Steelers RT Marcus Gilbert Sidelined During Wednesday’s Practice With An Injury

The Pittsburgh Steelers appear to have had one of their starting tackles get dinged up during Wednesday’s training camp practice as Marcus Gilbert is being looked at on the side by the training staff midway through the season.

While we wait to get an update about Gilbert’s condition after practice from head coach Mike Tomlin, Alex Kozora reports that Mike Adams is currently taking the first-team reps at right tackle with Gilbert currently sidelined.

Adams, who is entering his third season with the Steelers hasn’t had a great start to camp thus far. The Ohio State product began last season as the starting left tackle but was benched in favor of Kelvin Beachum following the team’s loss in London in Week 4 to the Minnesota Vikings. Adams dressed as a reserve for the remainder of the season.

With the rotation now jumbled up, Kozora reports that rookie fifth-round draft pick Wesley Johnson is now working as the second-team left tackle with Guy Whimper manning the right tackle spot.

Hopefully Gilbert’s injury isn’t serious as he’s reportedly had a strong showing during training camp. The Florida product currently has his helmet off as the line goes through drills, so he might be done for the day.

  • steeltown

    Say it isn’t so! Truly hope it isn’t anything serious.

  • Ike Evans

    And so it begins…

  • NW86

    Obviously, we really hope and need for it not to be serious and for Gilbert to be 100% come September 7. The good news is, if he has to miss a preseason game or 2, it isn’t the end of the world. He has enough starting experience, and it would give Adams one more chance to play with the ones and prove whether he can be at least an adequate backup.

  • Steelers12328882


  • Jeff

    Although unlikely, I wouldn’t mind if we ended up cutting Adams…

  • frednash

    he’s definitely a road grader
    maybe not a pocket protector

  • Jeff

    Eh… He’s got an NFL body, but I just don’t see the ‘want to be great’ mentality

  • Luis Garcia

    he is on his last chances…

  • 2KAC

    Road Grader??? These guys don’t block like they used to. Watch tape, they use their hands. They barely wear any shoulder pads any more.

  • Milliken Steeler

    ummm. The Steelers avg rushing per game goes WAY up with Adams in there versus Gilbert.

    That is a fact. Everyone piling on Adams can talk about his pass protection however, dont go there with his run blocking as you would be wrong. smh.

    Stop reading other peoples comments about people and check the stats. You guys found a new whipping boy now that Hood and Dwyer are gone huh?

  • Milliken Steeler

    Yes, please cut Adams now as our expert fans have asked for and watch what happens. Gilbert is hurt again? He played one full season last year but…he played hurt I’m told. The year before? Anyone? Anyone? and as a rookie? Anyone? Anyone? smh

    Be careful what you ask for,

  • 2KAC

    Way up from 2 yards to 3 yards. Whoopie!!! The Steelers rushing attack the past few years has not been good. I don’t think Adams is helping that much. The whole O line in general needs to get in gear.

  • Steelers12328882

    Only way that happens is if the Steelers pick up a veteran off waivers after the final cuts, or maybe even a trade like they did last year with Levi Brown. Chances of either of those happening are very slim and even then you’d still probably get a boom or bust player like Adams.

  • Jeff

    What’s the average rushing per game differential with Adams vs. Gilbert?

    I’m not sure what Hood and Dwyer have to do with anything here. We’re talking about Adams.

  • Dewayne Braxton

    Fact is, he gets hurt every year. Last year Whimper replaced him and I think whimper is at least as good. But we do need bodies but Gilbert is not a difference maker. Oh, unless he gets knocked into another lineman and gets them hurt.

  • Dewayne Braxton

    So much for Munchak being a miracle worker. Never seen so much fascination with an oline coach. If you get talent, NFL line coaches can coach it. Bucknell did not forget how to coach-he was the scapegoat.

  • Dewayne Braxton

    The aforementioned sucked but I agree that Adams is a better RT than Gilbert.

  • Dewayne Braxton

    What happened to Munchak being so great?

  • bayeranton

    I wouldn’t cut Adams Its his third year first year rookie, year two stabbed and court on his mind. This year he has to come through if he is a dud Munchak will broom him.

  • Dewayne Braxton

    What about the great Munchak?