Steelers Should Steal QB Ryan Griffin Away From Gambling Saints

By my count, the Pittsburgh Steelers were one of 18 teams that decided to keep three quarterbacks on their initial 53 man roster following the Saturday cuts. While the team certainly didn’t feel the need to waive third-string quarterback Landry Jones and risk losing him, the New Orleans Saints seemed to be following the same path with their third-string quarterback Ryan Griffin until Tuesday when they waived him.

By the looks of things, the Saints wanted to wait a few days for the smoke to clear before waiving Griffin, who they signed last season as an undrafted free agent out of Tulane. The move surprised at least one Saints beat writer as Griffin reportedly gave Luke McCown a good battle during the preseason for the right to backup Drew Brees this season.

Griffin, who completed 48-of-77 passes for 530 yards, three touchdowns and one interception in the preseason, spent most of his rookie season on the Saints practice squad until interest in him from the St. Louis Rams forced New Orleans to sign him to their 53 man roster late last October.

With the Rams now once again thin at the quarterback position thanks to starter Sam Bradford tearing up his knee for a second-straight season, you have to wonder if Griffin would be an upgrade over both Austin Davis and Case Keenum. It should be noted, however, that Keenum was just claimed off of waivers by the Rams following him being turned loose by the Houston Texans after they traded for Ryan Mallett.

The Saints waiting to waive Griffin until Keenum was claimed sure makes it look like they are trying to hide their third-string quarterback.

You see where this post is going, right?

Being as Jones has shown absolutely nothing during his first two preseasons with the Steelers, and being as the organization insist on carrying three quarterbacks on their 53 man roster, general manager Kevin Colbert and company should really consider claiming Griffin off waivers Wednesday and dumping Jones.

Steelers quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner should already know quite a bit about Griffin as he reportedly attended his Pro Day last March and had dinner with him the night before.

“I’m headed to San Diego on April 1 and then Pittsburgh’s quarterback coach is coming to my pro day,” Griffin said prior to his Pro Day. “He’s coming the night before so we can meet and have dinner. Every team can only have a certain number of people come in. He’s coming. Jacksonville’s quarterback coach is coming and the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback coach is coming.”

Colbert has said in the past that he’s never opposed to adding players to the bottom of the roster if he feels it improves the team. He has a perfect opportunity now to put his money where his mouth is by putting in a claim for Griffin as he certainly would be an improvement over Jones. Stay tuned.

  • John Fraraccio

    I’ve long suspected there are far better judges of character and talent on the team roster than I…and I’d fervently hope the FO contains more than its share…but how this Mr Jones manages to keep his head screwed on the right way through all the published negatives impresses me. Perhaps that’s the key to judging him. Let’s find out.

  • sweep_the_legarrette

    I support this idea. Imagining Landry ever playing in the regular season is nightmare fuel.

  • Zumwalt Fan Club

    Id love him as the 3rd QB.

  • richheddleson

    The bad thing is, if someone else puts in a claim and gets him, the NFL seems to always announce other teams that put in a claim, which would kind of tarnish the Steelers relationship with Jones. I wouldn’t car how Jones felt, but the Steelers may not want to do that.

  • SteelersDepot

    Tomlin does not live in his fears. lol

  • steeltown

    This is interesting…

  • Ben Saluri

    Read 53 man rosters story, commented on same thing. Guy is a NFL QB.

  • Chad H

    Go get him don’t waste time!

  • falconsaftey43

    If multiple teams put in a claim, what determines who gets the player? It’s not contract value, because as I understand, you get the contract the player had with his previous team if you claim him off waivers. Is it the same as draft order or something along those lines?

  • treeher

    Bring Deebo out of retirement to replace Landry as QB. Would be an upgrade.

  • treeher

    not an issue

  • PA2AK

    At least there is a threat of some sort of football action taking place.

  • PA2AK

    not as bad as Jones has tarnished the relationship with his performances anyways.

  • Roger (G.)

    If Griffin is a better talent than Landry than this makes too much sense so that being said it’ll never happen.

  • PA2AK

    Not sure, but I would assume its first come first serve?

  • T R

    yes i believe its a waiver wire order. they most follow like a draft.

  • steelster

    So what does griffin do well ? Strong arm? Runs well? Smart? He must be accurate because that is a high completion percentage.

  • disqus_WrRvUyG2DA

    Steelers need a backup QB. Why didnt they give up a 7th rd pick like Houston did for Mallet? If Ben gets hurt once again the steelers are in big trouble. What are they waiting for? Any qb will need to get used to the system.

