Steelers Rookie LB Anthony Chickillo Was Willing To Skip Graduation For Minicamp

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie outside linebacker Anthony Chickillo missed the start of the weekend minicamp due to graduation ceremonies, but he revealed Sunday that the organization didn’t want him to miss walking with his classmates and receiving his diploma.

“That just speaks about what Coach Tomlin and this organization is about,” said Chickillo, who was drafted by the Steelers with their second of two sixth-round draft picks. “They wanted me to go to graduation and spend that time with my family, so they told me to go. I wasn’t going to go to graduation, I was just going to come be here for rookie minicamp if they wanted me to.”

Chickillo, who will now attempt to transition from defensive end to outside linebacker in the Steelers 3-4 defense under the tutelage of Joey Porter, was able to attend a few of the rookie minicamp sessions and that’s better than missing all of them. He will have plenty of time to get up to speed when the OTA sessions get underway in a few weeks.

“I’m just trying to take it all in  and just take all of the coaching that I can and just keep learning,” said Chickillo.

Chickillo appeared in 50 games at Miami, starting his final 47 contests. He registered 170 tackles (89 solos) with 15.5 sacks and fourteen quarterback pressures during those four seasons. Porter said after Chickillo was selected that the Miami product is a high-motor player and that now they will begin the process of figuring out where he best fits in the defense.

“It won’t be a question of how hard he will play,” said Porter of Chickillo. “I know we’re going to get an energy guy that can get to the quarterback. Finding his true position is what we’re going to be doing right now when we get him. I’ll find out how he feels standing up and what he does best. Does he like the left side or does he like the right side? I’ll find out where he’s comfortable at and we’ll play him at that.”

  • Jonathan D Worth

    Love Peezey as a coach.

  • Nick

    Chick and Zum..really hope they become a beast ST duo.

  • Ryan

    Love that attitude! Props to Coach T and the organization for telling him to goto the graduation as much as I’m sure they’d have rather had them at camp the fact they basically made him goto graduation says a lot about this teams character.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Dave –

    Quick question… Have the Steelers ever kept 10 LB’s on the roster? Under Tomlin?

  • jsteeler

    This ILB, and OLB core is going to get coached up and they will be the reason everything else falls into play. Implementing a new defense with rookies will bring speed and knowledge to a level playing field. Heyward and Tuitt, Cortez Allen and William Gay should have a nice season if these guys pan out! I am excited for the talent base in the burgh right now! With Coach Peezy in their ears and Deebo in the weight room these guys will be Mini Beasts in waiting! Go Steelers!

  • im sure his classmates will be there during training camp as well right? screw that. skip graduation. catch up in camp. you already have the degree. tell them to send it in the mail. you managed to catch a long speech that most likely wont relate to you because you are already into your career. and your name called up and handed a piece of paper. or the booklet in which your piece of paper will be in the mail anyway. pssh. your name was already called. at the nfl draft. don’t need to hear it called again. I would have went to draft. and told the dean to make an announcement “chickillo could not make it to the ceremonies as he is busting his ass off in camp. GO CHICKILLO!”