Steelers Vs. Bills: Friday Night Five Questions

The Pittsburgh Steelers are breaking training camp Friday and they will play the Buffalo Bills Saturday night at Heinz Field.

To celebrate the second Steelers preseason game of 2014, here are five questions that I would like you to answer in the comments below.

1. Head coach Mike Tomlin talked several days ago about how he expects players to make their move this week. Which player do you believe is close enough to the roster bubble that a move Saturday night is crucial for?

2. Name one Steelers player that you were not very high on heading into training camp that you have since warmed up to after either watching him in person at camp, in the the preseason opener or reading reports about him.

3. True or false. Darrius Heyward-Bey will have at least one special teams tackle Saturday night against the Bills.

4. Will the Steelers face Brian Hoyer or Johnny Manziel in the regular season opener against the Cleveland Browns?

5. How did you enjoy the training camp reports that Alex Kozora filed this year and what would you change about them if he’s able to go again next year?

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  • cencalsteeler

    1. and 2. I’d have to go Howard Jones.
    3. False. I think he’s gone, which is an attribute to the talent at that position.
    4. Out of respect for Hoyer, he gets the nod. But, first bad game, Manziel is in.
    5. Kozora added another dimension to this site by having him at camp. Stellar move by the Depot. Only thing I’d like to see changed are his eating habits.

  • Carlos

    1.- Justin Brown needs to seal the deal.
    2.- McCullers, I sincerely did not think he had it in him
    3.- True
    4.- Hoyer
    5.- This is my third year following your coverage of the pre season and I think I´ve learned a lot from Alex´s insights, maybe we can arrange Alex a late lunch with Missi Matthews at McDonald´s for next year? I mean Alex deserves it.

  • JNick

    1. Shaquille Richardson
    2. Dan McCullers
    3. False
    4. Brian Hoyer
    5. Great Job Alex. Enjoyed reading the posts. The only thing I wished for was some more video from camp. Hope you can make it back next year.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    1. Howard Jones
    2. McCullers
    3. False
    4. Hoyer
    5. Awesome reports!

  • stellarsfan

    1.Blanchflower/Waters, time for one of these young TEs to overtake Paulson..please
    2.McCullers, no doubt
    3.False, but irrelevant IMO
    5.fantastic job by Mr. Kozora

  • JNick

    He should eat nothing but kale, quinoa, and blueberries for the entirety of training camp.

  • Jacque Strappe

    1. DHB
    2. Big and Wide
    3. False
    4. Manziel, no doubt.
    5. I am geeked about the whole thing and the information was outstanding for those of us on Steeler crack.

  • socalsteeler

    1 Josh Mauro
    2. Howard Jones
    3. ex raider & Steerler
    4 Hoyer
    5 Alex was great with his youthful exuberance and great understanding of football concepts. Thanks for the new insight on what goes on at camp especially those of us so far away.

  • Jason

    1) Shaq Richardson
    2) McCullers
    3) True
    4) Sims and Nance were just given the Steelers / Browns opener. I think the NFL knows something.Manziel
    5) Loved the reports. I’d change nothing. Beggars can’t be choosey

  • Steve

    1) Wimper – Needs to show strong outing.
    2) Tuitt – Didn’t know what to expect and he has excelled.
    3) DHB does not make tackle or team
    4) Johnny Football will give us the harder game, so hope he starts.
    5) Excellent job Alex. Condense reports with highlights. Excellent job answering questions.

  • Big White

    1) Landry Jones
    2) Dangerfield
    3) False
    4) Manziel
    5) Permission from the Steelers to stream them with 3 camera angles.

  • GoSteelerz

    1) Howard Jones, if he shows enough, especially on D, they can get rid of Carter, which frees up another spot for the 53.
    2) Brice McCain, though I think he may not get better than he is. There is developing talent under him, but this for season, he may be the best option after Allen, Taylor, Gay, and Blake.
    3) False and he doesn’t make the team either.
    4) I think it should be Hoyer, but the way things seem to go, probably Manziel.
    5) Maybe a partner who can watch and report on things he can’t see, like in the scrimmage with the Bills, he could only focus on our offense vs. their defense, or their offense vs. our defense, not both. Who knows what we missed from our defense in that scrimmage. No fault of Alex’s, he’s done a fantastic job, it’s just that there is only so much one set of eyes can see. If I could get paid while I miss work, I’d do it! LOL (Seriously, I would, though…) I made it a point to have a post and for once, not mention Toler… Oops, I failed… LOL 😀

  • AzheDraven

    1.- J-Brown. Maybe Big Dan and Mauro
    2.- HoJo. I want him on the team.
    3.- yes. Why not? Unless he gets injured I think he could be useful.
    4,- i think they would start Manziel as a tactic but it’s week 1 and that could send a message wrong, so I’m going with Hoyer.
    5.- he should get videos up. I loved his coverage. It was perfect. But I have a suggestion. Why don’t you, besides doing the podcast like a podcast, tape yourselves and upload them to YouTube. Then you guys could get a wider audience and then partner with google and use ads on the video and then make some extra profit for you.

