Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 Season Game Predictions

The 2014 NFL season will get underway Thursday night and before I release my predictions for what I believe will happen around the league this year, here is my game by game prediction for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Week 1 – Cleveland Browns (home) – Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has owned the Browns over the years and he has played very well in regular season openers to boot. While there are many legitimate concerns about the Steelers defense to start the season, the Browns lack of offensive weapons and uncertainty at quarterback is a bigger deal. Baring a huge amount of turnovers by the Steelers offense, there’s no reason to think they will start the 2014 season 0-1.

Prediction: Win

Week 2 – Baltimore Ravens (away) – The Steelers young team will have a short week to prepare for their second consecutive divisional game with this one being on the road against the Ravens. The Steelers offense will more than likely be asked to win this game that figures to be close. Being as these two teams are likely to split their meetings this season, I give the nod in this one to the Ravens even with them being without the services of running back Ray Rice.

Prediction: Loss

Week 3 – Carolina Panthers ( away) – The Steelers will have extra time to prepare for a second consecutive prime-time game on the road and that should serve them well. The 2014 version of the Panthers is a far cry from the team that went 12-4 last season and I suspect they will have some problems scoring points on offense this year as a result. Give the Steelers this one in a close one.

Prediction: Win

Week 4 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (home) – The Steelers will return home in Week 4 to host the Buccaneers and while it shouldn’t take new head coach Lovie Smith a lot of time to get his team moving back in the right direction, he won’t be able to do it in one season. I give this one to the Steelers, which hopefully should make the 2-0 at home.

Prediction: Win

Week 5 – Jacksonville Jaguars (away) – Will young Blake Bortles be the Jaguars starter by Week 5? Many are comparing him to Roethlisberger and with good reason. Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau has a spell over rookie quarterbacks, so if Bortles is indeed the starter by then, he figures to be in for a long game. If Chad Henne, however, is still the starter by the time this game rolls around, it still shouldn’t matter. The Jaguars defense is way ahead of their offense, but that won’t be enough.

Prediction: Win

Week 6 – Cleveland Browns (away) – I expect that Johnny Manziel will be the starter in Cleveland by the time these two teams meet for a second time. While the Browns defense should be in sync by Week 6, their continued lack of weapons on offense, combined with a rookie quarterback, still won’t be enough to beat the Steelers.

Prediction: Win

Week 7 – Houston Texans (home) – By the time the Texans visit Pittsburgh, I fully expect that Ryan Mallett will be under center as Ryan Fitzpatrick simply isn’t the answer. The Texans defensive front will be a big test for the Steelers offensive line and I see this game being close as a result. The Texans have legitimate weapons on offense and that could cause the Steelers defense some problems late. I give this one to the visitors.

Prediction: Loss

Week 8 – Indianapolis Colts (home) – The Colts offense could potentially give the Steelers defense a lot of problems in this game. On the flip side, the Steelers offense should be able to move the ball on the Indianapolis defense. In the end, I just don’t like this matchup for the Steelers so this one goes to Andrew Luck late in a high-scoring contest.

Prediction: Loss

Week 9 – Baltimore Ravens (home) – The Steelers will retire the number of Joe Greene at halftime of this nationally televised game and thus there will be more than enough motivation to win this game. Somebody on defense will make a big play late to put this one away for the home team and make Mean Joe proud.

Prediction: Win

Week 10 – New York Jets ( away) – I don’t believe that Geno Smith is the real deal, nor do I believe that the Jets have enough weapons surrounding him on offense. Can you even name the Jets top three wide receivers? While the Jets defensive front is strong, their back end will likely be susceptible to the big play this season and that’s exactly how I see the Steelers winning this road game.

Prediction: Win

Week 11 – Tennessee Titans (away) – It sure seems like the Steelers play the Jets and Titans every season. As long as Jake Locker remains the Titans starting quarterback, there’s always going to be questions about their offense. Defensively, the Titans will have their struggles converting to a 3-4 and it will likely be very noticeable in their secondary that no longer has cornerback Alterraun Verner. Roethlisberger should have a big Monday night.

Prediction: Win

Week 13 – New Orleans Saints (home) – If only this game were a few weeks later as a lot of snow and sleet could certainly make a difference. Saints quarterback Drew Brees still has plenty of weapons on offense and the Steelers defense will be hard pressed to keep them out of the end zone. The New Orleans defense could be one of the best in the league this season, so I give this one to the visiting Saints.

