Steelers Have Large Presence At Pittsburgh Pro Day

The University of Pittsburgh held there Pro Day on Tuesday and as you can imagine, there were plenty of Pittsburgh Steelers personnel on hand to observe it.

According to Scott Brown of, Steelers coaches Keith Butler, John Mitchell, Richard Mann, Randy Fichtner, Jerry Olsavsky, Joey Porter, James Saxon and Mike Munchak were all present and accounted for Tuesday. Scouts Brandon Hunt and Phil Kreidler were also in attendance, according to Brown.

Pittsburgh tackle T.J. Clemmings is a player that will likely go in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft and there’s an outside chance that he could still be on the board when the Steelers are on the clock with the 22nd overall selection. Clemmings has a lot of potential, but still has a ways to go when it comes to his development. He more than likely will be a right tackle at the NFL level.

Clemmings, as well as several other Pittsburgh players, will meet with the Steelers on Wednesday as the team can host local players for visits without them counting against the 30 they are allowed prior to the draft.

Pittsburgh guard Matt Rotheram, safety Ray Vinopal and wide receiver Manasseh Garner are three players that should go undrafted.

  • Josh Gustad

    I just want a defensive player drafted in the first round. Is that too much to ask?

  • Are they really looking at Cummings though? Our O line coach wasn’t reported to be there.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    No offense but… It’s that type of thinking that lands us the next Jarvis Jones.

    I understand that you want to improve our defense. (Everybody does.) But why draft a CB at 1.22 when you can get almost the same talent in the 2nd round? That’s like paying $40,000 for a Honda Accord. If you want an Accord that’s fine. But don’t overpay.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    If Mike Munchak is still our OL coach, then yes he was.

    If Clemmings is still on the board at 1.22 he could very likely be classified as the BPA. I disagree with Dave’s assessment that Clemmings is a right tackle. I think his skill set is far better suited for the left side.

    That’s not claiming he is an elite LT right now. (He’s still raw.) But his greatest assets are his foot quickness and length. Not his power. Ideal for the left side.

  • I don’t know how i miss Munchak’s name listed up there… Please disregard my earlier comment.

  • Toddy Bravo

    It’s a virtual certainty that there will be at least one defensive player available that would be great value at 22. He just might not play the position most people want.

  • Josh Gustad

    So you’ve given up on Jarvis already huh? I understand what you mean by giving certain players too much value in the first round. There will be some first round value defensive players available at 22.

  • Paddy

    Of course they were there, it’s in the same building

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Well, let’s talk specifically. Who do think will be there that will present undeniable value at 1.22 (on defense)?

    Many people believe the “Big 5” edge rushers will all be gone (Fowler, Gregory, Ray, Beasley, Dupree). And even Dupree is more of a superb athlete who hasn’t shown football production. What edge rusher (after those) do you think is a “must draft”?

    Many people believe Waynes will be gone. Peters has possible character issues. Williams has size issues. Collins has technique issues. None of the other CB’s is a clear BPA “must draft” IMO.

    Landon Collins is projected to be gone by 1.22 and no other safety is anywhere near a 1st round talent.

    There are 3 or 4 defensive linemen projected to be available at 1.22 who could be considered the BPA. Is that what you are suggesting? I’m just interested to hear who exactly you’re talking about here?

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    And yes. I do believe Jarvis Jones is another Ziggy Hood. A good solid journeyman starter. But not an elite player. And certainly not worth our 1.17 draft pick.

  • Terrible Towlie

    whats up with not drafting players from pitt? they always end up with some token from pen st, while Pitt has been putting out lots of good NFL talent for a while

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    You’re all good, sir. I think Clemmings is a legitimate candidate for the 1.22 spot. But I’m not proclaiming him as anything yet.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Agreed. And my gut feeling is that position will be DL.

  • Josh Gustad

    Eli Harold is someone that I see panning out into a first round worthy pick at 22.

  • Michelob

    I’d like to see the Steelers get James Conner or Tyler Boyd in 2016 Draft. They are likely to declare early for NFL next year, still only sophomores now.

  • Toddy Bravo

    Yea, I just always assume now that they’re going to draft a position in the 1st that I’m not expecting. I have this funny feeling it’s going to be either DL or OL.