  • Big White

    I think Mauro’s play and that he played 2nd team over Arnfelt speak volumes.

  • steeltown

    1. Howard Jones, but there are quite a few more
    2. McCullers
    3. True
    4. Hoyer
    5. I loved it. Wouldn’t change a thing. Always come here for discussion, breaking news, player & game analysis, and what Alex did was add another dimension to it. Great stuff.

  • Intropy

    1. Brice McCain
    2. Daniel McCullers
    3. false
    4. both
    5. It was fantastic as were the podcasts in which he participated. A few times I recall seeing him post something about adding the video or pictures of something later, but I usually don’t end up seeing it. I don’t know if it’s put into the comments, updates on the page or just not there. But by far the easiest way to find new content is with a new post.

  • Jacob Dixon

    1 Howard Jones
    2 Justin Brown
    3 false
    4 Hoyer
    5 nothing

  • Stuck in Ravens country

    1) Martavis Bryant – I’m still not convinced of his talents
    2) Markus Wheaton – I didn’t think #2 WR was in him; why else did we want to have a WR picked in the first round
    3) FALSE
    4) Hoyer, if the Browns were smart
    5) I’ve been following this site for almost 2 years now and thoroughly enjoyed the reports. To improve on obtaining more information, recommend taking a hand-held voice recorder or device to auto-type while you talk so you can maximize the information. Also, perhaps have a second person cover the days when opposing teams are visiting. I would be happy to volunteer. 🙂 Absolutely enjoyed the reports, opinions, and the personal touch added to them.

  • 1. Howard Jones on Defense – Derek Moye on Offense

    2. Daniel McCullers on Defense – Justin Brown on Offense

    3. He showed well on ST last year with the Colts. Sure he gets a tackle.

    4. Hoyer gets the start, although I would rather the Law Dawg welcome “Johnny Trademark” to the NFL with a good hit.

    5. Copy and pasted this from my previous post on the special edition practice 15 podcast. – You shouldn’t be thanking us, Alex. We should be thanking you for your outstanding coverage of training camp. I wish I could have been there to do my own evaluations for 1 practice, let alone all them. I sincerely thank you for a tremendous job not only for the past few weeks but for all your hard work on the best Steeler site on the web. That goes for you too, Dave. And everyone who writes for you and helps maintain what me and a group of friends simply refer to as “The Depot.”

  • SteveM2

    1. Derek Moye
    2. Dan McCullers
    3. False
    4. Manziel, for the publicity value…HA!
    5. Alex has done a fantastic job. Improvements? Get Missy Matthews to stop being so stuck up; just say “hi” to Alex, Missy, so he can concentrate on reporting camp info for Steelers Nation.

  • RW

    1. Justin Brown
    2. Josh Mauro
    3. True
    4. Brian Hoyer
    5. Best thing I’ve read on here in a while. I’m not sure what the restrictions are at camp, but some more photos/video would be awesome.

  • CuldesacBill

    1. Arnfelt
    2. McCullers
    3. false
    4. Hoyer
    5. One word, Fantastic!! More interviews

  • Steelers12328882

    1) Brice McCain
    2) Martavis Bryant
    3) False
    4) Both
    5) Loved them. It’d be great if there was some video. Not sure if that’s allowed or not.

  • cp72

    1. Zumwalt better make a move. Don’t see how he fits on the roster behind Timmons, Shazier, Spence, and Williams.
    2. McCullers for sure a better althlete than I gave him credit for.
    3. I think DHB better have more than one tackle to make this team. Bryant and J.Brown seem to be well ahead of him.
    4. I am praying for Manziel. Can’t wait for him to see him try that college stuff at this level. I think this guy will be a total bust.
    5. Alex you did a phenomenon job. Other than your poor eating habits ( be careful 40 will get there before you know it), I think you have a bright future in sports journalism. Some journalists take themselves to serious. You brought a self deprecating and funny spin to your reporting. Thanks for all the hard work.

