2015 Steelers Mock Draft Version 2.0: Post Scouting Combine

With the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine now behind us and the start of free agency just a few weeks away, it is now time for my second 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers mock draft of the offseason, or as I like to call them, educated guesses to inspire good draft talk about players.

As you know, I usually do about 5 or 6 mocks prior to the actual NFL draft taking place and you can find the links to all of those from last year in this final mock draft post from 2014. Also, here is my second mock after the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine from last offseason for you to look at and surprisingly I had one player included in that who wound up being drafted by the Steelers.

If you missed my first mock draft from a few weeks ago, you can find that here.

The Steelers will likely receive a few compensatory draft picks this year but I will not include any in my mocks until we know exactly how many and where they are.

After trying out the mock draft simulator that Fanspeak.com has created in my first mock draft of 2015, I have decided to go back to doing my own mocks without it like I usually do.

************** If you are going to comment in this post please add value to the discussion. The rounds here are not important and you are not helping the discussion exercise by saying “Player X” will not last that long or is being drafted too soon. Please add what you like and dislike about a certain player and feel free to add your own mock as well. Remember, the discussion should be centered around the players, not the rounds they are drafted. Mock drafts are never perfect, but the value of them is in the discussion about the players. If I feel you are not adding value with your comments I will simply delete them. Go elsewhere if you want to be a nuisance or a troll. **************

Round 1 Pick 22 – Brandon Scherff – G – Iowa

This selection is sure to anger most of you, but hear out the reasoning behind it. For starters, like or not, Scherff is not going to be a left tackle at the NFL level due to him measuring in at the combine at 6045 with 33 3/8 inch arms. It’s also highly unlikely that he will be able to play right tackle in addition. Because of that, Scherff is best suited to play left guard and I think you will soon see his first-round draft stock start to fall. At this point, I can’t see him being selected in the top-10, so there’s a good chance he falls even further and is still on the board when the Steelers pick. Remember, outside of two years ago, guards normally get the shaft in the first round and I think that’s going to happen this year with Scherff. Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert loves value and being as left guard Ramon Foster is entering the final year of his contract, it will be hard to pass on Scherff, who might could even start right away. This isn’t a sexy need pick, but I certainly can see it playing out this way. Scherff played left guard as a freshman and his position flexibility will also be enticing to the Steelers. Remember when most of us thought that there was no way that David DeCastro would fall several years ago? I do.

Other players considered that could still be on the board: P.J. Williams, Alvin Dupree, Maxx Williams

Mock draft notes: Now that the combine is over I don’t see any of the premier outside linebackers or cornerbacks falling to the Steelers in the first round. It’s all about value here and finding special players and I believe Scherff fits that criteria in addition to being somewhat of a need.

Bio: http://www.hawkeyesports.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/brandon_scherff_585029.html

Round 2 Pick 24 – Eli Harold – OLB – Virginia

Did you listen to Harold talk at the combine? This kid has a great back story and being as he hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia, I’m willing to bet that head coach Mike Tomlin already knew quite a bit about him prior to last weekend. Harold had a great combine but it’s important that we don’t count that twice. i see several draftniks trying to push him into the first round after his performance in Indianapolis but his tape says he’s a second-round player. Harold fits as a strongside outside linebacker in the Steelers 3-4 as he has the ideal height, weight, reach and get-off. He finished his career with 141 tackles 17.5 sacks and two interceptions. He was a two-year starter and came out early.

Other players considered that could still be on the board: Nate OrchardArik Armstead, Jesse James

Mock draft notes: If the Steelers fail to grab an outside linebacker in the first two rounds I think they might have to wait until the fourth to find value.

Bio: http://www.virginiasports.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/eli_harold_804296.html

Round 3 Pick 23 – Alex Carter – CB – Stanford

I think the buzz about Carter has worn off now that the combine is over. He certainly isn’t going to be able to play in a press or man heavy system at the next level and I think he showed that in Indianapolis. Carter is best suited to play off and in zone and thus he will certainly fit the Steelers needs. It might be hard to believe, but Cortez Allen had a better combine than Carter did. Carter plays the run well and that will be a plus. I think he has third round written all over him as their are at least seven or eight better cornerbacks that will likely be drafted ahead of him.

Other players considered that could still be on the board: David CobbQuinten Rollins, David Johnson

Mock draft notes: This round really is a wild card but it makes a lot of sense to draft the best cornerback still on the board. Rollins probably wouldn’t be a bad consolation prize.

Bio: http://www.gostanford.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=208167690

Round 4 Pick 22 – Jeremy Langford – RB – Michigan State

I’m probably a little bit higher than most on Langford but I’m fine with that. While Langford certainly doesn’t have the agility that Steelers starter Le’Veon Bell does, he probably has the better long speed. Bell and Langford would make a great one, two punch in Pittsburgh and both came out of the same school so and style of offense. He really is fun to watch on tape.

Other players considered that could still be on the board: Steven Nelson, Henry Anderson, Doran Grant

Mock draft notes: The Steelers need to draft a running back in this draft and there ought to be plenty to choose from in the third and fourth rounds as this appears to be a talented class when it comes to that position.

Bio: http://www.msuspartans.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/jeremy_langford_716682.html

Round 5 Pick 24 – Eric Rowe – FS/CB – Utah

Is Rowe a cornerback or a safety at the NFL level. While he played both positions in college, I’m willing to bet that despite his cornerback measurables, he will be best suited to play free safety. 261 total tackles in college as he’s not afraid to help in run support. Being as he did play cornerback his senior season, he can cover in the slot should he be asked to it as a free safety. His great combine might improve his stock some so keep your fingers crossed he last until the fifth round.

Other players considered that could still be on the board: Craig Mager, Nick Boyle, Byron Jones

Mock draft notes: It will be interesting to see if the Steelers get awarded a compensatory pick in this round. It would be nice as there could still be some value and talent still on the board in this round.

Bio: http://www.utahutes.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/eric_rowe_757046.html

Round 6 Pick 23 – Blake Bell – TE – Oklahoma

I picked a great time to profile Bell as he really had a strong showing at the combine just a few days later. For a kid that played tight end position only one year after moving from quarterback, he did a great job. He certainly has the measurables and skillset to play the position at the next level and now he just needs to get a lot stronger. Don’t sleep on this kid’s potential and he did meet with the Steelers while in Indianapolis.

Other players considered that could still be on the board: Tyler VargaDerrick LottBobby McCain

Mock draft notes: If the Steelers get a few sixth round compensatory picks, I would spend one on Lott if still on the board.

