Report: Dan Pompei The Lone Media Member To Not Vote Steelers WR Antonio Brown An All-Pro

Thanks to a Friday evening report by Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk, we now know who the one voter was that kept Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown from being a unanimous Associated Press first-team All-Pro selection.

According to Smith’s report, the guilty individual was Dan Pompei, who voted for wide receivers Dez Bryant and Jordy Nelson over Brown.

The Associated Press All-Pro team is voted on by the 50 members of the media. Pompei, who now apparently writes for Bleacher Report, is one of 44 members on the Pro Football Hall of Fame selectors board and one of nine members on the seniors committee.

While Bryant and Nelson both had great season, neither cracked the 100 reception mark in 2014. Brown on the other hand, had 129 receptions and that was the second-most ever recorded in a single-season in the history of the league.

Brown also led the league in receiving yards with 1698 and his 13 touchdown receptions tied him for second in the league with Nelson behind Bryant, who had 16.

As unsound as it might be, Id really like to hear Pompei’s reasoning for leaving Brown off of his ballot being as he was the only one of 50 voters to do so. Did he not watch any Steelers games this season? Brown put up his fantastic numbers in 2014 mostly playing opposite Markus Wheaton and rookie Martavis Bryant. Teams did their best to stop him all season and they failed miserably at it.

If you would like to voice your displeasure at Pompei, you can do so on Twitter at @danpompei. Now that his name is out there, I truly believe he needs to explain the reasons why he chose not to vote for Brown.

  • Zumwalt Fan Club

    Oh come on man..Nelson and Dez had great seasons. Pompei shouldnt be harassed because he didnt vote for Brown. Put your Steeler homerism aside. Im a Steeler fan and Id vote for Nelson all day.

  • 6 ring circus

    Just not over Brown…

  • Jason White

    Steelers fan or not AB should have been unanimously voted for. He had the best season for a wide receiver this year even if he didn’t lead in TDs. He has been unstoppable and doesn’t have a big frame that someone like Dez has.

  • Jason White

    Is Dan Pompei friends with Warren Sapp?

  • Dan

    2nd best season by a receiver in league history. Pompei is a twit.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Had to flip a coin for the top 3 he says. Then goes on to say he picked Nelson and Bryant because of matchup problems. So which was it? You flipped a coin or you already had your choices based on faulty reasoning? How can a guy with the most receptions not be a matchup problem. Wouldn’t be catching so many balls if people found a way to cover him.

  • Jakob

    Stats and situation favor brown over Nelson. You could make the argument for Dez because his Romo isn’t as solid as Ben or Rodgers, but it’s a pretty weak one

  • Zachary Wise

    The ONLY explanation: Dan Pompei is a Ravens fan.

  • Orlysteel

    He’s not being harassed man, the numbers speak for themselves, like Dave said this cat obviously didn’t watch any Steelers game, it’s 49 against one and it leaves you wondering.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Matchup problems? Antonio Brown in virtually uncoverable. That’s the ultimate matchup problem. Show me a corner in the league who would argue with that.

  • thomas hmmmm

    Based his decision on matchup problems? Brown is the only receiver in league history to be as consistent as he has. That is a match up problem, showing that no corner can cover him effectively. We see Nelson get shut down, we see MegaTron get shutdown, we see Dez get shutdown, but we haven’t seen anyone shut Brown down in two full seasons.

  • Harley Crockett

    Didn’t look at the stats….ya don’t say

  • thomas hmmmm

    Nelson nor Dez have had two seasons as good as Browns last two seasons. So by not voting for him shows a bias. He does deserve to get insulted and harassed because his vote is suppose to be on stats and how well a player has played. Not on man crushes or bias because he doesn’t like a particular team.

  • Orlysteel

    84 is uncoverable now that’s a matchup problem.

  • WilliamSekinger

    AB has proven to be absolutely uncoverable. What other matchup is more important than that? No corner in this league has stopped him.

  • thomas hmmmm

    Yea you could make the argument that the NFC East is one of the Weakest divisions in the league. While Brown is playing in one of the toughest. So Dez and Murray’s stats are inflated due to the weakness in the East.

