Bryan: 2016 Steelers Mock Draft 2.0: Post Free Agency

Now that the Pittsburgh Steelers have most of their free agency work behind them, it’s time for me to release the second version of my seven-round mock draft for 2016.

As usual, please focus more on the players I have the Steelers selecting than the actual rounds because it goes without saying that draft stocks are very fluid.

I have tilted this Steelers mock toward players I believe the Steelers have some interest in combined with needs that I currently see them having. Feel free to critique these players in the comments below along with adding your own mock draft for everyone to view.

Round 1 – Andrew Billings/NT/Baylor – 6005-311 – It took me a while to come around but now that the Steelers have shown more than just passing interest in Billings, you have to think he’s a player high on their draft board who has a chance to still be on the board come time for them to pick in the first round. Billings isn’t 0-technique nose tackle in my eyes but he can play the 1, 2 and 3 spots. At Baylor, he played quite a bit on third downs and as a matter of fact, 4 of sacks last year came on that down. The big question when it comes to spending a first round draft pick on a player such as Billings is whether or not he’ll be able to absorb some snaps in the team’s nickel package. Even if he can’t, the fact that the Steelers place such a big importance on stopping the run on early downs combined with the fact that they’ve now lost nose tackle Steve McLendon in free agency, allows one to fathom Billings being the selection.

Round 2 – Keanu Neal/S/Florida – 6004-211 – The Steelers still seem poised to draft a safety this year and more importantly, one who is versatile. Neal certainly fits the bill when it comes to that and early reports have the Steelers being interested in him. During his three seasons at Florida, Neal registered 79 total tackles, 4 interceptions and 5 pass breakups in 34 games played. He’s a physical player who can also hold his own in coverage. While Neal’s 4.62-speed leaves a lot to be desired, his 4.38 time in the short shuttle combined with his leaping ability certainly shows that he has athletic ability. When it comes to Neal’s draft stock, I’ve seen him listed all over the place. In other words, he could probably go as early as late in the second round to late in the fourth. It will be interesting to see if the Steelers ultimately bring Neal in for a pre-draft visit in the coming weeks and if they do, you have to like his chances of being drafted by them in the second or third round.

Round 3 – Dak Prescott/QB/Mississippi State – 6022-226 – I’ll admit that I do not enjoy mocking a quarterback to the Steelers this year but the team certainly appears to be headed that direction. When you consider that Landry Jones is more than likely entering his final season in Pittsburgh, you can understand why they Steelers might want to begin the process of grooming another potential backup to starter Ben Roethlisberger. Over the course of the last several weeks, the Steelers have shown a lot of interest in Prescott, who recently was arrested for driving under the influence. While that indiscretion might hurt his draft stock, I’m not convinced that the Steelers have removed him from their board completely. I’m willing to bet that the Steelers will bring Prescott in for a visit in order to not only research his character more, but see how strong his football IQ is as well. Prescott is an intriguing quarterback prospect not only because of his strong arm and pocket presence, but his ability to use his legs as well.

Round 4 – DeAndre Elliott/CB/Colorado State – 6007-188 – The Steelers could certainly use another cornerback in this year’s draft and Elliott certainly checks a lot of boxes when it comes to fitting what Pittsburgh looks for at the position as he is 6007, 188-pounds with 32-inch arms. While not blessed with blazing speed, Elliot’s 4.55 time in the 40-yard dash shouldn’t hurt him too terribly bad. It’s also worth noting that he registered a short-shuttle time of 3.94 at the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine along with a 41-inch vertical and a 10’5″ broad-jump. Elliott possesses above-average diagnoses as a run defender and is not afraid to tackle. He’s more of a zone defender than anything else with decent fluidity. The Steelers reportedly showed some interest in Elliott at his recent pro day and it will be interesting to see if he’s ultimately brought to Pittsburgh for a visit.

