Steelers Kicking Canuck Shaun Suisham Is Now A U.S. Citizen

The Pittsburgh Steelers “Kicking Canuck” is now an American kicker as of Wednesday.

According to Teresa Varley of on Twitter, Steelers veteran kicker Shaun Suisham, who was born in Wallaceburg, Ontario, became a United States citizen Wednesday afternoon.

During his speech at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office, Suisham reportedly joked that he still doesn’t know what a Yinzer is.

While Suisham is now officially a United States citizen, there’s no guarantee he’ll remain a member of the Steelers in 2016 now that the team has found a younger and less expensive kicker in Chris Boswell.

Suisham’s 2015 season ended during the Steelers first preseason game after he suffered a torn ACL in the Hall of Fame Game against the Minnesota Vikings while attempting to make a tackle. After unsuccessfully trying to replace Suisham with veteran kickers Garrett Hartley and Josh Scobee, the Steelers finally found a keeper in Boswell after he won a tryout at Heinz Field prior to the team’s Week 5 Monday night road game against the San Diego Chargers.

After he was signed, Boswell proceeded to make 29 of 32 field goal attempts during the regular season for the Steelers and 26 of his 27 extra-point attempts. He also averaged 63.7 yards on kickoffs during the regular season with 26 touch-backs.

Being as the 34-year-old Suisham is coming off a serious knee injury and is set to earn a base salary of $2.4 million in 2016, he’s a candidate to be traded or released during or after the 2016 preseason. Should either of those two scenarios occur, the Steelers will save $2.4 million in cap space in 2016 with $2.206 million in dead money needing to be accounted for in 2017.

Rest assured, the Steelers will likely carry Suisham on their roster all throughout the offseason in order to allow him to showcase himself during the preaseason. Additionally, by keeping him on the roster the team will also protect themselves against an injury to Boswell. If unable to trade Suisham for a late-round draft pick just prior to the final round of cuts, the team will almost assuredly release him.

  • Biggie

    Congrats to him. Definitely would like to see he and Boswell in good competition during TC. With way things went last year can never have enough good kickers around. Towards end of camp maybe try to trade one or the other once we decide on who we are keeping.

  • Nicholas Allen Cotner

    Had no idea he wasn’t a citizen yet

  • philipag

    Good news – you’re a US Citizen. Bad news – and a former Steeler. (Soon)


    Good news – you’re a US Citizen. Better news – not paying Canadian taxes.

  • PaeperCup

    Congrats Sushi!

  • VaDave

    I always hate t see the great ones go. This guy was “MONEY”!!!.

  • igloojoe

    Good news- You’re a US citizen. Bad News- have to pay for healthcare

  • deuce_seven

    Paying higher taxes IS paying for health care.

  • Big White

    He will find work again. Grit determines NFL longevity not impressive training camp awe.

  • igloojoe

    You do realize that they pay less in taxes for healthcare than the US, right? Otherwise you just made a fool of yourself.

  • Zarbor

    Glad for Suisee. Welcome to the US. Hope you stay a Steeler but if not, you will easily get a job.

  • gdeuce

    trade Suishi, Boswell is 9 years younger and can kick beyond 50

  • ND_Steel

    Congrats to Sushi

  • deuce_seven

    Ask the wealthy Canadians why they come to the States to be treated.

    And besides, my comment was in response to you inferring than Canadians DON’T pay for healthcare.

  • igloojoe

    My point is that we have to pay for private healthcare on top of taxes which pay for healthcare. And I’m pretty sure that most canadians are fine where they are.