Report: Steelers To Bring OLB Randy Gregory In For Pre Draft Visit

Nebraska defensive end/outside linebacker Randy Gregory certainly has had his name discussed quite a bit in the last 24 hours after admitting to Kimberly Jones of the NFL Network that he tested positive for marijuana at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine. Since that news broke on Thursday, several teams have decided to bring Gregory in for a pre draft visit.

According to Tony Pauline of, the Pittsburgh Steelers are one of almost a half dozen new teams who have scheduled pre draft visits with Gregory since the positive test news broke on Thursday.

Gregory has more than likely hurt his draft stock by testing positive for marijuana at the combine and it appears as though teams picking later in the first round now want to get the full story from the edge rusher in case they should wind up having a chance at drafting him.

A few years ago, the Steelers removed tackle Mike Adams from their draft board after he tested positive for marijuana at the combine. They did, however, add Adams back to their board after he requested a pre draft visit and agreed to accept a few unknown stipulations from the team. Adams ended up being selected by the Steelers in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Gregory had 17.5 sacks in his two years at Nebraska. He measures in at 6-foot-5 and 243-pounds.

  • JNick

    I might be in the minority be he would be incredibly tempting at 22. He’s been pretty open about his marijuana use and troubles.

  • Matt Manzo

    Not sure what to think about Gregory?
    I had him off my board cuz he’s so thin and finesse. Is he athletic enough to make up for it?
    I was also turned off by his statements about the failed test. Something about anxiety and smoking all the time? I don’t mind the weed smoking, I love smoking! And he’s just a kid, but something about the statement didn’t sit right. Maybe he was being too honest?
    I also HATE when a kid has to start his career in a drug program!

  • Vinhuddle

    If he slid to #22, he’d be hard to pass up! I just hope he and LeVeon don’t become buddy

  • James Kling

    He’ll be drafted high…

  • JNick

    *cues Afroman music*

  • Bad thing is if he falls another edge rusher will be taken in his place.

  • JNick

    I read where he talked about the struggle of quitting and working to get over it. I’m kinda neutral about it. If they drafted him I wouldn’t throw my arms up in the air. If they passed on him it wouldn’t be unjustified. I still don’t think he makes it to 22.

  • Agreed I think he’s too small to play OLB for us. Guys already complain enough about the sizes of the guys we already have. We don’t need any more of that garbage.

  • Matt Manzo

    That’s my biggest worry!

  • steeltown

    I don’t get the hype, he’s raw, lacking overall strength, not much experience dropping in coverage and he’s not that good against the run..

  • Matt Manzo

    That’s why I never paid attention to him.

  • JNick

    So you’re saying him and Uncle Jarvis would make great bookend OLBs? 😉

  • Derek Bonadio

    I know many view Adams as not being worth a second round pick and he should be a prime example as to why the Steelers should stay away from Gregory. First, Adams hasn’t been THAT bad. True he cannot play Left Tackle, but he has done well at right tackle when asked to play. I think he is a valuable depth player that is a plug and play RT if Gilbert goes down. Probably not second round worthy in the first place but not a bad player at all. Second, Adams wasn’t Gregory coming out. Adams was an end of the first / mid second round pick coming out prior to the failed drug test anyway. He really didn’t drop all that much. If you remember correctly his strength was a major question then and it is an evident weakness of his game now. So, Adams in my opinion was a much bigger gamble in the second than Gregory would be at 22. Many evaluators like Gregory better than Shane Ray, Vic Beasley and Bud Dupree. He is a legit top 10 or 15 pick. Yes, he is a little lite in the frame but his strength (24 bench reps) is on par for the position. In addition, his strength for his length is great (34 inch arm length)! He is without question someone the Steelers should look deeper into and depending on the board, draft in the first round. The run on the edge rushers could come fast in the first round. I would expect the top edge rushers available at 22 to be Gregory, Harold, Odighizuwa and P.Smith. Hard not to take Gregory if these are the top names available and no CB left is graded higher than him. Gotta do the homework on him. But with our locker room, coaching staff and organization I would not expect it to be an ongoing problem.

  • RMSteeler

    Even without the problem, I wasn’t interested in the kid. Felt to me like another JJ body type. And JJ had more sacks! Commend the Steelers for due diligence, however.

  • DoctorNoah

    I see what you did there. 🙂

  • JNick

    I didn’t think about that.
    I don’t think he’ll be there regardless.

  • Devon Day

    People for whatever reason see him as a true OLB who is most polished in pass coverage and pass rushing ability. However, Donovan Smith said otherwise.

  • Paddy

    Too small, they need 260 pounds of attack dog.