Round 6 – Malcolm Mitchell/WR/Georgia – 5115-198 – Being as Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant will miss the 2016 season due to a suspension and combined with the fact that fellow wide receiver Markus Wheaton is likely entering his final season with the team, it won’t be surprising to see the organization draft yet another receiver this year. The sixth round would be the perfect opportunity to do just that and assuming Mitchell is still on the board come time for the Steelers to pick in that round, he certainly would be a great target. Mitchell caught 174 passes for 2,350 yards and 16 touchdowns during his college career and while he isn’t a burner, he can get himself open down the field. While he’s currently just an average run blocker, Mitchell shows effort in that area of his game and thus has room for improvement. 76% of Mitchell’s 58 receptions last year resulted in first downs and he only had 3 drops. Mitchell seems like a willing special teams player to boot based on history and that might go a long way in him ultimately making an NFL roster as a rookie.

Round 7 – B.J. Goodson/ILB/Clemson – 6005-242 – Goodson projects as a 3-4 inside linebacker in the NFL after only being a one-year starter at Clemson. He did lead his team’s defense in total tackles last year and while he doesn’t show great form in that area, he seems to be reliable. Goodson is a project draft prospect with upside. While he works at transitioning more as an interior linebacker he should be an asset to an NFL team as a special teams player. The Steelers need competition at the inside linebacker due to the recent loss of Sean Spence and potential loss of Terence Garvin. Additionally, Vince Williams is entering the final year of his rookie contract while Jordan Zumwalt has yet to play a down.

Round 7 – Joel Heath/DE/Michigan State – 6052-293 – Heath checks all of the boxes when it comes to what the Steelers look for in defensive ends. He bounced around at Michigan State when it comes to the position that he played on their defensive line. While still very raw, Heath has a good motor. In Pittsburgh, Heath would be a late-round project with upside and because of that, he would likely spend his rookie season on the team’s practice squad. He also has a very strong character.

Overall Thoughts – I really wanted to include an Ohio State player in this mock due to the Steelers history of the Steelers when it comes to selecting players from that school. Safety Vonn Bell would’ve been my main choice in either the second or third round, but I chose to go with Neal in the second instead. I also like Ohio state tight end Nick Vannett as well and thought about making him the team’s third-round selection over Prescott.

While I didn’t mock an offensive lineman to the Steelers in this version, I really gave a lot of thought to selecting a left guard. The same goes for an edge-rusher as I really like Georgia outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins along with a few others. I certainly am not against addressing those two positions in my future mocks just so you know where my head currently is at this point of the offseason.

If you want to look back at my first mock draft, you can find it right here.

  • Scott Thomas

    I’d love the Billings and Neal picks. Even if they went Neal in the first round (Gator fan bias). My real dream is the team makes a huge to trade to draft VHIII.

  • harding36

    I will vomit if we use a 3rd round pick on a developmental back-up quarterback, but the tea leaves certainly seem to be pointing in that direction. Ugh…

  • RickM

    The “Iogic” of them taking Billings makes sense, but i just can’t see them selecting him. Most mock drafts don’t even have him as a first-rounder. And the Steelers seem lately to have gone with guys who have fallen in the draft. Guess we’ll find out.

  • harding36

    I’d be shocked if he makes it past Green Bay.

  • SteelersDepot

    well, maybe it won’t be in the third round, maybe later in the sixth or seventh. Like I said, I hated doing it, but wanted to see what one would look like if they took Prescott in the third.

  • steelmann58

    NO WAY do they Draft Prescott at this point on what just happened to him

  • Big White

    Bold prediction on Prescott. Very bold.

  • Dennis Nevinsky

    The Steelers won’t go 7 rounds without picking up an inside linebacker. We lost 2 to free agency.

  • RickM

    Can’t see them taking Billings either. Guion replaced Raji in 2014 when they went 12-4, and they recently signed him to a 3-year $11.5 Million deal. Their primary needs appear to be at tight end, speed receiver and LB. But the draft is a crapshoot, so who knows.

  • Tom Jackson

    What if we get a vet in before the season starts? Too early to tell IMO.

