Steelers Vs. Eagles: Friday Night Five Questions

With the Pittsburgh Steelers third preseason game now already in the books, we can all sit back and watch the rest of the games over the course of the next few days. It’s a lazy Friday evening, so if you have some extra time, please answer the five questions I have for you below.

1. Do you have an issue with head coach Mike Tomlin playing running backs Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount Thursday night just one day after they were busted for possessing marijuana?

2. Based on what you have seen so far out of linebacker Jarvis Jones this preseason, will he have more or less than eight sacks in 2014?

3. True or false: The Philadelphia Eagles will easily win the NFC East this season.

4. True or false: Darrius Heyward-Bey will make the final 53 man roster.

5. True or false: Both Howard Jones and Josh Mauro are headed for the Steelers practice squad.

  • afrazier9

    1. No don’t have a problem with him playing them their healthy and getting a check play them.

    2. I think he is a ok player, and he might get 9 but i still think bring back harrison it cant hurt after what we saw last night.

    3. True philly will win there division not because of how they dogged us but how sorry the other teams in there division are.

    4. True he will make the team but he will be the sixth receiver maybe.

    5. True both will be on the practice squad.

    Note: The defense was very unimpressive even though they faced a different beast in the chip kelly offense but were not getting pressure on the qb and we have not yet showed the capability to stop the run which concerns me. The offense looked out of sink, and lost at times but thank goodness we didn’t see thirty wr screens lol

  • SteelersDepot

    I award you two internet points for being first.

  • John Schneider

    No problem with them playing Blount
    JJ will be fine. He gets 8
    DHB gone
    Eagles win their division easily
    Don’t care

    Kiesel will help the d line more than people think. I’m optimistic overall. I think we will be fine barring major injury to key guys

  • afrazier9

    Thanks Dave I really enjoy the show and think you guys are great have been a fan for a long time now.

  • Matt Manzo

    1: Not really an issue. If they plan to hold them back the first game. The team should hold em back against the browns, maybe the league won’t suspend them next year?

    2: JJ has less than 8 sacks.

    3: Philly will win their division.

    4: DHB makes the team, cuz of fear of injury and JB or MB having to play.

    5: JMauro and HoJo are PS bound.

  • WilliamSekinger

    1 absolutely not. It’s too bad they couldn’t tie the score so those guys could’ve played a 5th quarter!

    2 He could be a decent OLB if the DE to his side actually does his job. There is much more going wrong on JJ’s side than just JJ.

    3 Considering their competition and if I were a betting man, I’d put money on it today.

    4 True. Tomlin values experience.

    5 True. I think they both have shown enough to merit a spot on the practice squad.

  • afrazier9

    I think it’s the nose tackle who is not setting the point of attack in the middle and it’s just a domino effect after that. I still think bring back debo will not hurt. Dave what do you think any chance they bring him back?

  • steelster

    1. No issue

    2. Less

    3. False. Redskins

    4. True

    5. True

  • steelster

    So he’s. Better than the Steelers first team offense last night

  • CuldesacBill

    1. No
    2. Less
    3. True
    4. True
    5. False. Even with Kiesel being signed, Mauro will be 7th DL.

  • Steve

    1. Was glad both played the whole game.
    2. Less – Jarvis will get 6 sacks.
    3. False – Philly will start fast and die vrs Seahawks, Skins and Giants.
    4. False – DHB will be cut.
    5. True – both make practice squad.

  • Carlos

    1.- Not really, no problem about it.

    2.- Less. We need that pressure coming from our LB´s Jarvis isn´t threat against an average-elite LT. One Deebo please.

    3.- True They have a shot at winning at least 11 games

    4.- True J Brown needs a miracle at this point, so I can see DHB on the 53

    5.- True Both guys are.