  • Derek Bonadio

    JJ played on a better defense with better players around him. His numbers were inflated because of that. Also, JJ’s measurables were no where close to Gregory’s. Gregory is a better athlete no question and he might be liter in weight but there is a major difference in muscle structure between JJ and Gregroy.

  • Mikey BeeBop

    Anybody who tests positive for any kind of substance has to be incredibly stupid. They know that the combine is coming up months in advance, yet they still somehow to fail a drug test? Not a chance I want someone like that on my team, and I hated that we drafted Adams. It shows zero awareness, PASS.

  • Chad H

    But still this has Santonio Holmes 2.0 written all over it.

  • Jonny Panic

    As somebody who’s been drug tested many times, weed is a tough one. It stays in your system for a really long time compared to average street drugs (I find it funny that you can take meth, heroin, or cocaine and piss clean in 2 days, where weed stays in your system for a long time). If he was a habitual user it could take as long as a month or more to piss clean.

    If he did fall to 22 I’d absolutely take him, although I’d want the Steelers to set him up with a good therapist or substance abuse professional. Regardless of what people say about the physical addictive qualities of marijuana, it can absolutely be mentally addictive.

  • johnhoien


  • The Notorious TOM

    I disagree. The difference between Gregory and Santonio is Santonio seemed pretty brazen about the fact that he used to also sell drugs and he had a history of domestic violence. Gregory just failed a piss test.

  • puCrepeaP

    I agree with most others here. He was unimpressive to begin with. Mostly because of his size. I just see OTs swallowing him up at the next level. The drug use doesn’t help.

  • The Notorious TOM

    I’m all in for Gregory if that’s where the team wants to go in a few weeks. I don’t find his pot use to be that big of an issue, I actually foresee it being allowed as a pain reliever in the future as the country shifts more towards legalization. Sucks that he wasn’t able to time it right to pass his test but it is what it is and for what it’s worth I appreciate how straightforward he’s been about it.

  • Mikey BeeBop

    I honestly disagree that he is mentally addicted to it. Only 9%, NINE PERCENT of people become mentally addicted to the substance. Okay so you want to bring up the fact that it could stay in your system for a month? Hey, here’s a thought why don’t I put down this bowl so that my system is cleaned out for the biggest job interview of my life.

    You realize that the drop from being a top 10 pick which he was most likely going to be compared to where the Steelers pick at #22 is about $5 million dollars? FULLY GUARANTEED!

    I don’t care what the excuse is, this guy is an idiot. Pass

  • PittsburghSports

    Hey, if he can come in for 4 years and help secure one of the greatest Super Bowl victories of all time, then I’m all for it. Let him and Bell smoke bowls on the team bus.

  • The Notorious TOM

    Who are you to decide that he’s not of that nine percent though? (and I highly doubt that figure is accurate)

  • Jason White

    My main issue is I wouldn’t want a Josh Gordon type on my team. I wouldn’t want a guy who tests positive during the most important time of his life and then turns out to be so dumb that he tests positive a couple more times in the future and the next thing you know you’re number 1 pick is sitting out for a year. Making a mistake is one thing but being dumb enough to not clean up for this makes me question his work ethic. Not sure I’d take a chance on him even if it is tempting. I’d rather take Marcus Peters with his issues.

  • cp72

    Yeah I didn’t like him much without the Marijuana baggage. He looks to have problem putting on weight. It seems like a Dion Jordan situation.

  • Dorian James

    I totally agree with you. Besides, we don’t need another Jarvis Jones

  • NinjaMountie

    Myself, I don’t understand all the worry over pot. I would rather a person smoke a bowl than drink. The country just needs to legalize it and regulate it and get it over with.
    Now that being said, he was positively stupid to get caught with it in his system at the combine. This shows a total lack of maturity and intelligence. Things that are certainly a concern. NFL FOs don’t care that he smokes pot, they care that he’s stupid enough to get caught doing it on one of the biggest days of his life.

  • cencalsteeler

    Maybe his roommate is a pothead and the air con in their apartment was on recirculation mode while he was a sleep. 😉

  • NinjaMountie

    While I don’t see the big deal with pot either, I think flat legalization is years away and the NFL will not remove it from the list of banned substances until then. So, you do have to worry about a kid that is dumb enough to get caught with it in his system during a SCHEDULED WAYYYY in advance (LOL) test.

  • cencalsteeler

    A little off topic, but do you realize how much tax revenue Colorado is piling up? Just a rumor, but I hear the street lines are painted in gold and their sidewalks are manicured lawns. 🙂

  • NinjaMountie

    A friend of a friend who knew a guy said that they have silk toilet paper in public restrooms and are going to pay people to live there like in Alaska. 🙂

  • cencalsteeler

    I know sales from Mannings Papa Johns franchise increased sales dramatically after the Marijuana law passed……true story!

