Steelers First Training Camp Depth Chart Of 2014 Includes Very Few Surprises

The Pittsburgh Steelers first depth chart for the 2014 preseason has reportedly been released and while head coach Mike Tomlin would likely advise everyone to not read too much into it, we will list a few things that stick out.

As Bob Labriola points out, it looks like Justin Brown is currently viewed as the team’s No. 4 receiver. That matches the groups that he’s been spotted running with so far during training camp practices.

While Darrius Heyward-Bey might be listed ahead of Martavis Bryant, there is no doubt in my mind that the latter is a lock to make the roster. Heyward-Bey and Derek Moye are both hanging on by threads and probably need to hope the team keeps a total of six wide receivers.

The fact that Michael Palmer is listed as the team’s No. 3 tight end is only bad news for David Paulson. The spot is probably wide open for the taking. One of the two rookies, Rob Blanchflower or Eric Waters, is likely to make the final 53 man roster. When the dust clears, there’s a good chance Palmer will not.

There’s no real surprises on the defensive line with Brian Arnfelt and Stephon Tuitt being listed as the second team defensive ends. Even though Hebron Fangupo is listed as the No. 2 nose tackle, that job likely belongs to defensive end Cam Thomas. So essentially that No. 2 listing should really be a No. 3.

I wouldn’t read too much into Brice McCain being listed ahead of Antwon Blake. Blake has reportedly had a  great camp thus far while McCain has been relatively quiet. Blake’s making this team.

Punters Adam Podlesh and Brad Wing are currently listed as co-starters and that’s not a surprise.

Once again, this depth chart is only good for creating discussions, so don’t get too worked up about it.

  • cencalsteeler

    I see Waters unseating Palmer. Either Harris or Jamison unseat Poole. Surprised Adams hasn’t transitioned to rt. tackle. Also, wouldn’t be surprised to see Dangerfields name surface. Accolades to J.Brown,… Hard work does pay off, great job putting in the extra work.

  • Agustin-ARG

    Bell, Blount and Archer like a RB…¿who will be the 4th RB?

  • steelant

    josh harris will take wauren poole spot and mcullers takes fangupo spot also I think we cut golden this year and keep 4 safeties and 6 corners

  • blackandgoldBullion

    I agreed with you until the last part. If Dangerfield does not make the team then they will still hang on to Golden. Hey ward Bey bye-bye.

  • I’d really like to see them find a way to get Dangerfield on the 53 man roster. From what I’ve been hearing about him, it sounds like he would make a great special teamer while he learns the ropes at safety. Probably not going to happen, since Golden and Allen will more than likely make it onto the roster. I just don’t want the Steelers to lose Dangerfield after the having the camp he’s had.

  • cencalsteeler

    With the roster now posted in front of us, all positions looks strong. Of the one that concerns me,…..cb. With the attention in the offseason on Ike, his contract and his age, not much has been discussed about Cortez. I like Cortez, but I admit, he doesn’t make me feel as comfortable as I would like to be.

  • Zurich1012

    If we can just get cornerbacks that can cover Steven Hawking at full speed, it will be an accomplishment. Our corners do not inspire me. We will really need to bring the pressure which means both Worilds and Jones need to step up fast. Our Safety s our becoming a position of strength which we may need them to play some corner back.

  • dgh57

    What’s going on with the backup positions at the ILB? They have them reversed if indeed Shazier and Timmons switched ILB spots. Can’t see Garvin playing Buck LB or V. Williams playing the Mack ILB.

  • dgh57

    Right now my expectations are based purely on HOPE with regards the CB position. Hope that what we’ve done in improving the supporting cast of the CB position comes about and that Cortez takes that next step. Don’t like to have to rely on hope but that’s where I think we stand as of now.

  • joed32

    I don’t think they pay much attention to where they stick the names after the starters are entered.

  • steeltown

    I agree, although the #4 RB position is still pretty wide open

  • steeltown

    I concur, that threw me off

  • Milliken Steeler

    I think Josh Harris. So far, he runs with speed and makes quick decisions and cut backs.

  • steeltown

    Grain of salt at this point

  • Luis Garcia

    The team looks greatly improved and promising, with that said… OT needs backups (Adams endangered), NT still for grabs, CB (unproven additions) and finally DE, (will Tuitt shore it up, will MCCullers make the team? – Cheers.