  • Tom Jackson

    Not in the 3rd RND at least.

  • falconsaftey43

    He has them taking Goodson in the 7th

  • steelburg

    They are still loaded at ILB they have Fort, Williams, and Zumwalt. Williams will be the primary back up filling Spence role and Zumwalt and or Fort will fill Garvins role. So I think if they take one it will be in the later rounds 6th round or beyond.

  • CP72

    Yeah the 3rd is where I think a pass rusher fits in. Then I’d look for Brandon Allen, Vernon Adams, or Cody Kessler in the 6th or 7th round.

    Overall though a very well thought out and realistic mock.

  • CP72

    I’ve seen quite a few mocks with him in the first. Seen him going as high as the Saints pick.

  • falconsaftey43

    I love Billings, he is my preference for the 1st pick. Neal is ok, but needs to be more consistent, love his hitting ability though. I’d prefer Joseph or Bell honestly. Heath is a guy I’ve had my eye on for awhile as well. QB has to be 6th or later IMO, I’d like to bring one in, preferable Vernon Adams.

  • Ike Evans

    That dak Prescott pick threw me for a loop……love the first 2 picks though (doubt neal will be there but i like the player) malcolm mitchell would be great…and i like the joel heath pick as well

  • CP72

    Based on the mock are you anticipating the Steelers bringing in a veteran backup for the defensive line? Think there’s still a spot there to fill in.

  • Ike Evans

    Id be shocked if he gets past houston

  • CP72

    Yeah probably depends on how many more seasons they think Wolfork has in him.

  • SteelersDepot

    well, that could happen and at least I gave them Heath with the final pick. Sure, I’m not against a DE being taken earlier at all.

  • RickM

    I checked 8 mocks this morning and 2 of the 5 at NFL Mock Central had him going at 27 to GB (which I don’t think will happen with them re-signing Guion who started in 2014). The other six didn’t have him listed. Both of us I’m sure will find some that do and some that don’t. I just don’t see him being our selection. Who in the world had him going to New Orleans by the way? That would be a stunner.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I would flop the positions of QB and DE in the mock and be relatively happy. Although I’d rather have a CB earlier.

  • CP72

    I think it was Bucky Brooks, but I’d have to check.

  • CP72

    Yeah I’m hoping they sign one and draft one or more. Not feeling good about LT Walton being out top back up.

  • Big White

    BTW, Paxton Lynch has been falling to us in a few recent mocks. I think if he’s there the Steelers have to take him.

  • RickM

    Brooks actually is at the NFL site, as I’m sure you know. He was one of the two that first-rounded him, at 27 to GB. Not suggesting there isn’t someone who didn’t mock Billings at #12 as there are so many mocks out there lol. Does seem high though.

  • Jacob

    And based on this, the steelers still won’t have a good cornerback to be excited about

  • Shane Mitchell

    Billings said in an interview, that the Vikings told him they will pick him at #23 if he is still on the board.

  • Unless an edge rusher falls into their lap, like last year, I certainly see the Steelers going DL in the first, and Billings would seem to be the pick at this point. I hen see them going safety in the second given the draft depth at that position and the importance Colbert (rightly) places on it. Neal would seem to be as good a pick as any. I’d prefer Thompson were he to fall, but there could be a few really good options for them. So, alas, I find myself in agreement with Dave (which is certainly not always the case).

    A QB is certainly a possibility, but I see that coming later. What would be the point of Prescott? Grooming him into a 3- or maybe 4-year backup? How does that make any sense? I’d rather they took a project — or, rather, I’d rather they avoided QB altogether. That said, I get the interest in QB and the Steelers look like they might take one. I just think the third is where they might go WR (I would have gone for Vannett before Green was signed, but taking Vannett here would seem to indicate lack of confidence in James to develop), followed by CB in the fourth — or maybe reversed depending on how things play out. ILB and swing O-lineman are likely targets late in the draft.

