Quick Hits: Steelers Vs Colts Winners/Losers

I think we’ll be in a pleasant, agreeable mood after this one. Any complainers are getting coal in their stocking.


Ben Roethlisberger: Roethlisberger is an elite quarterback. He’s had a ton of great games this year. But this was his best. Not only did he light up the stat sheet, 364 yards and four touchdowns – but the degree of difficulty on his throws was what set this one apart. The double-coverage deep ball to Antonio Brown at the end of the third quarter. The dime to Markus Wheaton in the middle of the field, and the great timing throw on Wheaton’s touchdown. He should have finished with a fifth to Martavis Bryant had it not been for a drop. Maginificant performance by one of the league’s best.

Antonio Brown: Brown can do it all. He can catch. He can return. He can slide down goalposts. Eight catches for 118 yards and two receiving touchdowns plus the 71 yard punt return. Dude just can’t be stopped. There isn’t anything else that needs to be said.

DeAngelo Williams: I don’t really care for MVP conversations, they’re generally pointless with each person setting their own criteria, but if you’re going to have one, Williams has to be apart of it. Without him, there is no running game. He continues to churn out the tough yards as often as he provides the explosive ones, averaging a healthy 5.2 yards per carry while chipping in five receptions. His pass protection has been overlooked, too, and in one example, he picked up a blitz that allowed Roethlisberger to scramble for 13 yards and move the sticks.

Alejandro Villanueva: A little offensive line love. Villy shut down Robert Mathis, holding the veteran end – and Colts’ sack leader – without a sack. His play has steadily improved and tonight, at a glance, was his best performance.

James Harrison: I said Harrison’s season had been pretty disappointing. He shut me up tonight to the tune of three sacks, beating Joe Reitz several times in the second half. The score helped in that endeavor, being up big lets your pass rushers go to work, but Harrison looked like the 2009 version of himself and has given new life to his quest to become the Steelers’ all-time sack leader. He needs three more to pass Jason Gildon’s 77.

Keith Butler: Going big picture here. Thought he called a good game tonight. You may have been frustrated by his three man rush on Frank Gore’s touchdown but you probably weren’t complaining when Jarvis Jones got his pick off the same rush on the first drive of the game. Thought he mixed his pressures and coverages well. Brandon Boykin’s interception was a trap coverage and nice call from Coach Buts. Kudos.

Vince Williams: Rotating in with Ryan Shazier, Williams actually finished with one more tackle. A sure tackler and thumper against the run, he continued to show the traits that has been clear on tape during practically his entire NFL career. Hopefully he continues to see the lion’s share of the rotation snaps even when Sean Spence returns. VW is clearly the superior player.

Brandon Boykin: You’re probably patting yourself on the back but you wanted him Steelers’ nation, and you got it. William Gay made Boykin’s INT happen for his tip but Boykin made an athletic play to dive and get under the football. He showed his coverage skills several times tonight.


Jacoby Jones: Everything AB did right, Jones did wrong. An opening kickoff fumble bought the coffin. A second fumble on a punt return – luckily recovered by Pittsburgh – put the nail in it. He’s as good as gone. Only question is who will replace him.

Chris Boswell: Not many losers or poor performances tonight so on a short list, we have to get a little more picky. Boswell did nail a 51 yarder, not easy task at Heinz Field, but he did miss on a 47 yarder that would have made it a 31-10 game in the third quarter.

Bud Dupree: On a day where all his fellow outside linebackers made plays, Dupree was very quiet. Just one tackle on the stat sheet. Want to see a better impact, especially when his opposition was a 7th round rookie from Mars Hill. To be fair, the guard gave a lot of help but still, a relatively quiet performance on a day where there were plenty of pass rushing opportunities.

Jordan Berry: He’s barely had to punt over the last month and only once tonight. It was a less than stellar one, albeit one with him backed up near his own goal line, going for 37 yards. Again, it’s minor, but in a blowout win, there aren’t a lot of other choices to fill the list.

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Alex Kozora
Full-time blogger from mom's basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.
  • Nunya

    Kudos to Tomlin tonight. Yes, I am very vocal about my dislike for him as a coach, but those boys were ready to play. However, he needs to let his pet project players find the bench much sooner than they have…

  • Umbra Aeternus

    Is Robert Mathis good this year? I dont remember hearing anything about him since he got suspended and then tore his achilles a year ago, I think…
    But that Jarvis pick… that was a thing of beauty

  • igloojoe

    He’s been so-so from what I’ve heared. Like James Harrison last year.

  • RickM

    Congrats to everyone tonight. Full marks to Tomlin & Butler for getting Boykin involved and to the whole defense for being so energized. Hope William G. is O.K. to go next week as we’ll need him. As for the offense, wow.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Wished JJ could have added a sack tonight! Been Playing real good!

  • Big Joe

    Much better game though the tackling still has to get better. Too many arm tackle attempts run right thru, shoulder jams that were bounced off of, and not enough darn wrapping up per technique. Jacoby Jones will be cut this week with Todman or Wheaton taking his spot on kickoffs and Brown staying back there on punts. He’s just too much of a risk with 4 games left.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    As is usual I will mostly agree and add in some of my own points lol.

    1. I think you could have snuck Jarvis Jones on the winners list. That early INT kept a major early momentum problem from happening and I believe he had a near sack. Obviously not a stellar performance but for JJ it is a winners list one.

    2. I am putting Tomlin on the losers list still. Said it before and will say it again. As long as Blake continues to see snaps on our defense Tomlin deserves to go there. You simply don’t keep putting the worst CB in football out on the field. To add a couple things to that.

    2a. Not only did Blake keep playing, but they showed that whole resting thing was a bunch of crap because I saw him have a major missed tackle on special teams and he barely made the tackle when the Colts returner bobbled it. He is awful and Tomlin is awful for continuing to play him, period.

    2b. Jacoby Jones has been a disaster since he got here and not only should he have never had the job over Todman, but Tomlin has let him fumble what….Like 4 times before finally pulling the plug? Ridiculous.

    With that being said, while Tomlin is still an idiot it looks like our players have come to play in spite of him and if they can keep it altogether we might be seeing something special develop here.

  • RickM

    Supposed PED’s for Mathis last year = an amazing 19 sacks. This year he has 4 through 12 games in the weakest division in the league.

