Steelers QB Landry Jones Went Deep A Lot In First Career Start

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Landry Jones made his first career start Sunday in the team’s 23-13 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs and the third-year player certainly can’t be accused of not trying to throw the ball down the field during the game.

Jones, who completed just 16 of his 29 pass attempts in the game, threw the football 10 or more yards in the air past the line of scrimmage a whopping 14 times on plays that weren’t cancelled out by a penalty. Of those 14 throws, Jones completed seven of them.

Jones’s first start was unfortunately highlighted by his two interceptions. His first came with 36 seconds in the first half when he attempted to hit wide receiver Martavis Bryant with a pass in the middle of the field.

Curiously enough, that play was the same one that the Steelers offense used last week that ended with Bryant catching it from Jones for a 23 yard gain on a 3rd and long. On that play, Jones was able to get the football over the head of a sinking inside linebacker. On Sunday’s attempt, however, Jones failed to get the ball over the head of Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson. Luckily, that interception didn’t result in points.

Jones’s second pick of the game came after he seemingly appeared to hit wide receiver Antonio Brown on a slant across the middle. Brown, however, couldn’t secure the tipped pass and it bounced forward nine yards and right into the waiting arms of Chiefs safety Eric Berry. The Chiefs went on to convert that turnover into 7 points.

Jones would go on to turn the football once more in the game as he fumbled when sacked by Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali with 2:11 left in the game.

With starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger expected to return next, it will be interesting to see if Jones showed enough to the coaches during the Steelers last two games to secure the backup job once Mike Vick is fully recovered from his hamstring injury.

We will be further breaking down Jones’s first career start in a future post.

  • steelersfan

    Landry > Vick

  • george

    Can’t put this loss on Landry. We gave up 23 points to a team with one offensive weapon.

  • george

    Not sure why Bell wasn’t involved more on the passing game.

  • The Chin


  • The Chin

    Landry didn’t help

  • AndyR34

    While I agree on LJ…he is who we thought he was, based upon 3 pre-seasons…I think that we made the Chiefs look like they still had Charles and Maclin on the field. They shut down our back-ups…we made theirs look like Pro-Bowlers.

  • Douglas Andrews

    George that was interesting…not enough screens or touches int he passing game for Bell. He had a nice rushing day but untimely those TO’s by Landry hurt us. I still think he’s done enough that he should be the backup.

  • george

    He’s better than Vick that’s for sure. I noticed Bell stayed in even when there was little pressure. Maybe they were concerned with protection and told him not to release.

  • Jacob

    Landry played like many thought Vick would. Vick played like many thought Landry would.

  • alevin16

    I think LJ has shown he can be a number 2 QB with some more work. I never thought he was the savior (I still say he is the second coming of Tomczak) but he is much better than Vick. I looked at the standing and unless I am missing something the Steelers are still the 6th seed so we still control our own destiny which is a huge thing at any point of the season (plus 2-2 with Ben out looks a heck of a lot better than 0-4).

  • Douglas Andrews

    While I do think Landry should be the backup i wouldn’t agree he’s better than Vick. After 3 years int he same offense he certainly knows it better than Vick who’s only be on the roster for about 5 weeks. Tough to evaluate a guy if he’s learning a new system and doesn’t get a full year of minicamps OTA’s and preseason to work with the receivers and learn the offense.

  • Charles Mullins

    I thought he did ok. You cant blame the fumble or one of the picks on him. This loss was on the D.

  • The Notorious TOM

    I can look back at the garbage-fire Vick had in 2014 in NY and surmise that Landry’s better. Vick’s a clown w/ little if any work ethic, dude doesn’t care or try.

  • k33ger

    I thought Landry did ok. When I was watching the game though, it seemed like the windows were super small in the passing game. The Chiefs were able to really stay on our guys.

    I think we score a TD if Williams catches that short pass that hit him in the face. But Landry also threw way too high on a 3rd n short to Wheaton, resulting in a punt. So a little up and down, but definitely better than Vick.

    However, I found the play-calling weird. It seemed to me we were very concerned with the Chiefs pass rush, as we attempted very few play fakes (i can’t even recall one tbh). Given that we tried to run the ball a lot in the beginning, and Bell was having a fun day of making 2-3 yards out of nothing, I expected a few play fakes. I also thought the plays being run would have setup a RB screen well.

    I think they limited the playbook. Our usual approach this season for teams with a good pass rush has been to go to empty sets, spread out the defense, and find the open area. Either they don’t trust Jones to do that, or they didn’t think our O line could even execute that well? I dunno. Just a weird game.

  • Dale

    Can we feel good about Landry as a #2 next year?

  • NW86

    I don’t know about “feeling good”, but we can certainly feel better about that possibility than we would have 2 weeks ago. I think he can at least compete for it in the preseason.

  • After tackling well last week, we missed a lot again today…

  • The Notorious TOM

    I feel pretty alright about it. He’s not the next big thing but I feel comfortable that he could get us through some games if Ben went down again.

  • The GreekGeek

    Ideally they bring in a vet to compete with him. Maybe Bruce is back if he recovers. I cringe at the thought, but they might bring Vick back too…

    Worst case, if Landry is still under contract next year, he is at least the number 3.