Steelers Sign Cameron Stingily and Mike Thornton, Cut Three

With the rookie minicamp concluding yesterday, the Pittsburgh Steelers announced they have signed Northern Illinois RB Cameron Stingily and Georgia DL Mike Thornton. Both players participated in minicamp on a tryout basis.

In a corresponding move, the team announced the releases of punter Richie Leone, and defensive ends Nigel Crawford-Kinney and Bradon Prate.

Stingily rushed for nearly 1000 yards in 2014, finding the end zone 14 times. He profiles as a power back at 6’1 235. Thornton recorded 30 tackles, including one for a loss, during his senior season at Georgia. He’ll profile as an undersized defensive end.

Crawford-Kinney and Prate were two undrafted free agents while Leone signed a futures contract in late January. It appears Jordan Berry will be Brad Wing’s main competition in training camp.

The team still has 91 players on its roster and will have to make one more cut to get down to the league maximum of 90.

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Full-time blogger from mom’s basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.

  • steeltown

    I knew we’d sign one of those RBs, I just got the wrong one haha, we needed more competition and bodies at the position for training camp. I like it.

  • Button Guy 3

    Stingily looks awesome! Could be the big back we’ve been missing since Bettis. Just need to work on his hands in the passing game.

  • philb80

    Bell is not a runt

  • Button Guy 3

    Not saying he is. But this guy Stingily is more of a Bettis or Marshawn Lynch style of runner. Whereas Bell can make guys miss, this guy prefers to just run them over.

  • philb80

    Well Id just be happy to have one of the best, there is no next Bettis. This guy probably wont even make the team.

  • Stingley ran a blazing 4.95/40 at his pro day. That’s Casey Hampton speed.

  • philb80

    Edit: Definitely wont make the team

  • steeltown

    Most likely, but Harris (and Archer) need competition. Plus we need someone to run the ball late in preseason contests.

  • philb80

    Also Bettis was no slouch making people miss, or miss enough to run through a tackle. He was a one of a kind back.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Being Im from Illinois and a fan of NIU football I always liked the way Stingily ran. Im glad to see he has a chance at making the team. He does run faster then his time he showed and Im not sure for the reason of that.

  • cencalsteeler

    I see your concern, but thats what DeAngelo, Bell and Archer are for. This guy is built for between the tackles and third and shorts, where power supersedes speed. I see where the Steelers are going with this move and I like it. Take some of the hard to get yards off of the shoulders of Bell and keep him fresh.

  • Button Guy 3

    Oh my god. All I’m saying is I’m excited for the guys potential as a downhill running back.

  • westcoasteeler

    How fast do you need to be to convert a third and one?

  • philb80

    Hes not gonna make the team as a short yard back, camp body nothin more.

  • Steve Johnson

    Evaluating Talent? No faith in Tomlin, he will probably keep all the guys 5’8 and below. (Sarcasm) Ok, that was a little over-the-top; but serious, when it comes to evaluating talent, selecting players, selecting the top 53? Will Allen could be 55yrs old, Tomlin would still try and keep him.

  • philb80

    If you really want a big back to replace Bettis, hes a junior at Pitt

  • Anthony Glenn

    Why the heavens is Cam Thomas still on the roster??? Cut him and we will be down to the 90 max man roster smh. Oh ya and we will have $2 million in savings by doing this. He’s just wasting space being there.

  • jsteeler

    The Head Coach doesn’t cut anyone, The Coordinators and Coaches do. The Head Coach, coaches the Assistant Head Coach and the Coordinators. (OF, DF, ST)The Coordinators coach the position coaches. Position coaches coach the players. Dummy! Coach Tomlin can’t just keep a player. If the DB coach, Carnell Lake wants Allen for Veteran experience on the team because he did admirably when Troy was hurt, or Shamarko’s lack of experience, or Shamarko gets burned repetitively or his hamstrings gets injured AGAIN what is wrong with that? Kevin Colbert Signs, hires and cuts the players. If you knew better you would probably do better! Steve Johnson are you a Fan or a Troll?

  • ajay brooks

    Keshaudas Spence, from shu, how can the steelers pass on this guy?

  • Steve Johnson

    We can all agree to disagree; lets keep the personal comments to ourselves, try and be a little professional. And no, I disagree, I think the Head Coach has more power than the Coordinators when it comes to making final decisions. Troll? For the record, I was probably a Steeler Fan when you were still going through the early stages of being potty trained.