Steelers vs Eagles Film Review: Jason Worilds

There’s something about the Pittsburgh Steelers that drives many of their fans to become amateur scouts of sorts, seemingly more than most teams, at least in my experience. They record the games and re-watch them on their own so that they can be informed with first-hand accounts of player performances.

From what I’ve gathered, however, many simply deleted the Philadelphia Eagles game from their DVRs without ever watching it again, assuming that it was just that bad.

That’s not an entirely untrue statement. There were some players who did stick out positively, such as Jason Worilds, though even he had his issues, such as being called offside and losing contain on the same play for a long cutback run. But there was more than enough in his performance to be encouraged about.

Overall, Worilds had a good day against the Eagles’ right tackle, Allen Barbre, registering several pressures and getting good push. His pass rush on third and 15 helped end Philadelphia’s first drive by forcing Nick Foles to step up in the pocket.

Worilds got around Barbre again on the Eagles’ second drive, this time getting a piece of Foles’ arm as he threw and forcing an incompletion. After planting his shoulder, he was able to turn the corner easily using his speed.

Later on during the same drive, the fifth-year edge rusher turned to his spin move to get to the quarterback. It is a move that he has long had in his repertoire, but had only begun to put together last season. On his rush, he windmilled around Barbre and found himself on a clear path to Foles, who nonetheless still got the throw off in time.

Worilds not only made strides in his pass rushing last year, however, he also improved his run defense, and we saw glimpses of that last week as well. It wasn’t much of a problem for him to slip past tight end Brent Celek on this play to make the tackle after just a one-yard gain.

Toward the middle of the third quarter, he helped come up with a big stop on third and one along with rookie Stephon Tuitt, wrapping his arms around Matthew Tucker and wrenching him to the ground for no gain after the Eagles left the back side unblocked.

Then there was his last play of the night, a much-deserved sack that wasn’t really a sack, which ended up not being a sack anyway after it was nullified by a penalty.

Thanks to Jarvis Jones crashing the pocket on the other side, the two outside linebackers were able to pen in Mark Sanchez, and he fell to the ground as Worilds pursued. The play would have been credited as a sack to Worilds had there been no penalty.

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  • Paddy

    Watched it again with some friends yesterday, Worilds and Heyward along with Timmons were above the line.
    I think if Ben was more accurate the score would have been closer. Right now I favor Blount over Bell.

  • Hampwood

    Didn’t focus on Worilds or Timmons but just watched all of Heyward’s plays and you wanna talk about someone having a bad preseason. I know he played against some of the best offensive lineman in the NFL but c’mon man. Aside from a hurry and a couple of stops where the eagle player ran into his waiting arms he channeled his inner Ziggy Hood as just-another-guy. This is a player Steelers beat writers have been preaching praises of having an up coming pro bowl season and he was constantly on the ground in this game. Tuitt has looked better IMO. I’m not calling for his head just really disappointed and I think we need to temper our expectations of him this year. He’s a middle of the pack player and I’m ok with that, it’s much better than what Hood was for us.

  • steeltown

    I disagree… it’s preseason, he looked dominant at times last year when it really mattered. Not saying he’s not having a subpar preseason, just that its not indicative of his capabilities and I disagree that he’s a ‘middle of the pack player’ -THAT is what Hood was for us.

  • steeltown

    Worilds can be a great OLB for us, he can, he just needs to stay healthy.

  • Hampwood

    Hood was way below the line. Heyward can be a good pass rusher sure. But he’s not at all the run defender people want to believe he is and that’s going to hold him back big time. We need to stop comparing him to Hood as well. Hood was awfull, anyone would look good compared to him. Heyward making plays is what he’s supposed to do. For him to be “dominant” he needs to be consistent which he is no where near. Plus watch his post game interviews, this is not a guy acting like this is a preseason game. He is giving it his all.

  • Jacque Strappe

    I agree.

  • steeltown

    Hood was not awful, he played well and was very dependable for us. He just wasn’t in the right scheme.