  • Luis Grove

    1) H.Jones
    2) J.Brown
    4)I don’t think so
    5) I have never felt more knowledgeable about this team on a player by player basis. The insight was incredible.I have know idea how Alex took notes, tweeted, watched multiple players and somehow read that scribbled stuff he was jotting down. Nothing really comparable out there. As far as next year goes, we can worry about that around draft, I am wondering how you will use your new weapon this season. Hoping for some sort of X’s n O’s podcast in season…

  • ApexSteel

    1. Shaq Richardson makes his move tomorrow.
    2. Cam Thomas. I thought that would be a waste of a roster spot.
    3. Maybe. It won’t save him though.
    4. Hoyer. Cleveland may be dumb but they ain’t stupid. Coach LeBeau has
    lost to two rookie QBs and in both of those games Big Ben didn’t play.
    Don’t throw fresh meat to hungry dogs and expect it to come out in one
    5. They were great how they were, but I guess more visuals would be nice.

  • frednash

    1 Bey
    2 Bryant
    3 false
    4 Johnny Football
    5 How could anyone write notes that fast?

  • Dorian James

    Derek Moye
    josh mauro
    hoyer for the first half
    I’m very proud of Alex,I hope you keep him during the rest of the season

  • Aric Brown

    1. DHB has to make something happen or he’s as good as gone
    2. Justin Brown
    3. True – I think he realizes the seriousness of the situation and knows that he is unlikely to get a helmet as a receiver, but he could still have a shot at special teams ace
    4. I’m a huge JF fan and I think he’s going to eventually set the whole league on fire , but my money is on Brian Hoyer starting week one in (IMO) a bad move by Cleveland trying to check JF’s ego
    5. Reports were amazing theres really not much room for improvement… he’s only one man

  • Zach

    1. DHB
    2. Wheaton (we might just be fine at WR — do you guys remember the rant about losing Sanders and Cotchery?) Many other a close second like Tuitt, Justin Brown, Shazier being the real deal after the JJones fiasco last year.
    3. True — desperation can do wonders.
    4. Manziel — if they are smart, they play Hoyer in the pre-season and trade him for a 3rd rounder before the trade deadline.
    5. Superb reports, Alex — there’s nothing close out there and you should pursue sports writing. Being available for responding comments is a must and that should definitely not change. But please change your eating habits, eating healthy is important young man!

  • Big White

    I don’t think Williams makes the team. With the play of Spence and that Williams has had two concussions in less than a year, makes it a pretty cut and dry situation. Williams will be able to get his money back through a lawsuit because he chose a profession where people run into each other.

  • Chazsteelerfan

    Lol – only organic, monk blessed vegan offerings

  • Matt Manzo

    I forgot about the food! I said don’t change anything, but you’re right! That’s the one thing you gotta change, Alex. The women are better looking in nice restaurants, too!


    Also hope Zumwalt shows he can replace Carter the next couple games. Special teams need more attitude this season, been lame the last two years…TROY can’t make every highlight for Pittsburgh, if that’s the case we’re effed this year.

  • Spencer Krick

    1. I think Howard Jones can about seal the deal if he has another good showing.
    2. Cam Thomas, so far he has played better than I thought he would. It is just after one preseason game, however.
    3. False. Tackling is essentially catching another player, and DHB is all thumbs.
    4. I would rather we play Manziel, so let’s go with that.
    5. Truely a fantastic job all around, can’t really think of changing anything at the moment. Thanks a ton, Alex!

  • Mark Irish

    I want Dangerfield. Put an extra O-lineman on the practice squad.

  • Custidies

    1. Richardson
    2. Howard Jones
    3. False
    4. Hoyer will get the first game
    5. Alex is great. I couldn’t wait for his reports every day. Would love a few videos from time to time. Hope you’ll be there next year man.

  • Michel Smiffi

    1. Landy Jones
    2. Howard Jones
    3. True
    4. Hoyer
    5. Great, maybe one or two videos here and there from the 11-on-11 drills and some more “quick roundups” from the drills, who stood out and who didn’t. Other than that, great job, Alex!

  • Rod Hedrick

    1. McCain
    2. Mccullers
    4. Manzel, but he gets knocked out and replaced by Hoyer
    5. Alex did a great job and next year I will donate so he doesn’t have to eat at McDonalds.

  • Jeff Anoble

    Alex the key to that hello from Missi is a press pass. Keep working hard like you have and you will get hired by someone that can make it happen.

  • Agustin-ARG

    1. DHB, Landry and Howard
    2. Garvin
    3. no tackle, yes a TD
    4. Manziel please!! I want bliztburgh cut his head !!
    5. I learn a lot about training camp, and I enjoy read all these articles, great job Alex