Roethlisberger Says Early Wrist Injury Didn’t Affect His Throwing

With 4:21 left in the first quarter of the Sunday game against the New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger injured the wrist on his throwing hand when he hit the hand of linebacker Curtis Lofton with his follow-through on a pass to wide receiver Antonio Brown.

After suffering the injury, Roethlisberger was high and off target with several of his throws moving forward, but after the game, he refused to blame his inaccuracy on the injury.

“I am sure that every quarterback has that happen about every game,” Roethlisberger said during his post-game talk with the media. “Does it hurt? Yeah. Did it affect my throwing? No.”

When asked if the injury caused him to throw several of his passes too high from that point forward in the game, Roethlisberger said he didn’t think that was the reason why.

“I don’t think so, it was just one of those days when the balls were coming out high,” he said. “They tipped a lot of balls more than usual and I just have to make throws early on that I didn’t make tonight that I usually do.”

Roethlisberger went on to say that the ball was spinning good for him but that his passes were just high.

After going 8-of-22 passing for 115 yards in the first half, Roethlisberger was 24-of- 36 in the second half. Several of those late completions came against soft coverage, however. In fact, 19 of Roethlisberger’s 24 completions in the second half came after the Saints final score that put them up 35-16 with 10:28 left in the fourth quarter.

  • steelster

    I was hoping the injury would help him. He has a tendency to play well after getting knocked around.

  • Rick M

    I admire his honesty re: the hand, but the statement “it was just one of those days where the ball was coming out high” is rather disappointing. Are you interested in finding out why it was coming out high Ben (e.g. your footwork)? Or is good enough to say “it was just one of those days” and hopefully it won’t happen again. No wonder he’s been so inconsistent the last few years.

  • Matt Manzo

    Yeah! ” It was just one of those days”, doesn’t make sense when it happens 8 times a year!

  • Matt Manzo

    That’s what I kept waiting for!

  • gdeuce

    it looked like he wasn’t following through on some throws, or just threw them with all upper body

  • mokhkw

    I’m putting it down to his hand/wrist being injured & Ben not wanting to make excuses

    Usually when Ben has an off day you can tell his feet aren’t right – 2 far apart and the back knee bends 2 much, but that wasn’t the case today.

    Can’t hand it off like it should be & yet the hand isn’t an issue? Film says otherwise.

    8-8 looks like a real possibility now.

  • mokhkw

    I’d say its more like 8 good games, 4 average & 4 bad games from Ben each year.

    That’s why he isn’t “elite”.

    When he’s good he’s as good as anyone but when he’s bad………

  • mokhkw

    McNabb did a good job mentioning that during the broadcast. Liked his game call tbh.

  • He was missing throws high before the wrist injury. no question he had an off day completing 9-22 passes in the first half. Down 2 scores early 3rd quarter, after the Saint go 3 and out, there is plenty of time to get back in the game running the ball. Bell had a huge first half rushing and they never went back to it. I understand they got way behind, but this game could have been way different riding Bell in the second half instead.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Great. Thanks for taking away the one excuse we fans had for why at home, after a bye week, you couldn’t take care of a Saints team that looked like it had no interest in winning.

    I’m really getting tired of defending a team that seems incapable of doing what they’re supposed to. They made Rob freaking Ryan look like Bill Belichick.

  • Patrick Gizinski

    Well, it’s good to know the injury wasn’t the reason he played so badly. It’s good to know he just sucked.

  • steeltown

    Overthrew a lot of guys yesterday, the score could’ve been a lot worse had NO caught two or three of those balls..

  • His passing was crappy before the injury too.

  • walter mason

    I’m not defending Ben but look at the first 2 opening drives. We throw the bomb on first down I’m OK with that (even though I’m thinking Wheaton is no Wallace) but it doesn’t connect so we run for 3 on second down leaving us in third and long situations. I’m shaking my head because running for 3 yards on second down does us no good. If we miss on first down, we might as well pass on second. Am I wrong?

  • walter mason

    I’m also thinking on that opening bomb that Wheaton is no Wallace. He’s just not panning out as the second receiver.

  • walter mason

    Anyone agree or disagree?

  • In a day and age when they are looking for something to blame poor performance on; I’d say it’s pretty darn refreshing to hear someone say they just had an off day.

  • charles

    Agree with your frank assessment. Is there a possibility that his hand was fractured in the TB game and this was an aggravation?We saw the same highness in his throwing in that game. All the clowns that don’t realize offensive impotency puts huge pressure on the D aren’t really watching the game. Yes, the left handed handoff clued the Saints to lean 10 toward the box. Haley and T deserve some blame for this loss.

  • charles


  • I agree that Wheaton vs. Wallace are two different recievers. Wallace’s success was basically him just catching deep passes and getting behind defenses. I do miss that part of the Game. Wheaton, however, is much more polished as a receiver. He might not have that top gear that Wallace has. He does however, play a more complete game as a receiver in his second year compared to Wallace. I believe Wheaton will only get better. He’s already improved the return game. Get him few catches with space to run and I think we start seeing more flashes of Antonio’s game. Also, if you don’t put Wheaton there, who do you put? Bryant? There’s a reason he’s a package player. I believe in Wheaton’s ability more than Moore’s although I do like having Moore in the fold. I predict Wheaton will finish this season steadily improving. And next year will be the season he becomes a bigger factor on offense and more of a guy other teams will have to game-plan for.

  • I agree with McNabb’s call. Except for his mention fo bring the band back together on defense at least 4 times together on defense. I’m just nitpicking everything after a loss. He did good

  • Seymour Bottoms

    Really? It had nothing to do with his hand, he was making errant throws before he “hurt” his hand. He isnt making excuses and you shouldnt make none for him either. He has been terrible the 2 games prior to this game, i guess that was his hand too right?