Bio: http://www.soonersports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=208409644

Round 7 Pick 22 – Justin Coleman – CB – Tennessee

Coleman helped himself this past weekend but how much? He had a strong showing at the East-West Shrine Game as well but still projects as a slot cornerback at the NFL level. He very well might go earlier than round seven and as previously mentioned, if the Steelers have a compensatory pick in round six, that might be the perfect spot to take the Tennessee product. His 10-yard spilt was insane as was his 20-yard shuttle.

Other players considered that could still be on the board: Deon Simon, Jermauria RascoJustin Cox

Mock draft notes: The Steelers are likely to get a seventh-round compensatory pick and I wouldn’t mind seeing them spend it on Simon.

Bio: http://www.utsports.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/justin_coleman_740906.html

Final Notes: I enjoy doing my mocks this way as opposed to using a simulator. While I think it’s a novel idea, I also think it needs fine tuning as I often see players being drafted by teams that don’t fit the system.

What a difference two weeks makes as I have been able to watch a ton of film on players since my last mock and learned even more about several others during the combine.

I hope this mock inspires good discussion about the players I selected as well as the others I considered. Once again, if you are judging these picks by whether or not they will still be on the board where they were selected, you’re probably not going to help the discussion much.

My next mock will be released a few weeks after free agency has started and after the compensatory picks have been awarded.

  • Dennis Nevinsky

    I like your draft if it actually fell that way. I like Eli Harold enough to take him in the first round. If you don’t take him there, I don’t see any way he fall below the first couple picks of the 2nd round.

  • BigBSerrano

    I love this first pick. I think any good football teams foundation should always be the offensive line. Look at the Pats.

  • Alan Felicia

    Very smart and conservative Mock. Totally understand the strategy. With Carter, just not a fan. If (UConn CB) Byron Jones is avail in the 3rd, would draft in a heartbeat! Same size as Carter, but, more physical and able to play press coverage.

  • steeltown

    Harold, Carter, Rowe, Coleman and Blake Bell a RB and a TOP graded OL prospect, I’d be fine with this.

  • Steelers12328882

    I’m not surprised with a G in rd 1 at all. I like Cameron Erving a bit more though. Getting Harold and Carter in the 2nd and 3rd would be huge value too. I’m definitely on the Eric Rowe bandwagon. I think he’s perfect for the Steelers, and I’d take him in the 4th if we had too. Only thing I don’t like is 3 DBs and no DEs, but like you said hopefully we get a couple comp picks just for that.

  • superfan

    Honestly, I never thought of Scherff until I saw this mock. It does make a lot of sense. I love Ramon Foster, but in a year or two, Scherff could make the Offensive Line an elite one playing RG.

    Also, he’ll probably never be an elite corner, but I think Alex Carter has what it takes to be a contributer on DEF and ST from day one.

  • CW

    I see the value in most of this draft. However if Dupree is still there in the first round I think it would be impossible to pass on him seeing as there is so much need on defense.

    Otherwise if one of the top left tackles does drop who can play left tackle that could easily be the Steelers pick in the first round.

  • Burgh Ball

    Love the Scherff pick – I was real high on Zack Martin last year, look how that turned out. Cameron Erving is the other player at 22 I’d like – can play OT/OG and OC -probably better inside. Not wild on the Harold pick – I have visions of Huey Richardson…. Great glorified Track meet numbers (combine) but I’ve seen some tape that does not support top 64 pick – my opinion – Rest of the draft is solid.

  • 2443scott

    i love scherff have been a fan of his for a long time i liked a few players coming out of iowa but they always seem to be gone by time steelers got to pick .i like his attitude and his motor and feel he is a strong personality and be a big plus in the locker room .he has had injuries so that needs to be looked at .but i feel he will be gone by the time the steelers pick and the first 2 picks will be def i believe .so i doubt he will fall past the 2nd round

  • JNick

    Based on your judgement that the top CBs and OLBs are gone, then I don’t think Scherff is a bad 1st rd consolation prize. I’m not crazy on the 2nd tier OLBs like Harrold, but again can’t argue with the pick based on value and need at that position.
    I’m a fan of Langford, Carter, and Bell.
    As far as matching FA with draft if they are able to get a player or two for the front 7 in FA then getting a guard in the 1st isn’t an issue, and Scherff looks special. Draft and groom is the front office’s mantra as far as OLB so I don’t see them being happy about putting one out there early on, so hopefully they can add a stopgap in FA.
    I’m still really intrigued with Rollins just because I think his ceiling may be much higher, and it would be oh so nice to get a shut down corner and defensive playmaker in the Steelers densive backfield again.

  • Dennis Anders

    Great draft. Rowe is a player, and is on the rise. He comps to Sherman. Not saying he will be Sherman, but they have similar traits. Two guys I think the Steelers will take are Golden from Mizzu and Rollins from Ohio. I just have a hunch.

  • falconsaftey43

    1. Sherff. I love the player, but I just can’t get on board with a 1st round G. We have Pouncey and DeCastro to form a very solid interior already, I’d have to hope there is value at another position, even OT. G and ILB are really the only 1st round positions I don’t want to see.
    2. Harold, love the athlete, not so much the player. I could see him developing into a great OLB, or being a total bust.
    3. Carter, like him in the 3rd, and think he could be there, good pick.
    4. Langford, Think he’ll be a good backup to Bell, well rounded guy that can contribute immediately, would like to see more lateral agility though, think that’s what makes a great back. Good pick.
    5. Rowe, one of my favorite players, I think he’s a 3rd rounder.
    6. Bell, I love Bell as a developmental TE, in a couple years, he’ll be one of the top 3 TE’s from this class.
    7. Coleman, good late round CB.

    I like the players selected, but would hope for a different 1st round pick. Just don’t see that great of an impact by adding another interior OL, he’s a good player, but I don’t see the team being much different with a stud LG or an average one when we have Pouncey and Decastro in there.

  • Dave Scott

    Man, I really don’t want a guard in round one. I’d rather trade up or down to get a player at more of an immediate position of need or just bite the bullet and take the best remaining CB or OLB. The only offensive guy I’d even think about there is the TE Williams since Heath Miller is getting long in the tooth.

    No problem with Alex Carter in round three. He came on the damn podcast for God’s sake. Have to love that kid.

    The rest of the draft in general is fine. It’s always kind of a crap shoot anyway.

