Source: Le’Veon Bell Suffered A Torn MCL, Believes Season Is Over

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell has suffered a torn MCL and has been informed that his season is over, a source close to Bell tells Steelers Depot.

It is uncertain if he suffered damage to his ACL but the injury to his MCL is enough to keep him out for the season. He suffered the injury in Sunday’s loss to the Cincinnati Bengals after a Vontaze Burfict tackle mid-way through the second quarter.

If his season is over, Bell will have finished his 2015 campaign with 511 yards rushing and three touchdowns to go with 22 receptions. Despite missing the first two games of the year after his suspension, he came into Sunday leading the AFC in rushing yards.

This is the second time playing against the Bengals that Bell has had his season end because of an injury. Reggie Nelson injured Bell’s knee in Week 17 last season, forcing the running back to sit out the Wildcard game against the Baltimore Ravens.

DeAngelo Williams will be the starter with now Bell out. Jordan Todman appears slated to be Williams’ backup.

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  • RW

    Well, this has been the most disappointing roller coaster of an injury report-filled day ever.

  • jmihalyo

    Well this sucks 🙁

  • Steeler Fanatic

    Unbelievable. Season over. No way Williams lasts 8 games. Uggggh. Get well #26

  • Jones

    No replacing Bell, but Williams is a well above average rb. If our season tanks, it won’t be because of the running game, or even blocking at the rb position. We’ll miss him in the passing game, though.

  • Steeler Fanatic

    I feel like balling. The Bengals are turning into my Ravens.

  • Eric

    This season must have been jinxed

  • Todd that dude!

    Man…injuries galore mainly on the O-side of the ball. We still have enough talent to win games though. We blew 3 games that are already coming back to haunt us. The room for error is soooo slim, but I will remain optimistic until we are completely out of it.

  • StillersInThe6

    While I appreciate your attempt to not sensationalize such an injury, you just can’t say that the outcome of our season will not be affected by losing the NFL’s best runningback. We’ve seen Deangelo in limited action. Yes he’s been brilliant, but the sample size is small, and he still cannot do all the things Leveon can do. This is a huge blow to this team’s playoff aspirations; there’s no questioning it.

  • Chad Sanborn

    Someone perform and exorcism on this team that must be jinxed.

  • Nick Sabatella


  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    So Wack. Gotta start coming into seasons with a level head, cuz this ain’t it.

  • PittsburghSports

    This sucks. Looking at the schedule, the Raiders, Seahawks, Broncos and Bengals are going to be tough games. Crazy! We might finish 8-8, and that’s if we can handle the Browns twice, Ravens and Colts.

  • steelers_26

    sorry for him, could be one of the greatest if luck and healt stick with him

  • steelers_26

    He is so great to watch play, such a shame will not have the opportunity to see is excellence

  • Jonathan D Worth

    Ugh, just ugh. If we can make the wild card and win one playoff game I would be happy.

  • Superdriller316

    What’s the odds of two starters going into contract years go down with knee injuries? I know that Bell still has another year on his contract, but the Steelers could have extended him in the off season.

  • Woodsworld

    There is a magic formula for putting players out of the season. I have seen this several times, where defenders find a way to land on the back of the offensive players leg below the knee. Bell’s injury was deliberate, and they bent him backward out of bounds as well. This is how Pouncey, and even Gronkowski of the Patriots were injured. Now this is something the NFL needs to do something about.

  • Ike Evans

    Smh….friggin injuries derailing our season man.

  • Chad Lakkis

    Totally agree.

  • Vic

    I’m crying like a baby!

  • Rick Eger

    Worst year I can remember

  • HopeHarveys

    I thought it was dirty too. Burfict celebrated after the play. The play should be regarded the same as the horsecollar. Eliminate it from the game.

  • Rick Eger

    It wasn’t a dirty hit…..sad….unbelievable but not a dirty play.Bell was hit high and driven out of bounds he fell awkwardly..

  • Rick Eger

    Well spoken!

  • Todd Johnson

    BURFICT is a pure thug

  • Rick Eger

    They’ll add a back…..Ray Rice anyone?

  • Rick Eger

    Maybe we can knock them off in the play offs?

  • Justin B

    Looks like Bell’s season is officially over. Man i know injuries are a part of football but this could have been an amazing offense this year with serious all pro talent. LT done. Best center in league done and now the best RB done. QB hobbled. The only worry was how bad the defense would be and they have been pretty good. It’s just not meant to be though. I hate this day.

  • Matt Manzo

    Ok! Are we drafting a RB in the 1st 5 rounds next year? Someone like David Johnson? How much more can Bells knee take?!

  • SteelPierogie

    Keep the faith steeler nation! We’ve had a healthy kicker for 3 weeks now! So that’s a plus.

  • Brandon Andrews

    Still waiting on official word. But less than 24 hours and we’re working people out huge sign. Man &@$( Cincinnati

  • Hypo Cycloid

    It was a basic tackle. Just bad luck.