Prediction: Loss

Week 14 – Cincinnati Bengals (away) – The Steelers will be hard pressed to sweep the Bengals this season, so being as this first meeting is on the road, I will give it to the home team in a close one.

Prediction: Loss

Week 15 – Atlanta Falcons (away) – Falcons wide receivers Roddy White and Julio Jones are going to put up a ton of points this season and if the Steelers front seven can’t put pressure on quarterback Matt Ryan in this game, Roethlisberger is going to have to have a fantastic game in order to win it. This will be another close one, but I have the Falcons winning it at their place.

Prediction: Loss

Week 16 – Kansas City Chiefs (home) – I’m just not a big believer in Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith and I think they made a big mistake when they gave him a big contract. With this game being played in Pittsburgh late in December, the defense should only have to focus on shutting down running back Jamaal Charles. Stay out of Smith’s way and let him lose this one with a pick 6.

Prediction: Win

Week 17 – Cincinnati Bengals (home) – There’s nothing like closing out the season at home against a team that you might have to beat to win the division. The Steelers will do just that.

Prediction: Win

2014 Summary – While I have the Steelers going 10-6 this season, I think it’s more of a reflection on the teams they have on their schedule. Their defense will likely struggle this season at times, but when comes down to quarterback play, the Steelers will have the advantage in several games because they have Roethlisberger. If Roethlisberger remains healthy all season, this team should win no less than nine games. I will give them one more than that. Back to the playoffs they go after back-to-back 8-8 seasons.

  • PA2AK

    Against some of these teams I feel like they should beat them, but as you say…that D still has some liabilities. Should be a pretty good bet that they get to 10 wins. So what does the 10-6 prediction speak more too….the schedule…or Steelers defense?!

  • treeher

    I think this is a fair evaluation. Only difference I have is the Texans game. Maybe Texans win in Texas, but not in Pittsburgh.

  • srdan

    That week two game is interesting. Hard to argue your points. I believe we will be less than a 3pt dog in that game. I think we could come out on top. That game tends to not matter if it’s in pittsburgh or maryland. I think to go 2-0 for a young squad like this coming off a 6-2 ending, it would be huge.

  • Michael Aubele

    I agree with the record (10-6), but i’d really hate to see them lose three in a row.

  • Pete Johnson

    The last 2 games are against teams who are much better than us, and both pose serious problems against our defense. How in the hell are we going to stop Charles and cover the Bungles WR? We can’t. 8-8 is much more realistic. The odds of this team pulling off 10 wins is slim, even with the schedule. Maybe 9 if we can beat KC at home.

  • Steelers12328882

    Hard to argue with Alex Smith’s contract when the guy has gone 31-9-1 the last 3 years.

  • Steelers12328882

    It’s natural for Steeler fans to think our team is better than the Panthers, Bucs, Jags, Jets and Titans, but are we? Cause, we haven’t been. I think we luck out with a rather easy schedule to begin, and that will give our defense some time to figure out whatever’s wrong, but in the end I think the rebuilding takes its third year and we finish 9-7. If that gets us in the playoffs than we’re out the first round. Only big difference I have with this prediction is I think the Jags will beat us, Texans will lose to us and the Chiefs will kill us.

  • sweep_the_legarrette

    I would be happy with 10-6. Although I think they will lose more games early in the season, and get hot again down the stretch like last year. This is a young team that will gain steam with game time.

  • Dave Clifton

    My predictions are as follows. . . . . .

    They split with the Ravens and Bengals sweep the Browns 4 – 2 in the North Division

    I give them wins over Carolina (in a closer one than most would think), Jacksonville, & Tampa Bay.
    Tampa will be better but not good enough to beat the Steelers. Contrary to popular belief Jacksonville possibly may not have the #1 pick in next years draft.

    (7 – 2 so far….)

    Every year regardless if the Steelers are a power house or not, they always lose a game they should win against a less than mediocre opponent but in the same breath they usually will win one over someone that the entire world picks them to lose.
    So with that and since they are both home games as well I can really see a split between Indianapolis and New Orleans – It’ s not that far fetched but in the same breath I also can see a split between Tennessee and Kansas City.

