Pat Narduzzi Believes Steelers Will Need To Trade Up If They Want CB Trae Waynes

If the Pittsburgh Steelers are hoping to draft Michigan State cornerback Trae Waynes in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft, new Pittsburgh head coach Pat Narduzzi thinks they’ll have to trade up to do it, according to Scott Brown of

Prior to being hired by the University of Pittsburgh this offseason, Narduzzi had been Michigan State’s defensive coordinator for the past eight seasons. If anyone knows what Wayne’s ceiling really is, it’s probably him.

Narduzzi reportedly told reporters after Pittsburgh’s Pro Day that he’s hearing from scouts that Waynes will be a top 10 or 15 pick in the draft.

Waynes is regarded by many as the top cornerback in this year’s class ahead of Marcus Peters and Jalen Collins. It would indeed be a shock if he fell to the Steelers at 22 and probably just as shocking if general manager Kevin Colbert traded up in the first round to draft him.

The Steelers haven’t traded up in the first round since 2006 and they haven’t drafted a cornerback in the first round since 1997.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    As much as the Steelers seem to be interested in Kevin Johnson, I’d be shocked if they traded up for Waynes. It’s a rarity for them to even select a DB in round one, so trading up for one is, I’m going to say, HIGHLY improbable. And that’s being generous.

  • Nolrog

    It will be very costly to trade up from 22 to 10. 15 might be doable, but that would probably cost a 2nd.


    It would be a stretch w/o question…Idk that Johnson is ready to be an edge defender in this league yet (not in run support that is), but to offer up a 3rd rounder or worse yet a 2nd rounder to get Waynes would tell me that Butler is not that concerned about OLB.

  • Josh Gustad

    I’m not a fan of trading up. Stick with what we got and get someone like Marcus Peters or Eli Harold.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Just a couple of small points:

    1. Who is to say we actually WANT Waynes?

    2. It is natural to say that Narduzzi “knows his upside”, but he just as easily could have tunnel vision about the kids abilities.

    3. I am not yet convinced that the Steelers will take a CB in the first round, nor am I convinced it will be a D player at that.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    It’s a fair point. I’m not convinced that we MUST go defense in round 1 either.

    Waynes is a very good prospect but I would not put him on Revis’ level (who went 14th overall). I would probably even say Kyle Fuller was a better “play making” prospect (and he went 14th overall). I’m not knocking Waynes. I would love to have him. But I don’t believe he’s a top 10 talent (from a play making perception) compared to previous years.

    IMO, if Waynes is gone, there is no CB in the draft that would be classified as a “steal” at 1.22. Most of them would be a slight “reach”. OTOH, I predict there will be a couple of CB’s available at 2.23 that would be classified as “steals”.

    I also believe Colbert is going to sign a starting LOLB in free agency very shortly. That will shift our need at OLB from “immediate starter” to “developmental starter”. Those can be acquired very easily in this particular draft during rounds 3 through 5, where talent is deep.

    My “best value” mock currently has us going:

    1.22 – La’el Collins OT/OG -or- Clemmings OT/OG
    2.23 – Ronald Darby CB
    3.24 – David Johnson RB
    4.22 – Davis Tull OLB
    5.23 – Anthony Chickillo OLB
    6.24 – Jaquiski Tartt S
    7.22 – Cam Thomas CB

    (Assuming we acquire a starting F.A. LOLB)

  • Paddy

    Just a coach high on a player, lets see first.

  • Toddy Bravo

    I just can’t get out of my mind how we passed on another highly rated MSU CB last year (Dennard). I can’t remember where I read it, but somewhere it said he didn’t fit the Steelers’ system. As talented as he is, I wonder if that could be the case with Waynes too?

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I say jump up to right before the Bengals if he is still there, knowing they would most likely take him

  • Toddy Bravo

    Something just doesn’t sit right with drafting a guy named Cam Thomas. What, you couldn’t find a d-back named Bubby Brister? lol.

  • Terrible Towlie

    they traded up for a DB named Troy in 2003

  • CaSteeler

    I think everyone knew this as soon as he ran his 40. I’d prefer for the Steelers to stick to what they always do, bpa

  • CodeNameJerk

    If anything this is the year to trade back, not up. IMO

  • Stout

    I think it’s Johnson if he’s there, yet we haven’t seen all the visits taken. Maxx had a large contigent from us, also.

  • Drizzle97

    or Bud..I’m ok, with either of the 3 vs trading up for ANYONE in this draft!

  • Cliff Volmar

    I’m curious to see why you chose offense of line. If trae is not there at 22,The only other option would be Marcus peters for a corner. If both are gonna I would go bud Dupree or Eli Harold. If they are gone I wouldn’t mind trading back and picking up an extra 2nd round pick

  • blackandgoldBullion

    I’ve been saying the same thing for at least 2 years, but it never happens. I actually have a long list of guys I’d like in all rounds. Actually, I;m still working on it and I even have some UDFA’s in mind. It’s usually the first round guys that scare me. Everyone expects an All-Pro in the 1st, but only half of them become consistent starters in the NFL, about 60% if I remember correctly.
    Boy, I wish they would trade down.

  • Ariel Jimmer

    They aren’t trading up. The Steelers haven’t expressed any special interest in Trae Waynes and they know they lack to depth to afford losing picks to pick up one guy. This is really just headlining speculation and then speculating further on it, which is lazy reporting.

  • Ariel Jimmer

    lol, and? twelve years later and lacking depth all over the roster, you bring that up?

  • Ariel Jimmer

    This article is just lazy reporting. Speculating on hypothetical

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Let me expound just a little on my post from earlier as I see some comments on it below. We have other needs, even on offense, which need filled and could be an option for the first round. Here are our position needs as I see them.

    Dline – Depth
    OLB – Starter(s)
    S – Depth, unless you don’t see Shamarko as a starter someday
    CB – Starter(s)

    RB – Depth
    TE – Starter, current year depth
    LT – Starter, current year depth
    LG – Starter, current year depth
    (I am not opposed to seeing Beachum slide into G to replace Foster if we only get one this year)

    ANY of those positions above could be first round targets as far as I am concerned. Yes, free agency could change that. It is easy to see from this list that D makes the most sense positionally, but it may not from a value perspective.