Clemson S Jayron Kearse Has Visited With Steelers

We’ve done a pretty good job of tracking all the pre-draft visitors in Pittsburgh. But there’s always one guy who we aren’t totally sure if he came in, or if the trip was met with a last-second cancellation.

Back on March 10th, Jayron Kearse told the media after his Pro Day that he had a visit set up with the Pittsburgh Steelers. But that was the last we heard of it, and until now, it was impossible to say if the plan had followed through.

In an interview dated yesterday, April 16th, Kearse told NFL Draft Blitz’s Alex Khvatov that he had “visited” with the Steelers. Here’s the snippet of the transcript.

Alex Khvatov:  Do you have any personal visits scheduled with NFL teams?

Jayron Kearse:  I have visited the Jaguars, Vikings, Steelers and Eagles.  I have a visit with the Falcons next Monday.  I also have visits scheduled with Detroit and the Seahawks next week.

It is not exactly known when the interview actually takes place, some of these interviews get posted well after the fact, but regardless, it signals that he’s paid the South Side a visit.

Kearse was a two-year starter for Clemson, leaving school a year early after recording 62 tackles, 6.5 TFL, and a pick last season. His best year statistically came in 2013 when he nabbed four interceptions. He’s big and can hit, but is predictably stiff and lacks the range to play safety. In my scouting report, I put a mid-late 4th round grade on him, though watching other prospects and thinking about it more, I’ll probably downgrade him in my final rankings. I’m a bigger fan of his Tiger safety teammate, T.J. Green.

If you missed my report, you can find it below. Kearse included, we know 26 official Steelers’ visits out of a possible 30.

2016 NFL Draft Player Profiles: Clemson S Jayron Kearse

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Full-time blogger from mom’s basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.

  • Douglas Andrews

    TJ Green is my Steelers sleeper pick. All around solid safety. Kearse is okay but I think he benefited from the Clemson front seven more than anyone in the secondary.

  • WreckIess

    Maybe I’m looking to hard into this, but it seems like their plan is to actively try to move back at some point. Most of the players they’ve spoken to have been mid to late rounders and you can literally count on one hand how many 1st round prospects they’ve had official visits with.

  • Mike Lloyd

    I like Kearse late in the draft In the 6th…i like that He’s a big kid with the plethora of good TE in the division… Eifert, Gilmore, Williams, Watson, Barnidge, a big kid who can cover the TE and hit and support the run…i wouldn’t be averse to him.

  • Big Joe

    Draft lists have him going anywhere from 4th to 6th. I like him in 5th but don’t know how much team likes him. Would they want to give up a 4th next year for him in 5th or pick him in 4th this year. Got me. Lots of safeties this year and they’ve certainly done their homework on the position in draft

  • Big Joe

    I think they’ve done a lot of homework on all round possibilities as a good many are in the 2nd-3rd range but as you said, they’ve done a lot on 4-7th Rds too.

  • Big Joe

    So Alex, how many does take make in the way of visits?

  • blackandgoldBullion

    So many visits and interest they might take more than 1. You can make a case for it because they will really need help in ST with all the departues and these guys would be likely candidates to help immediately. Unfortunately there are not enough draft picks. Do they need 2 more DL or 2 more CBs? Lots of questions.

  • thomas hmmmm

    I like Green better also.. What I do like about Kearse is his size and the RedZone potential in covering TE’s.

  • Lost Loves

    I see Kearse as 6th rounder. Way to stiff and his makeup speed doesn’t exist. One speed athlete. I see no way that he can match up with the Eiffert and Gronkowski type TEs.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    Actually they have had or have scheduled 28 pre-draft visits

  • Dorian James

    I also like Green, but I don’t know where his grade puts him on the Steelers big board.