    So, so far I have them at 9 – 4

    I think the Jets may be better than people believe them to be and Houston won’t go worst to first but they will be a lot better. I can see them playing an ugly game and dropping it to the Jets. (9-5)

    I think they beat Houston at home – Key word here is “HOME” (10-5)

    The Atlanta game will be interesting, they too will not be nearly as bad as some experts suggest. It’s also an away game in week 15, this one I call a toss up – –
    I’ll give it to the Steelers “IF” their defense has finally gelled enough to show what they can be. The back end of the Defense will determine the outcome – Atlanta’s receivers are bonified studs.

    So with a win over Atlanta 11-5 With a loss 10-6
    10-6 “may” be good enough to win the North, HOWEVER, if they do pull off an 11-5 season with a 4-2 North record, I absolutely believe that is good enough to take the North.
    If they finish 10-6 and NOT win the North – – that 10-6 mark should be good enough to get into the playoffs.

    And of course these games are not predicted in the way they appear on the schedule. The Steelers close out the reg season at home against Kansas City and the Bengals, Atlanta is not their last opponent.
    In making a prediction I found it easier to break it up the way I have – at least that was better for me :).

    A low end prediction is if they play pathetic for a good part of the season – I think the low end would be 8 – 8.

    A high end for this team as young as they are I don’t think will be a great deal better than 11 – 5, But if all the pistons are firing 12 – 4 could be attainable.

    I also think that as long as he continues to progress and “Listen” to coaching that Ryan Shazier absolutely could win defensive rookie of the year – that is not a far fetched prediction.

    Other predictions are as follows . . . . .

    Ben throws for 31 td’s against 9 Int’s between 4300 and 4600 yards and makes the pro bowl with Manning and Brady

    14 – 17 sacks between Worilds and Jones at OLB

    Dri Archer gets at least 6 TD’s from all phases of the game (receiving, rushing, returns and maybe a trick play or two)

    Bell rushes for over 1190 to go along with 8 rushing TD’s and maybe 3 – 5 more TD’s catching the ball.

    Blount collects 5 rushing TD’s

    Wheaton will catch a td, rush for a td and throw a td at some point of the season. Furthermore Wheaton proves by his game play that he is the #2 receiver on the team.

    Ike Taylor surprizes everyone on the planet and has one of his best seasons ever – maybe not the best of his career but top 3 of his career.

    This will be Ike’s last season in Pittsburgh

    At the end of the season (After any playoff games ) Shamarko Thomas proves to be one of the top 3 Defensive backs (corners & safetys included) on the entire team.

    Steelers go 1 – 1 in the Playoffs

    5 or 6 Steelers make the pro bowl this year
    (Ben, DeCastro, A. Brown. Timmons, Polamalu, Heyward)

    San Francisco won’t make the playoffs and finishes below Arizona in the standings.
    Jets will make the playoffs

    NFC Championship game will be played in Chicago
    AFC Championship game will be played in Denver

  • Hard to argue with any of this. On paper, based on the optimistic expectations many of us have of this team going into the year, it certainly looks like a 9-7 or maybe even 10-6 season, including a run at the playoffs (where, let’s face it, we likely won’t go far). And sure, we’re basically an 8-8 to 10-6 team. Anything in that range makes sense, and I think we’d be ecstatic with the top end. But…

    I’m just not sure how optimistic I am. The offence should be fine, but what if the RBs don’t add up to what we think they should? What if Wheaton isn’t what we hope he is? What if the abhorrent lack of depth on the o-line proves to be a major flaw? And on defence, what if the secondary really is terrible, which is a distinct possibility? What if the d-line just doesn’t come together, if the development just isn’t there, and what if we get the sort of meek pass rush we’ve seen recently?

    And… what if we lose games we should win, that is, lose to teams that, on paper, are beneath us, which has been a huge problem the past several years? What if we lose to the Jags, Titans, or Jets? Because you know that’s not just possible but maybe even probable. So I’ll go with 9-7, splitting the difference, but honestly, this is a year that, relatively easy schedule aside, could be all over the place.

  • Aric Brown

    Schedule… notice we are picked to lose nearly every game against a team that even resembles an NFL quality offense

  • Zumwalt Fan Club

    This is an 8 win team to me again, but with a ridiculously easy schedule, they may win more. But only because of Big Ben. We will see.

  • PA2AK

    So what you’re really saying is…we’d win more but our defense can’t handle legit offenses? haha…see what I did there?

  • chris ward

    I see the Steelers going 10-6 as well, on paper they have a rather easy first 6 games to their schedule. Should be able to win 4-5 games, important to get off to a fast start.