  • Andrew

    Dave, you’re a mad genius if Pittsburgh selects Scherff or
    any other offensive lineman in the first round.
    Beachum and Foster both enter the final year of their contracts and DeCastro
    in 2016. Can’t pay them all, especially
    with Pouncey and Gilbert already accounting for a decent chunk of change. Add in the Rooney mandate towards the coaches
    to protect Ben from taking as little hits possible as he enters the latter part
    of his career with a mega deal looming.
    Thanks for the refreshing first round approach.

  • Dr. Funkenstein

    I’m kinda seeing Golden too. He’s got the nasty, and I think that’s something Keith Butler wants back to the defense.

  • Renegade15

    I really like this mock draft also. My only thought is, where and when do we find a starting CB? With Gilbert clearing up some space is it possible that we go after a talented corner in FA? Or hope that a second or third round pick can get it done. I feel like CB, S, and OLB are such pressing needs that we would trade back to get the best defensive player available. Who know what will happen, FA is still to come.

  • SteelersDepot

    A genius is somebody like Norman Einstein. I’m just mad.

  • newguy68

    I would do backflips if Scherff was there in round one! I think he will be gone before the Steelers pick. Rest of the draft looks great. No problems with it at all

  • Crowned

    Nice mock.

  • John St Clair

    With Bud dupree on the board, I think our chances of passing on him are slim, maxx williams fell into round 2-3 with his sub-par 40 and questionable workout. Also, what would make us go guard–We have a top 5 Guard in David decastro, which we just spent a 1st round pick on in 2012–But I love Langford/Rowe/Coleman, I’m just iffy on Alex Carter–Im “Praying for Peters” or “Trade for Trae”

  • turtlefart1

    I would love to get Scherff in the first, the position is not this year’s biggest need but like you mentioned, it will be very shortly. I would jump on Arik Armstead instead of Harold in the second, just because of Armstead’s higher ceiling imo. RB David Johnson is a must in the third as I don’t think he makes it til our pick in the fourth. Rowe would be nice in the fifth, but I am starting to beat the drum for Mager so either would be great. Bell could sit and learn behind Miller/Spaeth to aid in his development. An OLB could be in play here as well as in the comp picks. I really liked Coleman’s combine performance, he caught my eye.

  • turtlefart1

    sorry missed the 4th. if we took D Johnson in the 3rd, I would go with the highest rated Safety or OLB on the board.

  • Colin

    This is a very conservative but I think solid draft, not too high on the first pick in this mock but solidifying the o-line for years to come isn’t a bad idea at all, I really think this first rd pick will be based off whether worilds is resigned and/or if Harrison is resigned if worilds isn’t, personally I would like to see a edge rusher or CB but have to take the best available pick with that 22 selection

  • Andrew

    … if only this were a Notre Dame lineman

  • SteelHorseman

    Dave, I love the first 3 picks, but I think it’s wishful thinking. I’ve been calling for Schreff for awhile now. I’m happy to hear someone else is on board. I don’t think Marcus Peters is out of reason to be there. I do agree it’s unlikely the top pass rushers or Waynes twill be there at 22z Schreff is a nice solid pick that improves the roster immediately.

  • SteelHorseman

    I also don’t think we are going running back quite so early

  • Ryan

    I don’t love the 1st round pick but I don’t hate it either. Good reasoning but I still have a hard time taking a Guard in round 1. Rest of the draft looks great tho.

  • Matt Manzo

    Only pick I disagree with is Harold! I’d rather have Orchard there, he just seems a little more nasty and stronger. Harold’s a little too finesse for me.
    Other than that I love it!

  • Mike Frantz

    I love it. About 10 or 12 years ago I made a promise to myself: “Never get upset with the Steelers if they take OL in the first round.” It’s just too important for Steeler football and a weakness there is disastrous for the football team.

    Everybody else I like given the round they were taken in. Harold in the first I don’t like, but in the second…sure. Same with Carter in 2nd vs 3rd. Loves me some Blake Bell. I don’t know what it is, but he looks to me like a guy who is going to work his tail off to help the football team. I’d prefer someone other than Langford, but he’s probably fine.

  • Superdriller316

    Dave, the layout is great. A ton of information.

  • cencalsteeler

    I like how you thought outside the box on this mock, Dave. The Scherff pick is very interesting, but I have to admit it would look silly with him at guard and Beach outside of him. Beachum has filled in admirably at LT, since Mike Adams didn’t work out. I just don’t feel he is the long term answer at that position. We need to have our way with the Ravens pass rush, not the other way around. I know I’m against the grain with the SteelersDepot staff, but I would like to see Kelvin slide to the guard position, and if Brandon is selected, he man the LT position. Arm length is overrated like the 40 yard dash.

  • Rick M

    Yes, let’s award big second contracts to four O-linemen – Pouncey, Gilbert, Beachum and Decastro – and now let’s select another O-lineman in the first round. Here’s a thought: why don’t we just take about 60% of our salary cap and automatically allocate it to the five O-linemen and the QB. We’d be the only team in the NFL that does that, but heck why not.

  • Doug Sawyer

    Dave go home…you’re drunk

  • cp72

    I almost wonder if Jones doesn’t go early 2nd. Daniel Jeremiah had him in his top 50 before he did all that crazy stuff at the combine. Hell he might go in the first round. Tall, crazy athletic, fast, team captain….there’s a lot to like there.

  • kev4heels

    DREAM draft Dave.
    Love Scherff. Is he an obvious need? No. However, we are talking about a potential pro-bowl caliber LG with the ability to possibly play LT. Munchak is the best in the business. He could see Scherff as a LT.
    Harold in the 2nd is nice value as is Rowe in the 5th. I think he goes in the 3rd.

    Seriously – this would be a great draft!

  • This would be brilliant! Great mock Dave I like everything about it. I might even take it without compensatory picks lol. I see you have Alvin Dupree, P.J. and Maxx Williams as possibilities in the first. If Dupree is somehow there, I’d bet anything he’s our pick at this point in time. If that happens, maybe there is an OL prospect that falls to us in the second? Great idea double dipping at CB and also throwing Rowe in there. I like the guys you picked too, I could honestly see that making an immediate impact in our secondary. I’m really warming up to Langford as well for the same reasons you listed above. I read your bio on Blake Bell the same day I found out the Steelers had talked to him and his measurables/QB experience are intriguing. Good job though, if it turns out you nailed every pick with your post combine mock draft, that would be pretty amazing lol

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Seriously Dave, this is the best mock draft I’ve seen yet (for many reasons)…

    1) I think the possibility of drafting a versatile offensive lineman is much higher than people are giving credit for. Whether it be Scherff or Clemmings or Collins, I see similar value in all three.