  • Abed Medawar

    3-4-5- True

  • Jacque Strappe

    2. Less
    3. True
    4. True
    5. True

  • William Weaver

    1. Not a problem but wish they would have been made to stand by n watch. Think the whole team was affected and let them see from the sideline how their actions cost their team members/friends/brothers. I know It negatively affect the play. How could it not. Not just the weed but the level of disregard and disrespect to do that on way to plane? Wow.
    2. Less I am afraid. If I told you Jarvis and Jason combined don’t reach double digits would you panic? I would and am a little. Hoping for better.
    3. True. Got to have the speed. Justin Brown hasn’t shown me anything.
    4. Eagles will be very good if healthy of course. 12 wins. NFC East might be dreadful.
    5. I don’t know who will wind up on practice squad and who makes the roster. My guess is true but hard to say without being at practice for lower level players.

  • NinjaMountie

    1. I thought it was interesting. I thought he deprived himself of evaluating other RBs in a game situation.

    2. Less, dare I say far less. I’m really worried he may be a bust. He doesn’t seem to have the strength or the ability to get leverage to be successful at his position. He doesn’t seem to hold the edge well against the run, as well. Real trouble for him.

    3. Yes, and yes they were my preseason pick for the division.

    4. You’re guess is as good as mine on this one. He’s fast, big, and strong. He knows how to use these things to his advantage, where are younger receivers seem to struggle. If he catches the ball, he’s probably our 3rd or 4th best WR….if he consistently catches the ball. He showed well with his one opportunity so far.

    5. True. I really like Josh Mauro.

  • Bill

    · Have no problem playing the RBs; How about 10 punishment
    gassers every day in practice?

    · JJ will be lucky to get 4 sacks; he has no hands or
    upper body stuff.

    · Eagles will win division; great offense, average
    defense that Steelers made look like ’76 Steelers.

    · Heyward Bey will make team and then disappoint.

    · Howard Jones is gone; Mauro should make the 53 man
    roster because he’s no worse than other so called D-Linemen I saw last night.
    Well, McCullers was the only one I saw push somebody around.

  • NinjaMountie

    Everyone is so high on McCullers, and I really like the kid. I would have liked to see more of him. I don’t think he’s ready to take on the starting yet and probably not this season.

  • Aric Brown

    Spot on for #2

  • Steve

    McCullers will see time in sub packs when we have two down lineman. You are correct that he is still raw and will take time to develop.

  • Jason

    1. No
    2. Less
    3. T
    4. T
    5. F

  • Grovah

    1. Don’t like it but he basically had no choice. They are your top RBs and your third guy is a 175 lb gadget player. After that you have nothing but camp bodies.
    2. JJ has shown me nothing in one year plus. I’d take the under.
    3. Eagles will win the NFC east. They have the best coach and the best personnel. Cowboys, GMen and “the Washington Football Team” are all pretty weak.
    4. He’d better make the squad. Complete change of heart on the Ex-Faider. In spite of missing much work during TC due to injuiries, he looked great last night, has worked hard on STs and J Brown, in spite of looking good at TC, has done nothing in games. I’d start working Wheaton in the slot so you can alternate he and DHB outside and then him and Moore in the slot.
    5. Hard one. I’d guess that yes, both are headed to the PS. The return of the Diesel has bumped everyone including Mauro down a notch. Hojo and So’oto are both vying for the 53 but neither did much last night. However, we are hurting at OLB and I’d take the potential of either one over the known quantity that is Carter.

  • RW

    1. No problem with it.
    2. Less
    3. False, won’t be easy, but possible
    4. True
    5. True

  • RW

    Why would he see time in sub-package football? McClendon, Heyward and Tuitt are all better suited for that on a rotational basis. If anything, McCullers will rotate into the base defense and come in on goal line packages.

  • GoSteelerz

    1. A little bit of an issue, mostly because we needed some looks at the depth guys, and this would have been a good excuse to get some looks. Otherwise, no.

    2. Less, but he still should be better than last season, but that isn’t saying much…

    3. Not easily, but they should.

    4. After this last game, he sure increased his chances… I more than likely wouldn’t though, we need to get more looks at some younger guys… But then again he may still be better than those other guys, so I guess I let him play the last game a bit and see if he separates himself from the rest…

    5. If neither make the 53, then yes, but I’d still rather have H. Jones, than Chris Carter, so I would hope he makes the 53 and keep a PS slot for other positions we need to develop, like CB, WR and OL.

