Steelers Sign T Marcus Gilbert To 6-Year Contract

Pittsburgh Steelers right tackle Marcus Gilbert is probably a very happy man right now as it has just been announced that the former second-round draft pick has signed a new six-year deal that will keep in Pittsburgh through 2019 season.

Gilbert, who was entering the final year of his rookie contract, has started 34 regular season games for the Steelers since arriving in 2011.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Gilbert’s five-year extension will total out at $30 million. Gilbert was originally scheduled to count $1,026,905 against the 2014 salary cap prior to signing his new deal.

According to Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Gilbert received a $7.65 million signing bonus and his contract actually totals out at $30.8 million.

“It means I am locked in hopefully as a Steeler for the rest of my career,” Gilbert told “It’s a blessing to work for a great organization, the Rooney family, Kevin Colbert and Coach (Mike) Tomlin. Just to be around in Pittsburgh, where they show you so much love, I couldn’t be happier and in a better place.”

The Steelers had previously signed center Maurkice Pouncey and kicker Shaun Suisham to contract extensions this offseason.

With just a few weeks left before the start of the 2014 regular season, all eyes will now be on cornerback Cortez Allen. Allen is also entering the final year of his rookie contract, but there has been no sign that an extension for him is imminent.

  • Matt Manzo

    Im ok with this!!!
    Now that we’ve seen the Oline in two games, id rather have Gilbert there. Remember when some were saying dump Gilbert and Pouncey for Wallace and Adams???

  • Ike Evans

    5 mil a year for a tackle seems reasonable….Im sure they put some other advantageous things in the contract as well just in case. Gilbert has shown alot of signs of being solid but he’s also had some swoons as well. I just hope he doesnt regress again

  • sweetleb

    now take some of that cap money and swing a deal for a real back up qb, christian ponder could be had.

  • Jeff

    I’m in favor. Two thumbs up…

  • mlc43

    I never liked Adams since I saw him first play in a Steelers uniform. I’m still not all that hung up on Pouncey like some people. Good…yes. All pro….meh.

  • mlc43

    I like this extension. I like the fact that we are waiting to see if Worilds is the deal before signing him long term. I know a lot of people were worried about the cap hit, but just think if we paid him and he turned into another liability. Now we can see what he has and I believe we can still tag him next year if needed.

  • Jason White

    I don’t think the recent O-line coach changes did him much good either. But now he has a guy who can hopefully take him back to that all pro level. For the first time since what 2007 the Steelers have a decent O-line? Right after Faneca left the line seemed to fall apart like wet toilet paper.

  • Jason White

    Nope they need to get Dennis Dixon back so then we’ll really have our ticket stamped to return to the Superbowl. (sarcastic diarrhea)

  • Aric Brown

    You know you have a great organization when young guys like this are already talking about being a Steeler for life after signing a (IMO) pretty modest contract

  • Steelers12328882

    We all knew this was coming, but definitely exciting to hear it’s complete. I’m not so sure about Cortez though since we’d have to gamble a bit on a contract with him.

  • Big White


  • Venkar

    Dave, how much cap room do the steelers have left ? Can we pay Cortez and still have enough money to pay for the velascos of this year if injuries strike ?

  • Ken

    You see Cleveland’s 4th string qb come in last night? he has some serious game. It will be interesting to see what they do with him.

  • 2443scott

    getting that line signed for a few superbowl runs … he can just play and not worry over the money side of it…

  • Eric MacLaurin

    2 mil hit this year?

    so another mil off what we had?

    maybe 4 left

  • cp72

    It’s a good young unit that will be together for an extended period of time. Now we need to build some depth behind them.

  • Virdin Barzey

    You may want to watch some South Carolina games before you make that statement. I think we can do better.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Was never a Gilbert fan. Thought he was a big whimpy guy that got pushed around and always gets hurt. To his credit and maybe more Munch’s, he looks better. I’m fine with this as long as he continues to progress.