    2) Speaking of Scherff specifically, I believe he will drop significantly in the draft because (rumor has it) a lot of teams don’t see him as a bonafide left tackle. I think it’s highly likely he slips to the 1.20 range. Generally speaking, guards just don’t get drafted that high.

    3) The value at CB this year is going to be in the 2nd and 3rd round (not the 1st round). That is where we should/will draft our starting CB.

    4) Same with OLB. With the top 5 gone it is not good value to reach for a second tier OLB at 1.22. Plus Colbert is going to sign a F.A. to start in 2015 anyhow. Any pick at OLB is going to be developmental.

    5) I love that you are drafting 3 CB’s here. The Steelers are terrible at evaluating CB talent. We need quantity over quality right now to make up that scouting void.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    A lot of people are dismissing the possibility of a trade up. But after missing out on Fuller CB by one pick last year. I think it’s a real possibility that we trade up ten spots or so for Trey Waynes. If it costs us a 1st + 3rd, then we trade our 2nd for two 3rds, we end up with just about the same value in this particular draft.

  • johnhoien

    Ah, actually this is probably accurate.. Makes total sense & that’s because he’s mocking from a GM’s tendencies.. & not a fans fantasy wish list. Like he explained … Not sexy , just too real for some to digest… Good mock Dave.

  • SnoopDogg123

    Pouncey, Decastro, & Scherff as the interior linemen would be pretty sick. Plus, Scherff is very capable of playing either left or right tackle if needed. Eli Harold seems to fit the mold of what Colbert & Tomlin are looking for in an OLB. Young, athletic OLB who is kind of raw but has lots of potential. Alex Carter looks like a prototypical Steelers CB. Long, physical, good against the run. I’d like a DB with better playmaking ability, but I can definitely see how he fits their defensive scheme.
    Overall, really nice job. Hope we draft a lot of these guys.

  • Zach

    I’m not sure I’d take Dupree…not sold that he will be able to set the edge against the run, which is a must for our OLBs. On a side note, I’d stay away from CB Peters too…that leaves us with the top prospects at #22 being on Offense, namely G, TE, WR and possibly OT. Either we trade down to get value and rebuild the D, or take BPA on O.

  • Zach

    I’m praying for no-peters. seriously, I wouldn’t take the risk on him at #22…perhaps if he falls to the 2nd round. Trae will be gone in the top 10 most likely, so it would take a lot to get us there…with so many holes on D, I’d happily take a G or trade down for an extra third (and possibly still take a G or the top TE).

  • i agree i want an animal with a mean streak

  • Jollyrob68

    I agree with you thinking and really like your selections. Someone reminded me that the Steelers would rather take the number one player at a position than the 4th or 5th best player at a position of need although they might really like Dupree if he’s on the board.
    However, I’d take MAX WILLIAMS as he will help score points and will have a year to learn under Heath Miller.

  • Devon Day

    More than likely it is either Scheff or Jalen at this point. Either or brings a great addition towards the team. Jalen sounds like the CB variant of Martavis; size and speed, but raw. Scheff is much like DeCasteo; tough, mean and gritty. Either pick works. However, I do like Scheff more due to the fact that the Steelers do not have a viable running back option and Big Ben does need one more solid piece of support up front for a better air attack.

  • Devon Day

    Pouncey, DesCastro, and Scheff? AFC’s best offensive line confirmed?

  • mokhkw

    Schreff makes a lot of sense with an aging QB & a big time RB coming into his prime & also recalling the last game vs Ravens when their front 7 dominated.

    Like Foster, McClendon is also in the last year of his contract so I can just as easily see a NT in the 1st.

  • puCrepeaP

    So Alvin Dupree isn’t a premiere OLB?

  • Although I do agree with you about the OL comment but the Patriots OL isn’t good and they won a Super Bowl. Seahawks were destroying them in the trenches. Pats couldn’t run the ball and Bennett was all over Brady

  • RW

    Love it.

  • LucasY59

    I would be totally happy with this Mock, I agree the guys they were targeting in the 1st have moved up because of their combine performances (Fowler, Waynes and Dupree) Dupree might be the only one that has a chance to still be there at 22 (would be suprised and happy if he is, and would take him over Scherff)

    If Scherff is the pick he could have a very similar rookie season that Martin had for the cowboys. cant complain who the pick is if they make the probowl so any probowler that can be picked would be a success IMO (especially since the Defensive players that look to be probowlers are most likely already gone)

    dont want them to reach on the the fringe 1st rd defensive talents, I think Williams is a good player and would fit in great with the Steelers and could be a pro bowler but Scherff has a better chance of being a multiple probowler early on in his career.

    Only way I wouldnt want them to draft Scherff is if they plan on bringing in Mike next yr to re-unite the Pouncey Bros.

    If either of the Collins’ from LSU are available I think they could get consideration as well, and maybe the LT from Stanford (cant think of his name atm)

  • Birdman

    Great mock Dave. This looks like a Steelers draft.

    I’d be happy if Scherff OR a tackle like Andrus Peat falls to pick 22.

  • ADH

    Selecting Scherff with our 1st round pick k wouldn’t be a bad idea but I don’t see how he contributes right away. Some may say my comments are negative but I believe the steelers need to address this secondary and it can’t be some late round picks that doesn’t amount to much. We need a stud.

  • LucasY59

    cant wait to see where the comp picks will be, lots of second choices in the mid to late rds that would be great if we were able to get them as comps, mock could change alot depending on FA and Comp picks, but so far this one looks good

  • LucasY59

    yep either of those 2 O-Lineman may drop, I would rather the Steelers take a player that drops instead of reaching for one just because of the position they play.

    O-line isnt a big need but the better they are able to protect Ben the better he should play and the more successful the season will be, Defense is a need but BPA is VERY important in the 1st rd

  • LucasY59

    I agree the Secondary needs help, but I dont want them reaching for a guy just because its a need. Peters, Williams, and J Collins could all be possible with the first pick, but arent going to contribute as much as Scherff possibly would,

    also I think he could have the same kind of impact Martin had in Dallas, add one more first rd talent to the line that already has Pouncey and DeCastro, and they look like one of the best in the league. which also makes Ben and Bell look even better with improved blocking in front of them

  • LucasY59

    I think Dave listed him as a consideration, but doesn’t think theres a very good chance he will be available, so he went with Scherff

  • Usually I read a post and comment right away. Not with this one. No, I’ve been stewing over this one all day — not in a bad way, just letting it settle into my system.

