Tomlin Didn’t View It As Punishment To Send Bell, Blount Home After Wednesday Incident

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin not only decided to play running backs Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount Thursday night just one day after both were caught in possession of marijuana during a traffic stop in Ross Township, he played both of them a lot and deep into the game.

After the game, Tomlin was asked what his reaction to the reports were and why he decided to play both of his running backs in the third preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I have no reaction other the statement we released. We’re aware of it, obviously, that conduct is detrimental to our efforts” said Tomlin during his post game press conference. “They’ll be dealt with appropriately. From my perspective, in terms of their participation tonight, I didn’t view it as punishment to send them home, to be quite honest with you.

“To not play in this preseason game, I’d rather them play more than anticipated than to remove them from the game. So that’s why we took the stance that we took tonight. Obviously we’ve got some things to do in the matter of moving forward, but not a lot to say regarding it in this point in time.”

Tomlin was later asked if what happened off the field Wednesday was detrimental to how the team played Thursday night in 31-21 loss to the Eagles.

“No, we’re not going to make any excuses for that performance. We’re going to own that. Whatever happened yesterday had nothing to do with how we performed tonight,” Tomlin said.

Bell carried the football nine times for 23 yards in the loss while Blount was given seven carries that resulted in 32 yards. Both running backs also caught a few passes each in the game.

  • steeltown


  • Ryan Roberts

    im more concerned with Suisham- 3 big field goals missed already-

  • frednash

    Tomlin is lame

    He should have taken the high road

    Come out nasty and mean

    Not playing them would have set the tone

    There’s no way Noll would have!

  • Big White

    Keisel didn’t even make the trip. Tomlin said he’s in great football shape. What? I keep up with the guy on FB, and he is most definitely not in good shape. If so, why didn’t he play tonight with that great endurance. Because it is a hoax. He’s not in great shape, matter of face he’s old, real old. We’re 13 days from the start of the season and our right defensive end is judging hot dog eating contest. F’n Embarrassing!!!

  • Crowned

    I can’t speak on the shape he’s in, but he did make the trip and he dressed.

  • Left stroke

    Tough game to watch, we got time to iron out the many kinks, but I think it is far to say we will be exposed to the big play on defense again. Ike got torched, not a ton of pressure from the line..lots of missed tackles. It’s only preseason I’m just glad we haven’t been dealt with any major injuries yet **knocks on wood.

  • Big White

    Did he juggle or have a gold fish swallowing contest or some other sideshow??? Maybe braid his beard for crowd entertainment?

  • SteelCitysFinest

    Cam Thomas is garbage. He can’t win 1on 1 battles. Literally the guy is pathetically bad.

  • SteelCitysFinest

    Please put his horrible tape on blast Steelers depot, I beg you;

  • Guest

    Keisel did make the trip

  • Dwayne Ferguson

    lol ouch.

  • Dwayne Ferguson

    Yep dave called it I think on the pod cast- the wheels are coming off! 🙂

  • Dwayne Ferguson

    You are not allowed to play unless you have practiced… I think.

  • SteelerMike

    Really disappointing to see more crappy running numbers from Bell, especially on a night he should have been fired up to play hard. At least Blount showed some toughness on his carries.

  • Lil Smitty

    Watching that game made me realize the difference between the Steelers running game and Eagles. The Eagles wide receivers can actually block the defensive backs. Steelers receivers don’t even try. When Eagles running backs makes it past the line of scrimmage all the defenders have someone on them blocking. That is why you see 20+ yard runs. Not so, with the Steelers run game. Where is Hines Ward when you need him.

  • Gd Young

    the Steelers took the high road by playing the two, even though their performances went up in smoke. I thought I saw them on the sidelines eating chips during time outs.

  • rayster

    Now if you thought Coach Tomlin had been losing team discipline/control over the last few seasons what do you think now?
    Why do many fans have to start thinking…time to get the BIG broom out….