  • Luke Shabro

    I just don’t see it happening even though I wish it would. Though I didn’t see the Steelers getting Munchak either. I just have a feeling that Colbert still sees something in Landry

  • richheddleson

    Yes, it’s the draft order until the season starts, then it goes by their record at the time. I assume tie-breakers are strength of schedule.

  • richheddleson

    good one……….lol

  • richheddleson

    very true……..if he doesn’t want his feelings hurt, he should play better……

  • richheddleson

    I was hoping the got Curtis Painter. Has starting experience, although not a winning record.

  • imagining him playing in a pick up game is nightmare fuel.

  • 2443scott

    i think the way jones got a lucky charm it be a cold day in jan before hes let go …he has more lives then a black cat

  • blackandgoldBullion

    I like Painter and Griffin more than I like Grad and Jones. But they would never go crazy like that as they won’t get enough practice time. The Griffin move would definitely be good because he would probably get a couple of years to prove himself. Who knows how good he can become? Go get him.

  • Soliciting Steelers

    Nooooo Painter!! He grew up in my hometown, been following him since HS, not a pro-level QB. I hate saying that but he isn’t an upgrade…

  • Brian Miller

    I would be happy with G. J. Kinne from philly!

  • Biggie

    I’d have no problem adding alot of other QBs rather than L. Jones who has show nothing. Griffin did well in preseason, Ricki Stanzi looked good in Jacksonville too but was let go with Bortles progressing well.

  • Jon Crissinger

    Makes sense. But then again it concerns Landry Jones so it isn’t going to happen. Throw all logic out the window when it comes to Colbert and Landry Jones. I wonder if Landry’s knees are hurting yet… hahaha

  • Jon Crissinger

    If the NFL announces the teams that tried to claim a player off waivers, do we know who else tried to sign Case Keenum?

  • ApexSteel

    I don’t think we’re that desperate to get rid of Landry Jones just because in most situations I don’t think it really matters who your third string QB is. If you’re forced to put the third QB in the game I’m pretty sure you’re sunk anyway. Don’t get me wrong, he is and has been terrible, but at this point it won’t really matter.

  • Jon Crissinger

    I’d be happy with Dennis Dixon at this point.

  • PA2AK

    He plays QB

  • steelster

    Thanks for your informed knowledge on him.

  • PA2AK

    Relax…call Bell. It was tongue-in-cheek…What does Griffin do well compared with Jones? He plays QB.

  • Thomas Rancy

    kace keenum is better then ryan mallet.

  • Mike Frantz

    Except Landry is not being kept around as a “third string QB.” He’s kept around as a developmental QB to hopefully turn into the backup QB. As a developmental prospect he has shown very, very little. That’s what we are all saying. Pick up some other young player and see what he’s got. Landry would have flashed something at this point. It basically boils down to pocket awareness while maintaining downfield focus. His movement around pocket improved this preseason, but he’s doing it at the expense of his downfield vision. he has two modes, statue looking down field and being easy target. Or moderately shifty in pocket with complete inability to throw accurately. Time to move on.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    Landry Jones being on the 53 is roster malpractice. I’m all for anyone else having that spot.

  • westcoasteeler

    Can someone please forward this article to Colbert asap!

  • Rubem Dornas

    If C. Painter is the solution, so bring Charlie Batch back of his retirement.

  • SteelersDepot

    Saints quarterback Ryan Griffin cleared waivers Wednesday and is a free agent, according to a report by ESPN’s Field Yates.

  • I wish they’d do it–I wanted Zac Dysert, too–but of course they won’t. Colbert or Tomlin are smoking from the same bag as Blount and Bell, or Landry has extremely dirty laundry on both. Either way, they’re clearly sticking with their fourth round blunder from 2013 whatever the disastrous costs if the team gets in a jam and regardless of win/win options to upgrade the position. Sigh.

  • Gautama Om

    You’re asking A LOT out of Colbert. He does not think outside the box.

  • Taylor20

    Maybe we should send him some fan mail….extra knee pads. lol

  • Taylor20

    Pryor, Taj Boyd…anybody!

  • Jon Crissinger

    Maybe some lotion

  • Brian Miller

    Ouch!! Have we sunk that low?? LOL!

  • johnhoien

    I don’t think they would have drafted Jones had they known how badley things would go…I expected more….. If it has not improved, will it? Where’s the phone.. ?! Hopefully the 3rd string never see s a snap all year anyways

  • Steve

    Steelers would open their playbook wide open by having Jones on the opposing teams roster.

