Stats Of The Weird: Steelers Vs 49ers

This is the same as the old “Numbers crunch” but with a repackaged title to show the emphasis on the more obscure stats from each game.

Antonio Brown’s 195 yards receiving was the sixth most all-time in franchise history. And believe it or not, only the second-highest total in his career. He had nine catches for 196 yards and two touchdowns in 2013. His 195 yards today was more than what the Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings, and St. Louis Rams each had as a team. He also tied the Carolina Panthers’ mark. Crazy.

The receiving record, if you’re wondering, is still held by Plaxico Burress who erupted for 253 yards in 2002, the infamous 34-34 tie against the Atlanta Falcons.

Brown’s 328 yards over the last two games, however, is a personal best.

If you want to have a lot of fun with extrapolation, Brown is on pace for 144 receptions, 2,624 yards, and 16 TDs.

– This is only the second time in his career for Ben Roethlisberger to have a day like this. Complete 75% of his passes (minimum 20 attempts) throw for over 300 yards and three touchdowns without an interception. Other one came last year in his six touchdown barrage against the Indianapolis Colts. Neil O’Donnell and Bubby Brister also achieved this feat once. Terry Bradshaw never did.

Markus Wheaton’s 48 yard catch was the longest play of his NFL career. In fact, the last time he had a longer singular play came on November 3rd, 2012, his senior year at Oregon State. A 50 yard catch against Arizona State.

Antwon Blake had 11 tackles, all of the solo variety. Impossible to say with certainty but I bet that hasn’t happened in quite some time.

Cam Heyward and Stephon Tuitt combined for 2.5 sacks today. It’s the second time in their young career they’ve done that. Last time came against Kansas City in Week 16 a year ago. Tuitt also had a forced fumble that day.

Ryan Shazier recovered a Carlos Hyde fumble today. It was his first fumble recovery since his junior year of high school. Long time coming.

– The Steelers’ offense ran only 52 plays today. They haven’t had less than that in a game since December of 2012.

This marks the first time in franchise history they’ve run 52 or fewer plays and scored at least 40 points. Mark of a high-octane offense.

– On the other hand, the San Francisco 49ers rattled off 82 plays. That’s the most allowed by the Steelers in a regulation game since 2002, when the Oakland Raiders had 87 in a 30-17 victory over Pittsburgh.

The last time the Steelers gave up that many plays and won? 1995 versus the New England Patriots.

– The Steelers haven’t forced five sacks while not allowing one of their own since November 24th, 2013. Until yesterday, this had only happened twice since 2010 and five times since the turn of the century.

As reader CodeNameJerk requested, this is also the last time the Steelers recorded five sacks without James Harrison being apart of one. On this day, Troy Polamalu, William Gay, and Heyward had one while Al Woods had two.

– Last cool stat for you. The Steelers possessed the ball for just 23:01 in Sunday’s win. The last time they held the ball for less time and won? You’d have to go all the way back to 1990 when the Steelers beat the Falcons 21-9. They had the ball for 20:14 that day.

In other words, that is the first time it’s happened since I’ve been born.


About the Author

Alex Kozora

Full-time blogger from mom’s basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.

  • letownia

    People tend to disregard the 5 receptions for 50 yards and I understand them – 50 yards does not suggest a good game, and neither do 5 receptions.

    AB has gone 7 receptions for 70+ yards in 14 games straight. I think 7/70 is much more impressive and says a lot more about AB as a player.

  • Hypo Cycloid

    1st stat is the mark of consistency. 2nd the mark of greatness.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    I could have sworn Wheaton had a 51 yd td catch last year. Maybe it was shorter! Lol!

  • Hypo Cycloid

    Wow, you are young!

  • CodeNameJerk

    I’m famous!!!

  • Chad Sanborn

    I graduated high school in 1990. Now I feel old

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Ppl still don’t get it! I watched a lil Mike & Mike this morning and while Golic was saying AB is the best WR, Greeny was saying Julio not because of the numbers but because of how great an athlete he is. Now I think Julio is incredible but the numbers the last 3 yrs don’t come close to AB.

  • CodeNameJerk

    Great stuff as usual, Alex.

  • Jason

    Good luck with the paparazzi.

  • Paddy

    My first training camp at St Vincent, Bill Austin was coach. I’m really really old!

  • srdan

    I’m not going to disagree with you, but 5/50 on it’s own says the guy plays every week. Rain sleet or snow you can count on him being a part of the offense.

    Keep in mind that when a DC looks at tape of the Steelers, first thing they said with Bell out is “we have to contain Brown.” And nobody has figured out a way to do it.

    His streak says a lot about different levels of the team. It says that Haley has figured out a way to keep him in the fold…always. The front office has filled the field with other talent so that brown can’t jsut get double teamed the entire game. And his teamates have fulfilled a lot of their potentital.