  • Rick Hankey

    We’ll cover AJ Green the same way we have covered him the last 6 times we have played him. He hasn’t been too successful against us. Also, don’t forget that the Bungles employ the Red Rocket… (or whatever weird name they gave him) 🙂


    All this talk of a perennial 8-8 team, get over it people. If we don’t have the worst 1st game injury luck in history last year (and already with our #1 RB and #1& #2 TE’s out), do all of you really believe we were, and still are, just a mediocre .500 team? So, with that being said, and with the Steelers starting off with every starter healthy and the least miles to travel in team history; my prediction is 12-4. Go Steelers!

  • Douglas Andrews

    10-6 seems fair. a 5-3 record at the halfway point would suit me just fine. By the second half of the season the Defense should have gotten over some early season struggles and should be a force. Those last four games of the season should be quite a challenge.

  • still lit

    So we’ll beat loser teams and lose to good teams. To me, that means one and done in play offs if this predicted record holds. But a low draft pick is just what this team needs, so I’m all for it. 🙂

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    What’s scary is that the 10-6 record is being defaulted based on our schedule and for us fans, we should be okay considering our expectations of the team have been set lower after two consecutive seasons of 8-8 record and we ONLY can be better. So technically speaking, we should be confident, barring injury in us going 10-6 or better. It most definitely will be a good build-up of confidence going into play-off.

  • Madi

    Underestimating Alex Smith is step #1 to losing to Alex Smith. You need to shut him down every bit as much as you do Charles. This is not an Adrian Peterson/Matt Cassel situation. Alex Smith isn’t just a game manager, he’s a game winner. He’s been proving that for years now. That game will be tough. Still have us winning though.

  • Caesar

    Week 4 or 5 will be one of their typical play-down-to-the-competition and lose a game they shouldn’t deals. I’m betting week 4 against Tampa, that team came off the rails last year, but was pretty good the year before. I think Smith can make them a tough matchup pretty early on.

  • Donte Williams

    i agree rasta some of our fans are forgetting we did not have pouncey, miller, our #1 RB to start the season last year. Dwyer and Redman were not cutting the mustard and it showed when Bell entered the game. our RBs this year are a huge up grade to any of the RBs we had since The Bus and Parker. the year before that we lost DeCastro our line was a mess and wasnt Big Ben hurt that year as well or was it the year before that? we did not look dominant in preseason but this defense is young and should grow as the weeks go on. 8-8 i dont see it healthy if we stay healthy i see 12-4 there are 6 games that i am suspect about Titans Jags as they play down to them, Saints and that high power offense, Bengals we either splitting sweeping or getting swept, and of course the ravens or Indy it’s a tossup with them. so we will see what happens

  • NinjaMountie

    I can get on board with this. I’ve read a lot of comments about the Steelers losing to teams they shouldn’t so they worry we’ll do worse than 10-6. We need to remember that while they do lose to unexpected teams every year, they also have unexpected wins every year. Well…unless you are a super homer that expects them to win every game. So, I think 10-6, 9-7 is a realistic expectation.

  • Dom

    12-4 Lets be stupidly optimistic, Heyyyyyo

  • Steelers12328882

    How do you explain the Steelers losing to the Dolphins at home in December in the snow? It’s ok to be optimistic, but the defense was very, very bad last year. Pouncey, Bell and Miller had nothing to do with that.

  • srdan

    The argument against him is the trent dilfer one

  • srdan

    I hope this young team gained steam with the 6-2 finish and hope it carries into this season.

    I have an image of Cam Hayward during the w16 game vs the browns last year that the NFL captured of him saying something to the effect of “let’s play next week…”. Didn’t happen, but that hunger hopefully carries.

  • srdan

    The schedule was harder last year. So you think this team actually got worse this offseason? You think the loss of Al Woods and Clark will be that huge?

  • srdan

    The playoffs are a tournament. Everyone that gets in can dance until the end. Teams that enter hot, stay through until the end. That is the new trend. If the steelers made the playoffs last year, nobody would have wanted to face them. That team was hot.


    Terribly bad karma…but truly disgusting game to watch…bye bye Mr Clark


    There was no real RB (Bell out and LaRod going out too), no real TE (Miller & Spaeth out), no real center (Pouncey out in first drive), no real Def. QB (Foote out early on), and we all know Ryan Clark had already mailed it on top of Cortez going down with an injury killed our DB’s. Not to mention coming off bad losses to end the year, followed by a winless preseason; it’s a wonder our guys competed like they did until the very end (minus that no excuse loss to the lowly Dolphins).

