Around The North: Baltimore Ravens Day Two Recap

To kick off the second day of the draft, the Baltimore Ravens beefed up their defensive edge with two Rocky Mountain prospects. They look to give new selection Ronnie Stanley a little extra challenge in practice, as well as bring some havoc off tackle to the AFC North. Reports have trickled out that Baltimore may be transitioning to a 4-3 defense moving forward, making their selections even more interesting.

42nd Overall: Kamalei Correa, EDGE, Boise State

Correa was a popular player in the online draft community, with multiple analysts extolling his virtues as a potential late first round selection. He slipped slightly lower than that on Day 2, going 11 picks into the second round. At 6’3″ and 243 lbs, Correa has the size to hold up long-term at outside linebacker for the Ravens. However, he’s best in the mold of a true 3-4 outside linebacker and may not fit as well in a move to a 4-3.

At outside linebacker in a 3-4 for Baltimore, he will begin on the depth chart behind Terrell Suggs, Elvis Dumervil and Za’Darius Smith. Barring a defensive change in scheme, that’s likely where he will sit and learn throughout his first season, allowing him to refine his hand usage and field ability. However, don’t sleep on his explosiveness and high motor, allowing him to make plays all over the field.

70th Overall: Bronson Kaufusi, DE, BYU

Standing 6’6″ and 285, Kaufusi is an NFL 3-4 DE on the hoof. His combine numbers, including 25 bench press reps, a 7.03 3 cone drill and 4.25 second short shuttle, show his explosiveness at the point of attack, but they don’t quite display what’s on the field. Kaufusi has the length and frame, but not the weight yet, meaning he might be undermatched for some NFL offensive lines. Projected as an early-Day 3 selection, he has a high motor and solid hand usage, not unlike Correa.

However, as it stands, Kaufusi is too lean to hold up long-term at 5t or 4t in a 3-4. With such a lanky frame, he will have room to bulk up for the next level, but that will also cost him maneuverability in space, something he already lacks. Luckily for Kaufusi, he walks into a situation where he will likely be a rotational piece on the defensive line to start his career behind Timmy Jernigan and Lawrence Guy.

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  • Denny

    Solid picks for the Ravens, and now they have 5 picks in round 4; that really stinks. Makes me wish the Steelers had traded down with Denver in round 1.

  • Matt Manzo

    I’m so happy with the ravens and bengals drafts! Not threatened by them and they haven’t stolen any of my guys! (I know WJIII felt like robbery but I think Burns is more physical and a better tackler)

  • John21

    Denny – I agree–it was right there for us! Can’t know for sure but I bet Burns would have been there. We would have had #89 & 94. Now we have have to sit after the 4th rnd until the very end of 6th. Brutal watching the Ravens with 11 picks!

  • John21

    They also have Brent Urban coming off injury. 11 more picks–interesting to see how many make the team. May have to cut some decent players.

  • Tom Jackson

    I really liked their first two picks. Both have a decent amount of bust potential and I don’t see great upside with either one. Stanley isn’t the great athlete or a good technician right now and he probably even needs a year before he can start. From the looks of it. Correa just because of the body type, lack of strength, has that sweet bust potential. And I don’t see the elite upside. At best they have a guy who can get around 10 sacks each year I feel like and thats far from a given. Probably never a real good run defender. It’s a nice pick. Lol

    I really like the Kaufusi pick for them though. Obviously hated it for real. He really can be a dynamic interior rusher I feel like, good measurebles, good athlete. Overall a nice set of skills tbh and good 3rd RND pick in my eyes unfortunately.

  • Tom Jackson

    Nah, they stole WJ3. He’s definitly the better prospect of the two but Burns can still turn out to be better. For now though… And I thought the Boyd pick was solid by them. Real good route runner, decent although not great athlete. I feel like he’s a real good piece. Not a #1 but a good 2 or slot. So I wasn’t to happy about that either. Seems like another solid bengals WR.

    Liked their 3rd RNDer though. They keep on adding these mid RND LBs which makes me believe they have trouble getting value. First Sean Porter, last year Paul Dawson, now Vigil.

  • Matt Manzo

    Yeah, they’re good players, just glad they aren’t Ramsey or Docston!