Steelers Send Fichtner To Arkansas Pro Day

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ coaching staff seems to be camping out in the South today. In addition to sending Mike Tomlin, Kevin Colbert, Keith Butler, and Joe Greene to Baylor, they’ve also sent quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner to Arkansas. He’s observing quarterback Brandon Allen who according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, left a positive impression on the team in Indianapolis.

Allen’s makeup is a 6’1/3 217 pound build, though his 8.5 inch hands were the smallest of any QB there. And typically, the correlation between sub nine inch hands and success is limited.

As a senior, he threw for over 3400 yards, 30 TDs, and 8 interceptions while completing 65.9% of his passes. That completion rate was a monster jump, going from 49.6% as a sophomore and 56% as a junior.

The Steelers have shown lots of interest in quarterbacks from Cody Kessler, Vernon Adams, Dax Prescott, and now Allen. It’s feeling more and more likely the team will reinvest in the position during Day Three of the draft. Allen is generally regarded as a late round pick who could be on the team’s radar in the 7th.

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  • Big Joe

    I see this as due diligence follow-up to combine but his height and hand size are still below average for the NFL, especially for teams playing in the north or northeast. We’ll see

  • vasteeler

    the combination of the photo and title makes it seem as though he’s scolding Ben and was sent to arkansas to find someone better

  • Dr. Funkenstein

    Idk, I have 8.5″ hands at 5’7″ and 160lbs.

    I’m no quarterback, but I find it difficult to grip a wet football with any kind of real authority.

  • Tom Jackson

    OMG I’m so mad right now. Beachum reportedly gets 4.5 mil in the first year of his Jags deal(two year deal). Could go up to 6 with incentives. Said nothing about the 2nd year salary but this sounds pretty cheap.

    How are we not in on this?

  • steelmann58

    I would use one of those 7th rounders on a QB they like BTW didn’t know Mean Joe still scouts or is it just by his home and he came out

  • TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    My hands are 9.5+” and I wouldn’t want them any smaller if I had to throw a football for a living. I think there’s something to it but Alex smith has baby hands and he makes a living from it but he can’t throw the ball more than about 20 yards down the field lol.

  • 6 ring circus

    If you stare at it…yea…

  • 6 ring circus

    Me too, I thought I read somewhere that he was retired from football ops. Regardless, I’d be inclined to still value his scouting ability when it comes to D-line.

  • pittfan

    Yeah Alex, what’s with Papa Joes involvement with scouting?

  • Alex Kozora

    He did retire. I guess he was just super amped to see Billings. He’s probably back in the Texas area and decided to stop over.

  • Mark 4 Steelers

    Pointless visit, waste of jet fuel.

  • The GreekGeek

    I would guess they hold off on signing Bruce or another Vet backup Qb until after the draft. If they can come away with a player they think can compete or develop then they roll with the draft pick and Landry behind Ben. If not then they see if Brucie’s shoulder is ok, or look into guys like Matt Moore or Matt Flynn…


    Well there is no guarantee beach would be fully healthy or suffer a set back,but at 4.5 to 6 mil for one year when is replacement 3.9mil for 2yrs. Harris who’s serviceable not great but healthy on cash strapped team as they currently sit with needs on defense. I would have liked beach back also,but they could get 3 or 4 players for that price to fill needs .vet minimums

  • Shane Mitchell

    I doubt it was only to watch a QB, Hunter Henry ran a 4.68 forty at the pro day, and Steelers are still showing a lot of interest in drafting a TE. That 40 time is much faster than most speculated he could run.

  • Tom Jackson

    I disgree. Harris is 31 years old and from all I’ve read has zero chance to ever get to the playing level of KB. And we seem to have at least a little bit of cap space. Room enough to be able to sign a short term deal to those favorable conditions for a top 5-10 LT.

    I have no problem with Harris for his money but he’s limited and old. And wouldn’t be mad if KB got a long term deal or a very high short term contract. That deal doesn’t look like either of those and therefore I questioned it. I mean that looks like a deal they easily could’ve offered Okung a couple of days ago.

  • 6 ring circus

    With the price of shale fuels, it depends if it was JP-4 or JP-5.

  • vasteeler

    I thought it was kinda funny with him looking sad

  • pittfan

    That would make sense. Joe retired before these guys were born! I hope they know they are meeting Mr. Steeler.


    I have read beach stands to get a 10 mil roster bonus 2 year of deal ,with others in line to get pay increases the Steelers couldn’t afford that sure they could have probably paid him but with limited funds and other needs it’s hard to pay everyone

  • PittsburghSports

    I think by makeup they meant just the way he handles himself as a QB. I can’t remember but I thought he did really well at the Senior Bowl too with a couple nice deep balls.