  • KansasBuff

    I have come to accept Martavis will have one drop for every impact play. 1/1 ratio. Also, If JJ is somehow not cut this week, I want to see the photographs he has of Tomlin.

  • PittsburghSports

    How about the 2 min offense before the half? Great execution. Perfect clock management.

  • Reader783

    Might want to just add Danny Smith to the list or special teams as a whole. Pretty terrible performance, 2 fumbled returns, a kick return to the 40 then tack on 15 on the horse collar, shanked punt. Defense really had to step up tonight, their average starting field position was like the 50 yard line in the first half or so

  • Reggie Cunningham

    Cut Jacoby! You can activate Todman for kick off or pick up LaMicheal James. Anyone is better than this Old Ratbird. I think he just ended his career tonight

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Hopefully someone asks on Tuesday why Todman was down tonight. A curious decision IMO.

  • Reader783

    Trade Jacoby for my boy Ventrone

  • Alex Kozora

    Also might add Jesse to the losers list. Had a couple catches but his run blocking was poor tonight.

  • JJ, I immediately thought of Jarvis, not Jacoby, thought’s haw far he is in my rear view…

  • KansasBuff

    Good point, fixed

  • PaeperCup

    Tomlin on a losers list in a 45-10 vicotry, yeah ok you do that

  • Phil Brenneman II

    I think I commented on one particular play that just looked flat out lazy. Was really surprised because other than tonight I thought he has looked solid.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    I will. And as I pointed out I will continue to do so as long as he continuously makes ridiculously poor coaching decisions every week. At this point I think we are winning in spite of him, not because of him.

    Blake plays, Tomlin is a loser. I will change that as soon as Blake stops being the worst CB in the NFL and shows that he even belongs wearing a helmet.

  • Kelly A

    So pretty much this idea of Mike Tomlin being an ‘idiot’, is predicated on the fact that he allowed a player the chance ( and one whom worked hard to even make the roster back in August mind you), to redeem himself after the performance he had the previous week (Antwon Blake). On top of it, Tomlin didn’t pull the plug on Jacoby fast enough to appease you; therefore he is an idiot as well. Wow, where do I begin. What gets me the most about someone like yourself, even after a win, is the fact that you are still looking for every avenue to indict someone whom actually has done an excellent job with this team, considering the circumstances he had to deal with coming into this season and even afterwards. You can’t even just enjoy the victory, you have to go around each article here, and post your opinions on Tomilin which are absolutely asinine and unmerited to be quite honest. Frankly speaking, it’s fans like you that make this fanbase look terrible. The fact that you would even note that “our players have come to play in spite of him’, whom do you refer to ‘our’? Last I checked myself nor you are not coaching them on a daily basis, in the training room, in the film room or anywhere near that facility; he is, yet you have the gull to alienate him from the team because you don’t like his decision. Oh boy Phil poor you. I bet you live in this delusion that Tomlin should coach in such a way that would satisfy your perception on how this team should be, unfortunately that’s not how it works. To conclude, whether or not you like Tomlin or not, that ‘idiot’ as you call him, will likely be coach of ‘our’ team so you better get used to it. With that noted, perhaps you should worry so much about Tomlin and worry about things that you can actually control, but posting such a comment is not going to benefit you in any way. Have a nice day

  • paltel


  • Phil Brenneman II

    Where to being with such a long winded bag of garbage. Let’s see:

    1. I am not the only one bashing Tomlin. It is the Depot guys, most fans, most people posting here etc…We can’t help it if you are delusional but I am certainly willing to try to help a fellow fan out. Maybe you call me out because I am the most consistent at it, I don’t know….

    2. Blake didn’t just need to bounce back from one bad performance. He is having the worst season of any corner in the NFL and Tomlin just doesn’t seem to notice. We have all noticed. And by “we” I mean most posters that frequent the Depot, Dave and Dave, Matthew, Jon and Alex. So yes, I will continue to call him an idiot so long as he can’t figure out the obvious. And I don’t even say it in anger or frustration. I am simply stating a fact as I see it. Some people in this world get it, some don’t. In this case Tomlin just doesn’t get it.

    3. As far as Jacoby Jones goes as I said, he never should have been brought in in the first place. It was just another example of Tomlins poor talent evaluation. So pulling the plug shouldn’t even really be the main issue. But if you want to talk about it we can. My biggest issue is Tomlins inconsistency with “punishment”. You can have player A fumble once or drop 1 ball and doesn’t dress the next week but on the other hand you get a Jacoby Jones (who without earning preferential treatment) can consistently mess up and will keep being given chances. He has been here all of 3 weeks and I think he may lead the team in fumbles/bobbled balls.

    4. Trust me, I really enjoyed this win. As I pointed out (though I doubt you read it) I think this team can be something really special here late in the season. We have arguably the best offense in the NFL and a defense that shows signs of being passable to good. So I don’t go looking to indict someone. I don’t have to look, I just watch the game and see that Antwon Blake is still playing, still missing tackles and still getting the ball thrown over his head. Those things all happened again tonight as they have all season. If Tomlin can get his head out of his A$$ long enough to realize the obvious I think we have a real shot at a playoff run.

    5. Frankly speaking, our fan base has a bad reputation because it is full of braggarts and yinzers who think the Steelers can do no wrong. Ask around, it is true. So the reputation comes from guys like you who are blind enough to commend the job Tomlin is doing while he keeps playing guys like Antwon Blake.

    I think that mostly covers everything wrong with your post. If you don’t like my opinions feel free to not read them. You are missing out though. I can be insightful and witty at times 😉

  • Phil Brenneman II

    I apologize if I offended you or something. I just call it like I see it. Feel free to debate the point but I doubt you can make a convincing argument as to why Blake should have been in the game.

  • Don2727

    Such a bad year for injuries, and looking at the depth, I just hope nothing happens to D. Williams..Please stay healthy #34!

  • Reader783

    I defended you on another thread, but I gotta say man that dude is right all you do is complain. Get a grip, this is the worst game all year to complain about. We get it, you hate Blake. We won 45-10 man, take the night off and rip Tomlin tomorrow.