  • LEM

    He said it was a coin flip. Someone who is selected to judge something that may one day impact a players chances of going to the HOF should not relegate his choices to coin flip. He should also weight stats at least in some measure with his decision making if only for context.

  • gdeuce

    in terms of catches only

  • steelmann58

    sorrt don’t by his bs Brown gets double teamed and still makes play and in the open field he deadly

  • steelster

    Is this really news

  • Steelers@2010

    Dez Bryant and Cordy Nelson had great seasons, no question about that. But when you factor in what Antonio Brown did as a WR, the 2nd best season for a WR in league history? Then factor in Brown’s height, I think it’s a slam dunk. I could be bias, I’m die hard Steeler Fan though. Naw! Antonio Bryant without a doubt in my military mind.

  • steelersfan

    Bleacher report is where journalism goes to die

  • Chad H

    This dude is a dork!

  • justafanlikeyou

    I hate to admit it. … if I hadn’t gotten so tired of reading the bs on bleacher report I wouldn’t have found this site. I haven’t been back to BR since. Thank you BR

  • Wait, they are considering Bleacher Report a valid media outlet?

  • mokhkw

    & Match-Up vs. who? It’s a awards teams, not one that will actually play any games so that’s not a valid reason imo.

    “Flipped A Coin”

    Hell, I can get anyone to do that. And this guy votes for HOF as well?

    Poor. Very.Poor.

  • Peon

    Every time the Steelers are the unanimous winners in any vote, they
    promptly do worse in that exact category. So really, Pompei did AB, and
    us Steeler fans, a favor by recognizing past history, and deciding that
    Brown shouldn’t get steamrolled by the inevitable torrent of fandom that
    undoubtedly would’ve flattened our boy Antonio into blissful
    mediocrity. Instead, he was the only voice voting against, knowing in
    his heart that he had helped detour our rabid fan base from
    spontaneously starting a party that could only be finished with the team’s demise……or am I being paranoid?

  • sean mcmartin

    Its like listening to collinsworthless announce a Steeler game. Biased Jack A**

  • ABdropkick

    Matchup problems= 6’2″ Bryant and 6’3″ Nelson are better than 5’10” Brown simply due to size. Actual production really is secondary to the Don Pompeis of the world.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I don’t have a problem with someone not voting for Brown if they have a rational argument. But his statement lacks logic.

    First of all, if you’re having to flip a coin to figure out who to vote for… Perhaps you should give up your vote to someone else who at least attempts to reason out the best possible answer.

    Secondly, he needs to explain what it is exactly that these two guys possess that causes them to be a bigger match up problem? What traits specifically?Antonio is faster than either Jordy or Dez. He is quicker than either Jordy or Dez. He changes direction better than either Jordy or Dez. In short, he gets open easier than Jordy or Dez. So what traits/skills exactly are giving opposing CBs more problems?

    Lastly, how can you possibly make a decision that does not include stats? If that was case why not just vote for Calvin Johnson, because still provides the biggest match up issues of any WR in the league?

  • letownia

    “It was a coin flip” is an expression. It means the decision was very difficult and the choices nearly indistinguishable. It doesn’t mean he actually flipped a coin. Learn english?

  • LEM

    Really dude? Expression or not my point is that his vote should not be a shoulder shrug and a “Eh, I just like this guy better” that’s fine for nobodies like you and I, but not for someone who has been given the privilege to vote on things with potential historical significance. Phrases like “unanimous MVP” are thrown around all the time when we talk about weather or not someone is an all time great or HOF worthy. Also there is no need to be dickish. Let’s talk football not throw around girlish slappy thinly veiled insults. You don’t like what I have to say? Great, make a counter argument. Don’t have one? Just plain butthurt? Then man up and throw down some vocab that would make your mother cry. I can respect that. Don’t sit there and handslap at me with that lazy crap you typed. As a guest. Go Steelers!

  • michael young

    Pompeii must have a height limit requirement to earn his All-Pro vote. It’s the only logical answer. “You must be this tall” to ride the All-Pro train.