  • Hampwood

    So Hood was a good player in your eyes. Hmm that explains why you keep calling Heyward “dominant”. You need to look around the league man there is a much higher standard of 3-4 ends that you’re apparently not familiar with. Hood was awfull on tape and on the stat sheet.

  • steeltown

    Ha the stat sheet means nothing, these are 3-4 DEs theyre not 4-3 edge rushers, he had decent stats for an End in a 3-4 alignment. Steelers fans are pretty spoiled from Aaron Smith and others in the 2000’s they think everyone should be as dominant as them. Hood was a good player, not great, but a good and dependable player.

  • Hampwood

    Nice pick at what I said and completely ignore the fact that I mentioned tape – which is the main thing. You clearly have ridiculously low standards if you think 3-4 ends are supposed to be taken out of plays and games by one lineman constantly which is exactly what always happened to Hood. He would stand there playing handsies with lineman all day while watching running backs run right past him and stare at the QB because that’s all he could do because he could never get any push.

  • steeltown

    Agree to disagree, never said he was a ‘great’ player just a ‘good’ one in the wrong system

  • Hampwood

    I don’t know why you’re quoting great I never said that you said he was great. I’m surprised you think Hood was even a good player based on how he played with us. If not for him being on a first round scholarship he would have been beaten out by Heyward in his rookie season later on in that year. I mean it happened eventually but because of the first round scholarship of Ziggy Hood the coaching didn’t want to give up on him but then they did. “Good” players don’t generally get benched like Hood did.

  • Hampwood

    They would have probably been all time greats with someone like J.J. Watt, Justin Smith or Calais Campbell starting in his place.

  • treeher

    I think Steeltown might have a point about Hood being in the wrong scheme. Let’s see how he performs this year in a new defense and then make a judgement.

  • Hampwood

    What? Everyone knows he wasn’t a fit for what the Steelers did. I don’t know why the obvious is being stated but that doesn’t excuse him for being a colossal bust. You guys can can come up with whatever excuse you want but bottom line he didn’t perform. What he does with Jacksonville has nothing to do with what he did for the Steelers. Lol “Let’s see how he performs this year in a new defense and then make a judgement.” that makes no sense at all.

  • Don’t take it personal Steeltown is super positive about every steelers. I agree Hood was below standard for a 3-4 DE. It also showed when we got gashed last year on defense.
    I have yet to see Jason Worilds take over a game like Porter, Harrison and Woodley have done in the past. So 9 mil for a guy with average pass rush isn’t cutting it for me.
    I also think Ike Taylor is in deep trouble this year with that new illegal contact rule

  • I haven’t seen greatness potential yet. Not saying he can’t be good. Just saying I haven’t seen it. I will make a more accurate judgement after he plays an entire season

  • Alan Felicia

    Well for Worilds’ sake he better be great for him to get a huge long-term contract.

  • You don’t waste a 1st round pick on a guy who doesn’t fit your scheme. He didn’t pan out. Bad pick

  • Alan Felicia

    Totally agree. Just my 2 cents, if pass rush is below standard again this season, the whole secondary are in deep trouble.

  • steeltown

    Not super positive about Hood, just stating he isn’t and wasn’t ‘awful’ he just wasn’t great either

  • From the what you want out of a first round draft pick he was awful. Not saying he’s an awful player by no means. But no where near the talent of a first round pick should be.

  • NinjaMountie

    I said it a few articles, and days ago, that we were getting early pressure on Foles. They adjusted and we didn’t. Worilds looked pretty good in the clips that you put up. I think Worilds will be fine, if our DL does it’s job…which it isn’t. There is some great potential to have a good DL, but I still don’t think McLendon is cutting it at NT, and that’s why they are breaking down so much.

  • steeltown

    I wont argue that.

  • srdan

    He can be good for us. To be great he needs someone much better on the other side.

  • treeher

    You’re right, that’s the evaluation of him as a Steeler. I guess I was extending that to evaluation as a player and how he might excel in a different scheme.

  • cencalsteeler

    Have to give props to Mr. McClendon there on that last gif. One on one, double teamed and kept on motorin to the qb!!