  • 6 ring circus

    Yea, Berry is starting worry me. Someone mentioned in the half threads; do we need to scout again for that elusive punter that sticks on the roster like glue? Where or where is a healthy Danny Sepulveda…

  • Reader783

    It’s kinda weird to be honest. Every year we have a bottom 5 punter, but this year I was excited because Berry was booming some 55 yarders and now he is 2nd from bottom in the league, I don’t know what’s going on

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Well you seem more level headed so maybe we can have a reasonable conversation. How is it I am called out for “all you do is complain” when after this win Alex has a full losers list? I added 1 name, he had 4 or 5. What exactly is the difference? We are here to have conversations and I gave my opinion. Did everyone miss the part where I added Jarvis Jones to the winners list? One of our most ragged on players. Or did nobody read my post tonight where I pointed out something classy Ben did and talked about how great of a leader has become? I swear you guys are like the dang media with me. Only want to focus on the negative I put out there.

    I will be the first to admit I post a lot of the bad stuff but why not? It happens so why can’t we talk about it? I am so excited about this win I can’t sleep so I am posting at 1:30 in the morning. Doesn’t mean we can’t keep it real.

  • PaeperCup

    Nah the guy is solid. Maybe he’s not booming it, but he’s one of the leagues best at dropping it inside the 20. He’s also one of the leagues best in fair catches, least returns, and least return yards which tells us he’s doing a good job at putting the ball where the guy can’t do any damage….or shanking it.

  • Reader783

    Well I followed 3 posts you’ve made tonight and all 3 I saw have been you saying that Coach X, Player Y and Player Z are either terrible, bad decision makers, poor performers, etc. Alex named the punter, the kicker, the kick returner and a stretch of Bud Dupree for a lack of production. Far from any notable players. Furthermore, I hate to say this, all year long all we’ve heard is “bench Blake, bench Blake, bench Blake, we know better than the coaches”. No. Nobody here knows better than the people paid millions of dollars to make those decisions. If they thought Boykin were better, he would play. You think Tomlin and company are benching him for laughs? We play with the guys we have on the team and Blake is one of them right now. You can blame Tomlin for going for it on 4th, kicking FGs instead of going for TDs but I hate when I see fans calling in to question personnel decisions. We sit on our couches at home and watch million dollar athletes play football. Tomlin, Butler, and a whole staff of DB coaches watch them play every single day in practice. We know nothing compared to what they know about Boykin v. Blake. So while many of us wanted Boykin to get a chance, that’s fair, but saying Tomlin is a bad coach for literally “coaching” the team, not fair.

    Anyway, we won 45-10 and nobody likes to hear somebody ruin a huge win by saying the coach is a joke, yada, yada. It was a huge win that we needed to get us on track for a huge 5-0 finish to the season, just revel in it for a night and then rip apart some film tomorrow.

  • Reader783

    I mean I’m not saying he’s a joke, but he’s not booming 55 yarders that’s for sure. I’m sure his stats are slightly skewed by the fact that we normally punt from about the 40 or 50. Maybe ESPN should invest in some punting sabermetrics.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Well in fairness to myself everyone I called out is deserving of it in some form or another. So again, what is the problem? We point out the good, we point out the bad. Again I will refer you to Alex winners/losers list.

    As for the second part….To be completely blunt you are flat out wrong. What someone makes or what they see day to day doesn’t automatically make them right. No matter the paycheck or level of responsibility people are still flawed, play favorites, can be prideful and what have you. If coaches being there day to day and being paid so much made them so all-knowing why do so many coaches get fired for doing poor jobs? Why is there so much turnover? It is because they don’t always know best. In fact, it isn’t even close.

    To go further, what they see day to day loses all relevance when Sunday comes around. That is when we are all on equal footing and are around to see every little detail. And we have all seen Blake CONSISTENTLY perform as one of, if not thee worst CB in the entire NFL. So what could Tomlin possibly know at that point that we don’t? Blake practices harder? Awesome. It really didn’t help him any or help us win so why does that matter? Boykin said something about Tomlins wife? Again, how is that relevant to winning on Sunday?

    So yeah, unless we all become drooling idiots we know about us much as we need to know to make informed decisions about people being benched or people being given a shot. You flat out can’t argue against that. There is no reasonable argument to make. Beyond any of that we were proven right tonight. Boykin came in and IMMEDIATELY had an impact. Just about every single fan of the Steelers knew that he likely would. So why didn’t Tomlin? What special knowledge did he have? Blake continued to miss tackles and get beat tonight. But Tomlin makes millions so we aren’t allowed to question him. That is awful logic man.

  • Reader783

    Ok first off being paid to make decisions DOES make your opinion mean more to someone. I am not being paid millions of dollars to trade stocks because I have no clue if the Dow Jones is going up or down tomorrow. I am not being paid to research the structure of nanoparticles because I do not know how graphene nanotubes work. So relax with the idea that it is awful logic. Trust me, if Tomlin were a dunce, he wouldn’t get paid to do it, that’s how capitalism works. You’re pretty much saying that Tomlin is the executive of a company and is ignoring the advice of DB coaches and Keith Butler and benching Boykin. You don’t know that at all man, don’t even try to act like that’s a fact. You and I have no clue what goes on in the coaches’ meetings every week, so let’s not pretend Butler walks in on Friday and says “Man I love this Boykin kid!” and Tomlin says “No man, I want to piss the fans off.” They are paid to make the decisions, I am not, I yield the decision to them, that is how it works generally.

    And once again, you can call out anyone you want. But, like I said and you seemed to miss the point, calling out the PUNTER is not the same as calling out the HEAD COACH in a 45-10 win. Trust me, I understood it when you said it the first time.

    Aside from that, let’s not say “IMMEDIATE IMPACT!!!!!!”. He caught a tipped pass from our actual best CB, William Gay. Otherwise, he had a pretty nonchalant game. And if we wanna talk stats instead of you just saying he’s the worst in the league, I’m a huge fan of numbers, because they actually prove a point. Blake is #28 in the league in passes defensed, far from the bottom given 64 starting corners in the NFL. Furthermore, he has 2 INTs and a FF and 2 TD’s on the season and is also #26 in the league for total tackles. So now that we have some stats telling me he is a middle tier NFL cornerback, let’s look at Boykin’s 2014 campaign. He was ranked #60 in the league for passes defensed and outside the top 80 for total tackles. You might say “that’s because they didn’t throw at him”, but to be honest there really isn’t any other metric to measure CB’s so aside from your raw emotion, the numbers tell a different story.