  • jay

    who has stopped antonio brown this year answer no one

  • J. Hernandez

    Coin flip? Really? Should be ashamed.

  • 2443scott

    wow so fliping a coin is how he decides to do his job .anyone can vote the way they want its there opinion, but to toss a coin shows little respect for the people he writes about not to mention the people he works for.

  • Paddy

    Let the fans vote on this, they know more

  • King Kendric

    The fact that he said he wasn’t basing his decision off stats and was going off match ups is funny. Then why not just say you voted for Calvin Johnson if that’s the case and isn’t all pro based off the stats NFL players put up for that year and not match ups

  • Jack Foster

    Collins worth should NOT be allowed to announce any game involving the AFC North. His biases shows through like LuLu Lemon yoga pants.

  • mokhkw

    Believe me, Pompei deserves all the harassment he can get.

    He is VP of the PFWA who complained to the NFL about Marshawn Lynch after last years SB.

    The same PFWA writers who said that Lynchs’ 1 word repetitive answers to media questions in 2014 were “disrespectful”.

    Now he “flips a coin” over All-Pro selections.

    This from a guy who votes on the NFL HOF.

    Seems to me that he & a lot of writers need to take a look at how they conduct themselves.

    If anyone wants a laugh, search for

    “How *not* to become a member of the Pro Football Writers of America”

  • Moneypenny76

    Stats are not the only thing…he said it was a very close decision and AB was right there so I don’t care if he sees things differently than I do or the other 49 voters do.

    Now, I think AB is the best WR in the league. However, it’s not because of his stats. Stats are always the excuse people use to say Manning and Brady and Brees are better QBs that Ben. That is ridiculous. There are a lot of intangibles that go into greatness…things that don’t show up on a stat sheet.

    I haven’t watched the guys he voted for play much this year, but they had good seasons too based on stats…not as good as AB perhaps. But it is ridiculous to criticize a guy because he doesn’t judge players the same way you do.

  • Asmitty56

    What better match up do you need than some who can not be consistently covered by anyone? A big, physical CB with some speed can handle Dez or Nelson, Brown eats those guys for lunch, and small shiftier guys can’t handle Brown either

  • charles

    Cravens had AB over and under on a corner route to the EZ. AB couldn’t be stopped. Go out on a limb here Dan the dope, but AB maybe better than Rice. This guy, for 2 years since Mann took over tuteledge, CANNOT BE STOPPED, HASN’T BEEN STOPPED

  • charles

    Knew Phil Brenneman in Navy in 79, the same?

  • Gloria Burke


  • Jeff

    Well, everyone knows who Dan Pompei is now. I think his mission is complete.

  • lorrielorrie

    Interesting article, but this falls into the big deal department.

  • Jason

    He also said he thought Dez and Jordy created more matchup problems so he put some thought into it. I don’t agree with it when it comes to Jordy but whatever.

  • Jason

    “Picked Jordy Nelson and Dez Bryant because I thought they created most matchup problems. Didn’t base it on stats.” He didn’t literally flip a coin. Come on man

  • Jason

    Hate to say it but Sapp has actually been pretty complimentary towards the Steelers this year.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Could have been my dad.

  • Woodsworld

    Get serious, Pompei. Antonio Brown is clearly the best WR in the league. He is putting up his numbers without a physical size advantage, and making Pro-Bowl CB’s look silly.

    He is a great route runner, and no less an expert than Jerry Rice called him the best WR in the game.

  • LEM

    This was all after the though and disjointed in seperate Twitter responses. I know it’s tough to cover your ass in 140 characters, so I’ll cut him some slack. Guy never thought he’d be called out on it. I really am kinda over it at this point though.

  • mokhkw

    No, he didn’t literally “flip a coin”.

    What he did was make a half-ass decision that people in his position should never make.

    He disrespected ALL players by not doing the research required for someone who votes on things like All Pro & Hall Of Fame.

    It’s not about whether he selected Brown or not, it’s all about his “process”

    And it also points out what a hypocrite he is as VP of the PFWA.