    I had more hope for Adams since he run block well but the tables have turned. Adams is hanging on by a string. He doesn’t look bad but he’s not starter material.

  • pittsburghjoe

    Am I dreaming?? We are only locked into 7.65 million??? If so, thats a big Yippee!!!

  • Deebosgonnaeaturkids

    I’m not in favor of rewarding mediocrity

  • MC

    I haven’t been the biggest fan of Gilbert cause i think he needs to be nastier with his play and i don’t really trust his durability. However, I have a feeling that Munchak had a big input into this signing. Maybe he likes his skill set from what he’s seen in camp and preseason and thinks he can improve his game and thus instilled confidence in the FO for getting this signing done? If thats the case then im happy with this contract.

  • Dewayne Braxton

    There is no evidence in neither the rushing yards nor rushing touchdowns to suggest they are good. How about letting them actually prove we can run the ball when we need to. Especially in the fourth quarter and red zone. Pouncey is the best in the group and many people think he is overrated. I don’t but critics do.

  • Dewayne Braxton

    Your concerns are reasons for not giving him the contract. This is the same organization who signed Willie Colon, Max Starks, and Chris Keamato to big contracts. We know how the latter turned out.

  • Dewayne Braxton

    Why not take the same approach with Gilbert. Worilds has done more and remains a much better prospect for being an impact player. what do we do..go sign the suspect guy.

  • Dewayne Braxton

    Are you kidding. he is happy he didn’t have to test the market. Nobody would pay him this much. Based on last year’s rankings, he wouldn’t even start most teams.

  • Dewayne Braxton

    Yea, and Gilbert is a sure thing. You people are!

  • Dewayne Braxton

    Yea but he still has to worry about getting knocked into Ben or Decastro as the latter is his custom.

  • Dewayne Braxton

    I agree. We seem to sign average lineman to big contracts.

  • Dewayne Braxton

    The rushing yard say we need starters.


    O yee of little faith in Coach Munch…do you really think we would ink this guy for his career if one of the greatest linemen ever thought he was just going to be an average RT? Same with Pouncey. I am not really a fan of either guy to tell y’all the truth, but I have to believe that smarter people involved know what they are doing here, as these are not new-blood draft picks, but veteran players with a world-class position coach. Go Steelers!

  • Ike Evans

    True….hoping this isnt simmilar. I think they may have low self esteem when it comes to oline. Since theyve never been good at drafting guys or picking good guys up consistently, when the steelers get one they think is good they give them everything to make em stay lol smh….sad really but i have hope this trend will pan out moving forward

  • Steelers12328882

    Why don’t you just shove your negative comment right back down your pie hole, son?! Gilbert proved solid last year and he did it while being injured the entire season. That’s proof enough for me.

  • Ryan

    Nobody would pay him this much? See Oher, Michael. Even average to below average Tackles get paid. Nature of the game.

  • mlc43

    5 mill a year opposed to 10+ mill a year. Gilbert is a much easier monetary risk.

  • Joe Gulaskey

    I feel like this is a good value for him, especially with other deals thrown out there this off season.

  • Brendon Glad

    I’ve never been a big Gilbert fan, but with only around 8mil guaranteed, it keeps the pressure on him to keep improving. So if he does, then it will be an excellent value…and if not, they won’t have huge salary cap ramifications if they need to part ways before it’s up. Good contract.

  • pat

    He was the only oline men to start every game last yr how is durability a concern

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Good news. We saw that a banged-up line with Bell could make plays and keep Ben upright. Let’s see what a healthy group is capable of. Bell could easily have a 10-11 TD season if these guys stay healthy.

  • MC

    Thats true but he was playing hurt and his play suffered cause of it, racking up quite a few holding penalties. I think every year before that he’s missed games. I think the signing is a promising sign though.

  • Josh Knepshield

    Yeah! Resign a below-average NFL starter to a lucrative long-term deal he doesn’t deserve!!!! Woooooooo!!

  • IckyD

    I think Markice Pouncey needs to play a whole season at a high level before i get too wound up about him again.

