Steelers Friday Night Lights Turns Into Friday Night Fights

Friday Night Lights for the Pittsburgh Steelers has turned into Friday Night Fights at Latrobe Memorial Stadium.

During the backs on backers drill, running back Le’Veon Bell and linebacker Vince Williams got into a pretty nasty fight according to several reports on Twitter.

This very well may have been the first official fight of training camp.

Bell, who just resumed practicing Thursday after missing several practices with hamstring tightness, and Williams, the Steelers sixth-round draft pick last year, had to be separated by several players and coaches.

Bell was the first one to go in the drill and was reportedly beaten soundly twice by linebacker Lawrence Timmons.

  • Game_Time

    It’s official….. The Nasty is Back in Da Burgh

  • Ike Evans

    How blount just jumping in lol

  • SteelCitysFinest

    Thanks for the update but those pictures aren’t cool. No camera rules apply to everyone, show some respect!

  • steeltown

    VW apparently ran thru Coach Danny Smith on the sideline as well.. I think he’s ready for some Football and not happy about being overlooked

  • SteelCitysFinest

    Overlooked? Dude sucks.

  • srdan

    lol, youre kidding right?

  • steeltown

    Huh? You realize he came in as a rookie (6th Rd pick) and started I believe 11games, did he have some faults and miss a few assignments, yes, but he was a rookie. He will only get better.

  • SteelCitysFinest

    Nope. He made a handful of plays against the run that stood out and got torched in coverage. Overall he’s a decent backup and special teams player.

  • SteelCitysFinest

    Yes he will get better with time but be real. Vince is a career backup at best

  • Douglas Andrews

    53 tackles in less than 400 snaps is good production. He was learning on the fly and ill admit he made a lot of rookie mistakes but no way does he suck he should turn into a quality backup/spot starter at ILB for the Steelers.

  • SteelCitysFinest

    I agree, he’s a backup. He’s too slow to be an every down lb and lacks awareness in coverage. I’m not a homer, I call it like I see it. He can be a great special teams player and solid backup but suggesting he’s any more than that is blind optimism.

  • srdan

    That hardly classifies as “dude sucks” for a rookie in lebeaus defense. Last time a rookie played more than him was Kendrell bell. There are reasons people are 6th round picks. His was probably the fact that he needs to learn coverage. If williams is a backup on a team, that is a stacked team at ILB. There are probably teams out there offering the steelers trades for him knowing that we have a lot invested in spence

  • SteelCitysFinest

    I was with you until you said there are teams offering to trade for him. LBs like Williams are a dime a dozen. Maybe he doesn’t completely suck but he is far from being a hot commodity. Like I said, he’s a decent backup and a special teams player, nothing more nothing less.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Not a homer either he’s a good thumper and a 2 down LB at best. Maybe he shows he can cover backs and TE’s? but if he turns out to be a solid backup that’s a good return for a 6th round pick IMO.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    No, You said he sucks.

    Admit you’re an idiot instead of trying to weasel into a new position. Especially if you’re going to hold other people accountable to such a ridiculas level.

  • SteelCitysFinest

    I said he sucks then he made a good point that made me reconsider. Relax there guy.

  • dgh57

    What were you expecting out of a 6th rd. pick that wasn’t supposed to see that much action to begin with until he learned what he was doing. When you have a new guy like Vince his rookie year he spends more time THINKING then reacting to plays. Once the game slows down for him we’ll all see better results from him. Geez, even James Harrison didn’t turn into a Pro Bowler his first year!

  • sweep_the_legarrette

    Am I the only one left wondering who won the fight

  • Timothy Rea

    Steelers 2014 go only as far as the D lets them go.. Offense is there. Looking forward and anticipating new blood getting angry and imposing themselves on D.

  • Zach

    everyone is entitled to have his own opinion, but I respectfully disagree. He’s an average starter at this point (meaning he could start for 10-15 teams out there) and not just a backup imo. Of course, being a starter or backup depends on who is in front of you in the depth chart. I’m eager to watch his progress in year 2.

  • Steelers@2010

    Bravo! Bravo! This kid played well for a 6th Rd Draft pick last year. I think he will only get better. He reminds me of Larry Foote, adequate yet folks never really appreciated him for what he gave to the team.

  • Steelers@2010

    lol. I was thinking the same thing, I’m assuming Williams did.

  • unfurious

    lol…too late. It’s a pile-on. 🙂

  • David S

    I was there and saw and got a video of the fight, VW got him on the ground but it was broken up pretty quick. Blount got involved, it was more of a case of big dudes rolling around in anger. Was over pretty quick after the crowd of backs, backers and coaches ran in to pull them apart. VW had beat Bell twice, threw him down and then it broke out.

    (Didn’t realize videos aren’t allowed? No one mentioned anything there. I won’t share until after season if so)

  • David S

    I believe you’re referring to AB who ran through coach Smith on the sidelines in 11 on 11. It’s also mentioned in Scott Brown’s blog

  • David S

    I’m trying to find documentation of the no camera rules, can you direct me to them? All I could find was that no camcorders are allowed. I don’t want to break any rules by posting anything if there are rules in place.

  • Michel Smiffi

    This might be the new where the offense needs to carry the defense and score enough points to win critical games. They will need a year or two I guess.

  • cp72

    Everyone probably assumes the linebacker, but Bell might be the bigger of the two.

  • cp72

    Blount was so mad he was seeing Boise State blue.

  • steeltown

    Too early to tell

  • Guest

    Blows my mind these fans that call players “bums” and say “he sucks”. I’ve seen that a couple times this week, both cases were for rookies last year. Really? you’re gonna judge a dude off one year? Williams cracked the lineup and he was a 6th round pick, that is quite the achievement even if it was out of injury.
    Re-read what you write and choose your words more wisely. You just come off as a dime a dozen disgruntled internet critic.

  • Milliken Steeler

    You are wrong, plain and simple. he has obviously worked on coverage as he has dropped back into coverage and defended a few passes also this training camp.

    Vince is already an ABOVE AVERAGE hitter and he has been blowing people up all camp.