    Let me begin with this: Dave, if you turn out to be right, and if Scherff turns out to be the guy, you will have cemented your place in Steelers commentary lore for eternity.

    And yet, I think you may be right. I’m still hoping for Maxx in the first, but I think it’s likely, as you suggest, that the top OLBs will be gone, and I’ve been saying for some time that I just don’t think the Steelers will go CB in the first. Wayne is a possibility, I suppose, but Peters would be huge risk, and his comments at the combine (did you see Matt Taibbi’s brilliant piece on the combine at Grantland, which includes a couple of Peters quotes?) just add to the worry. No, I think they’ll go CB later, and probably OLB in the second or third as well.

    The fact is, we focus on CB and OLB as the obvious positions of need, because at most other positions the team is pretty set. Do they need a TE? Not in 2015. Do they need a S? Not if they continue to have confidence in Mitchell and Shamarko. Could you use an upgrade at T? Sure, maybe. Do they need depth along the d-line? Of course, but free agency may solve that. And so too might it solve the huge problem at OLB — who knows? But LG is a spot that could use an upgrade now and that will almost certainly be position of need in 2016. Dave, you nailed it. If Scherff falls, because Gs get so little respect, he’d be an amazing pick at our spot. And when you then think of the potential state of the interior line going forward, well, that’s pretty exciting, no?

    Anyway, that’s just focusing your first pick, but the rest looks solid — though of course I say that with nowhere close to your knowledge of these guys. In particular, if they don’t get Maxx, Bell would be a sound consolation pick (if you can even look at it that way) so late in the draft.

  • Leon Mcnair

    Ok for like the 100 time Max has a second round grade he WI’ll not go in round 1and Clive Wilford is better the Steelers don’t need a TE now especially in RD1and your comment about Mitchell it was his,first year in that system and can u tell me if Clark and Troy did anythjng in their FirSt year,Mitchell as a,good upside and he’s still young,

  • Leon Mcnair


  • Leon Mcnair

    He’s second round talent rather have Wilford or Jesse james

  • Vincent Dayton

    No way they’ll draft an offensive lineman in the first round. That’s lunacy.

  • LucasY59

    best interior line for sure, which would help the OT’s

    Gilbert plays decent when DD is able to help, and It couldn’t hurt to give that same help to Beach.

    They had Trouble when Ngata and Williams were getting pressure up the middle and the G’s were helping Pouncey which left the T’s on an Island

  • I didn’t say anything critical about Mitchell. I think he’ll bounce back. What I said was that if the team has confidence in him and Shamarko — and they ought to — S is not a position of urgent need even if Troy retires.

    As for Maxx, I know he’s a fairly polarizing figure. And maybe Walford is a better guy to target if they really want a TE. But even with a second-round grade from Mayock, Maxx is young and, I think, has huge upside.

  • LucasY59

    FA and Comps will alter the picks some, but right now this mock is the Winner

    (It would be crazy, but) I would even double up OLB back to back if Dupree and Harold 1st and 2nd if they were both available in 1 and 2,

    With this mock there are some good picks for the Secondary that would help enough they don’t need a higher pick than 3rd rd (which is traditionally where they take CB’s anyway)

    the rest of the mock continues to find good talent at each rd that should help fill the talent needs that the team has.

  • LucasY59

    a guy like Marpet could be the OL guy in the 2nd (if they can get Dupree) or maybe Fisher?

  • LucasY59

    Very solid with all the picks, finds good VALUE and doesn’t reach for need, still fills all needs (with what looks like good talent) without reaching tho

  • LucasY59

    for the next 5 yrs Scherff would be at a Discount, Beach is a Discount LT (which on most teams LT takes a huge chunk out of the cap) we will see next yr where DeCastro’s contract will be, but again for the next 5 yrs (Ben’s Championship window) they need to invest in guys that can protect him or weapons he can make plays with. The D is rebuilding so it is less expensive, and after that time there will be issues with rebuilding the WHOLE team (because of CAP problems) or a young QB that would benefit greatly from having a solid talented O-line in front of him to start his Career. (Jets made Sanchez look pretty good his first 2 yrs, with a great O-line)

  • Melly

    oak will take him in the second! they are freaks for workout warriors!!!!

  • LucasY59

    yep like the layout with the comparisons

  • LucasY59

    I think they will have a chance to evaluate him for a yr as a rookie (if Scherff is the pick) He has a better chance of playing well as a rookie at LG (LT is a tough position for rookies) and an easier time beating our Foster than Beach.

    His 2nd yr they might switch them up and He could definitely be a good LT (even with shorter arms) with Munchak coaching him up, but he could also be a future All-Pro LG and I would be just as good to me.

    with the problems they have with the Ravens a lot of it also has to do with them pushing the pocket with interior pressure, which helps the edge rushers, If Ben can’t step up into the pocket to avoid the rush they have a lot better chance of getting the sack, getting better on the interior will help with that, not many OT’s can stop a pass rush when they make it a race to a spot at the back of the pocket

  • Melly

    A guard isn’t gonna stop AJ Green from goin deep on us, or put pressure on the QB. With Foster, we had a great offensive year. Maybe a Guard in round 3??

  • Leon Mcnair

    Wrong!! Max is overrated. Dumb move if They take him rd1


    I like a lot of your picks, especially the back end of it. But it’s tough to really comment when you think players will be off the board…particularly Harold. I would expect Harold to go late 1st to early 2nd and generally speaking I think CBs are going to fly off the board in the 2nd.

    That said. I don’t expect to get a plug-n-play guy @ 22 this year. All will need to be coached up on some level I’m guessing.

    Peters would be my choice. Assuming they did go with Scherff which I like…some feel he will be a G at this level which is fine by me…if he develops into a T…super.

    2nd…I like Orchard from Utah or Kikaha from WAS if Harold is gone.

    3rd…I would take a chance on Byron Jones from Uconn…I’m double dipping at this position…but his athletic ability would be hard to ignore

    4th…Ekpre-Olomu…I think this kid will recover and eventually start in the league

    Langford, Rowe, & Bell I love.


    I agree NE OL is not that great…Pressure…yes, until it mattered in the 2nd half.

  • Nolrog

    I don’t like a guard in the first. If there isn’t value at that pick for an OLB or a CB, then we should be trading up or down to get one. While I’m a big proponent of drafting someone on the OL somewhere in every draft (5 positions, we should always be looking to improve the depth, just like we do with LBs), we have 1 corner and 1 OLB. Those positions need to be addressed early and often.