  • Steve

    Duh – Goal line is a sub package! So is short yardage.

  • 1. Not worried that he played them. I made the comment in another article, I think it’s better that he put them front and center. Either of those two may have wanted to be alone instead of being on the TNF stage. I wouldn’t have thought too much about it either way. I think playing them both all game sends the message, “We’re not going to hide/protect you. You messed up and will pay the consequence for your actions.

    2. Sadly, it’s looking like he will have less than 8. For the sake of our team, I hope it isn’t much less.

    3. True. I’ve been saying for a while the Philly is now the team to beat in that division.

    4. True. I think his overall value extends past his shortcomings when it comes to his hands. He’s not a bad guy to have as a #5 receiver.

    5. True. I don’t want to see either of these two snatched up by other teams. I want to find out if they can progress and become contributors in the future.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    1. No, this issue just happened and we need to get all the information before we behead any of our players
    2. Less than 8, I never thought he was a great sack artist to begin with. He still needs work.
    3. False, this was only their first win in preseason and they are playing teams in their division that has seen this offense 2 times already.
    4. True, as of now he has the exp. in the NFL and he is starting to play much better now and has surpassed a lack luster Justin Brown.
    5. True, Jones does not have the strength and now with Keisel on the team I just cant see them justifying a spot for Mauro.

  • SteveM2

    1. Nope; I have no problem with Coach playing his starting RBs.
    2. Less than eight, unless Peezee can light a fire under JJ’s behind.
    3. Probably true.
    4. If DHB can block effectively, true.
    5. True.

  • AndyR34

    1) No problem…they already know enough about the camp bodies.

    2) Sadly, it’ll be about 3

    3) Probably because the other three are hot messes, but I don’t pay much attention to the NFC.

    4) I admit to drinking the J. Brown Kool-Aid during OTA’s and TC, but he has disappeared since although he may be the best blocker of the WR’s (damning with faint praise). If DHB continues to show in practice and next week as last night, I would say why not?

    5) Probably…I think Mauro’s spot just went to Kiesel.

  • srdan

    1. No issue with them playing. Getting treated like camp bodies is more harsh than sitting. Hard to punish millionaire athletes.

    2. Hurts me to say, but the jersey I bought last year may be useless. He is 24 and we shouldn’t expect a growth spurt. He lacks torque as sd oulined a month ago. He has no upper body strenght as we all see. And he keeps the definition of “insanity” alive. C’mon maaaaan. Less and I’m really disappointed.

    3. I love their system. It’s easy to get into a rhythm with that offense. I question foles. Also football teams face adversity, they haven’t yet. For that reason I think they don’t win the division. Boys

    4. I love the effort and special teams play. Fringe guys with those two qualities make teams. He is in. He will contribute on o more than he has in the last few years.

    5. Idk lol

  • westcoasteeler

    blah blah blah…censorship

  • walter mason

    1- No issue but in hindsight we could have have done just as good without them.
    2- less than 8
    3- yes
    4- DHB makes the roster and I called it before the game.
    5- yes

  • Mike Frantz

    1) No. Not playing them is a team issue, not an individual issue. You can’t punish an individual when it also hurts the team and think you are being fair. Parenting/Coachine 101.

    2)I’m going with under. I wish I could go over, and I think he has some skills (instincts) that will eventually make some plays, but pass-rushing is not a strong suit in the NFL. He has never shown an ability to beat a block at any level.

    3) Not sure about “easily”, but I do think they are the best team. Kelly is the best coach, by far.

    4)I say yes. When push comes to shove, Tomlin and the Steelers value experience and veterans. Now with some adversity and poor showing they will find it easier to justify that “leadership”.

    5)True. Kiesel signing puts Mauro there, and Jones was already slated for it, IMO.

  • Mike Frantz

    One thing I will mention that I haven’t seen stressed enough: If you could pick one team to NOT play on a short week in the 3rd week of the preseason it would be the Eagles. You can’t prepare, or gameplan. Your team is a little tired from camp and the pace will be daunting. On the road. The whole thing added up to a potential egg. We obliged. The Bell.Blount debacle certainly didn’t help, but I think there are excuses if you are inclined to look for them.