  • vasteeler

    i like the first rd but i think you need a corner before the 4th and you’d still be able to find good value at the safety position without having to take one in the 2nd. the prescott selection is head scratching and a waste considering all of the more urgent needs that the steelers have in my opinion

  • Sean Mahoney

    I highly doubt that they would take Dak Prescott after his DUI arrest. But hey you never know.

  • RickM

    And who knows, Brooks may have had him at #12 at one time. These mock drafts change, change and then change some more.

  • RickM

    To me, the odds-on favorite for the first round remains Eli Apple if he’s available. The Steelers clearly listen to the Ohio State coaches that they work closely with in the off-season. Those coaches played up Doran Grant last year and the Steelers took him. They played up Ryan Shazier and the Steelers took him. No doubt the OS coaches are talking the praises of Apple as well. He’s viewed by most as a late first-round talent. If’s he available at #25, I think you’ll get your wish for a first-round CB.

  • newguy68

    Trade QB in round 3 for a OLB or ILB and I’ll take it

  • PaeperCup

    In the first? That would be a huge waste of a pick

  • Paul RK

    no way QB in 1st or 2nd. and doubtful in the 3rd. The Steelers would have to exercise his 5th year option without ever seeing him play in a meaningful game. They won’t draft a true replacement for Ben until they feel Ben only has 2 years left.

  • Sam Clonch

    I doubt we’d have any trouble signing Landry to a new contract at minimum. He’s certainly not starting a bidding war.

  • steelburg

    1 – William Jackson lll, CB Houston
    2 – Sheldon Day, DE/DT Notra Dame
    3. – Karl Joseph, S West Virginia
    4. – Charles Tapper, DE/OLB Oklahoma
    6. – Jacoby Brissett, QB NCST
    7. – Trevor Davis, WR/KR California
    7. – Tavon Young, CB Temple

  • Really? Billings is a top 20 player in this draft in my opinion….if he is there, he is the pick I think because it has just became a major need and it’s good value. He can play more than just the NT position….in fact, he may be equally or better suited to play in a 4-3 because of his athleticism and ability to rush the passer. This is actually a concern of mine when it comes to him still being on the board as it just won’t be 3-4 teams looking at him but all teams that need help on the interior of the D-line. I’m not saying that you’re lying about the mock drafts you talked about, but I just personally think you will see them change as we get closer to the draft and teams will certainly being looking Billings’ way.

    I would love to have him, unless they show me a different game plan for the interior of our D-line sometime between now and the draft, so hopefully he is an option when we pick and I do think there is a chance but I’m just saying he is worthy of a 1st rd pick so I wouldn’t be worried about the value at all.

  • Donte Williams

    not a bad draft but i think if we want joseph take him in the 2nd wont last to the third and if jaylon smith is there in the 3rd ill take him dont know about tapper brissett or davis but like the young pick

  • Like Brissett as a late round QB (he played high school ball at my old school)…I think he will go in the 5th rd but 6th is definitely possible. I would be shocked if Karl Joseph is there for our 3rd rd pick and would love it…I wouldn’t mind if he was our 2nd rd pick.

  • Big White

    At the rate Ben’s been taking punishment, that two years could come sooner than you may think.

  • Yeah they could definitely take him, but I think they will take a hard look at Coleman and Doctson since it’s a weak wr class and they still need more weapons on offense.

  • Donte Williams

    what games have you watched? ben was not hit that much last year he got injuried cause a player went low on him legal play he was not getting hit like he was haley’s first year or arians reign

  • Ike Evans

    I would be surprised as hell but im not gonna lie…ive thought about corey Coleman a few times in mocks

  • Are you talking about us? I was talking about Houston

  • Ike Evans

    Lol yeah i wad talkin about us…..houston could definately take a wr tho…tho they did take jalen strong last year and he looked good last year when healthy

  • Big White

    He was barely able to finish the Cinci game and it was a miracle that he made the Denver game. All of those years of abuse will catch up sooner or later. Hopefully it’s later. There probably isn’t another QB in history that has taken the abuse he has.