  • LucasY59

    any rookie CB is going to have a hard time coming in and starting (or at least playing very well while doing it) Carter is a guy that could be a solid Steeler CB (not the flashy playmaker type, the kind they have had when they won their last two SB’s) will be good in a Zone Scheme, will play against the run, and hopefully will play well with the WR in front of him so there are no big plays behind him.

    I think they are also expecting/hoping Cortez will recover from last yr and be the player they paid him to be, if they re-sign McCain and Blake they will be ok (they still have Will G. also)

    they are also hoping Mitchell will get better with understanding the D and play better (again like he was paid to do)

    Shamarko’s speed and Physicality should also help the Secondary.

    There are lots of ?s with the Secondary but if it turns out how they have planned/hoped it would they don’t need a 1st rd pick to fix the problems they are currently having. (not saying a 1st rd CB wont help or that their hopes and plans will turn out they way they want them to)

  • LucasY59

    He should be VERY similar to Martin last yr

  • LucasY59

    IF IEO is available in the 4th its a no-brainer he’s the pick


    Agreed…piggy backing off Dave’s mock, hard to take him in the 3rd rd unless you know he’s sound. …1st rd talent likely to go late 2nd to early 3rd depending on what he’s able to do @ his pro day…

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I agree on Beachum. Which is why I have T.J. Clemmings (OL) in my current mock draft at 1.22.

    Most top rated (1st round) OL prospects are typically position flexible. Your top LT’s can usually play RT in a pinch. Your top RT’s can usually play OG in a pinch. Your top OG’s can usually play OC in a pinch. Even your top OC’s can usually play OG in a pinch.

    By drafting a prospect like Clemmings you not only get a potential upgrade at LT, you also get an immediate upgrade at LG. One year under Munchak will fix a lot of his minor technique issues.

    I disagree on arm length being “completely” overrated. It is overrated in some cases. But not all. Just my opinion.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Very interesting pick in the 1st but not out of the question either.

  • cencalsteeler

    Sometimes long arms are a disadvantage. Players get lazy and reach. That makes it easy for defenders to swat their arms out of the way (ex. Swim move), get them off balance, and win the battle. If someone has shorter arms, they may tend to get their body in a better position to maintain stability while having their feet under them. A shorter armed player does need to have quick feet though, to shuttle themselves into position. Your strength is your core, you become weaker the further away you get from it.

  • Devon Day

    I have to admit, that pick might garner more cheers than one might think. Even with Bell out, who’s to say Archers or Harris’ experience or speed will be in play? If that tangible holds, then expect Pittsburgh to have a top 5 overall offense.

  • Scott

    Foster is established and will be extended so there’s no reason to change anything. Don’t fix what’s not broken. With the many holes to be fill on defense, there will likely be at least one of those positions that can be filled with a player of equal value to Scherff at # 22. You have a better chance of seeing Dan Rooney doing back-flips on top of the
    Duquesne Incline then the Steelers drafting a guard in the first this year.

  • Don

    I very much agree with you about the O-line, so I wouldn’t be horrified with this. However, I really think they need to go OLB or CB. The defense has become too unreliable and it has to be re-tooled.

  • Justin Barlow

    If you sub in Maxx Williams in the first round, Ill buy this.

    I dont have a problem with Ramon Foster. We have planted our seeds at OLine. The tight end position might be the thinnest on the roater considering trends in the league, red zone performance, and Miller’s performance in the playoffs.

  • Reno

    Agree with your comments and we are clearly in the minority. Are we missing something? When they selected DeCastro he was BPA but correct if I’m wrong the Steelers didn’t having any glaring weaknesses at the time and there was still a need to upgrade at G. The last 2 years they selected what they thought was the BPA based on need. I say thought since we both know Moseley was the #1 rated as his position and most draft experts had Shazier going somewhere between 25-30. Someone will probably disagree but there will be nothing they can say that will convince me otherwise. The Steelers have an opportunity to get the #2 CB and at worst #3 CB and they would select the #1 G even though it may not be clear he is the BPA? To make the claim that he is may be like splitting hairs and being too smart for your own good IMO. How soon people forget how poorly their defense played and the fact that they have question marks with about half of their starting line-up. The Steelers have too many needs and weaknesses on defense to take the BPA at any position. I’m not sure what people don’t get about that. Not telling you anything you don’t already know Rick just sharing in your pain if that’s the way it shakes out.

  • Garret Cody

    I do like Schreff at 22 as well as I like Eli in the second round. I made a mock draft myself as well. Here it is:
    1. Vic Beasley DE Clemson
    2. Quinten Rollins CB Miami (OH.)
    3. TJ Yeldon RB Alabama
    4. Jesse James TE Penn State
    5. Cody Prewitt S Ole Miss
    6. Tony Washington OLB Oregon
    7. Sean Mannion QB Oregon State

  • Donny Simmons

    I like the picks. I love the Blake Bell pick, with some time in the weight room he can be a stud and Heath mentoring him for a year!! 3 picks in the secondary is a must I would have gone with Marcus Peters in the 1st and look at Donovan Smith (OT) Penn St. In the 3rd. Still good job!!

  • Zach

    1) why no peters: character concerns and position value. i’m not sure our team can handle distractions well — blount was a good example. also it’s a poor move to take a CB in the 1st since he’ll likely not play in the 1st yr, and if he’s a stud we won’t re-sign him after yr 5 when he would ask 10 mil/yr.

    2) why taking a G: best value at 22. we could take sherff or erving. our starting G is entering his last yr of contract into his 30s, and it doesn’t look like we have a replacement ready.

    3) why trading down: I believe we could still get the same player (a G) or the best TE at the bottom of the 1st round, and collect an extra third in the process.

  • Donny Simmons

    1 cornerback with limited experience a undersized pass rusher who can’t set the edge and a QB? I could live with the first 4 but you have to at least come back with another DB and DE/OLB


    All good points. My retort.

    Peters…when you really delve into his character issues I think you’ll find a very competitive kid, but lacks maturity…if the talent is truly there…I can work with that.

    Playing time…past history agrees with you but I think he will see the field…worst case in dime…best case, nickle and starting in ’16.

    Stud…if so, you get your 5 yrs out of him cheap and move on to the next player if he’s not a 2 contract player…no reason not to take him.

    2…Agree 100%, not opposed to Scherff or but I really don’t want to leave a starting caliber CB on the board to take a G…I think we can find a G in the 2nd or 3rd rd to groom to replace Foster.

    3…Also agree, but again, I don’t want to leave a starting caliber CB or OLB on the board…and of course there has to be a trade partner.