  • Hypo Cycloid

    And last year almost no injuries on offense. Just terrible luck.

  • Hypo Cycloid

    No thank you.

  • Todd that dude!

    For sure. Injuries is the wild card for every team. You either remain healthy until playoff time, or have good depth. Our depth is rather thin on both sides of the ball, with exception or Wr and Ilb.

  • Jones

    Read again. I didn’t say it wouldn’t be affected, I said it wouldn’t tank the season – at least not by itself.

  • Jones

    Next year dude. He’s hurt, not dead…

  • Labrat0116

    Let me Edit your sentence…..

    ..this has been the most disappointing roller coaster of an injury report-filled SEASON ever.

  • StillersInThe6

    I know, and I’m disagreeing that it certainly can. Our lack of running game was very apparent in the playoffs last year. D’Angelo may be an above average RB as you mentioned; but Leveon finds running room when there is none. This cannot be replaced. This can definitely be the difference between a winning/losing season, as the running game affects other faucets (passing game/PA, field position, TOP/defence, etc etc.).

  • Jones

    I don’t have any interest in discussing what MAY happen based on theory. What we know so far is that Williams is a more than competent back in Bell’s absence. Is it a drop off? Yes. But nothing like the Ben to Vick drop off. Williams has done a good enough job for now for us to believe he’s talented enough to not single handedly cost us our season.

  • Steel City Champs

    I still see us going 10-6 and at least 9-7 IF (knocks on wood) we can stay this healthy throughout the rest of the season. Let’s hope they pull it together.

  • PittsburghSports

    what’s our only 2 loses in that scenario?

  • Steel City Champs

    Well I have faith well pull it out against the Raiders at home. Sweep the Browns beat the colts and get even with the Bengals and Ravens. So that leaves close losses to the Seahawks and Broncos IMO. A 9-7 cuz I think one of those wins I project might sneak up on our team. This is still wishful thinking I agree cuz an 8-8 or worse is on the horizon if this team can’t get tougher through the injuries man. Smh.

  • PittsburghSports

    I could see that too I suppose. What worries me though, is that Bell is done, but Ben doesn’t look good either. I’m not so sure he didn’t re-injure himself in that game and should’ve been taken out. He wouldn’t step into his throws, and many of them sailed. It’s almost like we lost both guys in this game, and if that’s the truth I have little hope for a LJ/D Will combo leading this team. If Ben does make it to next weeks game, Villanueva and Wallace will eventually get him killed.

  • francesco

    You forgot to mention an awful coach who cannot trust his field goal kicker to kick beyond 50 yards…who can’t manage the clock…etc. etc.

  • Steel City Champs

    I do have my worries after watching Big Ben playing like he didn’t wanna get hurt too tho I think he was still 1-2 weeks early and they rushed him a little for this important game. Had he not overthrown Brown and threw it lower we could have won 17-16 but it shouldn’t have come to that at all. I have my worries for Deangelo too and now the depth behind a 33 year old running back as well. Not only does the Pouncey injury sting but Beachum is better than Villanueva I agree by leaps and bounds. Let’s hope for the best and at least a wildcard spot now. 9-7 should be enough! I’ve been watching this blog for years now and wanted to join and always noticed you being one of the premier posters on here so I decided to finally chime in. Cheers and hope for a better year!

  • Seymour Bottoms

    Here we go, the first of many to load this up in their excuse box for later use. Bell is a great back but his injury will not be the sole reason if the Steelers miss the playoffs. Sure it will factor in but if they miss the playoffs it will be for many other reasons.

  • PittsburghSports


  • StillersInThe6

    This is the mythical world that many fans live in. First of all, don’t confuse what I’m saying or mince my words. Nowhere did I say we can’t still win a championship without Bell. I don’t own a crystal ball, which is actually what you guys are seemingly holding.

    It’s a fan thing to suggest that teams are going to suffer injuries to top 10 NFL-wide talents and yet of course the drop-off in talent to backup will not hurt the team or “it won’t be the reason we don’t win this year”…actually, it *certainly can* be the difference in winning a ship and losing one. To deny that possibility is foolish.

    Now, if you guys are proposing another mythical idea that every other faucet of our team is flawless (defense, passing, ST) then sure, an inferior running game will not be the SOLE reason for any difference in our season. Unfortunately, in reality, none of our faucets are perfect, or close. So you can conceivably always find something else to shoulder the blame….but don’t be mistaken, the drop-off in talent from all world #1 RB Leveon Bell to Dangelo can certainly be a key reason for our demise.

  • Michael James

    Very sad for Bell. I just hope he can come back next season at full strength and that the knee will be ok longterm (that would be the only positive outcome from this game). By now I think this just wasn’t meant to be our season, far too many injuries to key players. Just hope the Broncos beat the Pats for the AFC title.