    Good job.

    My version would be similar, but no QB 3rd (I actually think Prescott is a better prospect than many…mobile, but not a runner, good arm, should process an NFL OFC)

    I would go LB in the 3rd, OLB…Jordan Jenkins or Joshua Perry…ILB Kendrell Brothers

    4. Xavien Howard, Baylor

  • Moneypenny76

    Not taking a CB until the 4th round is a great way to ensure that we remain one of the crappiest pass defenses in the league. If that was your goal… Great job.

  • Steve Johnson

    There is no way they select Neal over Vonn Bell, if he is still there in the 2nd. Billings? Looks like the Steelers are looking hard at him. If they select him at #25, can’t argue with that. But if they do, I would think CB would be the target in the 2nd. My only concern would be this, would there still be someone on the board that could come in and help immediately.

  • Steve Johnson


  • AnthVt

    teams do that all the time

  • Nick Sabatella

    At least not that high anyways….

  • Remember its not just the secondary, we also had the lowest amount of sacks for outside linebackers James had the most and he’s 38. Pressure and coverage are a marriage you can’t have one without the other. You could have Deon Sanders, Dick Night Trane Lane, Ronnie Lott, and Troy Polamalu all in their primes, if the pass rush is not getting home it doesn’t matter. Even they would give up yards you have to get pressure period, yes we had 48 sacks but 3% were from the olb

  • RickM

    We actually got 11 sacks (I think) from the OLB’s, which is 23% of the total sacks. That said, i agree that we definitely we need more pressure from the OLB’s going forward.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Interesting mock. Here was my latest from Fanspeak a few days ago.

    1. VHIII CB Florida (don’t ask me why he was still available but he was). I think I had Butler available who (barring Alexander being at the 25 spot) I would probably take as well.
    2. Karl Joseph S WVU
    3. Nick Vannett TE Ohio State. Didn’t want to go TE but there wasn’t a lot available here for some reason. I did consider Adam Gotsis but the injury was a little concerning.
    4. Yannick Ngakoue DE Maryland

    Figured I would share since some similar picks and ideas for who to pick.

  • Steeler-Drew

    Agree on the CB in the 2nd round if Billings is taken in the 1st round. I’m hoping K. Fuller will be still be available. If he is not, hopefully they take the BPA at CB in the 2nd round while there is a good chance of getting a good S in the 3rd round. I guess I’m in the minority but the Steelers can’t afford to take any offensive players until round 6 IMO. Ideally, they select one of each from DL, CB, S, and OLB in the first 4 rounds but their history of showing insistence on drafting at least 1 offensive player in the first 4 rounds is concerning.

  • RickM

    Everyone has a different perspective, hence Dave’s mock at this time. But I agree that with Gay’s age, and the other CB’s on the current roster, an early pick of a CB is very, very likely. I can’t possibly see them not taking one in the first three rounds and personally I think they’ll take one in the first round. But as always, the round could be dictated by how the board plays out.

  • Petherson Silveira

    Round 3 – Dak Prescott/QB/Mississippi State —-> DUI

    No way!

  • Ike Evans

    I got a fanspeak mock with vg3 still on there too!!! With exact same guys in the 2nd 3rd and 4th…joe dahl offensive lineman from washington state, marquise Williams qb from nc and jake mcgree from florida….Lol i would be the happiest person on the planet but there’s just no way….i didnt even post it on my blog or any other site….hold on let me find it….itll probably otherwise never see the light of day.

  • Brian Miller

    I have been doing a ton of mock drafts through first_pick and fanspeak websites, and I have been seeing Hargreaves and Floyd falling to 25 a lot. Now I understand there is no way I can see Hargreaves falling that far, but if Floyd is there and Billings is gone, I can see the FO taking him over any other S or CB, and probably moat OT’s too. What do you guys think?

  • H.K. northern cali

    No qb in the 3rd. 7th fine!