  • thomas hmmmm

    That’s a great game when two of the loser’s are your kickers and one of them actually does pretty good.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    The point is, that being paid doesn’t make your opinion infallible and you examples just don’t work because they don’t apply here. You are right, you don’t get paid to do anything with stocks because you know nothing about them, neither do I for that matter. But we DO know about football. Presumably a lot. I played, I have watched for years, I study it occasionally and I would assume most people have. So your example falls flat considering those things. Just because we aren’t paid to do it doesn’t mean we don’t have a very thorough understanding of it. And yes, I am pretty much saying that about Tomlin because it happens all of the time. Executives don’t always take advice they are given, children don’t always take advice from their parents etc…We are all human and thus all fallible.

    We don’t know the specifics of the meetings so maybe they are all to blame but Tomlin being at the top ultimately means he decides who goes in. So he is still an idiot even if the other guys are idiots as well.

    As to your point about who is called out, I disagree. If we are talking about winners and losers everyone is fair game. If Cam Heyward missed 6 tackles tonight and made no impact he would go on the losers list despite being paid millions, despite being in the day to day meetings and despite being our best defensive player. The same goes for Tomlin. If he is making obviously bad decisions he can go on the losers list despite a win. It is the nature of the beast.

    And now you say “let’s not say immediate impact” but that is exactly what happened. But I guess we should just stick our heads in the sand unless we offend Tomlin for calling him an idiot for benching the person who is likely our first or 2nd best DB for the entire season. And his game wasn’t that nonchalant. A DB not getting passed all over is exactly what you want. So he basically perfumed well.

    As for your stats you are going to need some context to make them relevant. How often is he passed on? If it is most in the league it would make sense that he would have some level of stats regardless of poor play all-around. It is exactly the same thing people bring up with Timmons. Yes he is missing some tackles but he also plays every snap so it makes sense that bad stats can start to pile up on him even if he is playing a little better than they might indicate.

    With Blake that just isn’t the case. He is piling up the stats because he is awful. Teams target him because he is awful. The tape is telling the tale in a significant way. No amount of what we don’t know of the day to day business will change that. So besides your own raw emotion for wanting to defend Tomlin there isn’t much to argue against his terrible decisions this season.

  • Reader783

    You’re still missing the point with the call-outs; of course you can call out whoever you want after a 45-10 win, but it definitely looks petty. That’s the whole point. If you wanna call Cam Heyward a loser for only having 1 tackle on a night where they passed the whole second half, go right ahead! It just looks dumb though, so I’ll ditch that ship.

    As for decision making, you can assume all you want. That’s all you’re doing. You’re assuming that either Tomlin is ignoring everyone else or Tomlin is just wrong, but that’s all it is, an assumption. And as for the stats, that’s the best they get, ESPN doesn’t have any complex sabermetrics yet.

    And to be clear, I don’t have “raw emotion” to defend Tomlin, you just really rubbed me the wrong way writing novels about how bad of a coach he is after a 45-10 win. Boykin is the best CB on the team? I live in Philly man, they were elated when they traded him away for a 4th/5th rounder. If he were the best CB on the team, he’d play. You have got to be kidding me thinking that dude. You think Tomlin has such an issue with this dude he would ruin our season and jeopardize his job over it? You’re just staring through some hate Tomlin goggles right now.

  • Craig M

    Phil, I started out not liking Tomlin but then because of his youth as a HC gave him some slack and found some good aspects in him. At present I question his decisions mainly clock management along w/ some personnel choices. I started out in favor of Haley- big time, just to keep Ben standing up, but now I question his strategy because of TOP stats. I also was all for Cam Thomas then really disappointed and now see some upside in him though his price is too high. In WWII the Marines took the pacific islands at a huge cost of lives while MacArthur was bypassing islands and starving them out at a low cost in military lives lost. In Italy we did a faint attack up the left side of the boot of Italy, that ended up being lightly defended- and where someone like Patton would have pushed directly on to Rome saving the cost of lives fighting up the boot to Rome where we ended up slugging it out at a large cost in lives. What I’m trying to say is that history is the diary of the victor and pointing out the possible better actions means little- unless the end result was a loss. I feel for you and your opinion, only it will fall on deaf ears for now, but will be listened to if the future shows failure. So stick w/ what you think at least I’ll listen, as I listen to everyone on here w/ an open mind. As Jerry Quarry used to say “just keep punchin”.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    And again, how is it any more petty than the other call outs? Boswell missed 1 kick that had no impact on the game but he was on the list. Did you call Alex petty? It is the same exact thing. Most of us like to discuss the good and the bad, it is that simple.

    And I am assuming nothing about the decision making. We know Tomlin has the HC makes the final call. So if he plays Blake it is on him. And we know the results of the decision making. We don’t assume Blake is bad, we know he is. It is on tape and in the numbers. I can with a 100% honesty say I am not sure where you are even trying to go with this part of your argument. Are you really trying to defend Blakes play? How can you argue against not making a change regardless of what we know? We know Blake is bad so give someone else a chance. If they are bad we have lost nothing.

    And I don’t have “raw emotion” to bash Blake. It is factual that he is terrible. You just rubbed me the wrong way defending Tomlin for clearly terrible decisions that everyone on the planet recognizes now with the exceptions of you and Mike Tomlin.

    I said “likely our best or 2nd best” about Boykin and I could care less what Philly fans think. They were happy to trade him away but their team sucks anyway and they are some of the most hateful fans in football. And no, I don’t think Tomlin specifically has an issue with Boykin though I won’t rule out the possibility. I do however think he has a problem with pride and admitting when he has made a mistake. In fact, that is the majority opinion on Tomlin. No matter how many times he is called out for clock management he refuses to admit any problems. He has even gone as far as to say it wasn’t his concern when the refs messed up the clock earlier in the season.

    So basically he missed their mistake and instead of living up to it he said he wasn’t worried about them doing their job. So basically they could have cost us a game and Tomlin didn’t care. Clearly he lets pride get in the way of making better decisions at times and I truly believe that is happening here. He flat out won’t acknowledge how bad Blake has played. It is all on tape and in interviews.

  • paltel

    I am absolutely certain that you can not make a convincing argument against Tomlin or Blake. If you were able to do so, you would have done so already. I’m not offended by any of your words.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Honestly I am bored of the argument but I will point you in the direction of this seasons game footage. That will make any argument you could ever need against Blake.