  • T. Bradshaw

    I agreed with Dave at first on Scherff as I think a good O-line makes all your skill players better with bigger holes for your backs and more time for your QB to throw and receivers to get open. Unfortunately I later learned from Dave, with the help of Alex C. On the podcast, that Scherff is not my type of guy. Dave doesn’t like Scerff’s size in order to play tackle. Alex brought up the fact that Beachum is only 6’3″. Dave says “Yeah, but Beachum is a dedicated worker who is a technician.” That immediately changed my mind. I don’t want somebody like Scherff who is not dedicated and won’t be a technician chosen in the first round. Wait and see if this lazy sloppy guy is still available in the 3rd round.

  • tcirish53@gmail.com

    This reminds me of an old time Steelers draft, seemingly strict adherence to BPA.
    I could live with this draft as it is, and actually like the doubling up on CB, but one wonders who we passed on to get yet another high pick OLman (was one of the stud OLBs or CBs there?).

  • tcirish53@gmail.com

    Big, I don’t know how this looks if you go back in time, but this past year the final 4 competitors to get to the SB had very average OLs.
    Seems contradictory to the success they had, but I believe the Pats OL was supposedly something like the 15th best in the league!
    Believe it or not……

  • Leon Mcnair

    Shannon what’s up bruh

  • Shannon Stephenson

    busy life. lol

  • HiVul

    Scherff could be a great pick, with Munchak we know he can be developed. For whatever reason our first round selections on defense haven’t had an immediate impact anyway. So I wouldn’t be entirely disappointed if we didn’t go that route for a third year.

  • son_zhu

    You know that the Steelers don’t draft for need. As Colbert has spelled out many times, they go into the draft with their board, ranking all players 1 through 256 (adjusted for compensatory picks) and pick based on best value/player available. That’s how the Steelers wound up with Rashard Mendenhall in 2008 (no one was expecting that pick, but we saw the value when it was made, as no one thought he would be there).

  • Good draft! A little surprise about OG as 1st pick since we need so much defense especially pass rush and DBs but I see where you were going.


    Outstanding…I could take this today…but reality, I think Beasley’s combine has pushed him into the top 10…worst case top 15.

    Love Yeldon in the 3rd…but I’m wanting a guy Munchak can groom to replace Foster right there.

  • SteelersDepot

    Never said Scherff is lazy and cant be technician. Beachum really has worked hard to learn to play T at the NFL level despite his size. as I mentioned, Beachum has a very unique body style and that has helped him. He has a tackle torso and a guard upper body. Scherff is built more like a true guard.

  • SteelersDepot

    Focusing on the players even if they might be in the wrong round is indeed beneficial. Do you really expect me to hit all 7 picks? Do you think that a few of these players might be drafted by the Steelers in totally different rounds? If so, then there is where the value of mocks come in. It’s all about players fitting needs and style.

  • StarSpangledSteeler


    I totally understand your argument and it is valid. But you can still have all star OL. You just have to “rotate” the money.

    You can’t pay Pouncey $9 mil, DeCastro $8 mil (upcoming), Gilbert $6 mil, Beachum $7 mil (upcoming), and Foster $4 mil (upcoming). All at the same time.

    But what if we drafted a 1st round rookie OT and a 3rd round rookie OG. Those two contracts amount to roughly $3 mil/yr combined (averaged out over 4 years). You pay two guys big money + two guys small money + one guy average money.

    And then when those young guys are up for big money extensions you make a decision on Pouncey/DeCastro.

    Restructuring Gilbert was absolutely idiotic by the way. What is it with Colbert and paying big, fat, average lineman huge money?

  • HiVul

    I agree with you about not squabbling too much over it, especially this far out. But I look at availability vs best fit as impossible to separate from one another in a mock. They’re both sides of the same coin really, hard to discuss the best fit without discussing who’s available to choose from.

  • steelersfan

    Wow very interesting first round pick. I will always support picking the BPA.

  • CodeNameJerk

    When you look back at last year you’d have to say the offense was the clear strength of the team. So going Defense in the first few rounds makes a lot of sense. That said, the Oline played pretty poorly in that playoff game against the Ravens and it’s not a stretch to say if they played better the outcome may have been different.

  • Terrible Towlie

    I’d like Sherff as RT, he’s just a good solid OL and will be good at whatever position his team settles on for him

  • Terrible Towlie

    and they are know caught cheaters time and time again, with little or no consequences, while the league is willing to make up rules on the spot for marsha brady

  • Terrible Towlie

    there are no 1st round TE’s

  • Zach

    agreed based on the scouts grading, but Maxx Williams will most likely go in the 1st given the need of multiple teams.

  • Kyle Fuller is the pick. He’s

    I doan care about your warning. Sherff is a really dumb number one pick at this stage of the game. Value smalue. I like nast Codey to stay. Theres my pick he stays yours is passed to the third rnd as far as value. You gonna take the heat on that one. Sorry I broke your rule. There is no rule in a street fight. So here’s a bottle to the head.

  • tcirish53@gmail.com

    No doubt. But that of course is an entirely different subject!

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Picking OL in the first round wouldn’t surprise me at all from a talent/value perspective. The biggest reason why? Le’Veon Bell. In the past couple of years, the Steelers have made BIG strides toward becoming an elite running team. From personnel, to coaching, to talent at the RB position. Why wouldn’t they want to get even better?

    I would also LOVE to get Langford as our RB2. Personally, I’d want to see the Steelers go back to OLB in the fifth round, but obviously, impact players are harder to find in the middle-to-late rounds. Plus, it all depends on what the team does in FA.

  • Derick L Young

    Coleman had 20 reps on the bench jesus. that kid is strong. That makes me want him in the sixth.

  • Derick L Young

    you should of said Cowboys.

  • Derick L Young

    Ravens and Seahawks had very average o lines??? I disagree. They were above average O lines the years they won the SB.

  • Derick L Young

    I agree, I do not see Harold falling that low in the 2nd. Would be great though.

  • Harley Crockett

    Personally, I would flip out if they selected OL in first if other 1st round talent (Dupree/Williams/Waynes) were still on the board…BPA or not…but then again, that’s why I’m sitting here and not there (Steelers FO), so take it for what it’s worth

  • Jollyrob68

    Does anyone really think the Steelers would Draft Peters? No!
    Why a Guard? Because The Steelers would rather take the top player at a position than the 4th or 5th player at a position of need. Plus, they play in the AFC NORTH and need to be able to run on Baltimore which they didn’t even with a healthy L.Bell.