  • George Awad

    NT in the first? QB in the third? Have you submitted a urine sample to the league office yet? There might be a four week suspension in your future…

  • steelburg

    I’m just not quite sure where to slot Joseph based off that injury. And a lot of people keep saying that Jaylon Smith is still a top pick with his knee injury but we saw Ifo Ekpre-Olomu drop to the 7th round with his injury and Gurley still went in the first round so my injury radar is a little off.

  • SteelersDepot

    i skip all drug tests







    The more I thought about it I was not happy with my prior draft. While I am in no way saying these exact players are it I feel each would fit a need. And the back well we all saw what happened when Bell & Williams went down while rare, be prepared. I would not be shocked if they take a QB, I just feel like if they want the Oregon Kid he will go undrafted, Indiana Kid as well

  • You do realize we do not have a NT right? Shade tree is a backup at best AT BEST

  • James had the most unacceptable

  • rdjmsr53

    Just from a numbers standpoint I don’t think they enough drarft picks to reload the defense
    NT / DT. They need 2 because 2 were let go
    ILB they need 2 because 2 were let go+ it doesn’t make sense to restructure Lt’s contract now. To me that means they will let him play out his contract.
    CB they need 1
    Safety they need 1 for sure

    That’s six defensive players. I think that’s a good sign they didn’t think the backups were good enough looks like a total youth movement on the d side of the ball. No room for injuries this year

  • PittsburghSports

    Steelers 1st rd pick, Matt Davis QB, SMU

  • RickM

    Agree and 3 of his came against a really bad back-up left tackle for the Colts. Throw out that one game and he had 2 sacks in the 14 other games he started. They need to get far more pressure from both edges.

  • dennisdoubleday

    I’d kill for Billings but I think his Pro Day just moved him up out of our reach.

  • dennisdoubleday

    He won’t get to Green Bay because we’re taking him if nobody else does. Praying.

  • PittsburghSports

    I actually have the top 2 picks as my top 2 picks, but I’m forced to pick Billings, because that’s what I think the Steelers will do, for now, not what I’d do. Neal is in that 2nd tier Safety group, because of his lack of top speed. No QBs until rd 6, and I’m ruling out anyone with red flags after Bryant’s suspension. Definitely need the late rd MLB addition. I like Heeeeeeeath! though, but I think he’s a better player than most have him pegged for. I do have Vannett as my 3rd rd pick too. Also was considering Jerald Hawkins in the 3rd.

    1) Andrew Billings NT, Baylor
    2) Keanu Neal SS, Florida
    3) Nick Vannett TE, Ohio St.
    4) Tavon Young CB, Temple
    6) Brandon Allen QB, Arkansas
    7) Cory James LB, Colorado St.
    7) Jay Lee WR, Baylor

  • PittsburghSports

    I prefer Joseph too, not sure about Bell, but I think they’re gone before our 2nd rd pick.

  • SFIC

    That is an automatic suspension you know?


  • TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    Fwiw Billings could play in the nickel. While shorter than optimal he has long arms and a natural leverage advantage.

  • Donny Simmons

    25: R1P25
    CB MACKENSIE ALEXANDER CLEMSON– Great Zone/Press man corner

    58: R2P27
    G JOSHUA GARNET STANFORD–Under study for Foster

    89: R3P26
    S/CB JALEN MILLS LSU– solid corner with FS experience

    124: R4P25
    DE JIHAD WARD ILLINOIS– Powerful 5 tech who can kick inside

    221: R6P45 S KEANU NEAL FLORIDA– Hard hitting SS

    230: R7P8
    DE ANTHONY ZETTEL PENN STATE– strong and long great motor

    247: R7P25
    QB NATE SUDFELD INDIANA– your token QB– Big 6’6″ nice arm with a strong work ethic

  • Ask Questions Later

    Billings falling to the Steelers is very likely considering how LOADED this defensive lineman class is.

  • Ask Questions Later

    It is either going to be Butler or Billings. Either or gives Pittsburgh’s front seven ridiculous flexibility and versatility. The reason why Billings edges out is due to his EXTREME strength.

