Steelers WR Antonio Brown Receiving More Than Just Passes During Training Camp

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has a lot of fans, but thanks to recent attempt to please as many of them as he can, he may have lost of few if they work in the Saint Vincent College Post Office.

Upon his arrival to Latrobe for training camp, Brown took to his Facebook page and vowed to autograph anything that was mailed to him during training camp.

“If I don’t get a chance to sign something for you at camp just send info to me,” Brown posted on July 28.

The Central Michigan product also listed his dormitory room at Saint Vincent College as the place for fans to mail items they want signed.

According to the assistant manager of the post office, Maria Schifano, fans have even been sending Brown footballs to sign.

While Brown is quickly running out of room space and time to get all of the items signed between now and the time camp breaks, he seems to be enjoying the process.

“I’m loving it — all the positive energy from the mail. It’s always touching when I can reach the fans,” Brown said, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

With the Steelers traveling Friday to play the New York Giants Saturday night in their 2014 preseason opener, Brown is likely to arrive back at Latrobe to an even bigger pile of mail. The Steelers aren’t scheduled to practice Sunday, so between meetings, Brown will likely be busy signing his name over and over again.

  • steeltown

    Love this guy

  • frednash

    Great attitude!

  • AzheDraven

    Some years ago I used to see a YouTube guy do videos opening an replying to the things his fans sent him. And he had quite a few, and his videos used to be like 2 hours long after being edited, so I can’t imagine a pro bowler WR for one of the most popular teams doing this. Hope he doesn’t get his hands too tired because that could be a problem.
    Even tho he is just being a nice guy. And that’s what everyone appreciates. Well, except the mailmans.
    “I’m here to deliver this truck full of stuff to some Antonio Brown guy. Just tell him he can drive the truck back when he is done” lol

  • Virdin Barzey

    He is beyond a class act….and stays out of trouble. Lets hope he continues to do so and keep getting better on the field. After my Heath jersey this year, this dude might be next.

  • Gautama Om

    I’ve always loved AB. Not so much Mike Wallace over 3 years ago. Got bashed on that “other” forum , of course, for being a MW hater. I haven’t seen any of those MW loving Steelers fans post for over a year now. Hmmm

  • Aric Brown

    So… where do I send my football?