    Coach Munch gives us the advantage vs the Titans. Coach Lebeau gives us the advantage against the rookie QB in Jax. Hopefully even Lance Moore can help us out against the powerful Saints. Bengals and Colts and Ravens will all be good games.

    Go Steelers!

  • Zumwalt Fan Club

    This D is a huge question mark. Shazier is a rookie, Tuitt is a rookie, JJ is very unproven, and the CBs are pretty bad. And after AB, there is not a true number 2 WR. This team really isnt that good. This isnt the same team it was 4 years ago. I put my homerism aside and look at the big picture.

  • AndyR34

    We have covered AJ with Ike, whom many on here feel is done. Past success is no guarantee of future success…if Ike is done, AJ could have a field day, IMHO.


    …we don’t lose to the Bucs…Go Steelers!

  • CW

    The problem is he’s played with elite defenses and been asked to be a game manager type quarterback those last three years. Could very easily be the case that when asked to step up and win important games Alex Smith never manages to deliver when being a game manager isn’t enough.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Sticking with my original 11-5 prediction. 5-1 in the division. I don’t think the Steelers lose to the Ravens At M&T Bank this year. Only division loss I’m predicting is to the Bengals in Cincy.

  • Mark

    Quite optimistic. I think that it may be the inverse.

  • 19-0 Steelers beat Packers in rematch!!!

    The Steelers squeak past Cleveland in the opener; then disaster strikes! Ben–after losing an argument with his wife on Tuesday night over whose turn it is to wash dishes–affirms his manhood by taking his motorcycle out of storage at 1 a.m. minus a helmet. Yep. He fractures his head and is out indefinitely.

    Then…while strolling through a hotel lobby in Baltimore on the way to the game, Bruce G. makes accidental eye contact with a stunning blonde. She winks; he laughs. She lifts an inquisitive eyebrow. He nods his appreciation, and before he can shake his head in a polite “thanks but no thanks” and continue to the game, the Vice Squad is reading him his rights. Busted for solicitation!!!

    In other words, the season falls on the slim shoulders of one Landry Jones on a sultry night in Baltimore!!! But hey…he’s an NFL player who deserved his fourth-round pick and a roster spot, so of course we’ll win! The rest will be NFL history! (Ps., I’m currently in rehab drying out from a major overdose of peyote, shrooms, and LSD. It’s possible that the dregs are still in my system;<)

  • Paddy

    I just think the Bengals and Ravens are better right now. The Bengals have a great defense and a highly improved offense. The Ravens are as good at QB and their defense is way better, along with their special teams that are worth 6 points a game.
    I see 7-9

  • Jason White

    I am sticking with my original 10-6 for now. If they show me more within the first 3 weeks that says they are better than 10-6 I will adjust that prediction accordingly. They are easily 2 wins better than last year though. I can see 11-5 being the more realistic finish but we’ll see soon just how good they are.

  • Jake Miller

    They thought he was done last year, and he still held Green pretty well if I remember correctly.

  • Jake Miller

    As good at QB? You must be joking right? Flacco was horrible last year. Even on his best days, he is no Ben.

  • srdan

    I think you are unintentionally avoiding my question. Williams was a rookie last year, no different than shazier this year. Tuitt is a rookie, but Kiesel is there iwth Cam, again. JJ was more unproven last year. Our CB situation didn’t change from last year (for better or worse lol). I’d like to believe our S position improved, at the very least with speed. We didn’t really have a true number two WR last year, and I would argue that this years group is as talented and better than we have had since the young money crew w hines. This team is not better than the team 4 years ago, that went to a superbowl. I put my homerism aside as well and objectively recognize that the team went 8-8 last year with a harder schedule, improved in the offseason (addition by subtraction) and finished on a tear.

    You went from comparing the team to a “8 win team again” to a team 4 years ago that went to the superbowl.

  • steelster

    The steelers will really struggle on the road because of the inexperienced defense. I have them going 3-5 on the road and 6-2 at home, for a 9-7 record and wildcard birth.

  • Zumwalt Fan Club

    My point was, every year we expect this team to be good because of past performances. But, we are in a transition period where we have a lot of young, unproven guys. It wont be easy this year.