  • ApexSteel

    This could be the 2015 Decastro. If he drops Tomlin will do back flips to the podium and make the pick himself.

  • Toddy Bravo

    It’s no secret that the war on pot since the “Refer Madness” corporate lobbyists got it outlawed in the 20s/30s is ridiculous. The fact that it’s STILL categorized as a Schedule I Drug is even worse, but this isn’t an issue about legalization or acceptance. It’s an issue with his intelligence, decision-making and maturity.

    IMO, every red-blooded American should be able to smoke a joint on his back porch if he wants to, but to take that risk when you’re about the hit the equivalent of the Power Ball doesn’t speak well to what he has between the ears. It didn’t for Mike Adams either, but a 2nd round pick was worth the risk at that point. That said, I agree that he deserves some props for not BS’ing everyone and saying it was second hand smoke, testing errors, etc.

  • NinjaMountie

    and then light up a joint out the back door with him!

  • NinjaMountie

    It would definitely help him put on the weight he needs if they’d just let him smoke up. Weed and Papa Johns…..mother natures weight gainer.

  • Mightyveg

    Good post, but I’m a little (a lot!) gun shy on the whole pot thing. It’s not so much about pot per se, it’s the inability to control your usage just before the HUGEST job interview of your life that raises the red flag for me. I’m still stinging from passing on Lavontae (sp?) David for Adams, a decision that had a huge ripple effect in subsequent drafts, and I think Adams’ lack of maturity, fire and work ethic, as exemplified by his failed drug test (and the late night altercation that led to his stabbing a year or so later), are what continue to hold him back, despite “our locker room, coaching staff and organization.” Gregory is VERY tempting, and I agree that he’s a better prospect than Adams was, but we would also have to spend an R1 pick on him, so the risk is much greater.

  • Toddy Bravo

    It’s all about the Benjamins. Most think when 15-20 states legalize, the federal ban will fall shortly thereafter. At that point, there will be a snowball legalization effect where a couple of states will legalize every year. It won’t have anything to do with health concerns or citizens’ rights either. It will all happen when the illegal states get tired of all of the revenue flowing to the legal states and decide they want a piece of the pie. The illegal states won’t be able to compete if they don’t.


    For me…the pot stuff concerns me a little but only because the kid is already a 3 time bust and may not be able to shut it down and keep himself on the field.

    A bigger concern is Gregory, much like Jones, does not have a 3-4 OLB body type. More athletic than JJ, and it looks as if he has the frame to play @ 255-265, but will he be the same player?

    Right now…my board would have these guys in the top 5.

    Waynes, Peters, Kevin Johnson, Dupree, Flowers


    This legalization will start to pick up steam here in the next year or so…the south will probably be the last to change over, but I agree…the FEDs will yield on it when the numbers get into the dbl digits…they will be looking for their cut of the tax revenue.

  • NinjaMountie

    I agree. I still think that takes a few years to happen, though. Which is more than enough time for this kid to violate a few times. Did the CBA change the penalties associated with marijuana?

  • michaelinchains

    why not..very doubtfull he will still b there at 22 though

  • Ike Evans

    Im good

  • RMSteeler

    If the Steelers drafted just on measurable, they’d be the Oakland Raiders. I just don’t think he was top 10 value just on his tape. And, I just don’t see the value at 22. Besides, I think player(s) with better value will drop to #22 despite the run on FA pass rushers.


    idk…he could be.

    I think it’s safe to say he’s out of the top 10…the team most likely to have taken him….ATL…and since Vick…they have shied away from character risks.

    The team that I think will take him…the Saints…now that they have SEA’s 31st pick…they might gamble @ 13….if he slides past them I think he could be on the board @ 22…he’s not one of my top 5 so I would say no, but he will go in the 1st rd.


    UGA…correct…I think 3 guys from the front 7 were drafted, maybe a S as well…that was a stacked team that really underachieved.

    They went after JJ because of the tape…Gregory’s athleticism does trump JJ’s, and he clearly looks as if he can add 20 lbs to his frame, but I don’t think they’re going to spend another 1st rd pick on a 240-245 OLB…I do think this bumps Dupree into to the top 10, but I would rather him over Gregory even before this announcement.

  • LucasY59

    He sounds like a combination of Jarvis Jones and Mike Adams. I wasnt impressed before the Drug test news and am even less now. REALLY hope there is a better player available, or use him as trade bait and get extra picks

  • Twentyfour Erenberg

    I think that a lot of this stuff is smoke and mirrors (no pun intended)as well. I think that they try to drive up the draft stock of certain players in hopes of the player they really want sliding down. If it doesn’t work, then they are out the cost of a plane ticket, dinner, and a hotel.

  • Not the good kind of weight though, lol.