  • Rusted Out

    Thx for the philosophical history. Whether the Steelers won or loss today makes no difference to me when we’re talking about Thomlins decisions. I personally am not that short sighted. Phil makes great points, and they are ones he should express here win or lose.

  • Rusted Out

    3 big grabs, no drops. No way the rookie belongs on the losers list.

  • Rusted Out

    Even is Berry was the best in the league, YES absolutely we should scout for punters. Look what happened when we actually had a good punting battle. Competition only makes this team better.

  • ND_Steel

    Agreed, loved it!

  • jujudoublestuff

    I’m sorry but Archer didn’t look as bad as Ja Jones has. The man seems to have no confidence. I can understand the thinking at the time because of his past experience, but talk about crap on returns. In my opinion Archer was never given a fair shake. Loss of a 3rd rounder over this bum. Archer haters care to comment now? I’m a J James fan and was great on the catches, but some of his blocking(if that’s what you call it) was awful.

  • Petherson Silveira

    Loser: Against backups, what he did? Absolutely nothing.
    Where is this guy since came back from knee injury?

  • Douglas Andrews

    I understand the idea of wanting to keep the OLB’s fresh during the game but I think the rotation hurts Jarvis slightly. Of course the rotation is justified when Harrison plays like he did last night but for a younger player like JJ he really needs the reps.

  • Douglas Andrews

    I thought Jessie James played well in his first start.

  • Spencer Krick

    This. He looked pretty lost at times, but hey it’s his first start.

  • Spencer Krick

    The one he caught on his fingertips on the move was particularly good.

  • HopeHarveys

    Wouldn’t list Bos as a loser tonight. His tackle/personal foul saved a TD, and he managed to do so without getting hurt.

  • NinjaMountie

    He was having problems, mostly, blocking out of movement, be it pulling or motion. He just ran by a few people. I don’t know how DWill made some of the runs he did.
    I think it’s something that will be easily fixed with experience and coaching.

  • NinjaMountie

    It wasn’t lazy. He just needs to work on it. He was passing up people looking downfield. He’ll fix it.

  • NinjaMountie

    45-10…..Winner Title for Everyone!

    But, yeah, I’ll go with Alex on this list. I also would have been just as happy with just Jacoby Jones.

  • michael young

    Its good to see some love for Vince Williams. When he gets on the field you know he’s out there. He hits like a tank. We have him locked up until the end of next year. I really hope we resign him when the time comes (for the right price obviously). I have a feeling his best is yet to come and the way our ILB’s get dinged up we cannot have enough of them.

  • michael young

    Yeah, Jarvis climbed the ladder for that one. Excellent recognition. I think he’s actually played pretty well this year. He’s been getting pressure (even without the sacks) and has been playing pretty well against the run. His stats don’t really tell the whole story of his season.

  • Zarbor

    What Munch is doing with that o-line is worthy of being on the WINNERS list each week.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    No doubt. I wasn’t calling him lazy, I was saying it looked lazy. Basically he messed up so badly it looked like he hadn’t even originally attempted a block. I didn’t re-watch the specific play but my guess is that he got torn between multiple targets and in the confusion didn’t get a chance at any of them.

  • hojo

    He was so close to a strip sack. Wish he’d gotten that one

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Nice selections Alex! Harrison was a Renegade.

    By my only quibble is your choice of words describing Villanueva – “Villy shut down Robert Mathis, holding the veteran end … without a sack.” 😉

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    I am good with that comment as long as Phil also points out the positive aspects of Tomlin’s coaching. Otherwise, it just becomes another nattering nabob of negativity.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    What positive things has Tomlin done?

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    So close! Like by a hair!

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    I’m at the point where I would pick up Jarvis’ option. If Harrison breaks the franchise sack record I think he hangs it up after this season.

  • vasteeler

    i agree with you 100% and it shouldnt take a genius to see the obvious that you just pointed out

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Fair point. Just keep in mind that this was specifically in relation to the winners/losers list and I said I was keeping Tomlin there until Blake stops playing. So it was just me doing what I said i would do. I am on record as not being part of the fire Tomlin crowd and I think he is a great motivator and his guys come to play for him.

    The problem for me is that I don’t see it as a balanced scale in the good vs bad department. His mistakes and refusal to admit said mistakes are so inexcusable at times that there is no other word I can think to offer besides idiot. I truly wonder how he made his way to a HC position given such deficiencies.

  • PaeperCup

    Definitely. He’s a Rookie, showing off the skills we drafted him for. Now the team just has to develop the skills he doesn’t have yet. In time. Hopefully Munchak is working with him, he has the potential to be a solid all around TE, but we are looking at the start of his career.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Tomlin’s success in his first 8 seasons matches up very favorably to Chuck Noll’s and is better than Cowher’s first 8. I guess perhaps they were not worthy head coaches.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    One more thing that I liked about last night was putting AB in the backfield and motioning him to the slot (I think Wheaton too a couple times). I bet it drives defenses mad to try and cover those types of plays. Would have really liked to see Dri in that type of situation. Can’t wait for breakdown of this!

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    I really think he can be a good pass catching TE!

  • Yes, it’s hard not to be in a good mood about this one, even if it was against a rather depleted Colts team. There was some shoddy tackling, but for the most part the self-inflicted wounds that have characterized this season were kept to a minimum — beyond Jacoby Jones, of course, who really must be done now. Anyone would be better back there.

    A couple of additional winners:

    Jarvis: Look, I agree, I think we’ve seen his ceiling, and it isn’t great. The guy’s never going to be dominant. But a solid part of a rotation? Sure. Good against the run, decent athleticism, and yesterday he made a big, splash play. Can’t overlook that.

    Cam Heyward: He and Tuitt were pretty quiet for the most part, at least on the stats sheet, but Heyward has some motor. Wasn’t it him who finally dragged down Gore on a long run late in the game? He’s a winner every week.

    DHB: He’s been eclipsed on the WR chart, but he continues to impress with his ST play and blocking. He was all around the ball in his snaps yesterday, from what I could tell. I still think he has value as a WR, though.

    The Boz: Yeah, he missed one, but he was otherwise solid. It’s nice to have a kicker who can’t boot the long one. Just too bad he’s so bad on kickoffs.