  • Steelers12328882

    Trent’s numbers were never as good, but he was hot when it mattered going 14-5 as a starter before winning that SB. Alex Smith has weapons on offense and a good defense, so having a veteran that can manage the offense should not be taken for granted.

  • Steelers12328882

    It’s rare to have any QB do that. The Chiefs still have elite players on that defense too, and plenty of weapons on offense.

  • srdan

    agreed, but that is the argument

  • steelster

    A long winded fan.

  • Pete Johnson

    I said Bungles WR plural, not just AJ Green. They are 4 deep and the 2-4 could be as much of a problem as the 1 with our corner situation.

  • steelster

    Didn’t you use to play for the bengals?

  • sean mcmartin

    I’ve seen it for two years , going on three.

  • Jake Miller

    Ummm… I wasn’t replying to you. I was talking with AndyR34.

  • Dan

    You’re putting their annual slump pretty late in the year Dave! Lately the L’s have been more clustered in Sept/Oct.

  • marcus

    12 – 4 or 13 – 3 , just saying. and the four losses are saints home, ravens away, Bengals away, and maybe colts at home. if dick gets creative with this young D , we have a very good chance.

  • John C

    Could be interesting to watch this season….of course everything comes down to injuries doesn’t it? But if the Steelers can figure out something and get their D back on track by mid season, we could end up with 11 or 12 wins. IMO

  • John C

    By the end of the season Daulton will be playing like crap and have no confidence…..Green and Co. won’t matter

  • Jason White

    I was just looking at the schedule myself and I gotta tell you if the Steelers are near as good as I think they can be I am pretty optimistic that 11-5 is very realistic. I look at the location of where these games are played and in the order that they are played.

    Week 1 vs Cleveland: I don’t think this game needs much explanation. At home against a team Ben routinely owns especially at Heinz Field and with the no huddle. I think the Steelers give the Browns more than they can handle.

    Win 1-0

    Week 2 @ Baltimore: I do think the Steelers can actually sweep the Ravens in 2014 but I’m gonna play it conservatively and say the Ravens chirp on by in the usual 3 point win but I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes the other way.
    Lose 1-1
    Week 3 @ Carolina: I really think the time Cam Newton has missed with his new receivers will have an impact early on and the struggle to score points and I think the Steelers can stay ahead of them on the scoreboard.
    Win 2-1
    Week 4 vs Tampa Bay: Much like Dave I think it will take a little while for Lovie Smith to shape that team into a winner and its at home for the Steelers.
    Win 3-1 (Not bad to start the season considering 0-4 last year)
    Week 5 @ Jacksonville: The Jaguars are a young team in search of their identity. I think it could possibly be a close game and the Steelers better not take their foot off the gas because a game like this can be one that the Steelers take lightly as they tend to do. I don’t think the Jags are enough to knock off Pittsburgh though.
    Win 4-1
    Week 6 @ Cleveland: Much like Dave I think Manziel will have been inserted into the starting lineup at the point. But I have long said Manziel is gonna be a bust and the Steelers can handle him. I really do think the Browns are gonna give Manziel snaps as early as this Sunday, taking valuable reps away from Hoyer in an attempt to be cute and I think it will do nothing but undermine Hoyer because he is the starter and should be getting all the reps with his offense so they can build some chemistry but instead the coaches will be disrupting that but inserting Manziel in.
    Win 5-1
    Week 7 vs Houston: I do think the Steelers can beat Houston here but at this point they would be riding a 4 game win streak according to my prediction so I think in primetime they could have a letdown to bring them back down to earth.
    Lose 5-2
    Week 8 vs Indianapolis: Like Houston I think being at home the Steelers can beat Indy but I think they let another one slip away late and drop one here.
    Lose 5-3 (Oh no! 2 in a row! The sky is falling)
    Week 9 vs Baltimore: The Steelers get refocused when their hated rival comes to town. Big Ben picks apart the Ravens defense and unlike the usual 3 point nail biters the Steelers win comfortably.
    Win 6-3
    Week 10 @ NYJ: A refocused and hot Steelers team are no match for the Jets and their lack of cornerbacks. I think Ben pulls a ditto and puts up big numbers for two weeks in a row.
    Win 7-3
    Week 11 @ Tennessee: This is another game the Steelers can’t get too comfortable with. They have regularly struggled in Tennessee over the years. I don’t think this Titans team is nowhere near as good as the ones that have haunted Pittsburgh and I think they pull out a win and ton of momentum headed into their bye week.
    Win 8-3
    BYE (Lick any wounds they have and rest up for the final stretch)
    Week 13 vs New Orleans: If this was earlier in the year I might have given this game to the Saints but its the end of November and since I predict a cold, harsh winter I also predict a cold, harsh welcome to Pittsburgh for Drew Brees and company as I am a firm believer that the Saints offense gets a little stiff outside of the Superdome especially in not so inviting weather. I think not only do the Steelers win this game but they control it as Brees never gets their offense off the ground until its too late.
    Win 9-3
    Week 14 @ Cincinnati: I expect the Steelers to split with the Bungals and losing at Cincy is the obvious result for me.
    Lose 9-4
    Week 15 @ Atlanta: After losing a close one to the kittens a week earlier the Steelers have to travel to the Georgia Dome where the Falcons are hard to beat and the Steelers could be a little deflated from their last game. Not a good combination to face.
    Lose 9-5
    Week 16 vs Kansas City: Much like Dave says, I think Alex Smith is a game manager with tiny hands. Don’t get me wrong the Steelers and Chiefs usually play close games and I expect this one will be similar but I think the Steelers know the playoffs are just within their grasp and they show their determination and guts and edge out the Chiefs late.
    Win 10-5
    Week 17 vs Cincinnati: I have thought all offseason that the AFC North will come down to the Steelers and the Bengals but I think the Steelers have this division wrapped up possibly already (remember the Bengals have the Patriots and Broncos on their schedule and the Steelers do not). If not I say they are both tied at 10-5 making this meeting at Heinz Field for all the marbles. Steelers dominate at home winning the division and make the playoffs for the first time since the 2011 season.
    Win 11-5
    Some games may go different ways but I think 11-5 is not only a possibility but if they stay relatively healthy in 2014 I think 11-5 might very well be a reality.

