Video: Ohio State CB Eli Apple 2015 Pass Targets With Stat Breakdown

With the 2016 NFL Draft now a month away, I have begun thoroughly breaking down a few of the top cornerbacks in this year’s class as it relates to how they performed when targeted in coverage. Last week, I compiled all of the targets that Clemson cornerback Mackensie Alexander faced during the 2014 and 2015 seasons. Now, I have turned my attention to Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple and have all of his 2015 targets compiled for you in the video below in addition to a play-by-play rundown of each.

As you can see, I have Apple being targeted a total of 57 times in 2015 and that includes all penalty plays that included him. I should note, however, that I chose not to include a few screen passes well behind the line of scrimmage that he played way off on. Apple gave up 21 receptions for 304 total yards and two touchdowns in my viewing of his tape. I should point out, however, that Apple was penalized four times during those 57 targets. Additionally, all but 8 of the receptions that he allowed resulted in either a first down or touchdown.

You will notice in the video that unlike Alexander, Apple contested quite a few of the passes thrown his way. Even so, he only had 9 all season. While Apple is a willing tackler of sorts, he’s just not very good at it. I tried to pay some attention to his participation in the run game while reviewing all of his games and once again, while he’s willing, he certainly falls short in that area. Additionally, he struggles to get off blocks down the field.

Apple can play press, press-bail, off and zone as you will see in the video. You would like to see his technique improve in press and especially when it comes to him rerouting his man. He also needs to get his head around a bit quicker in coverage at times but for the most part, he does a good job at staying in phase with his man down the field.

Personally, I would rank Apple ahead of Alexander based on his 2015 tape but with that said, his inability to tackle the catch along with his overall tackling ability really scares me. While he’s likely to be drafted in the first round, I really don’t see the Pittsburgh Steelers selecting him if given the opportunity, which they are unlikely to have.

VT1Q3-9VT 31Isaiah FordI
UH1Q3-8UH 31Marcus KempI
NIU1Q2-17NIU 35 Tommylee LewisINT
NIU4Q3-16NIU 14Kenny GolladayI
WMU1Q2-5WMU 30Corey DavisI
WMU1Q1-10WMU 32Corey DavisC3
WMU1Q2-7WMU 49Corey DavisC12Y
WMU2Q2-24OSU 38Corey DavisC8
WMU3Q3-9OSU 11Corey DavisIYPI
WMU4Q2-7WMU 25Corey DavisI
WMU4Q3-12WMU 31Corey DavisI
IND2Q3-8IND 27Simmie Cobbs Jr.I
IND2Q1-10IND 21Anthony CorsaroI
IND2Q3-7IND 24 Ricky JonesIYPI
IND3Q3-12IND 30Ricky JonesI
IND4Q2-19OSU 44Ricky JonesIYPI
IND4Q2-14OSU 38Ricky JonesC14Y
IND4Q1-10OSU 24Ricky JonesC18Y
IND4Q4-GOSU 09Ricky JonesI
UMD1Q1-10UMD 37Taivon JacobsI
UMD2Q3-7UMD 43Taivon JacobsI
UMD3Q2-3OSU 24D.J. MooreI
PSU1Q1-10PSU 34Chris GodwinC45Y
PSU1Q3-5OSU 16Saeed BlacknallI
PSU3Q1-10PSU 22Chris GodwinC56Y
RU1Q2-5RU 30Leonte CarrooC18Y
RU1Q1-10RU 20Andre PattonC11Y
RU1Q3-10RU 31Leonte CarrooI
RU2Q3-9RU 46Leonte CarrooI
MINN1Q2-8Minn 41K.J. MayeC4
MINN2Q2-10Minn 32Drew WolitarskyI
MINN4Q3-6OSU 10Rashad StillC10Y TD
MINN4Q3-5Minn 45Rashad StillC10Y
MINN4Q1-10OSU 45Rashad StillC6
ILL1Q1-10ILL 20Desmond CainI
ILL2Q1-10OSU 31Geronimo AllisonI
ILL3Q2-10OSU 18Malik TurnerI
ILL4Q2-19OSU 36Geronimo AllisonI
ILL4Q4-12OSU 29Dionte TaylorI
MSU1Q1-10MSU 28Aaron BurbridgeC6
MSU2Q3-9MSU 26Aaron BurbridgeC14Y
MSU2Q3-14MSU 36Aaron BurbridgeC36YPI
MSU2Q3-14MSU 25Macgarrett KingsC8
MSU4Q2-7OSU 45Aaron BurbridgeC6
MICH1Q1-10Mich 36Amara DarbohC8
MICH1Q1-10Mich 47Amara DarbohI
MICH1Q2-6Mich 26Amara DarbohI
MICH2Q3-GOSU 06Amara DarbohI
MICH4Q3-8OSU 09Jehu ChessonI
MICH4Q1-10Mich 05Jehu ChessonI
MICH4Q3-2Mich 13Jehu ChessonI
ND2Q1-10ND30Chris BrownI
ND2Q1-10OSU15Will FullerI
ND3Q3-6ND09Torii Hunter Jr.I
ND4Q3-4ND38Will FullerC7Y
ND4Q1-10ND08Corey RobinsonI