    He was great his rookie year but missing a SB is weak- i don’t care what his injury was. I still think Legursky is a better, more reliable player than him.

    Pouncey needs to put up this year and earn that unbelievable contract.

    If he gets hurt again this year and doesn’t start 19 games i say cut him and go with Wallace.

    Pouncey has been coasting on his rep.

  • Jeff

    The best tackles in the NFL make 15 million a year, while Gilbert’s “lucrative” deal will average 5 million a year… I think that’s pretty fair.

  • Big White

    Right now there is a buffet getting destroyed by Gilbert with 10X the aggressiveness you would see on the football field. Horrible resigning.


    Unless they cut them like Legursky and Urbik

  • Dewayne Braxton

    Perhaps endorsing deals like this is what got Munch fired.

  • Dewayne Braxton

    He still ranked below average.

  • Dewayne Braxton

    Ok, so a few stupid teams over pay below average players. So what? Unless he improves a lot, Gilbert is a dime a dozen.

  • Dewayne Braxton

    I am sure Legursky left via free agency. Granted the Steelers did not offer him the 1 million dollar tender. I thought cutting Urbik was a mistake.

  • Steelers@2010

    Amen to that; I’ve never been sold on Pouncey, I still think that contract was a waiste of money. They should have locked up their QB first. But trust in the Rooney’s, that’s what I always tell myself, they know what they’re doing. Besides, they have won Six Lombardies.

  • Steelers@2010

    Amen to that!

  • Steelers@2010

    I’m ok with this as well; now they just need to determine if Cortez Allen is worth the money. I really liked this kid coming out of college back in 2011, but he has been to inconsistent. I’m assuming the Rooney’s have a plan in place.

  • Josh Knepshield

    In my opinion, we should not reward mediocrity.

  • Addison

    I don’t recall him falling on anyone’s ankles last year so thumbs up to this.

  • CrazyTerry

    Sorry, while I hope Gilbert improves and plays up to the contract value, what did Steelers gain by signing him a year early? I can’t see this guy tearing it up in free agency. They pretty much signed him at the level he is optimistically projected at. So they didn’t have 5M to spend on our own CB last year who played better than any of our secondary players in NO, but they have to spend on this underachieving fatso?

    While I didn’t oppose resigning him, even if he lasts only 2 or 3 years, that’s too much cap money for this guy. Like I said, a few hundred here, a few hundred there, overspending on a player adds up all across the roster, even if it’s not by much. The same people who keep praising every extension Colbert doles out are the same people who say we don’t have cap money to sign real impact players. Another stupid cap move by Colbert and khan.

  • CrazyTerry

    Allen achieved more in the year prior to that than Gilbert has achieved in his entire career.

  • joed32

    Average salary for a right tackle in the NFL is 5 mil. Doug Free gets 8 mil.

  • Steelers12328882

    I disagree. What is it that Allen has accomplished? He was a bit of a disappointment last year although he came on a little at the end of the year. He’s also had a couple pretty bad games this preseason. I like Allen, but he seems way more up and down than Gilbert who’s logged 34 career starts in 3 years.


    That may be and if so, I apologize if wrong. I just remember he left.

  • Steeler Wheeler

    Marginal starter replaceable with the right street fa. I’m all for locking him up longer term, but only at fair value.

    Time for a poll….which is the worst contract the steelers entered into this year? Gilbert, Pouncey, Suisham, Mitchell, Worlids, C.Thomas, Moats.

    I’m leaning toward Pouncey but he has shown to be capable of being elite, and the Steelers paid that premium….but Mitchell is also gaining ground….Gilbert? Ho-hum. No way should he make more scratch than guys like Foster or Mclendon.

    Definite overpay.

  • CrazyTerry

    The right thing to do was spend 5M on K lewis last year and take our chances at RT next year with Gilbert or someone else. Actually the right thing to do was negotiate better like the Pats often do. They will not pay a guy like Gilbert 5M. They have had better linemen undergo more stress during their contract negotiations.