Steelers Have Placed P Adam Podlesh On Reserve/Did Not Report List

The Pittsburgh Steelers made another roster move Tuesday as the team has announced that veteran punter Adam Podlesh has been placed on the reserve/did not report list.

Podlesh, who was signed during the offseason after he was released by the Chicago Bears, has yet to arrive to training camp due to his wife being pregnant, so we hope that everything is fine as it relates to their personal situation.

As Bob Labriola was quick t point out on Twitter, Podlesh being moved to the non reporting list doesn’t guarantee that Brad Wing has won the punting job. That’s solid speculation as while Wing did have good hang times Saturday night against the New York Giants in the preseason opener, he only averaged 36.5 yards on his six punts with a 34.5 net.

Wing, who was signed early on in the offseason, struggled in the first half against the Giants as three of his punts traveled 23, 27 and 21 yards respectively. He did bounce back, however, as his final three punts went for 54, 46 and 42 yards.

It will interesting to see if the Steelers bring in another punter before their game Saturday night against the Buffalo Bills. The team has had problems finding a reliable punter for several seasons, now, and that was evidenced last year as they finally had to settle on Mat McBriar after Drew Butler, Brian Moorman and Zoltan Mesko all failed to get the job done.

  • steeltown

    Hope everythings ok with Podlesh and Fam

    So, this means we currently have 2 open roster spots, correct? One will be a Punter.

  • Zhan

    Why is it so difficult to find a reliable punter? Annoying, ain’t it?

    I hope to God that Wing doesn’t get the job by default. He stinks…

  • Burgh Ball

    Isn’t there any Ray Guy Offspring out there we can bring in?

  • treeher

    I’ll wait until I see him this weekend before I agree with you. I think he had the jitters early, plus one of the punts fell at the 5 yard line but team couldn’t down it there. Even so, it settled at the 12, so I don’t think you can call that a bad punt even though short yardage.

  • steeltown

    2nd this, if he struggles with consistency throughout the entire preseason then yes we need to move on, otherwise if he finds his groove he could be a real weapon

  • Douglas Andrews

    agree with you one of those punts he was trying to place inside the 10 as you stated and a second bounced inside or near the 20 yard line. Apparently Wing style of punting causes a back spin on the ball. I’d chalk that up to preseason game 1 jitters and i’m interested to see how he bounces back this week.

  • 2443scott

    i can see a guy missing time because of a birth but this has been a long time is there a reason… is his wife or child is in some sort of trouble it be nice to know whats happening ???

  • I thought Matt McBriar was decent and there is Chris Kluwe who is available after being cut for non-football reasons from the Vikings.

  • Lewis

    I thought Wing sucked

  • Lewis

    Sepulveda has got to be healthy by now, bring him.

  • Kluwe is worth a look, but I have the feeling he’s been blackballed.

  • I think I saw he’s in someone else’s camp already.

  • Lewis

    really?! Well good for him

  • 20Stoney

    I’d take Josh Miller offspring!

  • J&LSteeler

    Uh, please, no

  • He has a career average 44.4 yard career punting average. If Wing doesn’t work out, there are definitely worse options.

  • Louis Goetz

    It’s been reported that his wife is having a very difficult pregnancy; the kind with a tremendous amount of fear, and that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

  • Louis Goetz

    The Steelers made it clear to Sepulveda that he wasn’t welcome after the 2011 season. He tore an ACL in both 2008 and 2010, and then had a torn meniscus in 2011 that put him on the IR for the third time in four years. There were a lot of grumblings at the time that he had concealed the third knee injury to avoid being cut, and that had he reported it properly, the injury could have been treated without having to put him on the season ending IR … again. It was Sepulveda’s fifth year in the league, however, which is a HUGE milestone because you get a pension after five years in the NFL. Had he reported the injury and been cut he wouldn’t get a pension. Did he conceal the injury to guarantee his pension? I wouldn’t doubt it in the least.