Round Four Still Offers Solid Options For Steelers

After selecting feisty cornerback Senquez Golson in the second round and height/weight/speedster wide receiver Sammie Coates in the third round on day two of the 2015 NFL Draft, there exists a few names that could slide across the ticker come the Steelers’ pick in the fourth round.

T.J. Clemmings-offensive lineman-Pitt
The 6-foot-5, 309-pound mauler has slid down draft boards due to a reported stress fracture in his foot, but his talent is undeniable. Offensive line coach Mike Munchak was seen putting him through a gauntlet of workouts at the Pittsburgh Pro Day, so the team obviously has done their homework on him. I believe at some point the team will select an offensive lineman, because guard Ramon Foster‘s contract expires at the end of the 2015 season. If Clemmings is still available in round 4, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s the pick, as he displays starter ability at either guard or tackle, and was once viewed as a first round talent.

La’el Collins-offensive lineman-LSU
Obviously the police investigation into the murdered ex-girlfriend of Collins is well-documented, but his talent is undeniable. He was widely-projected to be a top-15 pick, and the team likely had their eye on him at the LSU Pro Day they attended. He has vowed to not sign his rookie deal if drafted after the third round, so the contract issue could become interesting for whatever team takes him. With his hard-ball stance he’s taking, it almost seems like he’s welcoming the police to thoroughly investigate him, thus possibly displaying his innocence? Only time will tell, but if fully exonerated, your heart has to break for him, as it was a garbage bag full of millions down the toilet.

Davis Tull-outside linebacker-Tennessee-Chattanooga
Tull is another workout warrior, as he posted a 4.57 in the 40 and a 42.5 inch vertical jump, both on par with the team’s round one selection, Bud Dupree. A multi-time FCS All-American, Tull would provide legitimate depth to a position of need, and could also be insurance in case Jarvis Jones doesn’t show up this season. The team had him in for a visit, so again, he has to be on their radar.

Jay Ajayi-running back-Boise State
The team will likely select a running back at some point, the question is when? They seemed to really like Matt Jones of Florida but he was picked in round 3 by the Redskins. This past season, Ajayi became the first player in FBS history to run for over 1,800 yards and secure 500 or more receiving yards, which should be music to Pittsburgh’s ears, as soft hands are a trait they love of their All-Pro starter, Le’Veon Bell. The team signed DeAngelo Williams for depth purposes during Bell’s suspension, but he’s a short-term fix as he’s on the wrong side of 30. He has starter-like ability in the NFL, and would be a nice addition to the team’s running back stable.

Day 3 of the 2015 NFL Draft will be very interesting, as it’s usually the time Kevin Colbert and company work their magic and find some of these “diamonds in the rough” that ,for whatever reason, slip through the cracks. The safety position is one they’ve neglected so far, so some possible names to keep an eye for are Durrell Eskridge of Syracuse and James Sample of Louisville.

  • George Apostolos

    Adrian Amos and Anthony Harris too

  • Nick

    Ill take Tull outta those guys. I gave up on JJ the day he was drafted and he hasnt proved me wrong yet, so Tull may be a nice replacement.

  • Bob Francis

    L. Collins is interesting. I heard that the NFL has already said Collins cannot enter another draft, so it’s get drafted or become a free agent. I wonder if that destroys his leverage of not signing. I assume teams are digging to see what they can learn, but he seems worth a later round pick if that intel on the draft is true.

  • Devon Day

    Jesse James, Jeff Huerman, wild card Lyden Trail…. although that’s too big a gamble. I would say at this point get La’el or TJ. Either provides an upgrade to Ramon anyway.

  • In Colbert We Trust

    No Cody Prewitt?(sorry if I butchered his last name) dude is a high flying safety, would totally love to see him get picked. If not the pick is Tull, solid motor and knows how to get to the QB

  • walter mason

    Hiring a lawyer is really not exactly welcoming the police to investigate him. The police will do their job either way but the lawyer will make their job a little harder.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    any decent outside corners left

  • PittsburghSports

    Yeah I’d say Eskridge and Prewitt are definitely on the Steelers radar.

  • Brian Miller

    Heuer man was already taken I believe…

  • dgh57

    We added another weapon for Big Ben to throw to so its time to upgrade the OL with the idea he’ll have more time to throw the ball. If Clemmings is the guy then by all means draft him if still available.

  • walter mason

    His lawyers are speaking for him and nothing they have done so far has helped him. Why isnt La’el screaming from the rooftops his innocence to keep from sliding? How does he know the child was not his? Someone will draft him but it looks to be in the later rounds.

  • Jason

    Huerman has been drafted

  • steelster

    The 4th rounder will be clemmings or doran grant.

  • rell

    nelson r jesse james

  • Heather Danis

    The run on OL is about over so the run on WRs and defensive line and 4/3 DEs should pick up. RBs, safeties and CBs should average out. Would like to see team move up or give up 3rd pick next year again to get Grant or Amos then use normal 4th to get Tull, Garcia or Langford

  • rell

    A sleeper cb i could see in 6th round is josh shaw from usc and daryl Roberts

  • Heather Danis

    Doran Grant then a couple of projects in 5/6 round

  • Heather Danis

    Agreed but hope Eskridge more. Like both though for development

  • Heather Danis

    Heuermann is gone

  • Heather Danis

    Won’t matter until there is official paperwork putting him in clear

  • Heather Danis

    Like Harris but lots of unknowns based on injury and lack of Combine and Pro Day workouts. Gonna have to go off of game tapes that weren’t bad. Good tackler and makes plays. Not sure about coverage but don’t remember it being awful

  • Nwall2

    I really want Celiscar in the 5th or 6th

  • thomas hmmmm

    Of that list I would go Clemmings. Also I believe we will go Jesse James for redzone. If we get both those guys then the redzone percentage should increase significantly.

  • Devon Day

    Didn’t realize that.

  • CoreyInTheHouse

    Jacoby Glenn and Josh Shaw

  • stellarsfan

    Clemmings, Doran Grant, Donald Celiscar, Adrian Amos, Anthony Harris, Mike Davis, Jeremy Langford, Jesse James. One or more of these please.

    Also, hating the chiefs for taking Marcus Peters, Steven Nelson, and Chris Conley.. Oh well, hope they’re all busts!

  • Zhan

    Eskridge has a history of multiple concussions.

    Teams are very reluctant to deal with that these days…

  • walter mason

    There may never be official paperwork clearing him. I dont think there is such a thing. I never heard of such a thing. He will probably never be officially cleared until the murderer is found. I really think it would have helped him to speak publically. His silence is deafening.