Steelers LBs Ready For Dri Archer To Torment Somebody Else

When the Pittsburgh Steelers first drafted running back Dri Archer, we knew he would be giving somebody fits.

Whether it was offensive coordinators trying to find snaps for him, defensive coordinators trying to find ways to defend him, or linebackers trying to find their jocks after covering him, one thing we knew he was going to deliver is a round of headaches.

Right now, nobody’s head is pounding harder than eighth-year veteran Steelers inside linebacker Lawrence Timmons, who has so far been tasked with covering him on seemingly every opportunity during drills.

We have been hearing reports for days now of the rookie speedster making the borderline Pro Bowl linebacker look foolish and flat-footed with his incomparable speed and elusiveness.

Dale Lolley wrote yesterday of one such incident, in which Archer “caught a ball in the flat, came to a complete stop to freeze Timmons and then burst inside, flying right by him”.

When it comes down to it, however, anybody can be a victim, as second-year linebacker Terence Garvin found out, and as Lolley described:

“Later in the drill, when they had two backs and two backers, Garvin went outside with Archer, yelling, ‘I got it, I got it’. When Archer caught the ball and stutter stepped, Garvin didn’t have it any longer. Archer burst down the sideline by himself, leaving Garvin to grasp at air as he yelled obscenities”.

Soon, the hope is, Archer will be tormenting linebackers wearing something other than the black and gold uniforms of the Steelers.

That is what the team was expecting out of 2012 fifth-round draft pick Chris Rainey, who lasted only one season before the Steelers parted ways.

Archer does appear to be on another level than Rainey ever was, but nothing can be more convincing than seeing him actually doing to another team what he has been doing to his own teammates in practice.

It’s not that difficult for short road burners to garner excited accolades for putting on a show during training camp. It’s a “football-like” environment, rather than football itself, as the Steelers’ head coach would say.

The goal for Saturday is to see New York Giants sprawled across the field, arms outstretched, with Archer already two steps beyond, the way the Steelers linebackers have looked.

If the rookie can make Jacquian Williams and Devon Kennard look as bad as a player the quality of Timmons has trying to cover him, then I think we can say we’re on our way to something to get excited about.

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Matthew Marczi
Passionate Steelers fan with a bit of writing ability. Connoisseur of loud music. Follow me on Twitter @mmarczi.
  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Do you all remember how fast Mike Wallace was his rookie year? Other teams were literally SHOCKED by his speed?

    Well… Dri Archer is faster. Get ready NFL.

  • Jacque Strappe

    I just hope no one squares him up. The whole bug and windshield scenario scares me.

  • steeltown

    He seems a great deal more physical than most guys his size. Not saying he wont get thumped at some point, he will

  • steeltown

    Starting to get excited. I was very reserved on this but hearing he has had some success running between the tackles is music to my ears.

  • sweep_the_legarrette

    I am definitely hoping he knows how to be tackled without taking the force of the hit. No matter how strong he is he still has a small frame.

  • SteveM2

    I’ve been to this year’s camp twice, and both days, Dri Archer repeatedly scorched defenders. Archer is what Chris Rainey wanted to be.

  • henry6135

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  • blackandgoldBullion

    These guys should watch some tape of Antonio Brown. When he has room to wiggle, he definitely takes people on and a simple screen may turn into a TD. However, when he turns and sees he’s completely surrounded by defenders, he does the conservative, intelligent thing — he dives forward to get an extra yard, while ducking to the ground. The D gets no big shot at him and it minimizes his chance of injury.

    Same thing for punt returns. That is, fair catch it most of the time when there’s a chance of sometimes taking your head off, but if it’s returnable, then look out because he has a chance to take it to the house.

    Of course you need to be tough in football, but you also can’t help your team out if your injured and on the sidelines.

  • Biggie

    I am so ready to see what the additions can bring, the playmaking ability and speed with Archer, return of Wheaton, Shazier, return of Spence, Mitchell, Tuitt and yes looking forward to see the massive McCullers push some people around.

  • Bumpyjenkins

    I’m totally not worried about injuries from a normal hard hit. little guys rarelt gwt hit hard enough to take them out more than a game. I think the key to Dri’s success will lie in the hands of the offensive line. He will have to be able to line up in 4 wr’s sets which puts pressure on the line and on ben to get rid of it quickly. if he lines up in 2 wr sets then he will be keyed on by a safety. All you have to do is watch darren sproles tapes (the quickest feet in the nfl).

  • Hp B

    And 20 reps @ 225 = freaky strong.

  • Luis Garcia

    ah… Chirs Rainey was the only person responsible to destroy his own NFL chances.

  • Steve

    Bullion – Reminds me of AB returning the lateral for an apparent TD, then having it called back cause he stepped out.

  • frednash

    has anyone ever believed he was out?

    I never saw a reply!

    they just ended the game…

  • frednash

    I’ve been there also

    he’s fast and he looks bigger than ab

    but if someone like Joeys guy Vince hits him …

  • Virdin Barzey

    Never believed in Rainey and wasn’t sad to see him cut. I can’t wait to see what he does in preseason game number one against the Giants. Should be fun to watch. As long as he doesn’t fumble, I’m good with what I’ve seen,

  • charles

    Barry Sanders knew how to take a hit. Also some of the hits AB has taken were monstrous, one being against the Cravens and it is where his first down pointer comes from. If Archer is going to survive, he MUST be in AB type shape.


    he did step out, most likely because the snow made it hard to see the line.