    And a couple of additional losers:

    Tuitt: Maybe I’m wrong on this, but I didn’t notice him at all yesterday. Maybe it’s because the LBs were getting all the love.

    Wallace: Okay, we’re supposed to like him because he’s got attitude, because he like to mix it up (to say the least), because he’s got a nasty streak. Fine, but that was an awful, inexcusable penalty to take. I can’t stand it when players hit guys when they’re down, especially just crushing them in the back.

    The good thing is that Blake isn’t on the losers list. For once.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Wasn’t alive for Noll and too young to properly judge Cowher on any specifics so I can’t speak to that. All I know is that Tomlin has some very obvious and ugly flaws in his coaching game. And his initial success came from a Cowher built team, not his own. So not sure how to really “calculate” that so to speak.

  • Douglas Andrews

    It’s just my guess but I think the needle has moved from probably not on the 5th year option before the season started to now around 50/50. Father Time has been good to Harrison but he’ll be 38 next year and once he gets the record he might just want to hang it up especially if he’s able to do it next year. I also think Jarvis has shown enough this year with his play that I’d lock him up for the 5th yr. I know it’s a gamble but when you weigh paying him for a 5th year versus him playing lights out the 5th year and your only option is the franchise tag which one would be cheaper?

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    … and you could say Cowher’s initial success was based on a Noll built team. Very tired argument. In fact Cowher did not win a super bowl until his 14th season. The reason for the Steeler’s success since 1972 is the stability of the organization particularly at the head coach position. I am not interested in a team that has a coaching carousel. Tomlin is the youngest coach to get his team to two Super Bowls winning one. He has zero losing seasons. He does have some flaws:

    1. Clock management
    2. Stubbornly sticks to some players for too long such as Blake, Dri Archer or Jacoby Jones
    3. Is not always forthcoming in interviews.

    As for clock management; I’m not sure he is on the sideline looking at the clock; that is what assistants are for. His over loyalty may be why most players like playing for him so much. He is usually near the very top of any poll asking NFL players who they would most like to play for – regardless of who the flavor of the month is (coaches in that year’s super bowl). He has also cut loose players such as Hines Ward, Troy Polamalu and Brett Keisel who he deemed past their useful shelf life(though he also brought the beard back last year).

    Is he perfect., No. But if we hold him to the same standard as his predecessor; he is already ahead of the game and barring a streak of losing seasons can and should be the Steelers head coach until he decides to move on.

  • George Kroger

    AB can slide down goalposts, but he can’t stick to them (like he wanted to do)!

  • George Kroger

    On Wallace, I thought the penalty was bogus. Linemen hit/block defenders when they are on the ground all the time. If it’s after the whistle, then yes, it’s a penalty. But the play was still going – should not have been a penalty (IMO).

  • George Kroger

    I’m hoping Berry just has rookie-itis and will get better next year. He looked so good in pre-season and in the first few games. Since, his kicks are better very mediocre.

    James looks like the 2nd coming of Heath. That’s why fans chant Health every time he makes a catch. He just needs to improve his blocking.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    For me the only losers were Jacoby Jones and the ref who threw the flag on AB.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Like I said, wasn’t around for Noll and didn’t know enough to judge Cowher but if his initial success was from a Noll built team than there is no harm in judging him accordingly for it. Not sure why a true and accurate argument should be considered tired. Facts or facts whether we like them or not. I am sure the Browns fans are tired of having crap teams, that doesn’t suddenly make them winners.

    You point out it took Cowher until his 14th season to win an SB but that does show us he can build a team and go win the SB. By that point the Noll players were past. Right now we are getting into that stretch for Tomlin. It is finally almost all his team and right now the results are mediocre. He finds diamonds in the rough but he tends to miss most on the position he should presumably know most about, DB’s. That is worrying to me. Obviously we won’t be able to fully judge Tomlin until his run is done but his flaws make it hard to be hopeful.

    And just to be clear it isn’t all just that Tomlin has flaws. Every coach has them and I don’t want to see a coaching carousel either. The problem with Tomlin is that he refuses to even acknowledge or accept that he is making the mistakes a lot of the time. I would have to go back but I am pretty sure you can strongly attribute at least 2 of our losses this season almost directly to things Tomlin did. So how we can we expect better results from a guy who won’t even acknowledge has has flaws?

    And if you want to talk about a truly tired argument let’s get past the whole “Tomlin has never had a losing season”. When you have one of the best QB’s in the league any season you don’t at least make the playoffs is a losing season. Just look at what this offense is doing. The only thing that may end up holding this team back is the defense and the main offender there is Blake. Tomlin has to make changes moving forward or we will be wasting one of the best offenses this team has ever had.

  • George Kroger

    I can’t stand this argument for Tomlin. The first five seasons were a product of the team he inherited. Look at the last 4 (including this year). This team has been heading in the wrong direction. You can’t be a .500 team with no playoff wins when you have Ben at QB. His decision making is what makes him an idiot.

    Savior the win all you want…it was against an Indy team that is pretty mediocre. This team needs to win out to make this a good year (for Tomlin).

  • George Kroger

    I wouldn’t put Tomlin on the loser’s list this week because the team crushed despite the bad personnel decisions (Jones/Blake). Let’s see what happens the next two weeks though.

    On Blake, as long as Boykin is playing, I don’t have a problem with playing Blake. It’s either him or Cockrell as the 3rd CB. It’s on Butler not to leave him isolated/exposed.

  • George Kroger

    Dude…you’re fighting the good fight, but people don’t like negativity. So, Tomlin bashing will always get people upset with you.

  • Reader783

    You’re still somehow missing the point with the call outs. You can say whatever you want about anyone. I didn’t call Alex’s losers petty because 1) he writes for the website that I am on reading so that would be stupid, 2) he does it every single week so I would expect it and 3) he himself said it was petty in the article with terms such as “it’s minor”, “we have to get picky”, etc. I don’t understand why you choose to get so personally offended in arguments here. Calling out any performance other than Jacoby Jones in a 45-10 victory is petty, end of conversation, no need to argue about that anymore.