  • ND_Steel

    With Burfict pulling him back and landing on his leg with his full weight. This is not a natural tackling move. Pure thuggery.

  • ND_Steel

    Sorry, I’ll disagree on this one. Burfict knew exactly what he was doing pulling him back like that.

  • Donald

    Tough break for Le’Veon after having to miss the first 2 games of the season and then playing great for the past several games only to have his season cut short by this injury. But, that’s football for ya.

    It’s funny how even b4 the season started I thought they’d have a rough go of it with the tough schedule and a very suspect defense, but surprisingly, the defense has played far better than I, or anyone else, could have imagined. Now the offense may end up being a bit of a question mark at this point. Go figure.

  • Timothy Rea

    Terrible. Burfict did this quite intentionally as dirty as it gets to roll up on the guy and then jump up and down celebrating after his thuggery worked. He should be suspended.

  • juliusmidfield

    Burfict would be in line for a presidential pardon from federal prison as a violent offender if he wasn’t employed in the NFL, that was an intentional attempt to inflict damage. This season is coming apart, the deception that is Tomlin as HC and the Rooneys decisions are detours from the road to the SB. I’m just praying that Bell’s ACL is intact and no surgery is required. The scam artist as HC is a salesman, the job requires a more scientific intellect. He sold the Rooneys with words and salesmanship, his best attributes are his quotes inside the facility and to the media. A sports psychologist would have theories explaining the connection between an emotion first coach and the extraordinary amount of self destructive injuries. The sickness is possibility that it’s ACL, surgery and loss of Bell’s magic. I’m sure I’m not alone, there are thousands of other multi decade Steeler fans that detest the direction of the team. We used to be the bullys and we drafted players that fit that model and a new group of young bullies motivated by their intellegent young coach using every tool including history is coming to town and Ben, who clearly isn’t healthy is at risk.

  • BradleyT

    Two games in a row….. I now HATE the Bengals like the Ravens

  • Mrs Bighead

    Reggie Nelson and Burfict are the new Ed Reed and Suggs

  • Mrs Bighead

    Burfict is a dirty player, the intent was there

  • FloridaSteeler

    This makes the D Williams deal, the best move the front offices has made in a long time.

  • Bryan Haines

    That’s an ignorant statement. Williams was fine getting the ball in the first 2 games, and he’ll be fine for the rest of the season! He isn’t 40 playing running back, he’s 32 and still runs and trains like a 26 year old! I am a HUGE fan of Bell, but if our season ends poorly, it won’t be because Williams can’t handle 8 games. You’re a poor “fanatic” if you say our season is over because we lost Bell. He’s an amazing player, but we did fine the first 2 games without him…there is no replacing his production, but Williams will do fine and our season is FAR from over!

  • Jones

    I sincerely hope that’s autocorrect making you type “faucets” over and over. Otherwise, hit a book before you start arguing causality on here…
    What everyone is saying is that, even though there will most assuredly be a drop off in RB production, this team should be good enough to compensate enough to contend. Therefore, if we have a losing record over the next 8 games, there will most likely be several other factors besides just the running back at play.

  • Rick Eger

    I really don’t know, I just find it hard to believe Bell’s season ends two seasons in a row against the Bengals. Wtf???????????????

  • Rick Eger

    It’s funny that the Steelers aren’t complaining about it.?

  • StillersInThe6

    It was late; I will take your advice on seeking more education seriously though.

    Unfortunately, there’s a difference between what’s being said, and your argument. This team should be good enough to compensate/contend is more than fair. That’s not what was said, nor what I was arguing, but still a valid point.

  • hojo

    We probably had it coming. We were very clean in 2014

  • Allen Acosta

    Get Well Le’Veon.

  • ND_Steel

    And they shouldn’t. But I think their increased hard hitting that game spoke volumes for how they feel. All I’m saying is it did not look ‘natural’ to me, agree…disagree,,,that’s fine, just based on watching a lot of football, I have not seen that tackling technique very often and it is quite dangerous and unnecessary, especially when a shove out of bounds would have suffice. Call me a sore loser or whatever…I get it, injuries happen. Do Steelers do this same BS on occasion? Absolutely. Sucks losing Bell and so many players this year, that’s all. At some point, you have to question our style of play and wonder if we are more injury prone because of it. Don’t know, just makes you wonder.

  • Steeler Fanatic

    Thanks for the pep talk… Just down after Bell got hurt. Williams is a solid option… just bumming was all.

  • Woodsworld

    All from hits below the knee, and most from behind. This isn’t just an issue for the Steelers, but the entire NFL.Look at the number of knee injuries across the league. Stop wasting time fining players due to clothing regulations, and address this issue, Goodell.

  • Rick Eger

    No I agree, it’s highly unlikely that Bell ends his season against the Bengals two years in a row. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few Bengal players carted off the field in the rematch!