  • Ike Evans

    Well yea… I had a big presence at shop n save earlier… All I had to do was walk down the street

  • puCrepeaP

    They should get Aaron Donald. That guy is Beast

  • Terrible Towlie

    I also like Conner a lot… no doubt he should leave RB’s only have a certain amount of carries before they run out of gas

  • Julius Greystone

    Ziggy was better. Jones was a foolish pick

  • Julius Greystone

    Wish Noll had drafted Pitt; it’s been awhile but I recall him passing on Marino, Jackson, Grimm. Prob others

  • Richard Kim

    Okay I challenge you to let us all know who exactly you would of taken??
    Be careful how you answer because you might show how much you really know!

  • Richard Kim

    Stupid to say so early in his career!

  • Richard Kim

    Is this common?
    A projected RT with a 1st round grade???

  • richard

    I wouldn’t say that it is stupid, he was a first round pick, as such there are expectations involved. At what point does a 1st rounder lose the value of the pick ?

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Two years ago my mock draft had us choosing either Tyler Eifert TE or Dominc Rhodes CB in the 1st round (Although I would not have been upset with Eric Reid S either). And Corey Lemonier OLB in the 3rd round.

    I watch the 49ers very closely and what I’ve seen from Lemonier so far shows me he will be a much better NFL player (both vs the rush and pass) than Jarvis Jones. And he was available in the 3rd round.

    Obviously nobody could’ve anticipated Eifert getting hurt. But I believe this year will be his coming out party. To the dismay of Steeler fans.

    As far as Rhodes goes. I have watched him play a number of games and the guy has real NFL talent. He neutralized some very good WRs last year, and if his team ever got a legit pass rush he would look even better. His job is not easy going up against the toughest passing offenses in the NFL (Green Bay, Detroit, Chicago) (each twice a year) but he’s holding his own.

    In hindsight though, if I was Colbert, and I saw Star Lotulelei drop past pick #12 I would’ve instantly traded up to go get him. I think you have to target elite talent and go get them rather than waiting and hoping. Even this year I would rather trade up to get one of the top 4 pass rushers than draft another guy like Jarvis Jones at 1.22.

  • MC

    dude, im with you on everything you said. hated the jones pick from day one and hes giving the exact production i expected. Off course i want him to succeed but i dont think he has the physical tools to do so. I also wanted Lemonier in the third.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    There are a lot of players in this league that aren’t good enough to compete with the “big boys” when they come out of college, but they work their butts off to improve, and eventually become good enough.

    Jarvis definitely lacks speed and power and flexibility but my biggest issue with him is that it appears he has not been working hard enough to improve those areas. At least not as hard as guys like Joey Porter or James Harrison.

    I feel bad (as a fan) criticizing our players because I want so bad to be supportive and i do hope that Jarvis improves, but I fear that Colbert misevaluated his physical skill set so badly there is just no recovering.

    You just can’t do that at 1.17. If you miss at 3.17 that’s different, but at this point Jarvis appears to be a swing and a miss. Or maybe a ground ball back to the pitcher?

  • Richard Kim

    C’mon bro what are you saying??
    If we took Rhodes at #17 everybody knows we would of reached!
    If we would of traded up for Star that more than likely means we more than likely don’t get Bell!!
    Your only scenario would of been Eifert, and that’s the what if card, we would of never taken Reid…

  • MC

    When I watched his tape from college it didn’t impress me all that much. Mainly because I never saw him blow up a tackle with any power moves or use any counter moves when he was kept in check the first time. If he wasn’t able to embarrass lineman at the college level how would be able to do it in the nfl? I think Colbert fell in love with the production and stats but with a pick as high as 17 you need to take someone with production and a physical skill set that will transition in the pros. Jones definitely lacks the latter. I think having a good Georgia defense around him inflated his stats a lil too. His pro day should of been the big red flag. I was hoping for a trade down at that spot. Who you hoping they take with the 22 pick this year bro?

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    We literally have 6 “needs” this year that would warrant a first round pick: CB, OLB, NT, S, OL, TE

    I’m fine with any of those positions if the value is right. I think it will probably come down to these players:

    Kevin Johnson CB
    Jalen Collins CB
    Bud Dupree OLB
    Jordan Phillips DL
    Malcom Brown DL
    Eddie Goldman DL
    Landon Collins S
    La’el Collins OL
    T.J. Clemmings OL
    Brandon Scherff OL
    Maxx Williams TE

    I hope they select La’el Collins OL or T.J. Clemmings OL, because both of those guys are position flexible (OT or OG). And they make multiple positions better.

    They make Ben better (by protecting him on pass plays) they make our WR’s better (by giving them more time to get open) and they make Bell better (by opening holes in the run game).