  • Joe Jackson

    Lost me at Dak Prescott

  • John Elster

    Why do you think Markus Wheaton will be gone after this year? Cap?

  • TroymanianDevil

    I’m in the BPA boat (but trying to fill talent/depth deficiency) so I’ll give a top 3 board per round (that has a chance to be there )
    1. Billings DT-Baylor, Jackson III CB – Houston, Alexander CB-Clemson
    2. Cash S – Duke, Bell S – Ohio St, Thompson S – Boise St,
    3. Garnett OG – Stanford Joseph S – WVU, Canady CB- Virginia, Neal S – Florida, Powell S – Ohio St
    4. Russell CB – ND, Scobby Wright ILB – Arizona, Peterson CB- Ok St, Ridgeway DT – Texas, Zettel DE – Penn St
    6. Jakeem Grant RB – Texas Tech, Jordan Lucas S – Penn St.
    7. Vernon Adams QB – Oregon, Kevin Hogan QB – Stanford Code Kessler QB – USC
    7. Could be anyone, I’d go lineman ( another Becahum obviously ). Like Shell from South Carolina, guy from North Dakota St. Avery from Auburn.

    The first pick in each round is my “mock” I guess with all the alternatives behind it

  • Steeler Fanatic

    Honestly we don’t have the luxury of grooming a qb backup. Get vernon adams in the seventh. We need players that can play. I would be ok with signing knighton from denver and going best available at 25. Spence? Alexander… Etc.

  • Steeler Fanatic

    This would be a great draft. I like hogan a lot. Zettel is a worker.

  • TroymanianDevil

    Like all those QBs. Love Zettel. Originally had him in the 4th but then realized I drafted 0 CBs haha, going by the first player listed in each rd so I had to switch it up. I expect Billings to be gone and then take Jackson or Alexander. If that happens then Zettel ( also love Ridgeway ) in the 4th would be great value.

  • TroymanianDevil

    Ridgeway, that’s my guy in the 4th.
    But something tells me we won’t draft 3 DL with our first 4 picks haha

  • TroymanianDevil

    1 and 3 are good, I’m big fan of Joseph.
    2 and 4 have potential, I’m not personally sold on either but if they pan out man, it’d be a great class
    I like both 7th picks also ( and know nothing about the QB)

  • Ike Evans

    Lol yannick would play OLB, ridge would compete with LT Walton for cam thomas’s spot, and butler will compete with shade tree for mcclendon’s vacant starting spot to the point, we hope, that role is expanded in a way it was not for my guy mclendon

  • LucasY59

    his contract says otherwise so if he doesnt play it out they eat a lot of Dead $$$

  • LucasY59

    Agree the O-line is pretty good now, I think that he will be fine, plus he is smarter in his old age (other than when he is trying to win in the playoffs and getting sacked by a confict)

  • TroymanianDevil

    Not saying we couldn’t make it work numbers wise. And I like Joseph, Butler and of course Ridgeway (don’t know much on Yannick). Just that I put the chances at highly unlikely. And if we don’t draft a CB til round 6 (due to you know the 3 DL), I think Colbert (and Tomlin) might have to leave the country for a weeks to be safe from all the pitchforks.

  • Ike Evans

    Better get those pitchforks ready lol…..i doubt they go corner early…and like i said….its 2 dlineman….yannick wouldnt be playing on the dline

  • vasteeler

    no, i agree with you, i only had 1 player offensive player to the steelers in my updated mock – 6th rd alex lewis- ot nebraska

  • Steeler-Drew

    I think it’s safe to say they will draft a S and CB in the first 4 rounds. I wouldn’t mind if they double dipped at DL since it’s so deep and the edge rusher class is weak. Definitely don’t want to see a QB, WR, or TE taken early.

  • vasteeler

    have you updated your mock since free agency?where are you taking certain positions of need?

