Steelers Waive Nine Players Tuesday Morning

The Pittsburgh Steelers have started trimming their roster down to 75 players Monday as they start to prepare for their Thursday night preseason finale at Heinz Field against the Carolina Panther. Nine players were waived and more cuts are on the way.

Waived were wide receiver C.J. Goodwin, wide receiver Kashif Moore, running back Jordan Hall, cornerback Lew Toler, cornerback Devin Smith, running back Miguel Maysonet, tight end Eric Waters, linebacker Vic So’oto, safety Jordan Dangerfield.

With the roster now at 81, six more moves will need to be made later today.

After their Thursday night game against the Panthers they will then need to trim down their roster to 53 players by the following Tuesday.

  • ApexSteel

    Wow I guess they’re more impressed with Howard Jones than ol Vic. Dangerfield is another surprise.

  • dgh57

    Wow! I didn’t think So’oto and Dangerfield would be members of at least the first cut down!

  • Steelers12328882

    lol 6 more moves? Is it really that difficult to make the cut, or have the other moves just not been announced. Not all that surprising so far. Don’t think they liked So’oto on special teams.

  • srdan

    I think that is more doing them a favor. They have a very good chance of sticking somewhere.

  • Geoff Cordner

    first cuts so they can land with other teams, maybe? A couple of camp darlings there..

  • SteelersDepot

    Probably in process of telling players.

  • steeltown

    Vic So’oto… good grief

  • steeltown

    Im guessing that means they like Howard Jones because I don’t see how they can take any positives from Carter’s performance in preseason.

  • dgh57

    Maybe, but they needed to give Carter a chance of sticking somewhere else.

  • srdan

    Good point.

  • taztroy43

    They r probably trying to stash danger field

  • taztroy43

    *dangerfield by cutting him now instead of after the 4th preseason game…

  • richheddleson

    I can see a lot of these guys making the practice squad. By releasing them 3 days earlier, they can pass through waivers and be immediately signed to the practice squad when the Steelers cut down to 53 Friday. Watch the other 6 guys being released today. More practice squad candidates.

  • steeltown

    I would imagine McCray, Philon and maybe Hemer will be cuts later today

  • SteelersDepot

    Danny Smith gave Dangerfied and So’oto plenty of special teams burn: 44 snaps a piece in first 3 games

  • So’oto is out of practice squad eligibility, so unless he stole the show he was gone.

  • richheddleson

    So’oto still has practice squad eligibility…….

  • steeltown

    He sure stole the ball (twice)

  • T R

    no Lanear Sampson cut will be coming in just a few minutes. LOL hold on… he probably just slept late. LOL

  • steeltown


  • Jake Miller

    Fingers crossed for Hojo making the team. This makes the safety battle a lot easier to predict. Troy, Sharko, Mitchell, Golden… and Allen if they hold onto 5.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Perhaps the Steelers imagine that waiving So’oto now gives him a better chance of making the practice squad? As it is, other teams are having to cut squads down to 75 right now also, which is much harder to do when you’re adding bodies at the same time. Hmm…

  • Steelers@2010

    Agreed! Tomlin has no clue of how to evaluate talent or UDFA.

  • Interesting to see So’oto, Dangerfield, and Waters go, but these would seem to be moves balancing respect and self-interest:

    — respect for the players insofar maybe they have a shot of catching on somewhere else.
    — self-interest insofar as the Steelers could quickly sign them for the practice squad should no one pick them up.

    Obviously good news for HoJo.

    Too bad about Goodwin given his backstory, but he was a long-shot to make the team anyway, and at least he made it this far.

  • steeltown

    Let’s hope so… So’oto easily makes MY practice squad

  • Toddy Bravo

    Oh I don’t know about that. He evaluated a 6th Rd. Pro-Bowler currently starting at WR, an UDFA starting at Left Guard and an UDFA starting at NT. I bet most teams would covet that kind of evaluation.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Sampson has shown good hands and being able to do some KR may get him to the PS. The guy caught everything thrown to him in preseason. But yes…he still may get cut by the end of the day.

  • joed32

    Alex has Ventrone on the PS instead of Dangerfield and I think he’s probably right.

  • T R

    if competition wasnt so stiff, i would agree, i would definitely take him over Moye to practice squad. Im just saying.

  • BFB

    Agreed. Some folks seem to have it out for Tomlin. ???
    I also think targeting for PS is not a good reason to put a guy out there now. You keep them thru the last pre-season game. You keep them on the roster to get them for your PS unless you are coveting players released from other teams to flesh out the squad. Another small benefit of keeping the projected PS guys through the final game of the preseason is if a projected member of the 53 man squad is injured you have the option of keeping the play on the 53 man vs PS roster.

  • Steve

    Tomlin’s job is to talk to his coaches and get their evaluation of the players, that is what they are paid for besides teaching players. Yes, Tomlin makes final decisions but the majority of cuts come via the coaches.