Video: Steelers, Bills Thursday Training Camp Scrimmage Fight

During the Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday evening scrimmage against the Buffalo Bills, backup Steelers center Cody Wallace got into a scuffle with Bills defensive tackle Landon Cohen at one point and it escalated quickly into a large scrum. During the fracas, Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown even took a swing at Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams.

Longtime Twitter follower @TimotRice was present for Thursday’s practice and passed along the video of the fight to me. You can see it below.

  • PA2AK

    Blount thinkin…you guys need some practice at that…

  • steeltown

    Much ado about nothing. Just glad no one was hurt.

  • always cool to see footage of this stuff

  • Aric Brown

    Gotta love AB goin after a defensive tackle

  • PA2AK

    haha until he slaps him and breaks his hand and then gets picked up and thrown like a stuffed animal and screws up an ankle. he should keep his spats with anything 200lbs or less. Do like that he has some fight in him though

  • michael young

    My thoughts exactly. Williams could floss his teeth with AB.

  • walter mason

    The bigger fight is in the beginning where it all started and then no. 55 Jerry Hughes takes the Steeler and pushes him way back toward the end zone out of harms way, and then pushes again hard. That would be enough to get me fighting. I cant see who the Steeler is no. 71 maybe?

  • Ben Anderson

    The guy fighting at the beginning is 72, Cody Wallace with Bills’ 76. Steelers’ 76, Mike Adams looks to be trying to pull the Bills player off of Wallace and and then is grabbed from behind by BIlls’ 55, who had a running start. Adams turns around as though he is in a fight and takes that posture and pushes Bills’ 55, who pushes back.
    Then both teams jump into the fray at which point AB swings at Kyle Williams while backing up.
    Anyway, it’s a camp fight. They happen. As long as no one gets hurt, they get over it quickly.

  • Ben Anderson

    Oh, 55 for the Bills is Jerry Hughes who had already had a rough day with Beachum and was very vocal about it.

  • walter mason

    Oh its Adams. I guess Jerry Hughes knew who he could push around. Well at least Adams tried to help a teammate.

  • dgh57

    Would of been better to see some actual scrimmages(drills) between the 2 teams!

  • SteveM2

    I was there, and –besides the ‘splash’ plays such as Darius Heyward-Bey’s spectacular 85-yard bomb TD, plus a few other splash plays, this altercation was THE highlight. That’s football, sports fans.

  • T R

    I posted a few more videos of scrimmages and drills. just look at the video in youtube and go to my channel to see them. let me know what u think

  • Big White


  • frednash

    Definitely fits Cody’s mo
    Mister tough guy!

  • Jacque Strappe

    Typical baseball fight.

  • Steve

    What was really cool was to see Coach Tomlin right in the middle breaking it up.

  • Iron Cadet

    I love 84 man, never backs down. And Blount always trying to get in there as soon as a fight breaks out. You’re not going to get penalized in training camp and we need that nasty

  • Labrat0116

    I can’t believe my eyes! MIKE ADAMS ACTUALLY JUMPED IN ON IT !! I had to go back and replay this 4 times to believe it myself !!


    Now take that attitude out while you’re playing !!!!!!!!

  • Ben Anderson

    Well, he did have a running start and grabbed Adams from behind. I don’t think Lambert could have stopped that either. No one would have tried it because they knew what Lambert would do to them afterward if they did.

  • walter mason

    Yea he had a running start I understand and he even left his feet on the push later. Teammates should have mobbed Jerry Hughes for what he did and Adams needs to develop a meaner reputation. Maybe Jerry Hughes was frustrated all day.

  • Jamie D Hill

    Exactly and he’s supposed to be a new leader of the offense. What kind of leadership is this. I love AB but I hate to see these kind of things coming from him. Ultimately this incident means nothing but he needs to be above this crap. Leave it to 97. He’s the one that needs to set this kind of tone.