  • patrick Mayfield

    He could turn around and long snap it deep…

  • Brendon Glad

    I don’t know why the Steelers need a “young developmental QB” in the first place. Unless they really fear Ben will never sign a long-term deal…take his 2 tags, and go to Ariz. in 3 years. Surely that’s not going to happen. So then, what good does it do to have a young QB…whom will be asking Ben all sorts of questions, and distracting him from what he needs to be thinking about: His first-team offense. All the while, if the young QB is worth his salt, he SHOULD be gunning for Ben’s job. I just don’t think it’s a prudent plan with a 32 yr old future HOF’er. If we need 3…then I’d prefer 2 re-tread backups who know their place, but may actually have a tidbit or 2 to TEACH Ben…rather than needing mentorship. That said, if the Steelers want a young guy at #3, then Griffin would be a better choice than Jones. For sure.

  • Brendon Glad

    If he’s letting Steelersdepot comment sections get to him…then he’s spending too much time reading words, and not enough time learning to read coverages.

  • Dale

    What evidence do we have that Jones knows the playbook?

  • Brendon Glad

    It comes to fruition (the baffling nature of spending mid-round picks on QB’s when u have a great QB with many years of “run” left) with the Ryan mallett trade. The Patriots, at best, receive a sixth rounder for mallett. While spending a third rounder on him. On a team that has been a play or 2, or a player or 2 away from winning it all every season, for the most part, since Brady became the starter. So, in my opinion, it was a poor decision to take a QB that high, (even though I liked mallett going into the draft). Same can be said for the Steelers. Spent a 5th rounder on Dixon, and a 4th rounder on Jones. Picks would have been better spent elsewhere. Even if the guys they picked weren’t good. I’m not going to act like the Steelers should have taken Zac Stacy, mike James, or Andre Ellington instead of Jones…because we APPEARED deep at RB after taking Bell (with the NE FA, Dwyer, and Redman). BUT, I mentioned them as a reminder of how impactful some of the players were who followed Jones in the 2013 draft. If Jones wasn’t drafted because the FO truly believed he would replace Ben (surely that’s not true)…then it was a bad pick. Sure, it’s over. But I type this in the hopes that Steelers Nation makes enough noise so it never happens again until Ben is about 38.

  • Brendon Glad

    I ranted above and before as to why I don’t want a “young developmental QB taking up a roster spot”…but here’s my cliff’s notes…the Steelers are not as talented in their top 22 as the current favorite to win the Lombardi…(Seahawks), and a decent ways away from the Pats and Broncos as well. With a future HOF’er (or borderline HOF’er) at QB in his prime… I would rather fill a roster spot with a possible contributor when my team is clearly less talented than some of the competition…Keep 2 QB’s, and know that Charlie Batch is a phone call away if one or both go down in the same week. Sure, it could make the game they both go down in quite ugly. But it’s worth the risk, and Batch almost never has let us down. That’s if he hasn’t “let himself go”. If he has, then there are still plenty of retreads on couches who haven’t…and also know Haley’s offense.

  • James Kling

    Landry = warm poo.

  • DoctorNoah

    A wet sweatsock and a broken toaster would be an upgrade over Jones right now.

  • DoctorNoah

    ha! nice.

  • IckyD

    And- we’ve never actually seen him play *when it counts most*.

    I say keep Landry until he messes up in a real regular-season environment.

  • IckyD

    Has he ever played with an offense who did?

    Playing 3d string doesn’t exactly surround him w/protectors and great WRs.

  • Almost anyone is better than Landry Jones.

  • CrazyTerry

    Painter is one of the worst NFL QBs of all time.

  • CrazyTerry

    Have you watched Painter play??????? I would rather bring back Dennis Dixon if I am going to be that desperate. Hell, beg Batch to come out of retirement if we are going to be that desperate.

  • CrazyTerry

    What about Colbert in recent years makes one think Colbert is going to do that. He and TOmlin for whatever crazy reason are wasting a spot on a guy who has been one of the least impressive QBs in Steelers training camp in a long time.

  • Weiss Chad

    In a flag football game in your back yard ?

  • Ellwood Davis

    This falls squarely in Kevin Colbert’s lap, who is directly responsible for initiating such actions. Wake up Kevin……..Landry just doesn’t have it, and its time to move on.

  • Zumwalt Fan Club

    No, over Landry.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    The Steelers must really have a useless 3rd string QB then, because Painter looked extraordinary compared to Landry Jones.