    And I didn’t “rub you the wrong way” defending Tomlin. That’s not even how the conversation started. I started by telling you to just wait a day to rip the team to shreds after a 35 point win. Honestly, I don’t think Blake is a good CB and I don’t think Boykin deserved to sit all season, but you were just so adamant all night about how terrible a 45-10 winning coach was I had to speak up. The reality is, we traded for Boykin, so if the coaches think he is even TIED with Blake, he will sit to preserve a draft pick. If you think that Boykin>>>>>>>>Blake, then so be it, I guess you’ve been ripping some film apart. Maybe I’m a blind sheep following our coaches, but I trust them to play the right guy. Who knows, maybe in 5 weeks Boykin will be an All-Pro nominee and you can redirect me to this thread.

  • George Kroger

    Bottom line on tackling…half of the defenders just aren’t good at it. Heyward (complete stud…best draft pick in the Tomlin era outside of AB and maybe Bell), Tuitt, VW, Deebo (of course)…these guys can REALLY tackle. The rest of the D is either hit and miss (Timmons, Shazier, JJ, Mitchell) or just plain bad (secondary tackling is atrocious).

  • George Kroger

    You missed the main reason why DWill makes the winners list…his “I got a game ball” exclamation in the post game interview!

  • Phil Brenneman II

    I understand that point but it was never about winning or losing. I don’t know if it was last week or the week before but I stated that as long as Tomlin plays Blake I will put him on the losers list. All I did was follow up on that.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    And you are somehow still missing the point I am making. The same reason you gave for not calling Alex out can be applied to me. I reply to and read the articles on this site. That is what they want us to do. I did that and gave an honest opinion. Nothing petty about being honest. You don’t have to read my posts and respond to them. I could argue it is petty of you to do that. Heck, we can argue anything is petty. Would be pointless though. Victory or loss is irrelevant to why I called Tomlin out anyway and I thought I was pretty clear on my reasoning. I stated a week or 2 ago that as long as Tomlin continues to play Blake he will end up on the losers list. Alex made a list that didn’t include him so I pointed out that I thought he belonged. I am a man of my word and followed through. Once Tomlin corrects his mistake I will take him off the list.

    I was only mimicking your approach when I said about rubbing me the wrong way. Honestly your arguments aren’t accurate enough to even rate emotion from me. You miss my points and blindly follow our coaches regardless of proof or evidence. I mean, how do I even counter that? It is just wasted words. But to make a last point you can take Boykin out of this entire conversation and I would still call Tomlin an idiot. As bad as Blake has played he should be benched. If the guy behind him is worse let us see it. Although I am not sure how you could actually get worse than Blake at this point.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    So it is ok to deduct from Tomlin for inheriting talent but not Cowher. Very objective.

    Tomlin took a talented team won a championship. He took a second team with a lot of new players and came within one drive of winning another Super Bowl; one that Ben could not close the deal on.

    Many fans were clamoring for Cowher’s firing before he ever got that ring but I was not one of them. You may have been too young to remember.

    The bottomline is that the Steelers have been fortunate to have had three excellent coaches since 1969. Thank god you and other fair weather fans don’t have any say on the Steelers front office decisions.

    From the Steelers game notes:


    Mike Tomlin (2007-2014) 82-46 (.641) (2007-2014)
    Bill Cowher (1992-2006) 77-51 (.602) (1992-1999)
    Chuck Noll (1969-1991) 65-46 (.586) (1969-1976)
    Buddy Parker (1957-1964) 51-47 (.520) (1957-1964)

    Chuck Noll 2 (1974, ‘75) 2 (1974, ‘75)
    Mike Tomlin 2 (2008, ’10) 1 (2008)
    Bill Cowher 1 (1995)

    Bill Cowher 6 (1992-97)
    Mike Tomlin 5 (2007, ’08, ’10, ’11, ‘14)
    Chuck Noll 5 (1972-76)
    Buddy Parker 1 (1962)

    Bill Cowher 5 (1992, ’94-’97) (AFC Central)
    Mike Tomlin 4 (2007, ’08, ’10, ‘14) (AFC North)
    Chuck Noll 4 (1972, ’74, ‘75, ‘76) (AFC Central)

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Definitely and we can still develop Chick and draft someone else and play it like that! JJ has been solid and could be on the cusp of a break out year!

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    The bottomline is that Tomlin has made the playoffs 5 of his first 8 seasons. The second time he led the team to the Super bowl, a disappointing loss with the ball in Ben’s hands for one last drive – only 16 players remained on the roster fromm Cowher’s last season.

    You don’t have to savor the victory against the Colts; but I certainly will. Win or lose against the Bengals I will still root for the team. You can do as you please.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Man, you guys seem to get so emotional with these arguments you fail to read what my actual response is. It is hard for me to respond again when you are writing both sides of the conversation. I specifically said (paraphrasing) if Cowher had success because of Nolls players there is no harm in judging him accordingly. I said after that he also built his own team and had success. So we can judge him for that as well. So initially he was lucky Noll left him with a great team and he was competent enough to have success. Then he faltered some but ultimately built a SB calibre team. So yeah, very objective assuming you take the time to read my points properly.

    Why would you be defending Tomlin while at the same time thanking God I don’t make front office decisions when I support keeping Tomlin? So you want him fired or you don’t? Because you just made 2 different arguments in the same sentence. That can be a bit confusing….And lol at calling me a fair weather fan. It would appear ignorance is bliss in your world. Can’t hate you for it though, as long as you find happiness in foolishness.

    In any case it is like I said before, we are getting into the range where this is fully becoming Tomlins team and will become his legacy. There is no argument to be made anymore that this is Cowhers team or Cowhers players. I supposed you could make an argument for Big Ben but I have heard Cowher didn’t want him so if true, that argument is null anyway.

    We will see what Tomlin does with it. Right now I don’t have a ton of hope Ben will be getting another ring if Tomlin continues on his path but if I could ever be proven wrong this is the most I would ever want it to happen.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    My bad for missing the line re Cowher. You have pretty lengthy responses. As for the team just now becoming Tomlin’s that is a laugh. Only 16 players from the 2006 season were on the roster when the team went to Dallas. He also was there for Ben’s development as a passer. In Cowher’s win – Ben was mostly managing the games – which was appropiate since he was still a young QB.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Those 16 players make up a pretty big contingent of starters and players of significance though. Essentially the heart and soul of the team. Ben, Ward, Hampton, Harrison, Farrior, Polamalu etc…I mean that is 4 potential HOFers right there. So in significant ways it was still a lot of what Cowher built in that last SB before we started our way to where we are now.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Ben only played 3 seasons under Cowher averaging less than 22 passes a game in his first two seasons. The last season under Cowher he threw 469 times but had a losing record 7-8 – and Ben had the lowest completion percentage and most interceptions in a season in his career.

