Steelers LS Greg Warren Expected To Be Out Four Weeks With Meniscus Tear

The Pittsburgh Steelers will wrap up their 2014 training camp Thursday with an evening scrimmage practice against the Buffalo Bills and head coach Mike Tomlin has now held his final press conference at Latrobe.

On the injury front, Tomlin said that long snapper Greg Warren (knee) suffered a meniscus tear during Wednesday’s scrimmage against the Bills and will likely be out roughly four weeks as he will need to get that fixed. For now, the team will likely use backup long snapper Bryce Davis for the game against the Bills but Tomlin did not rule out the possibility of another long snapper being signed.

As far as other players that are inured, Tomlin said linebacker Jarvis Jones (groin), linebacker Ryan Shazier (knee) and linebacker Vince Williams (concussion) all have a possibility of playing Saturday night against the Bills. The Steelers head coach also finally termed Shazier’s injury as something other than a “boo-boo” as he called it a knee bruise.

Tomlin said he will wait until the eleventh hour before ruling out any other players from playing against the Bills.

  • steeltown

    I think we have an extra spot open, I’d bring in another LS for the time being, unless Davis has a nice showing on Saturday

  • Burgh Ball

    G-sus – I dont remember Chuck Noll designated LS on the Team – What is it that urks me so much about holding a spot for one… How about Beachum? I thought he Long snapped at SMU?

  • dgh57

    It’s the preseason so get Wesley Johnson some reps as a LS as a injury could happen during the regular season and his replacement would already be on the roster until someone else is found as his replacement. Would prevent us from having to hit the waiver wire, sign him, and get him used to the signals used at the line in one weeks time.

  • Silent1

    My vote is for Mauro – Gets him on the roster and will help his development on the D-Line

  • Burgh Ball

    I’d be concern if the injury happened to a red snapper.. but since it’s a long snapper.. I’ll sleep tonight.. inconceivable…

  • steeltown

    I think he did it some in practice at SMU, but never in-game

  • steeltown

    It only takes ONE high snap, over the Punters head, to make you appreciate the not underappreciated

  • Burgh Ball

    How did the Steeler’s ever service with out a LS on the roster prior to having one… or any NFL team for that matter… (yes sarcasm) – I’m from the 1950’s and I just cant buy a LS on these rosters… sorry – It is me

  • James Kling

    I was at that game when Silverback was the fill-in LS. Painful.

  • Scott

    How quickly people forget the game Greg Warren went down, James Harrison came in as LS, sails the snap over Berger’s head for a game tying safety, and Giants get possession and score the game winning TD.

    I’d much rather use a roster spot on a LS than keeping a mediocre 6th WR, 4th RB, 6th CB, etc.

    Wonder what Jared Retkofsky is up to nowadays??

  • steeltown

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have someone like Wes Johnson or Cody Wallace be LS as well as reserve OL

  • joed32

    Noll had the regular center long snap. When Cowher took over the team in 1992 he brought in Kendall Gammon as the LS and they’ve had one ever since. Some teams had an LS specialist in the 70s. If you have someone who can do it well the don’t use the roster spot but if you don’t have someone good it could be fatal. One bad snap could lose a game.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Agreed…I remember watching the game thinking long snapping can’t be that hard Debo can handle it til he fired one right over the punters head.