    5/50 in itself is a great story to tell. 7/70 is more of a personal feat in my opinion. An amazing one at at that.

  • falconsaftey43

    5/50 isn’t that impressive…doing it 34 straight games is incredible, being the next closest is 19 and I think the longest current active streak is 4. That’s a guy you just can’t shut down.

  • falconsaftey43

    144 / 2624 / 16…the bar has been set AB.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Keep playing like this he could seriously do it!

  • PittsburghSports

    Alex, you not doing defensive charting this year? Can only find the offense for last week.

  • johnhoien

    Definately one of the most dominate games we’ve ever had. Played like a boss.

  • The GreekGeek

    Any article that can mention Bubby Brister in a positive light is a good article.

  • johnhoien

    Preseason ?

  • NinjaMountie

    Wow, first fumble recovery since HS! That’s surprising.

  • Alex Kozora

    I do. I just don’t do an article on it every week. Once every couple weeks I’ll post something.

  • thomas hmmmm

    Athleticism does not get players into the HOF, stats do.. Julio at this rate will not be a HOF player, while AB will be a first ballot HOFer..

  • William Weaver

    5 catches for 50 yards shows his ability to not let anyone shut him down with either a dominant corner or scheme. The fact that teams do try to shut him down and can’t is why it is amazing. The longest active streak coming into this week league wide was 4 games also proves just how hard it is. Unstoppable!

  • WellYa

    If he hits that, OH what fun we will all have with the offseason contract talks.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Here’s what stands out for me. Steelers showed the killer instinct for the first time in ages on both offense and defense!

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Ppl still in this mind frame where you gotta be 6’2 and run a 4 4 to be a dominant receiver!

  • thomas hmmmm

    Yea I know it’s crazy.. Everyone wants to ignore the great players on the Steelers or downplay them.. Maybe because there have been so many and they get new ones year after year. AB has clearly been the BEST WR for the last two seasons and is looking like he is going to secure that standing this season..

  • Jonathan D Worth

    Great stuff, Alex.

  • westcoasteeler

    How do they NOT see AB’s size and what he’s doin and think ‘Wow, he’s the best’ ??? Twilight Zone!

  • LucasY59

    ONLY 52 offensive plays (but still put up as many points as they did)

    and SF having 82 (and oly coming up with as many points as they did)

    pretty good on both sides of the ball, Scoring efficiently on O and bend but dont break on D (if they can even it up and control the clock a bit better on O, things should go well)

  • LucasY59


  • LucasY59

    he will have earned it

  • WellYa

    No doubts there! I just worry that with AB’s performance going through the roof and most likley Bell’s as well, we are going to have a tough time cap wise over the next couple of years. It’s a good problem to have sick talent but paying everyone is another story.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    When Calvin Johnson was ahead of AB on the top 100 NFL players! I blew up!

  • LucasY59

    True its hard to pay everyone, that might be a reason why Beach didnt get a contract extension, and why they might have to play hardball with AB (kinda like Seattle with Chancellor, if they cave because they are losing then it will be harder to try and keep AB from holding out)

  • renoir

    man, I bet you have some awaesome Stiller stories to share…

  • renoir

    amazing how quick Shazier is, the way he literally recovered the fumble before Hyde was even able to look down to get it himself was incredible…

  • renoir

    and kudos to Alex for telling us to wait before we condemn Blake

  • Louis Goetz

    I also think the 9ers had that many plays because of how quickly the Steelers scored and put them right back on the field. The Steelers’ longest touchdown drive was just nine plays. They found the endzone after that in 7 plays, 1 play, 6 plays, 6 plays and 5 plays. When you’re scoring TDs that quickly – 6 TDs in just 25 plays – of course, the other team is going to have the ball longer. You also have to factor in that San Fran had two drives (the 1st 17 plays, the second 18 plays) that consumed a total of 15:58, but only netted them 3 points.

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  • steelasfreek1981

    Well said

  • steelasfreek1981

    One stat that I’d love to see is his catch per target pecentage and how he bodes against other recievers with comparable targets. Guessing he’s first

  • Bradys_Dad

    Amen to that. People seem to forget about a few other WRs that have donned the black and gold that weren’t Megatron size like Swann (6 – barely), Theo Bell (6 – barely), Lipps (5.10), Ward (6), Emanuel Sanders (5.11). It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog. Shout outs to other vertically challenged guys!

  • Craig M

    Would have liked to know TOP for 1st half and wasn’t real happy w/ only 28? yrds. rushing. I was worried about a let down from a tired D in the 2nd half. I would have preferred a 2 back attack, first game bummer performance and 2nd game outstanding showing doesn’t make a season just yet but surely looks promising for the future.