  • Steeler-Drew

    I haven’t done any mocks yet. It did some last year by this time but felt they were not accurate. Players that clearly should have been off the board were still there and players that should have been available were off the board.

    I do have a 1st round wish list. My top 3 are Billings, Lawson, and Alexander but I think they will all be gone. If I had to choose from those 3 I would have to go Alexander. If they are gone I would be happy with Apple, Jackson, Dodd, or Butler. I might even throw K. Joseph in there but I know he probably gets a 2nd round grade. I don’t think he will be available with our 2nd round pick. I would also be happy with K. Fuller if he fell to us in the 2nd. As far as Safety’s I would really want K. Joseph, Cash, or Killebrew but would settle for Neal, Bell, or Thompson provided he has a good pro day.

    Hopefully the board makes our decisions easy ones. As much as I wanted a CB in the first round last year I thought Dupree was a no brainer.

    I didn’t see your mock from earlier. Who do you have us selecting?

  • vasteeler

    my updated mock based on free agency – rankings according to cbs, i feel these players should be within the steelers reach, killebrew could go in the 3rd but some boards have him dropping to the 4th
    1.andrew billings – dt – baylor – #4 dt
    2.artie burns – cb – miami – #6 cb
    3.carl nassib – de – penn st – #9 de
    4.miles killebrew – ss – southern utah – #4 ss
    6.alex lewis – ot – nebraska – #17 ot
    7.terrance smith – olb – florida st – #23 olb
    7.josh forrest – ilb – kentucky – #11 – ilb

  • vasteeler

    this isnt bad at all but the qb pick just doesnt seem necessary right now, tavon young could be a steal and if joseph slides to rd 3 that’d be great

  • Steeler-Drew

    I would be happy with that. Probably the best I have seen. Most seem to be throwing in an offensive player in the first 4 rounds and it usually loses my attention. Yeah I really thought Killebrew would be a 2nd round selection. I’m going to have to take a look at Burns again. I see he made a jump into Mayock’s top 5. Double dipping at DL seems like a real possibility.

  • vasteeler

    i dont think burns is a #1 cb in any system but i think he’ll be the best available option at pick 58

  • Steeler-Drew

    Yeah I just read his profile from the NFL website. Has the size, speed, and potential but appears to be a bit of a project who at best makes an impact in his second year. Sounds like he should have stayed in school but declared for financial reasons.

  • vasteeler

    i agree, any other yr he’d probably be a 3rd or 4th rounder, a lot of safeties are being over-valued too

  • Steeler-Drew

    Agreed. They all seem to have holes to their game. I like the Killebrew pick. After watching the atrocious tackling in the secondary the last few years I want one I know can tackle.

  • TroymanianDevil

    Ok I’ll rephrase, 3 front 7 guys. Hah pitchforks and torches are ready. Obviously we won’t take a CB in the 1st b/c that’s illegal. But I do expect us to take one in the first 4 picks, I’ll be very surprised if that doesn’t happen

  • Ike Evans

    Because its illegal lmao…right! Good one

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I think you are right on the money with your first 2 picks for the Steelers. Not saying those would be my picks but I think they are what the Steelers would do. I also like Malcolm and Heath in the later rounds.

  • Witchkingrider .

    I hope you are trolling and or kidding because good lord that is a stupid. Really big waste of a 1st rounder.

  • Steel PAul

    Nice! First two picks I have exactly the same.

    Personally, I believe that backup QBs are much better as veterans who have been there. Drafting a QB should be for teams trying to grow a QB to eventually start.

    Not saying that’s what the Steelers will do.

    I’d go guard in the third if possible.

  • Big White

    He’s missed 6 games in the last two years. What would be so crazy as to find a legit QB at #25 to potentially start as soon as say 2018? Ben can’t play forever and he’s betting getting bounced around for 13 years now.

  • Big White

    2015 Memphis JR QB 13 GP 296 Att 443 Comp 66.8 Comp % 3778 yrds 157.5 Rating

  • Jim Foles

    Round 6 – RB needed a bit more than WR