  • Toddy Bravo

    Oh we’re at least 15-20 years away from federal legalization IMO. The bible belt states will hold on to their pot laws for dear life. Regarding the NFL, there have been changes. I don’t know the details, but Josh Gordon got his penalties reduced. Not clear if the change in the CBA dealt with marijuana specifically or substance violations in general, number of violations, etc. Also, keep in mind that, just because a state or the fed govt. may legalize, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be removed from the NFL banned substances list. Two parties can negotiate whatever terms in their contract they wish.

  • Conserv_58

    Get over it.

    There is a big difference between the two incidences. Holmes’ infractions were far more egregious because he stupidly kept on puffing while he was on the team and he had to know that the likelyhood of him undergoing a random drug test was quite high, ( no pun intended ). He then fails an in-house drug test and receives an in-house, four game suspension as a result. The league office was not involved in this situation because the Steelers handled it behind closed doors. Holmes then sealed him doom when the knuckle dragging stoner moronically sent out a tweet that he was about to do a wake-n-bake. Add in the two domestic abuse incidences and Holmes, deservedly, received his ticket to Palookaville.

    In Gregory’s case he tested positive before getting drafted. He pleaded his case and he deserves the opportunity to redeem himself. If he does slide to #22 I would be all for Colbert submitting his card to Goodell with Gregory’s name on it.

  • Conserv_58

    Or it was a case of you reading too much into what he said and then made a mountain out of a mole hill?

  • Conserv_58

    What? The only guy you could possibly be referring to would be Jarvice.

  • Conserv_58

    Remember what you just said when he goes to another team and makes you and the rest of his critics eat a great big helping of humble pie.

  • Conserv_58

    This post is a breath of fresh air amongst a host of air polluting, nonsensical and ilogical posts. Well said, Derek.

  • Conserv_58

    Your first sentence is true, but the rest of your post shows zero acceptance and understanding that some college kids get too caught up in the lifestyle they find themselves in and can’t escape it, mostly because of fear of peer pressure. You position yourself as someone whom lacks the ability to forgive and forget. I hope that you don’t find yourself in an equaly compromising and embarrassing position and have someone that thinks like you passing judgement on you.

  • Mikey BeeBop

    You’re over thinking this, a lot. I’m 29 years old, I’ve graduated college and I know what goes on. I’ve done my fair share of experimenting but I at least have the common sense of not failing a drug test for a job that I wanted.

    You act like we should feel bad for him, he honestly could have just cost himself $5 million in guaranteed money because he wanted to get high. If he would have stopped for two months to be safe to clean out himself he would have cemented himself as a top 10 pick.

    What if he has a severe injury in training camp and he can’t play the game anymore? Forgive and forget right? Bet he wish he couldn’t have had a little bit more self-control saying no.

  • Matt Manzo

    We can’t afford to miss on another 1st round OLB.

  • I get it people don’t like JJ for one reason or another. I never said he was a pro bowler in waiting. I simply haven’t given up on him yet to be a solid contributor on defense.

    I have a bad feeling about Gregory, his 40 time wasn’t that great when he weighted in at 225 and he says he can go up 270 and move the same. That’s almost 50 pounds. Anyone can have doubts about whomever they want, I have mine about this kid. And I got my fingers crossed he’s gone before 22 so we don’t have to hear his name much after the draft.

  • walter mason

    I agree with everything u say except the part where the steelers should take him.

  • John Pennington

    Do not need this player another pain in the ass.Better edge rushers out there .Do the hard work and find them.

  • Mark 4 Steelers

    We can be certain his statement was derived via agent advise.
    I say grab him at 22.

  • Steve Johnson

    There was a time when the Front Office wouldn’t have even considered wasting their time on a player that honors smoking weed more than the sport. Yes, most kids do smoke marijuana, but not all of them are in a position to make millions and be secured for life. He knew he was going to get tested and he still did it? What makes you think he will stop when he has millions at his disposal? Besides that, he is too small! None of us are GM’s, but I would think an OLB needs to at least be around 250LBS and strong enough to deal with the point of attack from most NFL Tackles. When I think about this kid, I also think about Chris Rainey, Mike Adams and Santonio Holmes. If Tomlin and Colbert is considering taking this kid in the 1st RD, shame on them.

  • Steve Johnson

    Thank You! Bravo!

  • Steve Johnson

    Ok, and you think this kid will stop smoking weed if they do draft him at #22? I hope Mr. Rooney doesn’t allow Tomlin and Colbert to screw this one up.

  • Derek Bonadio

    Seven players from that defense got drafted and nine of them are on nfl rosters. And I wish the steelers would underscore like them every year. They went 12-2. They lost to south car. Who was #6 at the time on the road and to Alabama in the SEC championship game by less than a touchdown. They ended up top 5 in the final polls….I guess that is underachieving though maybe.