    So credit can be given for developing a Hall of Fame worthy quarterback belongs to Tomlin.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Yeah I could see that. At least partially. You would also need to look at credit to Arians and whoever the QB coach was since they more directly work with individual players.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    In 2007 Mike Tomlin promoted Bruce Arians to offensive coordinator and hired Ken Anderson to be quarterbacks coach.
    Whisenhut was the OC in 2006 along with Mark Whipple as QB coach.

    So if you give Cowher credit for the players the Steelers acquired during his coaching stint including the 16 that played in Super Bowl XLIII; then Tomlin should get the credit for the coaches the Steelers hired under his reign – so Tomlin gets lion’s share of credit for developing Ben – which most would agree is the key to the Steeler’s success.

  • Douglas Andrews

    I agree on James he looks like a real later rounder find. I like Berry too and I’m hoping he’s just got some of the Rookie itis your talking about. On the bright side if we only put once a game we could get by with my JV punts!

  • Douglas Andrews

    AV has been steadily improving pretty good for a guy that wasn’t projected to make the final 53 to now starting LT. Nothing like great coaching hats off to Coach Munch and good for AV

  • Rusted Out

    Steroids are awesome. Remember Shawne Merriman “lights out”?

  • Rahim Jiwani

    any time berry punting when wer backed up its generally a JVish punt..when he has some room he is above the line punter

  • Reader783

    Dude Alex literally spent his whole losers sections saying how “picky” he was being. You on the other hand seem to think that Tomlin is obviously a loser this week, which clearly he isn’t seeing that at least 50% of people think the other way. If you think you and the author took the same tone, you’re off base. That’s the bottomline.

    My arguments aren’t accurate enough to rate emotion, sure if that is how you feel, go ahead. I have no option to not “blindly” follow the coaches dude, neither do you. What do you mean? Am I in the coaches’ meetings? Are you? What is this a coup d’etat? What do you suppose we do, revolt against Tomlin? He is making personnel decisions, we are not, I don’t see why anyone would get so mad and personally upset by them. At cornerback we are stuck between a rock and a hard place and rather than fighting the good battle and saying “Man we should DRAFT a CB or SIGN our CB’s that do well (ie Keenan Lewis)” you’re out here acting like Boykin is a God among men and that Tomlin is intentionally sabotaging the season by not playing him. You’re just assuming things are happening and when someone disagrees you flip out as if we’re part of the conspiracy.

    Obviously Tomlin isn’t the perfect head coach, but for crying out loud man. He’s a pretty good NFL coach so far in his tenure. He’s gotten massacred with injury this year and is still in a position to make the playoffs.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Well your first mistake is projecting. Not sure what you are attributing all of this emotion to so I am assuming you are feeling some sort of way and have no clue how to direct it. So I will just leave it at that.

    I get it. You think Tomlin can do no wrong because we aren’t in the meetings. That is very dumb reasoning to put it kindly, so I really don’t have much to say to it. Sunday is the only day that actually matters and we see everything we need to then. If Blake practices well, that ultimately means nothing when he is awful on Sunday. We see it, it is on tape and in the stats. Tomlin isn’t between a rock and a hard place, he is just stubborn and prideful and takes too long to make decisions we all see are necessary miles away. The rest of the Depot knows it, maybe you will soon catch on.

  • Reader783

    Man what a terrible little spiel that was. Someone disagrees with me? Better attack their character and emotional state. I feel great man! We won 45-10! I feel great about our team right now and am excited for the Bengals game. We can get on a hot streak right now just in time for the playoffs!

    I never said Tomlin can do no wrong, I just said you and I are in no position to scout Boykin and Blake. I don’t know, maybe you are seeing something I’m not, but I don’t have the overarching hatred for Blake that you do. He’s a mid-tier NFL corner and that’s what he’s playing like. But if it lights a fire underneath you and keeps you entertained on the forums, all the power to you my man. Hopefully I can be as enlightened as you one day. Go Steelers!

  • Phil Brenneman II

    I know, that is exactly what you did. At least you are self aware enough to recognize the flaws in how you debate these points. You acted as if I were angry and what not.

    I don’t hate Blake, never met the guy. He is just a terrible CB. Mid-tier is definitely a tough sell. And yes, I am seeing something you are not. His stats and game footage. He has been awful.

  • Reader783

    You’re not seeing this stats friend. You mentioned a grand total of 0 stats this whole time. I am the only one who mentioned stats putting him in the dead center of the pack in the NFL. So ya. But anyway, we clearly don’t see eye to eye on this, I just want to beat Cincy next week.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    29 missed tackles. 10 more than the next closest guy on the team. Probably the league lead but can’t remember. And I believe he ranks in the bottom of PFF rankings overall as well.

    Not sure where you can find how often he has been targeted and beaten but based on the tape it is safe to assume he is near the bottom of the league in that regard as well.

    But honestly the stats don’t ultimately matter because we can see him directly being a detriment to the team well other options sit on the bench. Now if they came in and played poorly you could defend Tomlin and it would make sense. But he doesn’t seem to be moving anywhere towards trying other options all that quickly. It is a major gaffe on his part.

  • Reader783

    No ya, I totally agree. I said earlier, if in 5 weeks we come back here and Boykin is playing out of his mind, my tail will be tucked firmly between my legs. Just don’t like the idea that we know better than the coach. Doesn’t sit well with me.

  • PTownSteelTown

    Dude, either you’re an idiot or you just like pretending to be one. You exaggerate and minimize whatever people are saying to you to fit your narrative, and it’s annoying when someone is actually taking the time to explain with sincerity to you why your argument is at worst illogical and at best off-putting. At least argue in good faith, being open to the possibility that you could be wrong. Right now your logic resembles that of a more well-spoken 5th grader.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Can you give some examples of where I exaggerated or minimized? Otherwise you are just spewing nonsense because you disagree with me but aren’t truly capable of adding anything intelligent to the discussion. So unless you have something to say that isn’t dumb just move along. You literally didn’t say a single thing about football or the Steelers in this entire paragraph.