Steelers TE Heath Miller Believes Teams Will Now Pay Attention To RB Dri Archer

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie running back Dri Archer only played five snaps in the preseason opener Saturday night against the New York Giants, but he certainly made the most of them. Archer’s 46-yard explosive play on the Steelers opening drive impressed several of his teammates and that includes the normally subdued veteran tight end Heath Miller.

“I guarantee you when he is out there the next time they’re going to know who No. 13 is and where he’s lining up and pay extra attention to him,” Miller said Monday, according to Scott Brown of “It can be good for all of us. He can help our offense.”

According to Archer, he should of scored on the play, but instead he was hawked down by Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara on the far sideline.

On the play in question, Miller was down field attempting to block Amukamara but he wasn’t fast enough to cut off the former first-round draft pick’s angle.

We will see if Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley shows us any more wrinkles that include Archer in the final three preseason games, but that one play is now on tape and opposing defensive coordinators will see it when game planning against the Steelers and must now factor him in as legitimate weapon.

Archer finished Saturday night’s game with two receptions for 50 yards and two rushes for another nine yards.

  • Rosco

    At first I was like dang it Spaeth run faster!!! Then I saw it was good ol 83!!!

  • Jason White

    That’s what I was saying Saturday night. They need to give him a few looks during the preseason so teams get a little look at him when he makes those splash plays that way it plants a seed in opposing defenses minds.

  • ApexSteel

    Someone actually tried to argue Heath’s slowness with me the other day…

  • treeher

    I don’t think Heath has lost a step at all … he’s as slow as he ever was … but I love him.

  • ApexSteel

    Eh. The years and the injury took their toll on him. He’s slower, but that’s not saying much because Ike you said he’s always been slow.

  • hanjonquin

    Loved Wheatons reaction when Dri gets to the 41 he thinks Dri is taking it to the house, also loved Antrel Rolles attempt at a tackle as he ends up almost tackling an already on the ground DeCastro