  • sweetleb

    no .have no problems. me lika the ganja 2- no jones won’t be starting for very long and moats comes in and get 8.5. 3-yup, fly eagles fly to a first round bye 4-yes and has a breakout year. 5-yea why not 6- yes ,I had go back up and read every question.

  • Louis Goetz

    Under the new CBA the league has exclusive jurisdiction over substance abuse cases, so the Steelers couldn’t suspend either player even if they wanted to.

  • ND_Steel

    I agree, I don’t even think Jones has done enough to earn the starting job, let alone get 8 sacks this season.
    And I’d like to see more of a base defense on the field vice this two lineman look. A linebacker is getting manhandled every play by an o linemen. Does no good to have fast linebackers if they have no protection from the d line.

  • ND_Steel

    1. Not a problem, but I think he should sit them a game.
    2. Less. Hasn’t even shown enough to be the outright starter.
    3. Should win the NFC East, Kelly is a very good coach.
    4. True, I think he will be the #4 receiver before long.
    5. True, Really like Mauro, athletic, good motor, looks strong for his size.

  • Weiss Chad

    No-the only problem I have w them smoking is they shouldn’t have been so stupid to do it driving down the road.Thats what makes me wonder how much they care.I sure hope someone in locker room got on them.
    False- I think he gets four or five
    True-I know it’s pre season but they looked like fastest show on turf vs us
    True-not only make the team but I think if there’s an injury he could be first guy in due to not having any other true options.
    True-still hoping someone knocks carter off roster .Cant cut carter just on that though,gotta have someone to replace him.

  • Burgh Ball

    1) Yes – I would have made them go to Philly – sit in street clothes – Would rather have had a look at T.Poole. It’s a pre-season game – and in my opinion Tomlin “blew” this.

    2) Less if the OT’s are blocking him ,most of the time – More if the TE’s are – Either way he needs to stay off the “grass”.

    3) True – the eagles will “smoke” the NFC East

    4) True – He showed me he wont go “up in smoke”.

    5) True – Both “bogart” their way on to the PS.

  • Caesar

    1. After watching GB last night, what I have a problem with is that we drafted Bell ahead of Eddie Lacy.
    2. Fewer than 8, easily. I would put the over/under at 3.5.
    3. False. I think very few teams “easily” win a division.
    4. False
    5. True

  • joed32

    Do you think they may have already made their decision on the RBs or are they planning to decide after next Thursday?

  • Burgh Ball

    Oh – I think you will see a couple of RB’s have a Turk Visit prior to Thursday – Poole is the one player I’d like to see more of – If you watched ST the first 2 games – coverage units – he showed up at the ball – either making the tackle or around it.. One reason I wanted to see him in the game with the 1’s or 2’s at RB.

  • Burgh Ball

    Agree on Lacy – was “high” on him in that draft – figured he was the guy in the second round when he was still on the board…

  • steeltown

    1. No
    2. Less
    3. False.. they may win the Division, but not easily
    4. True
    5. True

  • Matt Manzo

    Got it!

  • joed32

    That would be nice to see.

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    Yes the rest of that divison is horrible. think the steelers were bad Thursday but you cant discount how well the eagles played

  • Weiss Chad

    Injury concerns was supposedly why we didn’t draft him.Personally I believe it was more because of mark Ingram being a bust and everyone thought it had more to do w the line than the rb.I was stunned we drafted bell there though .I thought at best a third rounder but hear Denver was gonna take him in rd two.

  • RW

    You said he’d see time in sub packages with two down linemen… explain to me how that describes our goal line package.

  • gene mann

    their play was pathetic hope to both 1st teams out longer this week the run defense effort was not there

  • jtw

    1 no. The more work the better, not getting suspended this year
    2. Lucky if he gets 2, not strong=bust. Wasted pick.hopeful about him last year but after seeing the preseason he is the same as last year. Losing contain, getting pushed around
    3. True
    4. True, put j brown on PS and if dhb falters bring in j brown
    5.hojo-team. Mauro ps now keisel is back