, those charges will not be assessed until next week at the earliest.

“I guarantee you there won’t be a charge today,” said Ed Griffith, a spokesman for the State Attorney’s Office, according to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “We will be reviewing all of the evidence from the police, as well as any evidence presented by attorneys of the related parties.”

As of right now, Miami police are waiting for the State Attorney’s Office to decide whether or not Pouncey will be charged. Police, however, believe they have enough evidence to warrant a misdemeanor battery charge, but not a felony one.

Should Pouncey ultimately receive the misdemeanor charge, it would be in his best interest to deal with it the next time that he’s back in Florida. The Steelers play the Jacksonville Jaguars Oct 5th, but probably won’t travel to Jacksonville until the day before the game.

The Steelers bye week is Week 12 this year, so that might be when the Florida product would most likely return home and subsequently to nearby Miami to answer whatever charges he might be facing.

The three people that have accused Pouncey of assaulting them during the offensive lineman’s birthday party have since hired a lawyer to represent them in a lawsuit that seeks monetary damages.

  • Jeff

    Hopefully this gets put to bed soon…

  • mlc43

    Well, I know that these guys, due to their status, can’t get away with the things that normal people can. Still, it’s stupid and to be honest, Pouncey worries me on a number of levels after that contract. Oh well, wait and see.

  • Paddy

    Next week will be soon enough

  • walter mason

    If I was innocent, I would have my lawyer plead not guilty and fight it in court. But for various reasons, he may have to plea bargain or pay off the plaintiff to drop charges and make it go away. I would not want a conviction on my record. Of course the state could pick up charges. Its up to the state attorney.

  • SteelCitysFinest

    He wasn’t charged no need.

  • SteelCitysFinest

    I guess the civil suit will still probably happen but if I were him I’d counter sue.

  • walter mason

    Im obviously looking ahead to next week but yes, of course, he doesnt have to do anything until charges are brought by the state attorneys office..

  • walter mason

    Yes a civil suit can happen with or without a conviction. Think of OJ.

  • Lil Smitty

    How loud would the protests be if he got a 2 games suspension?

  • R1ddl3_0f_$t33l

    Would you still countersue if you were actually guilty? Just curious.

  • Louis Goetz

    I not only live in South Florida, but I work in the legal profession, so this is something I can chime in on. In Florida, there are two forms of battery, and they’re commonly referred to as simple and felony. A person is charged with felony battery if they’re accused of striking someone who didn’t want to be struck and either (a) the victim has evidence of an identifiable injury (red mark, bruise, swelling, etc.); or (b) the accused has been convicted of battery before. As for simple battery, only the State Attorney’s Office can levy the charge unless a police officer actually witnesses the alleged crime. The City of Miami Beach investigated this to see if they could charge Pouncey with felony battery and they don’t believe the evidence is there. Because the alleged victim wants to pursue the matter the case gets referred to the SA’s Office for a possible misdemeanor charge. So, what all of this means is that, at worst, Pouncey shoved someone; that’s it. If there was a picture form a cellphone camera or an ER doctor’s report confirming an injury he would’ve been charged with felony battery. The alleged victim lawyered up the day of the incident, so if she had a mark on her it would’ve been documented and he’d have been charged.

  • walter mason

    Great information…thanks.

    Fridays news reported: When Pickett tried to intervene, the suit claims, “Maurkice grabbed her, punched her in the face and knocked her unconscious.”

    James and Pickett suffered “blunt force trauma to the head, neck, chest and back and had multiple contusions and bruises over a great extent of their bodies. James further suffered broken teeth and Pickett suffered from an injury to one of her eyes, which is affecting her sight,” according to the lawsuit.

    “Williams suffered contusions and bruises over the great extent of her body and a laceration to her leg which requited several stitches,” said the suit.

    I believe it was reported as 9 stitches.

  • Louis Goetz

    If even a tenth of that were true, Miami Beach PD wouldn’t have let the case go to the SA’s Office for only a possible misdemeanor charge. On top of that, felony battery would’ve been just one of many charges he’d have been facing. Also, any lawyer with an IQ over 5 would’ve gotten pictures of those type of injuries to the press and made an immediate seven-figure demand against the club’s insurance carrier. Unless something else surfaces, I’m calling a major BS on those claims.

  • pittsburghjoe

    Nice post. Thanks for the info!

  • pittsburghjoe

    Agreed, it is major BS. However, Pouncey is the highest paid center in the game and one of the faces of the franchise. This whole event is making himself and the Steelers look bad. I want nothing less than a Troy Polamlu like rap sheet from the guy, but its way too late for that. He could never be as classy as Polamalu.

  • SteelCitysFinest

    If I wasn’t charged and I was guilty probably. Two reasons I would are because first you have to protect your name and secondly it was a drunken incident where nobody was really harmed besides a few bumps and bruises. I don’t think you should be able to sue a person because you get a scratch, to me its ridiculous. I’ve worked in a bar before and witnessed many of these incidents, usually both parties are drunk, using abusive language, and play a role in it escalating. Remembered there are two sides to every story and it takes two to tango.