  • SfSteeler

    hard to hear that the D is gonna struggle with 5 #1s and so much talent…i think we all love 10-6, so we can sit back and enjoy a formative 2014 for the D…

  • pat

    The Bengals lost both their coordinator they will take a step back this yr

  • pat

    I think the same thing we will sweep the Ravens hell with 2 new coordinators I believe we sweep the Bengals too 6-0 in division play I also think we beat the Colts and Saints who we have at home

  • pat

    I could see that I can see our cbs struggling against their big wrs

  • Steve

    True – Dalton has done nothing and was given BIG $$$.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Only difference between my 11-5 and yours is I think the sweep the Ravens and lose to NO…and I didn’t bother to type all that!^^

    Well done I enjoyed reading it.

  • Lisa Ryan

    i agree with all except we sweep the da’bungles.

  • Jason White

    Thanks man. When I start typing I don’t know how to shut up sometimes lol. The only I reason I gave the NO game to the Steelers is date and location. I don’t trust the Saints in the cold away from the dome.

  • Brendon Glad

    I think it’s pretty accurate. Although beating the Titans on the road is extremely bold. The Titans historically own the Steelers in Tenn. But if they get one of the HOU-IND home predicted losses, then it should end up around 10. With a bullet up if Wheaton and Archer come up bigger-than-expected…and a bullet down if any 2 of the 4 of mitchell, Allen, Shazier, or OL-coach munchak disappoint.

  • I don’t have us losing to the Colts. If we’re healthy on both sides of the ball when we play them, we WILL beat them at Pittsburgh. I’m also not scared of the Saints or the Falcons, but I’m not saying we will definitely beat them. It will depend on whether or not our defense is on a roll when we get around to playing both those teams and if our offensive engine is running on all cylinders at the same time, then I do think we’ll beat them both. It’s all about staying healthy. Our defense must manage to go back to being what they’ve been known for in the past and that is A DEFENSE THAT CAUSES MANY TURNOVERS! That will be the key. If we pussyfoot around on defense and don’t cause turnovers, it will most likely be an 08-08 or a 09-07 season. That being said, I do think we have what it takes to finally turn things around and I think we can do it quickly. As long as we don’t get swept by the Ravens or the Bengals (I’m not worried about the Browns), and we can finish the regular season with a record of at least 10-06, we should make the playoffs. I’m going to go with my gut and predict we’ll go 11-05 or 12-04. If we don’t make the playoffs for the third straight year, I think Mike Tomlin just may feel the hands on his back of both management and the fans pushing him out of Pittsburgh. (Figuratively speaking, of course.)