Tomlin Confirms Toussaint Promotion Due To Performance

One surprise on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ inactive list Sunday night was the inclusion of Jordan Todman. It was difficult to tell if he was a late scratch, perhaps nicked up during Saturday’s walkthrough, or a healthy scratch who had simply been usurped on the depth chart by Fitzgerald Toussaint.

Mike Tomlin confirmed the latter at his Tuesday press conference, framing it as a performance decision. Tomlin praised Toussaint for taking the steps to earn the promotion.

“He’s earned the opportunity he’s gotten. He’s gotten out attention with hard work and detail. That was one of the reasons why we moved him from practice squad to active roster and active roster to a gameday hat. It’s not about what Jordan has done or hadn’t done, really, it’s about the confidence we’re gaining in what Fitz is capable of doing.”

Toussaint got some work in Sunday’s blowout, carrying four times for 12 yards. Two of those came on the final drive, mop up duty in a blowout. He saw two others mid-way through the third quarter, where he busted off a long run of seven yards. He also served as the upback on kick returns, replacing Todman’s role there as well.

It’s reasonable to assume the understudy to DeAngelo Williams is a fluid position. With several young, or at least, new, players on the roster, and no established player sticking out, it’s a positive thing to create a week-to-week competition for that backup spot and ultimately, a hat on Sunday. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the two switch spots in a given week and may truly be one of the only undetermined roster spots heading into a given practice week.

It’s been a weird year for Steelers’ running backs. Already, technically three different players have served as the team’s #2 running back – Williams, Todman, and now Toussaint, with momentary intrigue over Isaiah Pead. ┬áPead lost out almost as quickly as he came with Toussaint supplanting him on the 53 man squad. Todman had run the ball four times for 22 yards while wearing several hats on special teams.

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  • PaeperCup

    Thought so. For coming off the practice squad I thought he didn’t look too shabby in the few plays we saw him.

  • RickM

    Todman starred at Connecticut where they played very easy schedules. Toussaint had a good career at Michigan against far tougher opponents. It’s not surprising that Toussaint has shown more potential to the coaching staff.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    I hope he stays joined to DWill’s hip!

  • blackandgoldBullion

    I’ll be a believer once I see him catch some passes out of the backfield and pick up some blitzes. So far Fitz has only done that in practice. Todman has shown he can do it all in preseason and in seasons past. In this regard I would lean towards the vet. You never know. Maybe Fitz will show us something explosive one of these days.

  • jujudoublestuff

    I like the way he ran. Maybe a find.

  • dany

    i dunno about comparing college games considering Toddman has already had good games with the jags as an nfl player, but good to know about Toussaint


    Well Frtiz is getting a chance Todman didnt. Todman has more NFL game film on him and most of it shows TD runs from 21 to 72 yards!!!

  • RickM

    Todman’s record with the Jags isn’t impressive. He was there four years and in his final year he dressed for all 16 games and only got 32 carries for 186 yards. His yards per carry was above average, but he was a very limited back-up in his final two years. It might be wrong, but I consider a successful running back from the Big 10 to be a better pro prospect than a successful running back from Connecticut.

  • RMSteeler

    You mean it only took Tomlin 13 games to figure out a way to get the best players on the field. Wonder what caused that?

  • dany

    what im saying is, he’s no longer a “prospect from Connecticut”, he’s a fourth year nfl player who has started games. Toussaint certainly seems to have passed him, and I hope he does better than him if it’s true, we pretty much know what we’re getting with Toddman so if he can be even a bit better it’s a win for the team