  • uglybagofwater

    If this is what the Steelers draft actually looks like, I’ll blow a gasket. We need a nose tackle. Badly. The biggest liability in Pittsburgh’s defense is the inability to penetrate the middle of the opponent’s offensive line. Take a top NT with the first pick, trade up in the 2nd round to grab PJ Williams if he’s still there, and this defense will be in much better shape.

  • Terrible Towlie

    hopefully not us but I doubt even the ginger hero goes round 1, late second maybe, but probably not until the 3rd….too many good wr’s, pass rushers, DT’s, and top flight rb’s…the drop off after the top 5 CB’s will result in them probably all gone in the 1st also, and same with OT’s that’s a lot of players in more important positions that will fill up the early rounds, as you know once one of the top players in those now premium positions(just look at the franchise tag #’s for each) usually causes a run on a certain position to get one of the top guys before they go dry…TE just isn’t that important in the grand scheme of things along with the fact there are some top young TE’s available as FA’s and reliable proven vets that were available at TE up well into training camp the last couple years, just look at the purples picking up Clark and Daniels late in the FA calender last couple years… if Heath is such a worry then sign Gresham, or throw an offer at J Thomas…..but as Heath winds down I think we’ll be seeing more 4 wide sets with Bell as a bolcker 1st then an outlet…more spread and up tempo no huddle with our 3 young stud wr’s, superstar RB who is a better receiver than any TE we can draft or realisticly sign and probable wr draft pick gift that falls to us as there are so many good ones, especially if said wr is also a returner

  • Bob

    I am nearly always in favor of big men with the 1st pick, whether offense or defense doesn’t matter, unless the value is considerably greater for other positions. Even though the league has changed a LOT over the last few years, most games are still won in the trenches.

  • son_zhu

    I hear you. You should’ve seen me in the bar when the Steelers chose Shazier….. Alot of WTFs when Denard was still on the board.

  • Guest


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  • Kenny Morgan

    I don’t know about a OL in the first round. There are fine lineman in the middle to late rounds to draft and develop. I agree with the philosophy that the Steelers do not draft for need. However, with so many needs, its hard to see them not address one by default in the 1st round. When I evaluate the first round I see the Steelers drafting a CB or OLB.
    1st Round, I see them going with PJ Williams out of FSU. Waynes will more than likely be gone by the Steelers pick, and they Steelers shying away from a 1st round pick with character question marks considering their recent history with Taamu, Rainey, and the stabbing incident of Mike Adams.
    2nd Round, I see OLB and I like Nate Orchard from Utah. Orchard possesses the moves to get to the QB as shown by his 18.5 sacks last season. Could be what the Steelers need to get to the QB. Other possibilities; (Eli Harold OLB, Lorenzo Mauldin OLB). Each have a high ceiling but none really merit a 1st round pedigree. Its also hard to imagine the Steelers will draft LB with a 1st round pick 3 years in a row.
    3rd Round, is a big opportunity, there are many athletes that will still be on the board who can make an immediate impact at their respective positions. My first choice in the 3rd Round would be Josh Shaw, CB USC. Shaw provides the athleticism, toughness, and versatility that the Steelers lack in their secondary. Only reason he is projected 3 round is due to the off the field incident a year ago. Has the versatility to play CB or S and is a quality special teams player as well. Other possibilities I see in the 3rd round include; (Jaquiski Tartt, David Johnson, Arie Kouandjio).
    4th Round, I like Nick O’Leary from FSU. Good size in 6’3, lacks top end speed, but is a reliable target. Comes from a successful college program and could learn a lot from Miller until given the role of starter. Other possibilities (Eric Rowe, Clayton Geathers, Marcus Golden)
    5th Round I like Karlos Williams from FSU. A down year in 2014 saw his stock drop, but he is a physical, fast runner. Has a lot of room to develop as a runner but possesses upside. A converted RB from the S position he will provide much special teams help. Other possibilities (Jake Ryan OLB, Wes Saxton TE)
    6th Round will possibility provide a compensatory pick. If so, I like Erick Dargan SS Ore, and Shaq Riddick DE WVU. Other possibilities (Blake Bell TE, Malcom Brown RB, Matt Jones RB)
    7th Round, with the departure of Lance Moore and DHB the Steelers may look to fill a WR need (if they don’t pick up Jacoby Jones, which I am a big fan of). They could use this pick on 6’3 WR DeVante Davis from UNLV.
    I see a defensive heavy draft, but one that can really bring back the Steelers as AFC powers.

  • Guest


    Natalie . if you, thought Mary `s remark is surprising, last thursday I bought themselves a Mitsubishi Evo after having made $4013 this-last/5 weeks and-just over, $10k this past-munth . with-out any question its the best-job Ive ever had . I started this nine months/ago and immediately started to bring in more than $72.. p/h . .

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  • moonunit1

    Wait, so why are you’re dictating that we ignore that you picked 3 potential first round picks in your first 3 rounds?

  • Hard Row

    i have a feeling that CB and 3-4 OLB will be cleaned out by the steelers pick. Because of that, i can see them going any number of directions.

    That’s why i see Maxx Williams as possible, or even a WR like Jaelen Strong as possible picks when it seems like there’s no chance they could draft anything but defense. I’d rather get a top player at a lesser position of need than reach on a guy. That’s how you get Troy Edwards or Jarvis Jones.

    Scherff would be a good option. It would be funny if they got a Scherff and Jesse James in the same draft.

  • Josh Gustad

    Dave, what is your take on Eddie Goldman DT out of Florida State?

  • TheBurgh805

    More like a LG i think ..no tackle too stubby haha

  • Name

    I don’t think you got any of them right. If you did, it’s time I changed teams.

  • Eric Radosevich

    I like what you did with the exception of Rounds 6 and 7. Personally, I am thinking DL in the 6th, There are a couple that the “experts” have graded as 6th round developmental guys that seem perfect as 3/4 DE’s. The 7th round I am thinking WR, again developmental guys are in abundance in the 7th for WR. I just think 3 CB’s is a bit over doing it but considering you wrote this a while back that is some impressive insight. It is obvious that you put a lot of time and consideration into this and I think I appreciate that most of all. Anyone can post some flashy Names but you really dug in here. GREAT JOB!!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  • Devin Smith

    I think the priority for the Steelers in the first two rounds has to be on the defensive side. OG/OT is a far deeper position then OLB. A future starter like Havenstein would be available in the third round. I would like to see us take either Peters or Dupree in round one and flip the pick in round two. If we take a CB like Peters someone like Hunter or Orchard would suffice. If Dupree is taken I would love to see us grab a CB like Rollins or Carter.